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Hi Yokio, welcome to MyWikiBiz. We're happy that you've taken the steps to become a member of our site. MyWikiBiz is a directory where any person, any company, any product, or any thing can author their own legacy. We seek to provide the space for 265 million entities. Our registered editors like you have generated over 60,000 pages so far -- help keep that number growing with an article about yourself, your business, your industry, your favorite product, hobby, or organization. Since 2008, has served up over 1 million page views. Get started authoring your legacy today!

Helpful tips

Here are some tips on how to create a Directory listing and take advantage of the semantic web features we have in place:

  • You may write as an opinionated advocate in the Directory -- neutral view is not required. You can sell products, promote videos, upload documents, even host your own Google AdSense ads. This auto-fill form will guide you through creating a very basic directory listing right now.
  • Because MyWikiBiz supports Semantic Web technology, search engine results are highly optimized. Internal searches can also be performed that wouldn't be possible on Google, MySpace, or Wikipedia.

A few favorite pages that might help acquaint a new user with the possibilities are found among the Demonstration links, or in these articles written by independent reviewers.

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