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REBTEL offers the smartest way to make low-cost international calls from your mobile phone.With Rebtel, Smart Calls between the 47 countries served by Rebtel are always free and only one of the two people on a call has to be a Rebtel customer.

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Make a Direct Call: 1.You give us the phone number of a friend in another country, and we give you a local number for them. 2.Save this number on your mobile, so you can call your friend whenever you want, for a fraction of your normal international rate.

Make a Smart Call: 1) Call your friend on their Rebtel number. 2) Ask your friend to call you back to the number shown on their phone screen.

Try the Rebtel experience: 1. Great voice quality

2. No hidden charges, No weekly fees

3. No calling cards, No downloads

4. 6 Second billing after first minute

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