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Grudges with ScoreHero

Thegibbonator, welcome to MyWikiBiz. Just so you know the back story... I went well out of my way to ask a Wikipedia admin to recover the deleted Wikipedia article about ScoreHero. I then posted it on my site here. When I noted that the ScoreHero forum was talking about retrying Wikipedia with an article, I went on their forum to tell them that their previous article was still available here, and to give a little advice about not trying to "promote" a topic on Wikipedia, since that's the #1 way to get the Wikipediot "locals" in a huff against your topic.

Well, some member (or was he a moderator) on ScoreHero's forum decided to insult me for "promoting" my website on "their" message board. I replied that this was rather ungrateful. And in a few hours, my ScoreHero forum account was "banned" from their site. I cannot even read the ScoreHero forums any more -- all I see is a message that I am blocked.

My "grudge" here was intended to motivate someone -- anyone -- from the ScoreHero community to take enough interest to work on the article here, otherwise, what's the point in even hosting it on this site, if nobody cares enough to caretake it? That being said, I'm glad my stubborn reaction did in fact motivate you to "fix" the situation. Are you a ScoreHero member or moderator? -- MyWikiBiz 05:34, 19 July 2008 (PDT)

I sent you an email in reply, but I'll paste a copy of it here for records sake.

RE: Grudge on ScoreHero

Unfortunately, it IS a Scorehero rule that advertisment of other websites is forbidden, unless it is done through the use of signatures. I know it seems stupid, but even though your intentions were well-mannered, you were still breaking a rule by posting about the site. I'm not the one who controls the rules, but if I did, trust me, I'd remove that rule. Other than that, I feel Scorehero is run extremely well - the community is a strong one and there's a distinct lack of idiots. When an idiot does crop up (generally in the Software section <_<), they're dealt with smoothly and efficiently.

I saw the post in question, and trust me, rkcr isn't generally an insulting person. He's proven to be of great benefit to the Scorehero community, and feels strongly about holding it together. I think this was why he made the post, although he probably did take it a little too far. The internet is like that - people will always misinterpret actions and arguments crop up much more easily than in the "real world", so to speak. I know you don't like it, but you'll need to just put it behind you - internet arguments are never a good thing. I will take this opportunity to apologise on his behalf - once again, he doesn't generally act that way towards others.

I'm a long-time Scorehero member (since 10th June 07) and I'm an active user, browsing the forums every day and with over 1770 posts to my name at this point in time. I also try to contribute to the community by helping proof the cutoffs for songs, and I plan on donating once I can get a credit card (I'm 16). While I do play Guitar Hero quite a bit, I enjoy the community side of Scorehero more than the actual game.

I'll understand if you no longer want to be a part of Scorehero, but if you'd still like to use the forums, use a proxy to sign up for a new account. Back when I made my original account, I accidentally typo'd a score without realising, putting it several hundred thousand above the true first place score. The account was banned for this, but I wanted to get back into the community and figured a proxy would bypass the IP ban. Once I'd signed up for the new account, I found that I didn't need to use the proxy anymore, it was only needed for signing up.

One word of advice, though - don't advertise the fact that you have an old account, or that you used a proxy in order to sign up for a new one. There have been cases of people making threads asking why their old accounts were banned. >_> Thegibbonator 18:08, 19 July 2008 (PDT)

This is a very nice, thoughtful reply, Gibby. Thanks for making the effort to explain the situation, and I do not and will not hold a grudge against rkcr. I wasn't kind to call your community "twerps" or whatever I said, either. It's not a problem that I'm banned from ScoreHero -- I have nothing more of value to contribute. At least now you're here, aware of the wiki-style article, and hopefully one day it will migrate to Wikipedia and other reference sites. Welcome! --MyWikiBiz 19:42, 19 July 2008 (PDT)

No problem, I'm glad we were able to resolve this easily. I'll be sure to check in on here regularly in order to ensure the integrity of the article, and I'll be sure to help out elsewhere if I'm able to. I'm a little doubtful that Wikipedia will accept an article on Scorehero, however - the issues of notability still exist despite the huge member count and fanbase of the games we're based around. Hopefully we'll be able to at some point, but I don't think it's wise to try, since if my memory serves well, Wikipedia can block the creation of certain articles, and repeated creation of a Scorehero article would cause this block to be put into effect. Thegibbonator 20:37, 19 July 2008 (PDT)