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Hi Pokerfx, welcome to MyWikiBiz. We're happy that you've taken the steps to become a member of our site. MyWikiBiz is a directory where any person, any company, any product, or any thing can author their own legacy. We seek to provide the space for 265 million entities. Our registered editors like you have generated over 60,000 pages so far -- help keep that number growing with an article about yourself, your business, your industry, your favorite product, hobby, or organization. Since 2008, has served up over 1 million page views. Get started authoring your legacy today!

Helpful tips

Here are some tips on how to create a Directory listing and take advantage of the semantic web features we have in place:

  • You may write as an opinionated advocate in the Directory -- neutral view is not required. You can sell products, promote videos, upload documents, even host your own Google AdSense ads. This auto-fill form will guide you through creating a very basic directory listing right now.
  • Because MyWikiBiz supports Semantic Web technology, search engine results are highly optimized. Internal searches can also be performed that wouldn't be possible on Google, MySpace, or Wikipedia.

A few favorite pages that might help acquaint a new user with the possibilities are found among the Demonstration links, or in these articles written by independent reviewers.

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<sharethis /> Snerfling 10:45, 1 February 2007 (PST)

Semantic Tags

Your listing looks nice. In case you're interested, there's a couple of tricks using semantic features that really help produce better Google search results, as well as assist building out more information for users/prospective clients to review.

The basic trick is to first create service and/or menu sub-pages. All you need to do is use a forward slash (/) after the listing name like this:

Directory:Rich Ferguson/Services
Directory:Rich Ferguson/Illusions

Once you've created this sub-page(s), you can list your various entertainment services using the Attribute:Service Name tag. Alternatively, you can create separate sub-pages for each service (if you want to provide details, photos, etc) and use the Relation:Service Of tag to relate the service back to Directory:Rich Ferguson via an ASK query.

You can use the same exact process to list individual illusions (Attribute:Performance Name), or provide individual pages (say, that describe the various elements, etc) with the tag Relation:Performance Of by once again using ASK to automatically build out a catalog of illusions (performances) and/or services.

For a great example of someone who is doing exactly what is described above for on-line books, check out Directory:KJ Kitchens. If you have any questions/comments, feel free to drop me a line. Snerfling 11:12, 1 February 2007 (PST)

THANKS... Im going to get more help this week and really tweak it. Thanks again! Pokerfx 11:30, 1 February 2007 (PST)

Main Space & Subpages

Rich, Centiare is all about ownership; we believe that trying to impose NPOV on any subject/topic that has more than on view-point/advocate leads to arbitration and corruption ie favoritism & abuse. Rather, we prefer that readers are offered multiple points of view (ie the marketplace of ideas) so that they may choose & decide based on the merits of an argument.

That being said, you might be interested in this trick: Main space type articles don't have to be placed in the Main space. That's right, you can create protected sub-pages either under your Directory and/or User pages to cover any topic you want without interference from others. More importantly, you can add semantic tags to credit your contribution and improve SEO. IOW, an article doesn't have to be in the Main space to get picked up by anyone searching on that particular term.

For instance, while you made a fine contribution to Chip Tricks, there's no obvious way for casual users, other than the history page, to trace it back to your Directory page. (Only Main space article that have been protected by the ERB are allowed to have contribution links, otherwise Main space rules are just like Wikipedia ie no link spam.)

So, what you need to do is copy/paste the article to a subpage under your directory listing and add the semantic tag Relation:Has Contributor. (I'm going to go ahead and delete the commercial links in the Main space article.) Then, you can run an ASK query at your directory listing to summarize all your articles/tricks. Pretty cool, huh?

Btw, you'll be stoked how the semantic tags really help searches - both relational interlinks and attribute names. Even better, we're in the middle of discussions with some major e-commerce hubs to integrate our tags with their order-processing systems. I think you get the picture of where this is going - Web 3.0. Snerfling 11:37, 1 February 2007 (PST)

I should have added that you can also include Google ads (see KJ Kitchens), youTube clips (see demo), or any other commercial link you want to your directory/user pages. Snerfling 12:07, 1 February 2007 (PST)

Main Space Links

Ok, we were in the middle of adding increased functionality to the Main space; your Chip Tricks article accelerated the process. Please take a look at the Skiing example to see how interests/contributions links work. It would be quite easy for you to replicate this same exact process for Magic and/or individual illusions.

We feel this is the best way to both keep Main space articles clean (and avoid endless edit wars + link spam), and support a community of like minded people, some of whom may have created their own content they would like to market & sell via their Directory listings.

I'd like to hear your comments/ideas. Snerfling 08:58, 2 February 2007 (PST)