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As the mega-fight approaches, Shane Mosley is becoming more and more confident. On Tuesday, Shane Mosley participated in a media conference call to promote the upcoming fight against Manny Pacquiao on May 7th. During the call, Mosley discussed how he believes that if Antonio Margarito could land so many punches then he will be able to. According to, Mosley made the following comments: “I look at different fights and I see in the Margarito fight that Margarito landed the most punches ever on Manny Pacquiao. So if Maragrito is fast enough to land punches on Manny Pacquiao than I know I am fast enough to land punches on Manny Pacquiao.”

Too much hype, and not enough substance was the message from Mosley yesterday as the World Boxing Association welterweight champion spoke moodily of the defence of his crown against Pacquiao.

Mosley says Pacquiao knows how to punch. He knows how to move, but I’m going to give Pacquiao a lesson in the sweet science on May 13 and it’s going to be so beautiful to watch and it’s going to be so beautiful to see when Pacquiao comes tumbling down at the feet of Mosley. So yeah, he’s fit, Yeah, he’s learned to pace himself better. He’s a puncher, so he’s always looking to gun at you and he’s always looking to shoot. So guys like that they get tired, because they put everything into their punches. And if he doesn’t put everything into his punches and he tries to box and slow down, he makes it even easier for me. Soon the talking will stop. For one of them the silence will linger painfully and long into retirement. This fight arises many hype and Question. Is Pacquiao Still The Best welterweight In Boxing? Or Mosely able to destroy him ? Lets see what happen who will be the last standing man. Who will be able to grab the win

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