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Four Tips on Phone Call to a Girl

There are three how’s when you are trying to meet up with a woman. First is how to approach a girl. This is the initial step that you must take seriously. First impression really last especially to women and the second one is how to talk to a girl. This is the farther key for a better step in getting close to someone you like. And the last is how to seduce women. This is the hardest part among the three. If this phase failed, you are more likely to be rejected by a woman.

How to approach a girl, how to talk to a girl and how to seduce women is main concern of guys. Usually guys find it hard to do the first move. Sometimes, they feel shy or hesitant to approach a girl or initiate a talk for they are also afraid of being rejected. Passing through the process of how to approach the girl, lead to the next level. If a woman accepts your approach, it means that there’s a possibility that the girl like you, too. How to talk to a girl effectively is your next step especially if you already gain the trust of the woman and she let you know her number.

Phone call is the usually step two after a short introduction and meet up you had. This article presents four tips on effective phone conversation to help you on how to seduce women.

1. Be on your melodic voice. The moment she answers your call, you are already starting a small world with only the two of you existing. Let her enjoy this world. Greet her informally, something like a sweet hi and hello. Lower your voice for women find men with deep voices sexier than others. But make sure you will not sound monotonous and slow or else she will just drop your call to your ears.

2. Set your time constraint. For those who are a kind of busy man, you can always inform the girl that you are busy but still find some ways to make a call on her. This implies that no matter how busy you are, still you wanted to be close with her. This is a good impression for a first call basis. You can call her during your coffee break or during those hours that you are about to go home from work.

3. Be specific on your first date. Usually, the reason why guys call women is to ask them for a date. So if this is really your plan, it would be a lot easier if you set plans before hand. Just in case plan A fails, then you can always have the plan B.

4. Don’t reschedule your date. This depends on a case to case basis. If the girl asks the reschedule then grant it to her. Never turn down the woman. Do not initiate a reschedule.