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                   Vapor Cigarette Reviews

I changed over to Vapor cigarette reviews and by now I think I must have tried every brand on the market. Time after time,

I always keep coming back to the Green Smoke brand. Green Smoke has the best all-around package in an e-cigarette.

Green Smoke e-cigarettes have the highest smoke volume in the industry. The first time I took a pull of a Green

Smoke, I didn't realize how strong it would be and I coughed like I did when I smoked my first cig at age 13 - my

brother thought it was hilarious!

Other brands of vapor cigarettes I have tried have cartridges of the same color and each is marked with a code for

it's strength and flavor, like "X-V" for "Extra Strength - Vanilla". It was difficult to keep track of what was

what. I like the color-coded cartridges with Green Smoke.