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During searching for house furniture and decors, many people, especially brides and grooms, suffer from wasting their effort, time, and money trying to find the suitable furniture and decors that go together. For instance, they visit so many shops to the extent that they forget where they found the wanted piece of furniture. Moreover, they stick in traffic jam for hours while going from shop to another. Sometimes, they run out of budget before realizing how many things they still miss. On the other hand, there are many furniture exhibitions with extraordinary exhibits and reasonable prices, yet people don’t know that those shops exist.

A growing company realized this gap and decided to fill it by providing a website that acts as the meeting point for shoppers and shops. The website is called “Matlfesh” which is an Arabic word that means “Don’t chase your tail”. It is an online exhibition for all exhibitions that provide anything related to finishing, furnishing, and decorating any house.

Matlfesh is an inbound marketing tool that enables exhibitors to reach wider range of customers, and, at the same time, provide the internet user the experience he/she aims.