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       The Death of Tyrant 'Comrade' Stalin + Boreman's death:
       (Certainly Bastard Stalin rat was poisoned with rat poison)
       Early in the morning of March 5, Stalin had bloody vomit as a result of 

which the pulse declined and the blood pressure dropped. The doctors were at a loss how to explain what was happening to the patient. All day long Stalin had bloody vomit and was in conscious collapse several times. Stalin was already poisoned by Beria's warfarin in wine, rat poison in the morning of March 1!

       In the evening on March 5, Stalin was wet through with perspiration, 

the pulse was thready and cyanosis intensified. The doctors gave the patient carbogene several times but the condition did not improve. At 9:40 p.m. Stalin had artificial ventilation but all in vain. His death was registered at 9:50 p.m.

       Many of documented evidence left by doctors, including premortal examination 

of Stalin, disagree with recollections of other eyewitnesses. For instance, Stalin's daughter Svetlana said she could not recognize the father as his illness changed him beyond recognition. Was it possible that Beria's people substituted Stalin with his double and even his relatives could not recognize him? I doubt it!

       One of the documents pertaining to Stalin's death discovered in the Kremlin 

archives seems to be particularly mysterious. The document says that nurse Moiseyeva gave Stalin an injection of calcium gluconate at 8:45 p.m. Never before that over the whole period of illness was Stalin given such an injection but it was normal to give one. At 9:48 p.m., the nurse affixed her signature to a document revealing she gave Stalin an injection of 20-percent camphor oil. (dangerous for some individuals) Finally the woman made an injection of adrenalin to Stalin for the first time over the whole course of treatment and made an official record of the fact. Soon after that the Soviet leader died. This coincidence probable gave rise to rumors that a Jewish woman trained by Beria dispatched Stalin to the next world by giving him a special injection.

       When contemporary doctors studied medical records of Stalin's 

illness and last hours of life they stated adrenaline injections were forbidden for patients registering the same symptoms that Stalin had. Even if this bastard was not poisoned, he was not given medical help on time; so either way, as he truly deserved, he was disposed of. One way or the other, good riddance; it was certainly overdue! The poison was put into his bottle of mineral water.

Martin Bormann:

       According to Erich Kempka (Hitler's chauffeur), Bormann was killed 

trying to cross the Russian lines by an anti-tank shell which hit the tank in which they were trying to escape, causing it to burst into flames. Kempka, who was temporarily blinded at the time, claimed nonetheless to have seen Bormann's dead body. Hitler Youth Leader, Artur Axmann, on the other hand, believed that Bormann committed suicide and claimed to have seen Bormann's body on 2 May 1945 in the Invalidenstrasse, north of the River Spree in Berlin. Doubts, however, have persisted and numerous sightings of Bormann have been reported, beginning in 1946 when his presence in a North Italian monastery was announced. In the same year, his wife Gerda (a rabid Nazi and daughter of Supreme Party Judge, Walter Buch) died of cancer in South Tyrol, though his ten children survived the war. It was then alleged that Bormann had escaped (like other loyal Nazis) via Rome to South America. Rumoured to have settled in Argentina where he was living secretly as a millionaire, allegedly spotted in Brazil and also in Chile, Bormann's traces proved as elusive as the anonymity in which he first rose to power. Having been sentenced to death in absentia at Nuremberg on 1 October 1946, he was formally pronounced dead by a West German court in April 1973 but his precise fate remains unknown. It's pretty certain he died in early days of May, 1945!

       Dead is dead but Stalin should have been cremated and ashes thrown 

into the sewer, like Hitler's. At least Kruschchev buried his ass in unmarked grave deep with lots of concrete placed over him.


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