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Pol Pot died at 10:12 PM April 15, 1998. Fighting was raging in this jungle on the mountain north of Anlong Veng, the Khmer Rouge final headquarters they lost to government forces and defecting Khmer Rouge in the days before. I had been called by the Khmer Rouge to these jungles in the days before to tell me that they were now willing to turn Pol Pot over to face an international criminal tribunal for crimes against humanity. He heard my Far Easterrn Economic Review report rebroadcast on the Voice of America Khmer language service at 8:00PM on the 15th of April. He took a lethal dose of Valium and the anti-malarial drug Chloroquine his wife brought him upon his request. Pol Pot's blood analysis showed high overdoze of those drugs. Two hours and 15 minutes later he was dead. His 37 year old wife informed his nemesis Ta Mok. The Khmer Rouge Army chief of staff called me five minuttes later in a panic, having just lost his last negotiating card. Weeks later Mok was captured. He died in prison awaiting charges for the deaths of MANY thousands. Within weeks the remaining Khmer Rouge disintegrated for good. He was buried in a simple ceremony without any fanfare.