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1929-1981, lucky boy made it to new year just like alan hale jr who died on jan 2 1990, his dad alan hale sr who invented greaseless potato chips (no way, there is always some oil residue, some grease left) died almost exactly 40 years to the day on Jan 22 1950, there is something to it!

Lynch David died of lung cancer!


Jim Carey playing Curly stooge, that is total stupidity shows how movie makers are messed up, curly was short, fat, Hollywood always takes important names like Ben Affleck for messed up/incorrect Hollywoodland that created only many new questions to how really George Reeves died, they should have included info on Paul Bern too, doesnt look like suicide either. There are so many other actors who can do better job. Charlie Chaplin had golden formula, he took unexperienced actors/actresses like Cambell/Purviance & thought them his method that worked out better if he had taken some experienced people or people from particular acting school. Thats not always true but I believe for particular taste of acting/singing/entertaining its almost always true, IN THIS CASE IS TOO STUPIDTRUE!!!