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[00:12:12] <petan>	 L235: in configuration/admins file type <regex>|root
[01:33:49] <L235>	 OK, thanks
[01:57:06] <L235>	 petan: I'm not seeing the configuration/admins file
[14:43:43] <TB|Cloud>	 @add ##chipsie
[16:11:35] <Tintle>	 Jurgen|Cloud : ##chipsie
[16:14:31] <Glaisher>	 @kb Tintle
[16:14:31] <wm-bot>	 Permission denied
[16:14:38] <Tintle>	 haha
[16:14:51] <Tintle>	 Josse|BNC ##chipsie
[16:15:04] <Tintle>	 TBloemink : ##chipsie
[16:16:31] <TBloemink>	 i hope petan is here
[16:17:52] <Tintle>	 TBloemink : ##chipsie
[16:18:13] <Tintle>	 TBloemink hjb
[16:18:14] <Tintle>	 TBloemink hjb
[16:18:14] <Tintle>	 TBloemink hjb
[16:18:14] <Tintle>	 TBloemink hjb
[16:18:14] <Tintle>	 TBloemink hjb
[16:18:15] <Tintle>	 TBloemink hjb
[17:13:58] <Steinsplitter>	  TB|Cloud , it is immature to help geo trolling. There is a reason why he is here, because guys like you are helping trolling.
[17:29:09] <TBloemink>	 Steinsplitter, I am not 'feeding' him
[17:29:12] <TBloemink>	 as you already told Jurgen|Cloud
[17:29:23] <TBloemink>	 I am instead ignoring him the best I can
[17:29:42] <TBloemink>	 but when I am in full screen games and he floods me with 'hjb' - I can't help but reach out to an op
[17:29:56] <TBloemink>	 and I don't like statements like 'I am going to remove your ops now'
[17:30:58] <Steinsplitter>	 │16:43:43      TB|Cloud | @add ##chipsie
[17:31:25] <TBloemink>	 That did not do anything
[17:32:23] <Steinsplitter>	 and i don't like if somone is feeding him, if everyon ignores him, he will /part . really.
[17:32:37] <TBloemink>	 I am highly in doubt about the last part
[17:32:47] <TBloemink>	 I have been ignoring him for some time now, he keeps harassing me
[17:33:56] <Steinsplitter>	 and why joi invite wm-bot to his channel.
[17:34:03] <Steinsplitter>	 (i am /away now.)
[17:34:48] <TBloemink>	 I have no idea why, that was 3 hours ago.