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Session Start: Mon Jul 13 00:00:00 2015
Session Ident: #wikipedia-en
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[00:02:45] <SigmaWP> heh,.
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[00:10:53] <ToAruShiroiNeko> TrueCRaysball pokemon. :p
[00:11:14] <SuicidalZerg> RIP Satoru Iwata
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[00:16:08] <foks> :(
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[00:19:49] <Sir_Designer> ToAruShiroiNeko
[00:21:27] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Sir_Designer interesting
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[00:21:39] <Sir_Designer> very accidental
[00:21:51] <ToAruShiroiNeko> I imagine so
[00:22:44] <Sir_Designer> "¡Stitching Chicago with lights!"
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[01:09:20] <enterprisey> what do y'all think about this:محمدجواد_علائیان
[01:09:54] <Dragonfly6-7> hm
[01:10:12] <Dragonfly6-7> I think I can't click on that
[01:10:32] <Dragonfly6-7> has that user edited any pages?
[01:10:58] <enterprisey> Dragonfly6-7: they're spewing out new, totally unreferenced, half-English-half-nonsense articles
[01:11:13] <TheMesquito> Dragonfly6-7: Seems like they have made a ton that have been CSD'ed
[01:11:17] <Dragonfly6-7> enterprisey - link me to one, please
[01:11:35] <enterprisey> Dragonfly6-7: Here's their talkpage, if you've been unable to click on it because of the arabic:
[01:11:45] <enterprisey> TheMesquito:
[01:11:59] <enterprisey> TheMesquito: and, uh,, which I just PROD'ed
[01:13:44] <TheMesquito> enterprisey: I A1'ed the first one
[01:16:23] <enterprisey> TheMesquito: Does that user warning count as someone having adequately warned the user before, say, DR?
[01:17:02] <TheMesquito> What warning?
[01:17:52] <enterprisey> TheMesquito:
[01:18:23] <TheSonOfCera> What do you guys think about the placement of the TOC?
[01:18:46] <enterprisey> TheSonOfCera: My first reaction when seeing the article was "Where's the TOC?"
[01:18:52] <TheMesquito> dfThat is not a warning, that is more of "hey, use the draft space so your stuff will not get deleted"
[01:19:06] <enterprisey> TheMesquito: fair enough
[01:19:14] <enterprisey> I'll drop a line on their talk page, then, I guess
[01:22:18] <TheSonOfCera> TheMesquito: I deleted Bansere as well :P
[01:22:50] <TheMesquito> TheSonOfCera: Thanks
[01:23:15] <TheSonOfCera> mo problem.
[01:24:07] <enterprisey> TheSonOfCera: I've moved it back with a lengthy edit summary explanation (hope you don't mind)
[01:26:07] <TheSonOfCera> Not at all.
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[01:35:01] <TheMesquito> enterprisey: Oh lordy! I had no idea you where APerson (I guess i could have just whois'ed you) :P
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[01:35:48] <enterprisey> TheMesquito: heh
[01:36:06] <enterprisey> TheMesquito: I had to change it cuz some op in #minecraft was pissed that I was APerson_ while he was aperson
[01:36:59] <TheMesquito> Also, shoulednt Satoru Iwata be added to recent deaths? He was the presedent of Nintendo, that seems important enouph to get put there
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[01:39:43] <foks> TheMesquito,
[01:41:09] <foks> tl;dr the article doesn't have enough on his death just yet
[01:41:22] <foks> in fact, his article kiiiind of sucks
[01:42:52] <TheMesquito> It does
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[01:43:21] <TheMesquito> Also, the documention for Template:ITN candidate was vandalized on the thrid and noone as noticed it
[01:43:26] <TheMesquito> :P
[01:43:33] <foks> do feel free to fix that
[01:43:56] <TheMesquito> I did
[01:44:17] <TheMesquito>
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[01:55:09] <k6ka> !admin anyone mind protecting [[Seth Rollins]] and blocking the vandal? they're making a lot of edits in quick succession.
[01:55:16] <jackmcbarn> looking
[01:55:37] <jackmcbarn> blocked
[01:57:02] <k6ka> hmm, seems like another IP just edited the page, maybe a page protection is warranted?
[01:57:27] <jackmcbarn> looking again
[01:57:34] <jackmcbarn> yeah, it is
[01:58:00] <k6ka> thanks
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[03:19:28] <TheSonOfCera> jackmcbarn, hey.
[03:19:44] <TheSonOfCera> What do you think of this guy:
[03:19:59] <TheSonOfCera> I was thinking of blocking that IP, but not sure.
[03:20:23] <TheSonOfCera> Reason given on ANI is addition of unsourced content.
[03:21:03] <TheSonOfCera> Thoughts?
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[03:24:00] <TheSonOfCera> Ahh, nevermind.
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[03:48:52] <TrueCRaysball> ToAruShiroiNeko: who was it that nuked that list from talk page of the guy I was talking about earlier?
[03:49:11] <TrueCRaysball> Mareklug?
[03:50:08] * TrueCRaysball pokes Sir_Designer
[03:50:16] <TrueCRaysball>
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[03:59:43] <{Soap}> hes been on Wikipedia since 2006
[03:59:50] <MJ94> hey Mkdw
[03:59:50] <{Soap}> Im not sure what his problem is
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[04:02:10] <{Soap}> claims he has Asperger syndrome and "will not stand for anyone interfering with my structure (AKA routine) and I have already had two successes in court against two such people who have interfered with it "
[04:03:32] <{Soap}> sounds like a nice guy
[04:04:44] <TheSonOfCera> ol
[04:04:56] <TheSonOfCera> lol*
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[04:10:18] <{Soap}> "Note that my talk page is off limits to everyone and has been for some time."
[04:10:20] <{Soap}> seriously?
[04:10:30] <{Soap}> (that was from a long time ago though)
[04:11:49] <Earwig> that sounds almost like a legal threat, above
[04:13:17] <Katie> Dragonfly6-7: This time, baby, I'll be bulletproof.
[04:15:15] <{Soap}> well dont worry it was quite old
[04:15:39] <{Soap}> his userpage is blank ow
[04:15:53] <{Soap}> Im sure plenty of people saw it when it was live and chose not to block
[04:16:16] <{Soap}> howedver,i  think this "Curse of Fenric" person might just not be a very socialble person
[04:16:40] <{Soap}> Im not sure what CRays90 did to get banned from his talkpage
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[04:18:44] <TheSonOfCera> Geesh, that gut sounds angry.
[04:18:49] <TheSonOfCera> guy*
[04:19:52] <{Soap}> oh congratulations on your adminship
[04:20:11] <TheSonOfCera> Thank you.
[04:25:04] <{Soap}> oh wow youre one of the gentler ones
[04:25:15] <{Soap}> a lot of admins wuld just hardblock that and not even put a templte on
[04:25:44] <{Soap}> Probably a good thing
[04:26:01] <{Soap}> oncei n a while a potential serious editor is lurking behind a playfully obscene username
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[04:28:41] <{Soap}> hi lumberjack
[04:29:32] <MJ94> Hi all.
[04:30:19] <MJ94> TheSonOfCera: You softblocked that?!
[04:30:46] <TheSonOfCera> Yes.
[04:31:13] <MJ94> :o
[04:31:18] <MJ94> You're nice.
[04:31:21] <TheSonOfCera> I'm willing to give amnesty.
[04:31:36] <TheSonOfCera> Or mercy, rather.
[04:31:46] <GEOFBOT|verybusy> TheSonOfCera: I don't think I've ever talked to you before, but congrats
[04:31:55] <MJ94> GEOFBOT|verybusy: TheSonOfCera is nice.
[04:31:55] <TheSonOfCera> Thank you.
[04:32:24] <MJ94> TheSonOfCera offered to help me work on an article even amid an RfA and an article cleanup.
[04:33:05] <{Soap}> btw i didnt vote in your RFA because i usually only go to the controversial vorderline type RFAs
[04:33:38] <GEOFBOT|verybusy> {Soap}: did some digging (should be doing more useful stuff). crays90 and fenrec had a disagreement over content
[04:34:03] <GEOFBOT|verybusy> shortly afterwards fenrec declared crays and other people who had talked to him as "baiters" and "quit", only to return ~3 hrs later
[04:34:30] <MJ94> With Ceradon's promotion, I can now go to TheSonOfCera for immediate blocks or deletions instead of {Soap} :P
[04:34:37] <{Soap}> yay
[04:34:39] <MJ94> (kidding. I'll still bug {Soap})
[04:34:51] <MJ94> {Soap}: <3
[04:38:26] <TheSonOfCera> Okay. I'll do a bit of dabbling with AfDs before I go to bed.
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[04:42:54] <TrueCRaysball> {Soap}: I point out his own violations of policy and he didn't like it, that's what I did.
[04:43:51] <{Soap}> well if he ever foes to ANI youll probably have nearly everyone on your side
[04:44:30] <TrueCRaysball> He keeps acting the way he is, he'll end up there by me or someone else.
[04:44:31] <TheSonOfCera> TrueCRaysball, per your request, I was trying to sift through that craziness with Furse of Fenric. It's quite convoluted.
[04:45:41] <TheSonOfCera> After reading quite a bit I was going to start "doing stuff" admin-wise, but I questioned the prudence of a newly-christened administrator wading into waters as black as that and throwing his weight around. So...
[04:46:22] <TrueCRaysball> So far I've seen him edit other people's comments on talk pages not his own. I've seen him "ban" me and two others from leaving him messages. I've seen him say that everyone who points out his flaws is "baiting" him. And I've seen him be rude and try to excuse it by saying he was provoked, as if that somehow makes it ok in regards to WP:CIVIL. He's a real piece of work.
[04:46:41] <TheSonOfCera> I know.
[04:47:11] <TheSonOfCera> There is _more_ than enough material to sate the lust of the banhammer.
[04:47:58] <GEOFBOT|verybusy> too many angry people on en.wp
[04:48:14] <TrueCRaysball> A temp block for incivility and misusing his talk page would be a start, IMO, TheSonOfCera
[04:48:39] <{Soap}> Im really not good at handling personality probvlems
[04:48:44] <{Soap}> so I defer to others on that issue
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[04:52:22] <TrueCRaysball> TheSonOfCera:
[04:53:49] <Mkdw> Hi MJ94, didn't see your message there
[04:54:42] <{Soap}> oh sorry
[04:54:51] <{Soap}> i didnt realize he was *already* at ANI. lol
[04:55:57] <{Soap}> admittedly, its over an issue that involves somnething mosrtly unrelated
[04:56:40] <TrueCRaysball> {Soap}: and he's the reporter.
[04:56:59] * k6ka (~k6ka@unaffiliated/k6ka) Quit (Quit: I went to find some camouflage trousers yesterday but I couldn't find any.)
[04:57:33] <{Soap}> true
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[04:58:32] <PontoCom_BR> bye, people.
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[05:03:53] <{Soap}> more people in Ireland speak Polish than Irish
[05:04:25] <TheSonOfCera> {{cn}}
[05:04:32] <foks> because pretty much nobody speaks irish
[05:04:50] <foks> though something like 15% of the people in my hometown are Polish
[05:04:50] <TheSonOfCera> As for TrueCRaysball, I'm working on it.
[05:05:28] <{Soap}>
[05:05:48] <TheSonOfCera> {{better soure needed}}
[05:05:53] <TheSonOfCera> :P
[05:05:55] <TrueCRaysball> Languages I want to learn: French, German, Spanish, Hawaiian (no particular order)
[05:10:14] <TheSonOfCera> You know what, I'll handle this tomorrow. I'm too tired to handle the drama that will inevitably erupt. I shall see you foks later. Y'all take care naw.
[05:10:23] <foks> *folks
[05:10:31] <TheSonOfCera> lololol
[05:10:40] <foks> but, yes, see you
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[05:16:32] * GEOFBOT|verybusy prepares popcorn for tomorrows drama
[05:18:13] <TrueCRaysball> Aw, I was hoping to have popcorn entertainment ready when I got up. :( oh well.
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[05:41:34] <MJ94> GEOFBOT|verybusy: what drama?
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[06:01:24] <{soap|bed}> the Curse of Fedric thing
[06:01:28] <{soap|bed}> i assume
[06:03:01] <MJ94> ah
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[06:22:01] <TheKuKluxKlan> ^Darkwind_ are you online?
[06:23:43] <TheKuKluxKlan> This is the troll you rangeblocked about two weeks ago on Wikipedia for abusing multiple accounts on a dynamic IP mobile network repeatedly.  I am now bored, and unable to sockpuppeteer on WP this month, and Wikia also blocked me.  So now, I troll IRC channels
[06:23:47] <TheKuKluxKlan> I am a troll
[06:24:39] <TheKuKluxKlan> !admin Is ^Darkwind_ online?
[06:25:19] <TheKuKluxKlan> !admin  This is the troll that Wikipedia admin Darkwind rangeblocked about two weeks ago on Wikipedia for abusing multiple accounts on a dynamic IP mobile network repeatedly.  I am now bored, and unable to sockpuppeteer on WP this month, and Wikia also blocked me.  So now, I troll IRC channels.
[06:25:32] <TheKuKluxKlan> !admin !ops poop
[06:25:46] <TheKuKluxKlan> !admin TROLLING
[06:25:56] <legoktm> eh?
[06:25:58] <Keegan> don't seem to be very good at this.
[06:26:08] <Keegan> Trolling is subtle and elegant.
[06:26:13] <revent> (lol Keegan)
[06:26:14] <Earwig> indeed ^
[06:26:16] <Keegan> I AM A TROLL is just stupid
[06:26:22] <TheKuKluxKlan> are you ops?
[06:26:26] <TheKuKluxKlan> oops if you are
[06:26:31] <TheKuKluxKlan> haha if you aren't
[06:26:36] <legoktm> are you ops?
[06:26:44] <Keegan> What is ops?
[06:26:53] <Keegan> What is THEKKK?
[06:26:56] <Keegan> Never heard of it.
[06:27:00] <TheKuKluxKlan> an "op" can ban people on this chat
[06:27:04] <legoktm> /wp THEKKK
[06:27:07] <Keegan> Really?
[06:27:14] <TheKuKluxKlan> like an admin can on Wikipedua
[06:27:17] <Keegan> Oh
[06:27:21] <legoktm> what's Wikipedua?
[06:27:21] <Keegan> Never heard of that either
[06:27:29] <TheKuKluxKlan> I mean Wikipedia
[06:27:34] <TheKuKluxKlan> I have typos
[06:27:39] <TheKuKluxKlan> much typos
[06:27:41] <Keegan> Can you share typos?
[06:27:42] <TheKuKluxKlan> on smartphone
[06:27:53] <Keegan> If it's smart, why the typos?
[06:28:28] <revent> The best trolling leaves you in true doubt about if the person is actually a troll, or just mentally damaged.
[06:28:45] <TheKuKluxKlan> My smartphone is my only easy way to IP hop, as it gets a random IP address every time I restart my mobile data connection
[06:29:01] <Keegan> revent: I disagree. The best trolling leaves the person not even knowing they were trolled
[06:29:17] <Keegan> TheKuKluxKlan: I have no idea what you mean. Explain, please
[06:29:40] <TheKuKluxKlan> Do you know what an IP address is?
[06:29:53] <legoktm> no, what's that?
[06:29:53] <revent> TheKuKluxKlan: Not even knowing how to IP hop makes you pretty inept, tbh.
[06:29:56] <Keegan> I know what my home address is. What's an IP?
[06:30:08] <Keegan> Oh, I see
[06:30:17] <TheKuKluxKlan> A numerical or hexadecimal address of an online connection
[06:30:24] <TheKuKluxKlan> used to route daya
[06:30:28] <TheKuKluxKlan> i mean data
[06:30:36] <legoktm> you should look into getting a smarter phone
[06:30:39] <TheKuKluxKlan> just like a home address routes mail
[06:31:05] <TheKuKluxKlan> On Verizon 4G, the area has a range of IP addresses.
[06:31:28] * Matthew_ (~Matthewrb@wikimedia/matthewrbowker) Quit (Quit: Catch y'all later!)
[06:31:49] <Keegan> My IP is
[06:32:05] <TheKuKluxKlan> If I get blocked for vandalism of community editable articles on Wikipedia, I cannot make any new accounts or edits from that IP address for a while
[06:32:09] <Keegan> It says it's "Home"
[06:32:14] <Keegan> So I guess that's my home address
[06:33:09] * GriffinHeart ( Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[06:33:11] <TheKuKluxKlan> Therefore, if I get blocked on Wikipedia, and want to make less-than-friendly edits to the talk page of the admin who blocked me, I need a new IP address
[06:33:29] * Keegan is totally confused
[06:33:32] <TheKuKluxKlan> So, on the home internet, I would have to unplug the modem overnight
[06:33:42] * legoktm pats Keegan
[06:33:44] <TheKuKluxKlan> to get it to forget its IP address
[06:33:49] <Keegan> Does that make your IP, then?
[06:33:56] <TheKuKluxKlan> and get a new one that Wikipedia doesn't know is mine
[06:34:10] <Keegan> I heard about TOR. You should try that.
[06:34:20] <TheKuKluxKlan> but that is not feasible, since my mom would realize the internet was down
[06:34:29] <TheKuKluxKlan> if I unplug it
[06:34:38] <TheKuKluxKlan> and tor is always blocked on Wikipedia
[06:34:40] <Keegan> Your mom edits Wikipedia? That's cool.
[06:34:48] <TheKuKluxKlan> no, she uses the internet
[06:34:55] <Keegan> Yeah.
[06:34:58] <Keegan> That's what I said
[06:35:01] <Keegan> Wikipedia
[06:35:04] <TheKuKluxKlan> If I unplug the modem for hours, it also cuts our telephone line
[06:35:08] <TheKuKluxKlan> and she would notice
[06:35:19] <TheKuKluxKlan> anyway, here is the other way
[06:35:20] <Keegan> That she can't edit by phone?
[06:35:25] <TheKuKluxKlan> edit on my smartphone
[06:35:32] <Keegan> No, the phone line
[06:35:37] <Keegan> You are making no sense
[06:35:41] <TheKuKluxKlan> no, the landline phone runs through the cable modem.
[06:35:51] <TheKuKluxKlan> we do not have a physical landline
[06:35:54] <Keegan> So you want to edit wikipedia but your mom edits and you don't want her to know you're a troll?
[06:35:59] <revent> How’s it a landline phone if it runs through a modem?
[06:36:01] <TheKuKluxKlan> No
[06:36:13] <Shirik> psh, Keegan is so last millenium. All the cool kids today know it's all about
[06:36:14] <TheKuKluxKlan> Our modem converts it
[06:36:28] <Keegan> Shirik: I need to change my doormat then
[06:36:36] <Earwig> this is ridiculous.
[06:36:37] <Earwig> everyone knows editing wikipedia on mobile is impossible.
[06:36:41] <Shirik> My doormat says "Hi, I'm Mat."
[06:36:58] <Keegan> Wait, your modem converts digital to analog?
[06:36:59] <TheKuKluxKlan> anyway, unplugging the modem for a long time would change the IP address, but having no landline would get my mom's attention
[06:36:59] <revent> TheKuKluxKlan: Then wouldn’t it be an internet phone?
[06:37:11] <TheKuKluxKlan> so I do not use our home line to edit
[06:37:19] <TheKuKluxKlan> and no, it isn't internet phone.
[06:37:54] <TheKuKluxKlan> Our modem gets it over our cable tv line, converts to analog, and feeds it into our building phone wiring
[06:37:54] <Keegan> TheKuKluxKlan: Oh, I see the problem you're having. You need to use at least a Motorola Razr or better to edit Wikipedia with your phone
[06:37:59] <TheKuKluxKlan> no
[06:38:08] <TheKuKluxKlan> I am fine on that
[06:38:09] <Keegan>'re watching TV?
[06:38:23] <TheKuKluxKlan> I am saying, the reason for the typos is that I am on my phone now
[06:38:33] <TheKuKluxKlan> using a touch screen keyboard
[06:38:35] <Keegan> Okay. What were we talking about?
[06:38:52] <TheKuKluxKlan> on wikipedia, I need new IP addresses when I am blocked
[06:38:56] <Keegan> Oh
[06:39:01] <Keegan> You should recycle your modem
[06:39:09] <Keegan> But your mom might notice
[06:39:20] <TheKuKluxKlan> So I edit on my smartphone's mobile data connection, which works anywhere and does not use the home connection
[06:39:33] <revent> TheKuKluxKlan: What not just not get blocked?
[06:39:36] * fetus (uid32386@wikia/Iiii-I-I-I) Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[06:39:36] <revent> *Why
[06:39:46] <Keegan> I mean, it's electronic, so to recycle it you need to take it to an authorized electronics recycling center
[06:40:05] <Keegan> But then your modem is missing
[06:40:10] <Keegan> And you can't get on Wikipedia
[06:40:17] * Keegan scrolls back to regroup
[06:40:21] <TheKuKluxKlan> And to change my IP address on mobile data, I just turn the setting for mobile data off and then turn it right back on.
[06:40:38] <TheKuKluxKlan> It doesn't affect anyone else
[06:41:07] <revent> (other than the gu who gets that same IP next, of course)
[06:41:10] <revent> *guy
[06:41:28] <revent> He’s rather screwed.
[06:41:29] <TheKuKluxKlan> Until Wikipedia admins discover the range that the IP's are in, since they are numbers in the range that Verizon has.  Then
[06:41:35] <Keegan> TheKuKluxKlan: I think your name might be offensive
[06:41:51] <revent> TheKuKluxKlan: You mean Minneapolis?
[06:41:55] <Keegan> But I'm not one to judge
[06:42:01] <TheKuKluxKlan> So I could not edit
[06:42:08] <Keegan> Who is they?
[06:42:16] <Keegan> Seriously, you're making no sense.
[06:42:19] <TheKuKluxKlan> and nobody in town with verizon can do it on mobile either
[06:42:37] <Keegan> First it's about your home, then your mom, then phones, now everyone is blocked?
[06:42:41] * CraigyDavi (~CraigyDav@unaffiliated/craigydavi) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[06:42:45] <TheKuKluxKlan> because, IP addresses are famcy numbers, and there are certain ones Verizon, my cell phone company, owns
[06:43:01] <TheKuKluxKlan> those are the ones my phone gets IP addresses in
[06:43:02] <Keegan> You can do it on mobile, but you mom might not approve of Tindr
[06:43:53] <TheKuKluxKlan> So basically, Wikipedia blocled all Verizon customers in my town from editing Wikipedia through their smartphones, to stop me from editing as well.
[06:44:15] <Keegan> TheKuKluxKlan: Sounds like you're not cool for causing everyone else trouble.
[06:44:18] <revent> TheKuKluxKlan: Did you feel special?
[06:44:22] <Keegan> You can sit at the other table.
[06:44:52] * PaulCape_ (~PaulCapes@ Quit (Quit: .)
[06:44:54] * Keegan hopes he doesn't get blocked by Wikipedia
[06:45:30] * PaulCapestany (~PaulCapes@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[06:46:29] <TheKuKluxKlan> i doubt anyone noticed
[06:46:36] <TheKuKluxKlan> nobody edits on mobile usually
[06:46:48] <Earwig> (what'd I say)
[06:46:53] <revent> TheKuKluxKlan: Really?
[06:46:54] <TheKuKluxKlan> keegan is a troll
[06:47:32] * GriffinHeart ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[06:47:39] <Keegan> Sweet. What does that mean?
[06:47:41] <TheKuKluxKlan> !ops Keegan is trolling
[06:48:07] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Shirik
[06:48:07] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Logan
[06:48:08] * Logan sets mode: +b *!*@2600:1014:b05c:b5e9:0:46:2f0a:4d01
[06:48:08] * TheKuKluxKlan was kicked by Logan (Your behavior is not conducive to the desired environment.)
[06:48:22] <@Shirik> aw
[06:48:27] * ChanServ sets mode: -o Logan
[06:48:29] <@Shirik> I wanted to point him to
[06:48:33] <Keegan> My thanks to the channel for putting up with my indulgence :)
[06:48:34] * Shirik sets mode: -o Shirik
[06:48:51] <revent> Keegan: It was funny as hell, actually.
[06:49:09] <Keegan> revent: It's good to get it out of your system every few years
[06:49:22] * Lor_ (~Lor_@wikipedia/Lor) has joined #wikipedia-en
[06:49:26] <Shirik> I have to admit, I didn't think it was as high as 10 edits per minute though
[06:50:10] <Lor_> Hmm, i need a quick bit of advice, even if it may sound obvious...What would be more notable, A ticket, or the in game currency of a less widely known game?
[06:50:36] <Keegan> Lor_: I'm not sure what you're asking?
[06:50:40] <Shirik> I don't understand the question
[06:50:50] <revent> (lol) Looking at that log, someone might want to revdel this es…
[06:51:15] <Lor_> Keegan, See
[06:51:26] <Lor_> Figuring out what would be more notable for this to redirect to.
[06:52:01] <Lor_> I would think the Actual Real life object, but i think i need a second opinion
[06:52:06] <Keegan> Ah. This is highly subjective
[06:52:22] <Keegan> If getting $thing can get you $otherthings it's currency
[06:52:38] <Shirik> I think it's pretty straightforward
[06:52:46] <Shirik> if the game name were ticket, then I could get it
[06:53:10] <Lor_> meh, i'll revert it and tell them to chat on my talk page or the Redirect's talk page if they want to discuss it.
[06:53:39] <Shirik> you're acting as if BRD is something we do on Wikipedia
[06:53:42] <Keegan> heh, in ten years I don't think I've ever seen a redirect talk page discussion. Do it!
[06:53:43] <Shirik> where did you get that crazy idea
[06:53:57] <Lor_> From a few months of not making any edits :P
[06:54:15] <Shirik> Keegan: I'd be surprised if the majority of people know how to get there
[06:54:34] <Keegan> Shirik: Like File: talk pages :D
[06:55:24] <Keegan> Lor_: Yeah, talk to the user. It's, as I said, highly subjective
[06:56:07] <Lor_> Keegan, Will do, though i may  suggest to them that they just add it to the disambiguation page it redirects to actually..
[06:56:21] <Keegan> Yup, best action.
[06:58:53] <Lor_> Done :) Now to get back to, er, "Very important" work.
[06:59:52] <Keegan> Sleeping. Good call
[07:00:30] <Lor_> Close enough :P
[07:04:12] <revent> Keegan: People still do that?
[07:05:06] <Keegan> revent:
[07:05:30] <Bsadowski1> Keegan is a troll guys, ban him
[07:05:32] <Bsadowski1> j/k
[07:05:33] * fabior (~fabior@wikipedia/fabior1984) has joined #wikipedia-en
[07:05:38] <Bsadowski1> :P
[07:05:59] <FastLizard4> Bsadowski1 is an aimbotter and a wallhacker
[07:06:01] <Keegan> Bsadowski1: Please
[07:06:04] <Bsadowski1> :O
[07:06:10] <Bsadowski1> FastLizard4 is a fast lizard
[07:06:14] <Bsadowski1> catch him
[07:06:27] <Keegan> Bsadowski1: The tail might pop off
[07:06:34] <FastLizard4> yes
[07:06:35] <FastLizard4> pls no
[07:06:39] * enterprisey (~enterpris@wikipedia/APerson) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[07:07:12] <Bsadowski1> Dat FastLizard4 sure can run fast
[07:07:12] <Keegan> FastLizard4: It'll regrow
[07:07:42] * Bsadowski1 touches FastLizard4 with Pricasso
[07:07:55] <Keegan> FastLizard4: It's compliment
[07:09:11] <Lor_>
[07:09:24] <Bsadowski1> Lor_
[07:09:27] <Keegan> Lor_: Error
[07:09:34] <Bsadowski1> Why do you have 3 letters in your name?
[07:09:38] <Bsadowski1> wait
[07:09:39] <Bsadowski1> 3
[07:09:45] <Bsadowski1> Half-Life 3 confirmed!
[07:09:46] <Lor_> Gah, i'm right now using two computers at the moment, mistyped it :P
[07:09:49] <FastLizard4> Keegan: Yes, I know it will regrow
[07:09:56] <FastLizard4> Still doesn't mean it won't be uncomfortable ._.
[07:10:02] <Lor_>
[07:10:06] <Lor_> That  should be fine
[07:10:20] <Keegan> FastLizard4: I think the central nervous system can handle it!
[07:10:32] <Keegan> Lor_: yes it does
[07:10:35] <Keegan> And lolwut
[07:10:52] <Lor_> Best thing to come from the internet that i've seen today..
[07:11:22] <MJ94> [01:29:36]  <Keegan>	revent: I disagree. The best trolling leaves the person not even knowing they were trolled
[07:11:27] <Keegan> Lor_: 3. makes it good, yes
[07:11:34] <MJ94> my favorite moment on IRC maybe ever
[07:11:55] * Keegan tips hat to MJ94
[07:13:20] <MJ94> I saved that whole thing.
[07:13:32] <MJ94> Thank you for that entertainment, everyone.
[07:13:36] <Keegan> MJ94: I don't log, plz email :)
[07:13:53] <MJ94> Keegan: PM email :)
[07:14:04] <{soap|bed}> i wonder if the mobile edit tag will ever be removed
[07:14:30] <Keegan> MJ94: or :P
[07:14:47] <MJ94> Keegan: but I was gonna share the google doc w/ you :P
[07:14:51] <Keegan> Okay
[07:21:37] * SleepyOne (~KTC@wikipedia/KTC) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[07:23:49] * GEOFBOT|verybusy (uid66582@wikimedia/Sn1per) Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[07:32:10] * Shanmugamp7 (uid18127@wikipedia/Shanmugamp7) has joined #wikipedia-en
[07:35:08] * GriffinHeart ( Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[07:42:13] * Lor_ (~Lor_@wikipedia/Lor) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[07:44:53] * GriffinHeart ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[07:45:31] * Chess (~Chessbro@wikipedia/chess) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:03:20] * rr0 (~rr0@wikipedia/ruslik0) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:07:53] * Chess (~Chessbro@wikipedia/chess) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[08:07:59] * ___Chess___ (~Chessbro@wikipedia/chess) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:11:05] * Mamizou (~Mamizou@wikipedia/Mamizou) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:11:14] * MJ94 waves
[08:11:28] * Keegan is now known as Keegan|Away
[08:27:01] * TrueCRaysball (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/truecraysball) Quit (Quit: zZzZzZ)
[08:34:44] <ToAruShiroiNeko> HAH
[08:34:53] <ToAruShiroiNeko> "Drug lord dissapears down the hole"
[08:34:58] <ToAruShiroiNeko>
[08:35:19] * the-wub (~the_wub@wikimedia/the-wub) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:39:41] <JD|cloud> !admin
[08:39:44] * Dr_Josve05a (uid46873@wikipedia/Josve05a) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:39:44] <JD|cloud> LTA
[08:39:47] * Dr_Josve05a is now known as Josve05a
[08:41:12] * ___Chess___ (~Chessbro@wikipedia/chess) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[08:41:47] * Sri_Designer (~Sir_Desig@wikipedia/mareklug) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:43:30] * rr0 (~rr0@wikipedia/ruslik0) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[08:46:27] * Sri_Designer (~Sir_Desig@wikipedia/mareklug) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[08:47:49] <JD|cloud> handled now
[09:06:50] * pakaran (~pakaran@wikipedia/pakaran) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[09:07:24] * M132T003C (~MTC@wikimedia/MTC) Quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~)
[09:13:09] * bin_005 (~ctlM@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[09:20:55] * FastLizard4 is now known as FastLizard4|zZzZ
[09:22:13] * GriffinHeart ( Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[09:38:32] * Lor_ (~Lor_@wikipedia/Lor) has joined #wikipedia-en
[09:40:30] * the-wub (~the_wub@wikimedia/the-wub) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[09:41:33] * NotASpy (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Nick) has joined #wikipedia-en
[09:42:31] * addshore (uid10233@wikimedia/addshore) has joined #wikipedia-en
[09:47:47] * sDrewthedoff (~billinghu@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[09:48:07] * sDrewthedoff (~billinghu@ Quit (Changing host)
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[09:48:45] * sDrewthedoff (~billinghu@wikisource/billinghurst) has left #wikipedia-en
[09:53:21] * Qcoder00 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[09:55:03] * DiscantX ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[09:55:31] * DiscantX ( has joined #wikipedia-en
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[09:59:02] * bin_005_i (~ctlM@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[09:59:02] <Sir_Designer> Shirik
[09:59:59] <Sir_Designer> Shirik I cannot get into a 3rr or even 1rr with this dude, but you are an admin and you can instruct him of the ways of Wikipedia.
[10:10:28] <ToAruShiroiNeko> ways of Wikipedia... Is that like the way of the voice?
[10:10:38] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Sir_Designer does that make you a dragon or a greybeard?
[10:11:19] * Samwalton9 (~Samwalton@wikipedia/Samwalton9) has joined #wikipedia-en
[10:16:36] * strainwrld ( Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[10:20:50] * the-wub (~the_wub@wikimedia/the-wub) has joined #wikipedia-en
[10:23:56] * Steinsplitter (~Steinspli@wikimedia/Steinsplitter) has joined #wikipedia-en
[10:24:10] * Steinsplitter (~Steinspli@wikimedia/Steinsplitter) has left #wikipedia-en ("Leaving")
[10:24:45] * Sri_Designer (~Sir_Desig@wikipedia/mareklug) has joined #wikipedia-en
[10:38:17] * Keilana (~Keilana@wikipedia/Keilana) has joined #wikipedia-en
[10:43:31] <NotASpy> Sir_Designer: oops.
[10:56:51] * natuur12|ZzZ is now known as natuur12
[10:58:47] <Qcoder00> OK
[10:59:06] <Qcoder00> Quick check - - What does this represent (ignore the description)
[10:59:09] <Qcoder00> ?
[11:00:40] * Lor_ (~Lor_@wikipedia/Lor) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[11:02:13] <NotASpy> it's not immediately obvious
[11:03:16] <NotASpy> but similarly isn't immediately obvious either.
[11:04:22] * IDoH|AfIRC is now known as IDoH
[11:07:24] * fabior (~fabior@wikipedia/fabior1984) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[11:08:45] <Qcoder00> NotASpy: What do you think it means?
[11:08:50] <Qcoder00> (on the linked onw)
[11:12:30] <NotASpy> no idea, maybe something to do with obstacles in the water or some such
[11:13:14] <Sir_Designer> NotASpy thank you for taking the time, sigh.
[11:13:31] <NotASpy> discussing now on my talk page, btw
[11:14:49] <Qcoder00> NotASpy: Well the actual meaning I was trying to convey was "Conceald water, bank. shore" - myabe it needs a redesign...
[11:14:59] <Qcoder00> *bank or shore
[11:15:01] <NotASpy> and my archive box is apparently all over his dashboard. Whatever in the hell that means.
[11:15:18] <NotASpy> Qcoder00: that needs a proper text warning, you'll never convey that with a sign.
[11:15:33] <Qcoder00> OK
[11:16:13] <Qcoder00> The poctgram plus an appropriate " Danger! Concealed shore-line "  - OK
[11:16:37] <Sir_Designer> NotASpy Qcoder00  you two guys can appraise a technical knife?  (How much it is worth in USD)?
[11:16:37] <NotASpy>
[11:16:58] <Qcoder00> Yeah
[11:17:00] <NotASpy> not my thing, I'm afraid.
[11:17:04] <Qcoder00> That's what I had in mind
[11:17:20] <Qcoder00> but using the new picotgram insteasd of a generic warning
[11:17:24] <Qcoder00> exclamation
[11:19:48] <Qcoder00> Sir_Designer:  Not really an expert in that area... sorry
[11:19:59] <Sir_Designer> 2x thanks
[11:20:32] <Sir_Designer> NotASpy    this is.
[11:23:28] <Sir_Designer> huge swaths of Chicago, especially inland, look entirely parochial, especially when caught from a high vantage point, as in here:
[11:25:37] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Sir_Designer wait chicago has blue skies?
[11:25:51] <ToAruShiroiNeko> I always pictured chicagp like
[11:26:01] <Sir_Designer> we have gorgeous blue skies much of the time.  the winds from the lake effect
[11:26:23] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Sir_Designer (I actualy know for a fact that is true)
[11:26:27] <Sir_Designer> very clean air much of the time, too
[11:26:27] <ToAruShiroiNeko> I lived in lansing you know
[11:26:41] <Sir_Designer> lansing has blue skies, point.
[11:27:54] <Sir_Designer> In general, I decided I love Wisconsin (On Wisconsin!) and Michigan (not sure what the fight song for State of Michigan is)
[11:28:22] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Whatever spartans cheer probably
[11:28:37] <ToAruShiroiNeko>
[11:28:39] <ToAruShiroiNeko> there
[11:28:41] <Sir_Designer> I am uterly in love with Grand Rapids, and became a member of its botanical/sculptures garden, the Meijer Sculpture Garden
[11:29:29] <ToAruShiroiNeko>
[11:30:02] <Sir_Designer>
[11:30:33] <Sir_Designer> ToAruShiroiNeko there is a Japanese angle to that, check it out
[11:30:55] <Sir_Designer>
[11:31:50] <Sir_Designer>
[11:32:05] <Sir_Designer> it's a world class facility, and who knew it would be in Grand Rapids
[11:32:51] <Sir_Designer>
[11:35:09] <Sir_Designer> I'm waiting for this one:   "Butterflies Are Blooming is an annual exhibition that takes place every March and April, featuring more than 6,000 tropical butterflies from more than 50 species of South American, Central American, African and Asian origin that fly free in the five-story, 15,000 square foot tropical conservatory. This is the largest temporary tropical butterfly exhibit in the nation and attracts more than 150,000 visitors
[11:35:09] <Sir_Designer>  during the months of March and April."
[11:38:30] * SPF|Cloud (uid11755@wikipedia/Southparkfan) has joined #wikipedia-en
[11:38:51] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Sir_Designer I can totally see you counting the m and filing a complaint if it is not more than 6,000
[11:39:15] <Sir_Designer> nah.  I plan on being completely floored.
[11:40:34] <Sir_Designer> I love to drive, so Grand Rapids being 3 hours off by interstate is not a bad thing.  Plus, curiously, I really get on well with the natives, Meatchickeners, erm, Michiganders
[11:44:33] <Qcoder00> Is meijergardens on Wikivoyage?
[11:44:53] * NotASpy is now known as NotASpy|away
[11:45:16] <Sir_Designer> don't know yet.  Should it not be on GLAM something?
[11:45:33] <Sir_Designer>  this is the other Japanese angle.
[11:47:48] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Sir_Designer oh you observe natives in their natural habitat?
[11:48:22] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Ie
[11:48:29] <Sir_Designer> yes, like, clerks at marts of gas stations, or nubile bank clerks at Huntington Bank and Trust... ;)
[11:51:00] * fetus (uid32386@wikia/Iiii-I-I-I) has joined #wikipedia-en
[11:51:32] * closedmouth (mouthy@wikipedia/closedmouth) has joined #wikipedia-en
[11:54:39] * jubo2 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[12:02:21] * bin_005_i (~ctlM@ Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[12:10:29] <Sir_Designer> ToAruShiroiNeko yup, Meijer is a typical 24-hour warehouse-type market in the Ohio/Michigan/Indiana/Illinois/Wisconsin scene.  But strangely enough, I rarely have gone there.
[12:11:03] <Sir_Designer> seems Walmart is always more convenient.  And Costco is my church,
[12:12:53] <ToAruShiroiNeko> we didnt have a walmart as far as I know
[12:12:56] <ToAruShiroiNeko> in lansing I mean
[12:14:21] <Sir_Designer> In Iowa's small towns, like Clinton or Dubuque on the Mississippii River, their Walmarts are open 24-hours.  Ours close down at 10 or 11.  Except for Skokie,
[12:14:27] <Sir_Designer> that one is 24hours
[12:14:56] * Hoofdconducteur (uid7833@wikimedia/tbloemink) has joined #wikipedia-en
[12:15:34] <Sir_Designer> NotASpy|away  probably should put it in
[12:18:15] <ToAruShiroiNeko> bohoo
[12:18:22] <ToAruShiroiNeko> our superparkets are closed all of sunday
[12:18:37] <ToAruShiroiNeko> and they always close no later than 21:#0
[12:18:41] <ToAruShiroiNeko> *21:30
[12:22:58] <{soap|bed}> wow
[12:24:19] * User143339 (aa4ba2d7@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #wikipedia-en
[12:24:49] <{soap|bed}> btw if anyone cares
[12:25:04] <{soap|bed}> Curse of Fenric has added a bunch of diffs to his post on NotASpy's talkpage
[12:25:14] <User143339> ?
[12:36:58] * RD (~Rjd0060@wikimedia/Rjd0060) has joined #wikipedia-en
[12:41:09] * Keilana_ (~Keilana@wikipedia/Keilana) has joined #wikipedia-en
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[12:42:55] * Keilana_ is now known as Keilana
[12:57:34] * TB|Away is now known as TBloemink
[13:01:37] * James_F|Away is now known as James_F
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[13:03:09] * eir sets mode: -bo *!*@ eir
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[13:11:24] * juliancolton (~juliancol@wikimedia/Juliancolton) has joined #wikipedia-en
[13:12:37] <Qcoder00> NotASpy: (Sigh)
[13:12:42] <Qcoder00> Looking at your talk page
[13:12:48] <Qcoder00> Some people don't get it
[13:13:52] * Tenhi ( Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[13:15:25] * Rasvi (~androirc@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[13:15:44] * Tenhi (~tenhi@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[13:15:45] * petan (~pidgeon@wikimedia/Petrb) has joined #wikipedia-en
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[13:30:00] * NotASpy|away is now known as NotASpy
[13:30:52] <{soap|bed}> anyway im going to remove that land bridge thing
[13:31:12] * Zupoman (~mistrzmag@unaffiliated/zupoman) has joined #wikipedia-en
[13:31:25] <{soap|bed}> oh wow
[13:31:31] <{soap|bed}> thanks marek
[13:31:33] <{soap|bed}> you fixed it
[13:31:51] <{soap|bed}> yeah, they probably meant "Ice Age" instead of Stone Age
[13:33:02] * vicente_ (~vicente@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[13:34:09] * Rasvi (~androirc@ has left #wikipedia-en ("AndroIRC")
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[13:47:00] * vicente__ (~vicente@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[13:47:09] <{soap|bed}> hmm 士 and 土 look a lot alike
[13:47:14] * wildlander (~wild@unaffiliated/wildlander) has joined #wikipedia-en
[13:47:34] <{soap|bed}> but one means "scholar, soldier" and the other means "mud"
[13:48:09] * James_F is now known as James_F|Away
[13:51:09] <{soap|bed}> it might be partly a font issue.  on wiktionary they look *exactly* identical
[13:51:15] <{soap|bed}> but the address bar shows a slight difference
[13:51:46] <{soap|bed}> ok not exacrtly
[13:51:55] <{soap|bed}> the length of the bars are slightly different ,like 1 pixel on each side
[13:56:09] <User143339> {soap|bed} please use apostrophes
[13:56:37] * Dimichi (~someone@ has joined #wikipedia-en
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[13:56:58] * NotASpy sets mode: +b *!*@
[13:57:00] * Dimichi was kicked by NotASpy (Dimichi)
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[14:00:07] * the-wub (~the_wub@wikimedia/the-wub) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[14:03:35] <{soap|bed}> lol
[14:04:19] <{soap|bed}> not sure who Dimichi was
[14:04:41] <{soap|bed}> same person?
[14:05:03] <NotASpy> yeah. Geo23 btw.
[14:05:17] * Dragonfly6-7 (~test@ Quit
[14:06:49] <Sir_Designer> {soap|bed} you may wish to find a more RS source for the facts than Wa-pedia
[14:09:05] <{soap|bed}> yeah e.g. i could copy the one thats at
[14:09:10] <{soap|bed}> but i'll let it be for now
[14:09:30] <{soap|bed}> n ot having access to that book, i wouldnt really be able to make even minor changes
[14:14:55] * Josve05a is now known as Josve05afk
[14:17:09] * Keilana_ (~Keilana@wikipedia/Keilana) Quit (Quit: Keilana_)
[14:19:31] * dbrant (~dbrant@wikimedia/dbrant-wmf) has joined #wikipedia-en
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[14:23:35] * Samwalton9 (~Samwalton@wikipedia/Samwalton9) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[14:23:39] <NotASpy> Qcoder00: yeah, this wins a prize for the most stupid thing ever posted on my talk page, I think. Ordering me in effect to follow consensus
[14:23:42] * the-wub (~the_wub@wikimedia/the-wub) has joined #wikipedia-en
[14:24:49] * CraigyDavi (~CraigyDav@unaffiliated/craigydavi) has joined #wikipedia-en
[14:25:40] * MusikAnimal (~musikanim@wikipedia/MusikAnimal) has joined #wikipedia-en
[14:26:15] <{soap|bed}> wrong link?
[14:26:26] <{soap|bed}> you dont seem to be involved there
[14:29:03] * James_F is now known as James_F|Away
[14:30:10] <NotASpy> " Ordering me in effect to follow consensus" was posted to my talk page by a user claiming being told to follow consensus is bullying
[14:34:44] <{soap|bed}> oh
[14:35:05] <Sir_Designer> "North Dakota’s economic growth outpaced all other states last year, according to information released by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). Factors driving the state’s top ranking include continued growth in economic production, new jobs, rising wages and increasing export sales. North Dakota has led the nation in economic growth for four of the past five years."
[14:35:25] <Sir_Designer> {soap|bed} think ND would be too cutthroat for you?
[14:35:34] <Sir_Designer> it would be for me.
[14:36:16] <{soap|bed}> too warm and not enough water
[14:36:31] <{soap|bed}> i considered it for a while
[14:36:43] <{soap|bed}> Id much rather go to Minnesota though for a variety of reasons
[14:36:53] <{soap|bed}> if i was in ND i'd just bethinking "well at least Im closer to Minnesota"
[14:36:59] <{soap|bed}> otoh ND does have a certain charm
[14:37:07] <Sir_Designer> the cost of living and the dearth of housing and the cost of it.  but the countryside is pretty,
[14:37:14] <{soap|bed}> they built a town in a dried up riverbed because they knew it would never fill up
[14:37:34] <{soap|bed}> well I think the economic boom is just basically in and around Williston
[14:37:41] <{soap|bed}> Williston is now more expensive than San Francisco
[14:37:57] <{soap|bed}> the rest of the state loves it because its free tax money and doesnt really raise their own cost of living much
[14:38:06] <Sir_Designer> I have passed Williston when it seemed I and some guy in a pickup were the only humans in it.
[14:38:16] * Internet13 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[14:38:46] <{soap|bed}> itll die down eventually and thats why ND is not spree-spending the oil money all over the place
[14:39:18] <{soap|bed}> there's gonna come a day when the oil is gone and all the people crowded around the oil wells suddenly dont have jobs anymore and not all of them are gonna want to move back ot wherever they used to live
[14:39:25] <{soap|bed}> and by then theyll probably mostly have children etc
[14:39:35] * fetus (uid32386@wikia/Iiii-I-I-I) Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[14:39:44] <{soap|bed}> so ND has this giant treasure chest stored away for when that day comes
[14:40:12] * SuicidalZerg (~SuicidalZ@wikipedia/The-Thing-That-Should-Not-Be) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[14:40:19] <{soap|bed}> honest5ly North Dakota probably *is* a great choice for a place foer me to live, i just dont personally see much appeal in it
[14:40:28] <{soap|bed}> i can always change m mind
[14:40:43] <{soap|bed}> the cost of moving for me would be very cheap
[14:40:45] <Sir_Designer> it's close to Canada.  That is always a plus
[14:47:15] * Samwalton9 (~Samwalton@wikipedia/Samwalton9) has joined #wikipedia-en
[14:47:25] * Amortias ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[14:47:25] * Amortias ( Quit (Changing host)
[14:47:25] * Amortias (~SHDeludo@wikipedia/Amortias) has joined #wikipedia-en
[14:47:50] <{soap|bed}> Shockingly, no Street View in muich of rural North Dakota
[14:48:15] <{soap|bed}> they have skiing apparently
[14:48:29] <{soap|bed}> its not 100% Kansas style flatland
[14:49:03] <{soap|bed}> and yeah it culd be "cross country skiing" but google steet view does show it is at least moderately hilly
[14:49:11] * the-wub (~the_wub@wikimedia/the-wub) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[14:49:18] <{soap|bed}>,-98.069514,3a,75y,61.58h,72.58t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sBxLS68tuTA2hcyYxQnod2g!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656
[14:49:36] <{soap|bed}> yeah there are ski lifts
[14:49:53] <Sir_Designer> lovely green.  South Dakota with its badlands is weirder and more awesome, but still.
[14:49:56] <{soap|bed}> now i actually sort of want to move there after all
[14:50:18] <{soap|bed}> buuut i'll likely stay here for at least another 13 months due to my re-0signing my lease
[14:50:21] <{soap|bed}> so plenty of time to think
[14:50:48] <Sir_Designer> did you know that the TV anchor accent, judged most neutral of all in the USA, is the Tom Brokaw North Dakotan?
[14:52:02] <Sir_Designer> a lot of reservations and interesting Amerind folk in North Dakota,  Wonder if they get any of the boom,  Via cassino shares
[14:52:24] * James_F|Away is now known as James_F
[14:53:58] <{soap|bed}> yeah i did actually, my mother's family is from Minnesota
[14:54:13] * FDMS1 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
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[14:54:14] * FDMS1 is now known as FDMS
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[15:08:05] * darev ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:08:13] <darev> Hello!
[15:08:16] * ObsequiousNewt (~Obsequiou@wiktionary/ObsequiousNewt) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:09:28] <Amortias> afternoon
[15:09:42] <Qcoder00> HI Amortias
[15:10:01] <Qcoder00> Heard back form the math grad once he recovered from his research paper?
[15:10:09] * bjelleklang (~chris@wikipedia/Bjelleklang) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:10:57] <Amortias> not yet, will bug him
[15:12:43] * Falcorian (~Falcorian@wikipedia/Falcorian) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[15:28:09] * juliancolton (~juliancol@wikimedia/Juliancolton) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[15:30:40] <Sir_Designer> {soap|bed}    did you see my elaborate Commonwealth of Kentucky ribbing?
[15:31:25] * juliancolton (~juliancol@wikimedia/Juliancolton) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:33:22] * Falcorian (~Falcorian@wikipedia/Falcorian) has joined #wikipedia-en
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[15:39:06] <{soap|bed}> yes
[15:39:09] * Deskana|Away (~Dan@wikimedia/Deskana) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:39:52] <{soap|bed}> just didnt have anything interesting to say in reply
[15:40:33] <Sir_Designer> not many people remember The Territory Norwest of the Ohio River,
[15:40:46] <Sir_Designer> Northwest *
[15:42:50] <Sir_Designer> "On July 13, 1787, the Continental Congress of the United States passed an important law. This was the "Northwest Ordinance," which declared that the United States intended to settle the region North of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi. It set up a method by which new states would be admitted to the Union and said that five could be carved from the "Northwest" territory."
[15:43:19] <MJ94> {soap|bed}: do you actually sleep when your nick says |bed?
[15:43:59] <Amortias> MJ94 havent you seen {soap|chair} and {soap|sofa} before...
[15:44:27] <Sir_Designer> we really want to see soap|fridge
[15:44:36] <Sir_Designer> so we know he is like the rest of us.
[15:44:38] <{soap|bed}> its just not worth it anymore
[15:45:11] <{soap|bed}> my bed is only about 3 ft from my comptuer, so not strictly wongh
[15:45:13] <{soap|bed}> *worng
[15:46:58] * lfaraone (sid4319@wikimedia/LFaraone) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:47:22] * AlexZ_ (sid12766@wikimedia/Az1568) has joined #wikipedia-en
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[15:48:42] * Keegan|Floating (sid83494@gateway/web/ has joined #wikipedia-en
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[15:49:50] * Internet13 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:50:42] <Sir_Designer> speking of abusing food, is anyone here in a position to say that Channa Dal mini-Somosas will turn out rotten and unfit for human consumption if I just bake them in the oven at 375?  THe bag insists on deep frying, which I consider over the top
[15:51:35] <{soap|bed}> gooogle maps wont let me walk through the woods
[15:51:51] <Sir_Designer> google maps is where google map car went
[15:52:39] <{soap|bed}> aw its someones personal property i think
[15:53:02] <{soap|bed}> they have a really big "backyard" that is almost all trees. probably could ge away with it, but it makes sense goog doesnt allow it
[15:53:52] * niko (~niko@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.niko) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:55:15] * Shanmugamp7 (uid18127@wikipedia/Shanmugamp7) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:56:10] * dbrant is now known as dbrant|brb
[15:56:48] * rr0 (~rr0@wikipedia/ruslik0) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:59:38] * Caliburn (~Caliburn@wikimedia/Caliburn) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:00:45] * Amortias (~SHDeludo@wikipedia/Amortias) Quit
[16:02:12] * fetus (uid32386@wikia/Iiii-I-I-I) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:02:36] <{soap|bed}> huh. is owned by the city of Portland, Maine
[16:03:13] <foks> "Better make sure those damned Oreganians don't steal THIS, too"
[16:03:27] * White_Cat_mobile (~EVA@wikimedia/ToAruShiroiNeko) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:03:59] <{soap|bed}> theyre too afraid of fighting off owls to try to walk around on their trails anyway
[16:04:27] <Qcoder00>
[16:05:03] <Qcoder00> Sir_Designer:  Samaos are meant to be fried
[16:05:11] <Qcoder00> *Samosas i thik
[16:05:13] * niko (~niko@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.niko) Quit (Ping timeout: 615 seconds)
[16:05:14] <Qcoder00> *think
[16:05:18] <Qcoder00> Sorry can't type
[16:05:20] <Qcoder00> :(
[16:06:03] <Sir_Designer> deep fried.  but that means prohibitive amount of oil, and then what do I do with it?  no go.
[16:06:42] <Qcoder00> Although the Wikipedi article sys some samosas can be baked...
[16:06:49] <Qcoder00> Hmm
[16:07:03] <Sir_Designer> i hope the ones in my oven are those. ;) ;)
[16:07:49] <White_Cat_mobile> When in doubt dump soda on it.
[16:08:10] * Qcoder00 draws a pictogram of a Flamethrower flame out of a mouth
[16:08:18] <Qcoder00> "Warning spicy food!"
[16:08:49] <Qcoder00> ?
[16:08:50] <White_Cat_mobile> why not a fire estinguisher?
[16:08:59] <Qcoder00> ROFL
[16:09:18] <Qcoder00> Actuallly ... I don't think there is an actual sice heat warning for things
[16:09:22] <Qcoder00> *spice
[16:09:26] <White_Cat_mobile> 🚒
[16:09:29] <Qcoder00> OK Folks
[16:09:30] * Keilana (~Keilana@wikipedia/Keilana) Quit (Quit: Keilana)
[16:10:04] * Deskana|Away is now known as Deskana
[16:11:02] <{soap|bed}> trying to figure if this guy should be blocked
[16:11:02] <{soap|bed}>
[16:11:06] <{soap|bed}> he was linked in here a few days ago
[16:11:28] <{soap|bed}> only one warning so far, but its not clear hes even trying to mess things up
[16:11:29] * niko (~niko@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.niko) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:12:02] <{soap|bed}> so its either a troll pretending to be totally helpless or someone who really is totallt helpless (and useless)\
[16:12:41] * White_Cat_mobil_ (~EVA@wikimedia/ToAruShiroiNeko) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:13:03] <Qcoder00> Looks like a non-english speaker
[16:13:05] * KD9AUS (~chiburbs@ Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[16:13:09] <Qcoder00> That might explain stuff
[16:16:51] * White_Cat_mobile (~EVA@wikimedia/ToAruShiroiNeko) Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[16:17:10] * Princess_Zelda (~Isaac829@wikia/Isaac829) has joined #wikipedia-en
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[16:28:28] <{soap|bed}> the Great Lakes of the USA contain over 20% of the world's freshwater
[16:29:59] * booley (~booley@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:30:06] * MusikAnimal (~musikanim@wikipedia/MusikAnimal) Quit (Quit: Cheers)
[16:33:24] <{soap|bed}> and the US cosmetics industry is apparently killing it all off pretty rapidly
[16:33:49] <{soap|bed}>  <--- this soap has been banned in many US states
[16:34:53] <MJ94> {soap|bed}: if duluth runs out of water the US has a bigger issue
[16:35:02] <MJ94> than duluth not having water
[16:35:29] <{soap|bed}> youll have water, it just wont haver a lot of fish in it becayse they all died of soap
[16:36:16] <{soap|bed}> hwever its mostly the Eastern Great Lakes that are getting the most pollution, since theyre smaller, further downstream, and have more major cities on them
[16:40:54] * Sir_Designer (~Sir_Desig@wikipedia/mareklug) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:41:01] * dbrant|brb is now known as dbrant
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[16:53:08] * Lycurgus ( Quit (Quit: Hibernate, etc.)
[16:53:49] * syabrite (~ceradon@wikimedia/Ceradon) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:55:00] <{soap|bed}> i only got 2h of sleep last night
[16:56:14] * CyanoTex (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:56:18] * CyanoTex (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host)
[16:56:18] * CyanoTex (~chatzilla@wikipedia/cyanotex) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:56:39] <CyanoTex> Ah, the good old days of Live Messenger.
[16:57:10] <CyanoTex> I remember it's sound when you got a message. It was actually pretty fun to hear.
[16:57:31] * Josve05afk (uid46873@wikipedia/Josve05a) Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[16:57:59] <{soap|bed}> never uesd that one
[16:58:03] <{soap|bed}> i was an AOL kid
[16:58:22] <CyanoTex> Heheh. AOL.
[16:58:41] <CyanoTex> Remember that one too. The join/leave sounds are such classics.
[17:00:35] <{soap|bed}> AOL was king for a long time
[17:00:52] <{soap|bed}> it was basically the Internet for a lot of people where no other ISP had even set foot
[17:01:10] <{soap|bed}> no AOL phone number in your town? No Internet.
[17:01:44] <{soap|bed}> i rmemeber meeting a girl from Carlisle Alabama who had to dial long distance to get access
[17:05:03] * ObsequiousNewt (~Obsequiou@wiktionary/ObsequiousNewt) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[17:06:39] * ObsequiousNewt ( has joined #wikipedia-en
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[17:06:39] * ObsequiousNewt (~Obsequiou@wiktionary/ObsequiousNewt) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:08:21] <{soap|bed}> Of  course, if you go even just slightly further back in time, everyone was paying by the minute for Internet access anyway ,even if the phone number was local
[17:08:29] <{soap|bed}> in Ireland that setup survived until 2004
[17:09:07] <{soap|bed}> "yeah we go online around 7pm when it's cheaper" --- Ireland, 2004
[17:18:29] <{soap|bed}> ice cream apparently floats
[17:21:00] * Symmachus (41b99a0a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[17:21:07] <{soap|bed}>,-70.604429,3a,26.8y,278.45h,92.4t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s6C0iAJX7sHgZ3Vzr0qh-_Q!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x3676eafaac72f9d1!6m1!1e1
[17:21:10] <{soap|bed}> whoa that gas price
[17:21:12] <NotASpy> yeah, you can have an ice cream float - a milkshake sort of drink with ice cream in it.
[17:24:39] <{soap|bed}> if it didnt alreayd exist, i would have invented the milkshake
[17:28:28] * Ryogon ( has joined #wikipedia-en
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[17:29:06] * e`ogan ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:29:19] * Ryogon ( has joined #wikipedia-en
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[17:30:27] * dbrant is now known as dbrant|brb
[17:31:53] <Qcoder00> NotAspy: Which will promptly be hit with a 20% surcharge becuase politicians haven't relaised privatings lesuire facilities and selling off palying fields was a mistaje
[17:32:02] <Qcoder00> *privatising
[17:32:06] <Qcoder00> *playing
[17:32:06] * Keilana (~Keilana@wikipedia/Keilana) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:32:13] * Ryogon ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:32:24] <Qcoder00> (there's tlak of a 20% "sin" tax on cola and so forht now) !
[17:32:35] * Ryogon ( Quit (Client Quit)
[17:32:42] <NotASpy> I'm confused
[17:32:51] * Ryogon ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:33:22] * Ryogon ( Quit (Client Quit)
[17:34:18] * GEOFBOT|verybusy is now known as GEOFBOT|away
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[17:35:55] * darev ( Quit
[17:36:07] <Qcoder00> ?
[17:36:37] <{soap|bed}> hi
[17:36:52] <{soap|bed}> thats prtetty high
[17:37:24] <{soap|bed}> i know this it totally irrelavent but i just cant get overthe time i was a subsitute teacher in high school
[17:37:57] <{soap|bed}> and the school had filled all its soda machines with water and "new age beverages" because they thought they could conquer obesity if they just took away the kids' sodas
[17:38:17] <{soap|bed}> but the teachers lounge? Donuts and soda for everybody, because they didnt care
[17:38:33] <Qcoder00> You have to clean the "whole environment"
[17:38:49] <Qcoder00> Which was is why Hospitals no longger have smoking rooms
[17:39:06] <Qcoder00> In fact, I might suggest my local hopsital ditches the Soda machine
[17:39:09] <Qcoder00> it used to have
[17:39:49] <Qcoder00> Not to mention start asking akward questions about the fat/sugar content of the Costa/Starbucks it has as a concession stand XD
[17:39:52] <Qcoder00> <evil grin>
[17:41:41] <{soap|bed}> i tjhoink a lot of people in hospitals /..... well i dunno how it is in the UK .... but a lot of people who are stuck with lifelong illnesses reallyt jusyt stop caring about things like how much sugar they takew in each day
[17:42:09] <{soap|bed}> in the US the latest achievement of modern medicine is basically to get people out of hospitals and back into their homes where it's cheaper
[17:42:22] <{soap|bed}> only seriously ill patients actually stay the night inside the hospital
[17:42:43] <{soap|bed}> so again, a tiny thing like a soda, who cares?
[17:42:59] <{soap|bed}> apparenrtly it wasnt like that fifty years ago
[17:43:23] * k6ka (~k6ka@unaffiliated/k6ka) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:43:36] <Qcoder00> In the UK, there is a "funding" problem which means you get places that shouldn't need soda machines having them
[17:43:54] <Qcoder00> And you get candy bar machines on the subway <seethe>
[17:44:44] <NotASpy> the tax on junk food will depend on the Scottish Government's alcohol minimum price per unit proposal
[17:45:07] <{soap|bed}> ha
[17:46:14] <Qcoder00> Unlike a junk food tac, a price on alcholo is more reasonable
[17:46:26] <NotASpy> there's an issue about whether it's legal, if it is confirmed to be legal, it will be possible to then have a fat or calories minimum price per unit/weight proposal
[17:46:27] <{soap|bed}> "Alcohol is now 60 per cent more affordable in the UK than it was in 1980. “ oh how horrible lol
[17:46:31] * MusikAnimal (~musikanim@wikipedia/MusikAnimal) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:46:38] <Qcoder00> But why couldn't that minimum unit price be set via excise duty anyway?
[17:46:44] <Qcoder00> (or is that the general idea)
[17:47:02] <NotASpy> Qcoder00: we don't want spirits being made significantly more expensive.
[17:47:11] <Qcoder00> Because?
[17:47:35] <Qcoder00> That would stop exports to the US? XD
[17:47:44] <NotASpy> it doesn't help, yeah.
[17:48:31] <Qcoder00> Personally I would have said another answer to the cheap alcohol problem is to cull supermarket off licenses
[17:48:34] <{soap|bed}> i dunno though
[17:48:45] <{soap|bed}> i mean we can all agree that sugar is pretty cheap
[17:48:49] <Qcoder00> Such that you can only drink ON licensed premesis
[17:48:57] <Qcoder00> where the amounts are controlable
[17:49:00] <{soap|bed}> so if you set a miniumum price per calorie, who will ever buy sugar ever again?
[17:49:06] <{soap|bed}> or does it only include “prepared” foods?
[17:49:19] <Qcoder00> The focus seems to be sugary soda
[17:49:32] <NotASpy> I'd guess prepared foods, over a set limit.
[17:49:33] <{soap|bed}> so it weill exlucde sugar itself
[17:49:36] * SamB_7 (~chatzilla@2001:470:1f07:57:4cf2:ce71:fef6:d0f2) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:49:38] <Qcoder00> There was also a report in the last few weeks about infant tooth decay
[17:49:52] <Qcoder00> (which has more to do with added sugar in processed baby food than Soda to be honest)
[17:50:04] <{soap|bed}> ok sorry i shouldnt oversimplify things. althoughj i STILL would oppose the law if i lived in the UK because i dont think it will help
[17:50:17] <Qcoder00> I don't see calls for mandatory sugar limits in baby food
[17:50:30] <Qcoder00> or in formulae milk
[17:51:21] <JohnFLewis> {soap|bed}: which law? (so I can "* Oppose per Soap" it :p)
[17:51:23] <{soap|bed}> bring back dhild labor and hthe childhood obesity problem will be over.  All children should be forced to dig a tunnel 400 miles long instead of going to school
[17:51:32] * ggp ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:52:07] <{soap|bed}> ok thats too oliver-twist-esque for the modern world. Lets be more politically correct
[17:52:31] <{soap|bed}> All schools should have a gym class and children cant just skip out of it unless theyre geuinely disabled and unable to participate
[17:52:51] <{soap|bed}> calories arent really that big of a problem for most people
[17:53:26] <{soap|bed}> for basically my whole life i’ve been way ove the recommended daily allowances and never have had a weight prpobem. Granted I know not everyone has a fast metabolism but it would jelp
[17:53:28] <{soap|bed}> *help
[17:54:10] <Qcoder00> I cut back
[17:54:17] <Qcoder00> on my intake of what i thought was the problem
[17:54:32] <Qcoder00> Net result - I get light headed just before meal times
[17:55:24] * creepyOCJ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:55:46] <{soap|bed}> sorry IO’ll be quiet. Although i despise “calories are bad” mentality, i shouldnt be s osure until i see what theyre actually porposing
[17:56:00] <{soap|bed}> if the minimum price is like a penny for every 10 calories I dont thinkj thatd be bad
[17:56:33] <{soap|bed}> also all sugar and milk farmers are evil
[17:57:17] * creepyOCJ ( has left #wikipedia-en
[17:58:27] * fabior (~fabior@wikipedia/fabior1984) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
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[18:00:27] <{soap|bed}> i really wish we could jsut kill all cows and end their dominance over us
[18:02:11] * syabrite (~ceradon@wikimedia/Ceradon) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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[18:06:39] <{soap|bed}> sorry
[18:06:40] * ggp ( Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[18:06:43] <{soap|bed}> i shoudlnt insult cow,si know
[18:06:54] <{soap|bed}> i’ll go apoloigize to the cows
[18:10:17] * Steven_Zhang_ (~Steven_Zh@wikimedia/Steven-Zhang) has joined #wikipedia-en
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[18:29:30] <MJ94> {soap|bed}: r00d
[18:32:04] * cloud__ (~cloud@ has joined #wikipedia-en
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[19:20:09] <TrueCRaysball> TheSonOfCera: he's still stirring up crap
[19:21:32] * jubo2 ( Quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
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[19:24:35] <NotASpy> TrueCRaysball: I'm aware.
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[20:29:50] * Krauss64 (028bbbad@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:30:06] <Krauss64> Good day.
[20:30:27] <Krauss64> What are your thoughts on the New Horizons mission?
[20:30:40] <Jeske_Couriano> Krauss64 ) I like pie.
[20:31:15] <Krauss64> Eyeballs.
[20:32:15] <Krauss64> Is it healthy to die?
[20:35:11] * juliancolton (~juliancol@wikimedia/Juliancolton) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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[20:39:24] <L235> FastLizard4: oh, wait, duh
[20:39:25] <L235> nvm
[20:39:33] <FastLizard4> :P
[20:41:55] * Irunongames holds up a dollar
[20:43:55] <Irunongames> Who wants to earn a dollar by making a table a bit more **sexy**
[20:43:55] * Irunongames is now known as Peter-C
[20:43:55] <Peter-C> There must be a better way to do this, but I have the wikitext skills of an ape
[20:43:55] * fabior (~fabior@wikipedia/fabior1984) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[20:43:55] <Peter-C> is there a way to have it indent for the subclasses?
[20:43:55] * StevenW (~stevenw@wikimedia/steven-walling) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:43:55] * TheMesquito (TheMesquit@wikipedia/TheMesquito) has left #wikipedia-en ("Leaving")
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[20:58:45] <marktraceur> Peter-C: You could add a column for the subclasses.
[20:59:12] <Peter-C> marktraceur, but how would that line everything up?
[20:59:26] <marktraceur> Or you could use nested lists instead of a table.
[20:59:32] <Peter-C> would it be <blank> || a || <text>
[20:59:32] <Peter-C> ?
[20:59:33] <marktraceur> Hm, no.
[20:59:43] <Peter-C> There was a nested list but it was ugly
[20:59:46] <marktraceur> Peter-C: No, I was thinking II || a || <text>
[20:59:50] * Finne|sleep is now known as Finnegan
[20:59:57] <marktraceur> cf. I ||  || <text>
[21:00:21] <marktraceur> And then <blank> || b || <text> because the II is implied
[21:00:46] * Peter-C casually nods and thinks he know what is happening
[21:01:06] <Peter-C> Is there a good full example table you know that I can steal/copy?
[21:01:17] <{soap|bed}> hi
[21:02:25] <Peter-C> hi
[21:03:13] * Puncake (~Isaac829@wikia/Isaac829) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:04:16] * ObsequiousNewt (~Obsequiou@wiktionary/ObsequiousNewt) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[21:04:42] * Princess_Zelda (~Isaac829@wikia/Isaac829) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[21:05:13] <{soap|bed}> is IIIa a subset of III?
[21:05:34] <{soap|bed}> i mean
[21:05:55] <{soap|bed}> are there 11 different types, or 8?
[21:06:18] * ObsequiousNewt (~Obsequiou@wiktionary/ObsequiousNewt) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:06:21] * rr0 (~rr0@wikipedia/ruslik0) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[21:06:22] <{soap|bed}> because you might not even need rows for II, III, IV if they are just made up of their subtypes
[21:06:39] <{soap|bed}> can you diagnose MG-III, or does it have to be either MG-IIIa or MG-IIIb?
[21:07:03] * Julia_W (~Julie@wikipedia/Julia-W) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:07:24] <{soap|bed}> actually, even if so, i think it merits keeping those headers
[21:08:17] <{soap|bed}> i dont think there’s a way to indent within a table other than, as said above, by making a third, mostly empty column.  So you might just have to delete teh table entirely and use a bulleted list
[21:08:59] <{soap|bed}> but it looks like you said you switched from that because it was ugly and massive
[21:12:58] <Peter-C> {soap|bed}, supset
[21:13:25] <Peter-C> Yea, it looks silly that way though
[21:24:36] * TB|Away is now known as TBloemink
[21:28:07] * dbrant is now known as dbrant|bbl
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[22:04:39] <MJ94> Keegan|Away: around?
[22:04:41] <MJ94> oops no
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[22:38:56] <Qcoder00> Oh for Wikisaource {{ts}} parsing at enwiki
[22:39:05] <Qcoder00> Could do your table in about 20 mins :)
[22:40:00] <foks> Ooh, new CEO for WMUK!
[22:40:22] <Qcoder00> What happened to the previous one?
[22:41:00] <foks> He was an interim CEO
[22:41:07] <foks> assuming you're talking about D'Arcy
[22:43:45] <foks> He's still CEO until October, anyway
[22:46:15] * nonsenseferret (~nonsensef@wikipedia/nonsenseferret) has joined #wikipedia-en
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[23:03:11] <NotASpy> foks: who's the new CEO ?
[23:03:45] <foks> Lucy Crompton-Reid
[23:04:53] <NotASpy> hmm
[23:06:00] <foks> 18 years of experience in the cultural sector.
[23:07:11] * ObsequiousNewt (~Obsequiou@wiktionary/ObsequiousNewt) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[23:07:22] <NotASpy> yeah, there's nobody out there, other than Jimbo really, who has that sort of experience running an online encyclopedia.
[23:07:59] <NotASpy> bit like the first people who built jet engines - find people who can do what you need of them
[23:08:43] <foks> yeah
[23:08:55] <foks> I guess we'll see in time how good she is :P
[23:09:01] * KP- (KP@gateway/shell/elitebnc/x-llnmvxlbrierzwil) has joined #wikipedia-en
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[23:11:31] <TrueCRaysball> NotASpy: are you an admin?
[23:11:45] <NotASpy> could be...
[23:13:02] <TrueCRaysball> Well if you are, could you unprotect the userpage of my old username so I can up date the redirect? It's User:ChristianMan16
[23:13:23] * trifolio6 (~h@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[23:13:25] * Qcoder00 ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 39.0/20150630154324])
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[23:17:50] <NotASpy> TrueCRaysball: done
[23:17:56] <TrueCRaysball> Thank you
[23:18:01] * pakaran (~pakaran@wikipedia/pakaran) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[23:18:53] <NotASpy> just shout if you want it reprotected
[23:20:58] * trifolio6 (~h@ Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[23:22:29] * mmango (~mmango@unaffiliated/asdfasdffdsa) has joined #wikipedia-en
[23:22:34] <TrueCRaysball> Sure thing. I will.
[23:23:42] * MusikAnimal (~musikanim@wikipedia/MusikAnimal) Quit (Quit: Cheers)
[23:24:34] <TrueCRaysball> OH! So, NotASpy, your on-wiki username is Nick. That explains everything. Isn't Curse just a peach of a guy?
[23:24:48] <NotASpy> not any more
[23:25:13] * Deskana is now known as Deskana|Away
[23:25:17] * Deskana|Away is now known as Deskana
[23:26:44] <TrueCRaysball> Oh, well I just noticed you indef'd him. One less thing I have to worry about.
[23:28:57] * pleclown ( Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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