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21:32 < mareklug> wctaiwan I have xp configured that it asks me explicitly at every step anyway.  so what are you talking about?
21:32 < wctaiwan> you know what your main problem is? That you asked others to confirm your attraction to your system ;-)
21:32 < wctaiwan> I don't know you could do that with XP. It certainly wasn't the default setting.
21:32 < mareklug> wctaiwan you know what your problem is?  inability to appreciate good work with old tech
21:33 < mareklug> wctaiwan it is not that difficult.  that is what xp pro is for.
21:33 < ToAruShiroiNeko> mareklug thats a fate for most non-engineers
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21:34 < mareklug> wctaiwan basically, it comes out now that you really don't know what xp pro can be configured to do. :)
21:34 < wctaiwan> "inability to appreciate good work with old tech" <- Oh, I can. I can appreciate a charmingly set up OS 9 rig, or someone showing me they can use 10.4 really well and use something in Classic that makes their life easier. I can appreciate that people may prefer Gnome 2 / MATE over Gnome 3.
21:34 < legoktm> [09:07:41 PM] <mareklug>	 legoktm congratulations on Sharks just making the series even in OT <-- we're down a game still
21:35 < mareklug> oh, I did not know they dropped the 2nd one. legoktm
21:35 < wctaiwan> I generally think one shouldn't tell others how to live their lives, but if you're asking for _my_ opinion—I see very, very few credible reasons for most to use XP over 7.
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21:35 < mareklug> the blackhawks droppe done today.  it's 1-1.
21:36 < mareklug> wctaiwan the 7 is a pig and my lc2430 is a PENTIUM 4 from NINE years ago.
21:36 < wctaiwan> the only thing missing in 7 that I noticed is a proper tree view in Windows Explorer. Apparently that really bugs my dad, but my file storage is flat enough that I don't really feel it.
21:37 < mareklug> wctaiwan you really need to learn about matching hardware to OS.
21:37 < wctaiwan> iunno. 7 ran fine when I put it on an
21:37 < legoktm> mareklug: also USA lost 3-0 to Switzerland in the IIHF semis
21:37 < wctaiwan> I'm almost certain that's wimpier than your P4 machine.
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21:37 < mareklug> legoktm that was a shocker.  the Swiss are yet to lose a game.  If they win against Sweden tomorrow, it will be the biggest surprise in international competition ever.
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21:38 < mareklug> wctaiwan I want my machine to keep screaming, not give up cycles for the sake of M$ cruft just b/c it is newer.  The tradeoff is just not worth it on that box.
21:38 < mareklug> I rather want a state of art XP.  Call it a museum. :)
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21:39 < wctaiwan> clarification—it ran no tangibly slower than XP once you disabled the right things.
21:39 < wctaiwan> also the added bonus of cleaning out the bloatware that came with the install
21:39 < wctaiwan> he had one of those infamous 3-column program files lists...
21:39 < mareklug> I only have 38 GIG for my XP.  I don't want to replace the HD just for the pleasure of putting another Windows 7 license in the house on it.
21:42 < mareklug> on another front, I am awaiting the dispatch of two Apple-distributed 1.2 Gig Quantum SCSI internal drives to make my IIci machines internally bootable from HD again, and useful again for PageMaker/PhotoShop/Illustrator -- all of that software still runs just fantastically fast in 24 meg of RAM on a MC68030 25MHz CPU, if you can believe it.
21:42 < wctaiwan> I can appreciate that kind of vintage.
21:42 < wctaiwan> I may appreciate XP after people stop thinking it's cool to run XP because 7 / 8 / whatever is crap.
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21:43 < mareklug> wctaiwan obviously those are NOT my reasons, so give me quarter, bro.
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21:43 < mareklug> it is a linux certified laptop first and foremost.  I just made the XP the nicest to use and look at that I could.
21:44 < mareklug> and the screen is gorgeous:  1400 x 1050 in 96 dpi
21:44 < wctaiwan> certainly an interesting resolution.
21:46 < mareklug> connected via 802.11n 5GHz PCMCI card (Linksys dual band WPC600N), it bypasses its slow Ethernet (100T) and can get 45 Mpbs downloads sustained in my house.  My iMac does better, as it has Apple/Apple networking -- 56 Mpbs
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21:48 < Fyre> mareklug: what kinda internet you have?
21:48 < mareklug> comcast blast in chicago, nominally 50/10.  I also get pings of 8
21:49 < Bsadowski1> I have a 1600 x 900
21:49 < mareklug> i got a 29.99 a month promo for 6 months, this is my first month.  then it goes up by 20 bucks for 6 more, and then full price slightly more still.
21:50 < mareklug> by then, the world should have different offers. :) :)
21:50 < Bsadowski1> got my monitor in 2011 though :(
21:50 < Bsadowski1> kind of outdated now
21:50 < Bsadowski1> meh at time
21:50 < mareklug> well Bsadowski1  you can see the architectural beauty of my 2004 laptop.  other than it running hot, I have no complaints.  it is very sturdy.
21:50 < Jasper_Deng> hey, both of mine are at the bare minimum 4 years old
21:51 < mareklug> i even have an internal dialup modem in it, just in case. :)
21:52 < wctaiwan> I wish people would go back to making 16:10 displays.
21:52 < wctaiwan> 16:9 is comically wide.
21:52 < wctaiwan> it's not like we're watching movies all the time.
21:53 < Jasper_Deng> My primary one is 16:10
21:53 < Jasper_Deng> the other one is 4:3
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22:06 < ToAruShiroiNeko> 32:9 or 64:9 wtw
22:06 < ToAruShiroiNeko> *ftw
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22:36 < mareklug> wctaiwan Fyre actually, this GUI-less measurement of bandwidth is highly revealing and surprising
22:37 < wctaiwan> huh?
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22:38 < mareklug> huh what.  I ma provisioned for 50/10 and the tool detects twice that in downstream capacity.   Also, the actual throughput exceeds the 45 Mbps Flash-based speed test tools report.  So the machine can push out and accept packets as fast as my iMac networking
22:38 < wctaiwan> oh, well done.
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22:47 < russavia> mareklug can you believe it --
22:49 < mareklug> well it does not. :)  but it was still an assholish thing to do.
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22:49 < mareklug> "While on wikipedia I keep an eye on the American Idol articles and the disambiguation of The Avengers, ER, Oscar, U.S. Open and Wimbledon."
22:50 < russavia> puke
22:50 < mareklug> mental midget, defined.
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22:55 < Jeske_Couriano> Tell me if this sounds like an appetizing cocktail.
22:55 < Jeske_Couriano> "Tomato juice, lime, pepperoncini, olive, tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, cumin, and Kracken [sic] rum."
22:56 < mareklug> why not vodka instead of rum
22:57 < closedmouth> that sounds disgusting
22:57 < harej> wow it's like a bloody mary but fucked up
22:57 < mareklug> closedmouth the rum makes it disgusting.  the rest is ok with a neutral alcohol
22:58 < harej> i had a bloody mary today it was delicious
22:58 < mareklug> Jeske_Couriano why don't you add a coke zero to all that while you have it around
23:00 < Jeske_Couriano> mareklug) Because I don't bartend where I work, and even if I did I'm off work.
23:00 < Jeske_Couriano> That's one of tonight's theme night menu items there
23:00 < mareklug> it's just a waste of good cumin, not to mention the rum
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23:03 < Jeske_Couriano> Everyone here pulled a face or said "yecch" when they read it off the menu I brought home
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23:04 < russavia> mareklug -- aside from the crop -- ?
23:05 < mareklug> russavia you cannot see the flamingo's crop from that take -- it is behind its beak :/
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23:08 < mareklug> russavia
23:12 < CensoredBiscuit> wctaiwan!
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23:16 < mareklug> wctaiwan Vanessa Carlton, mayhaps? "Dear California"
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23:17 < Revent> o/
23:17 < AlmostGrad> maybe PM is better?
23:18 < AlmostGrad> don't neeed to bore everyone
23:18 < Revent> Ok.....something basic....big pet peeve of mine.
23:18 < AlmostGrad> *need
23:18 < Revent> That would be peeps misunderstanding what 'free speech' is, re the net.
23:18 < Revent> There is no 'free speech' on wikipedia.
23:18 < wctaiwan> hey CensoredBiscuit
23:19 < Revent> The entire concept of free speech is about in 'public fora', and WP is *not* a public forum.
23:19 < AlmostGrad> what do you mean, Revent?
23:19 < AlmostGrad> ok
23:19 < CensoredBiscuit> hows it going been a while? wctaiwan
23:19 < wctaiwan> wait, Jennifer Lopez is a singer? Thought she were an actor.
23:19 < wctaiwan> it's going fine. a fair bit of work but otherwise fine.
23:19 < Revent> "Free Speech" is a legal right that can't be infringed by the gevt, constitutionally.
23:19 < Revent> *govt.
23:19 < CensoredBiscuit> wctaiwan: I think shes both these days
23:20 < AlmostGrad> I am not stating my opinion, I am adding highly sourced information
23:20 < harej> People enjoy a right to free speech, and Wikipedia as a private entity is allowed to restrict what goes on on its property.
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23:20 < wctaiwan> marek: country.
23:20 < Revent> Yeah, I'm just saying using the term "free speech" is the first way to lose the argument.
23:20 < harej> Yes I know "Wikipedia" is not a legal entity. I'm oversimplifying.
23:20 < mareklug> wctaiwan them is multi that way.  can't tell if one is an actress or a singstress, or white or latte.
23:21 < wctaiwan> singstress? really?
23:21 < mareklug> stressed singer
23:21 < Revent> Not *quite* Godwin's Law, but....
23:21 < AlmostGrad> free speech on wp = Freely stating information which has multiple sources - that's what i meant
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23:25 < Revent> Look, the way to 'win WP' isn't to win an edit war, it's to get enough people agreeing that you're right on the talk page.
23:26 < Revent> Every time you bring a 'content issue' like this up somewhere, 10 peopl watchlist the page.
23:26 < Revent> They might not edit, but they watch....and once the consensus is reached, and someone starts thrying the 'not good faith' edits....peeps revert them.
23:26 < AlmostGrad> Oh I didn't know that
23:27 < AlmostGrad> Then I shouldn't talk about it?
23:27 < AlmostGrad> Except ask very specific questions?
23:27 < Revent> No, talking is fine....just, don't start an edit war...don't be 'obnoxious'....i.e. going on and on after you make your point.
23:28  * AlmostGrad is blundering as a newbie Wikipedian
23:28 < AlmostGrad> What does an edit war mean, exactly?
23:28 < AlmostGrad> reverting others' edits unnecessarily?
23:28 < Revent> Yep...
23:29 < mareklug> AlmostGrad be sure to take a blunderbuss with ya
23:29 < Revent> Or *effectively* reverting them...
23:29 < CensoredBiscuit> I always get giddy when I see an IPV6 address in the change logs
23:29 < mareklug> CensoredBiscuit I saw mine, and I was LOGGED IN.
23:29 < Revent> *lols* I wonder if my IPv6 survives my mask.
23:29 < AlmostGrad> No I didn't do that. Non-COI editors said I should suggest changes on that talk page, and I've been doing that.
23:30 < mareklug> basically the ipc6 stuff is a not yet ready for prime time playah
23:30 < wctaiwan> IPv6 makes me suspicious.
23:30 < AlmostGrad> Am I properly anonymous here?
23:30 < wctaiwan> generally people have to make an effort to use it, and too many of them use it to avoid scrutiny.
23:30 < AlmostGrad> mareklug, what is a blunderbuss?
23:30 < Revent> AlmostGrad [AlmostGrad!~AlmostGra@unaffiliated/firefly67] * AlmostGrad
23:31 < AlmostGrad> ok i am properly anonymous then
23:31 < CensoredBiscuit> Cant I have my moment
23:31 < CensoredBiscuit> ?
23:31 < mareklug> AlmostGrad you know we have this thing called wikipedia that describes things like blunderbuss
23:31 < CensoredBiscuit> IPV6 excites me
23:31 < CensoredBiscuit> let me have this one
23:31 < Revent> *lols* naah, I'm're just vague.
23:31 < AlmostGrad> "the way to 'win WP' isn't to win an edit war, it's to get enough people agreeing that you're right on the talk page." - then it's a popularity contest
23:32 < Revent> No, it's not about's about actually having a point
23:32 < AlmostGrad> I dunno, I get panicky whenever I hear "bus" these days, blunderbuss or otherwise
23:32 < Revent> People who try to use 'personality' end up getting permablocked
23:33 < CensoredBiscuit> you know what
23:33 < CensoredBiscuit> cluebot excites me
23:33 < CensoredBiscuit> sexually
23:33 < CensoredBiscuit> there I said it
23:33 < Steven_Zhang> O_o
23:33 < Revent> I've noticed that bracketbot tickles your nuts when he posts on your talk page. :P
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23:34 < AlmostGrad> Revent, mine?
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23:36 < Revent> Naah, mine...totally a joke.
23:36 < Revent> I was replying to CensoredBiscuit
23:36 < AlmostGrad> oh ok
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23:36 < CensoredBiscuit> I hope you all know I'm joking
23:37 < CensoredBiscuit> I have to get my jollies somewhere
23:37 < Revent> If you edit a page and use mismatched square brackets, bracketbot posts to your talk page and gripes at you.
23:37 < AlmostGrad> I know, the first post on my talk page was from bracketbot
23:37 < Revent> nice...
23:38 < Revent> Actually, what would be nice is if the bot actually fixed it.
23:39 < AlmostGrad> It doesn't?
23:41 < AlmostGrad> Revent, do you mind looking at the SubEx talk page and see if I am posting properly, or being too aggressive? You can search me by username and find my signed posts
23:41 < AlmostGrad> I think I am being polite and reasonable, but that's just my opinion of myself
23:41 < CensoredBiscuit> Is there any reason to delete a reflist?
23:43 < CensoredBiscuit> eh.
23:45 < Revent> KK, going to be here a bit? I'm kinda scattered at the sec.
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23:47 < Revent> FWIW, TheOriginalSoni is a good peep to listen to.
23:48 < AlmostGrad> i think so too, i have listened to him
23:48 < AlmostGrad> done whatever he said
23:48 < mareklug> wctaiwan I take it you dismissed Vanessa Carlton out right
23:48 < wctaiwan> mareklug: it's inoffensive.
23:49 < wctaiwan> I'm now listening to and cringing at various eurovision entries
23:49 < mareklug> I'm sorry, but Carlton is high grade music by any comparison to nearly all eurovisigothision
23:50 < mareklug> AlmostGrad
23:50 < wctaiwan> yeah, I didn't say I was cringing at that
23:50 < AlmostGrad> I saw that
23:50 < Revent> I think what you've said was reasonable...
23:51 < Revent> And the talk reads like you made your point.
23:51 < mareklug> wctaiwan in case you were wondering about where my desktops came from, it's this:
23:52 < Revent> I mean, the lead reads "Suburban Express has been criticized online on Yelp and Reddit for "cutthroat business practices," including a $100 fine for using a ticket on the wrong day or for the wrong destination and suing 125 of its own customers.[2]"
23:52 < Revent> I mean, damn.
23:52 < AlmostGrad> OK thanks Revent, also I'm <2 weeks old on Wikipedia so didn't know many things in the beginning like primary/secondary sources, verifiability, etc.
23:52 < AlmostGrad> yes, that's all what the mediastorm is about
23:53 < Revent> Also, look at
23:54 < AlmostGrad> Yeah it has been nominated for deletion, been identified as an ad page. Only the recent events justify any inclusion at all.
23:54 < Revent> i.e. no 'ip edits' or 'new user edits' for the next month.
23:55 < Revent> That was 4 years ago... *lol*
23:55 < AlmostGrad> yes, but then protection will be lifted, many of us will lose interest in this, and only the company will be editing it and try to get it back to the ad-like stage
23:55 < Revent> Yup...except it'll still be watchlisted.
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23:55 < AlmostGrad> and do people act on changes in their watchlist about topics they don't care about?
23:55 < Revent> You don't realize how 'routine' this kind of thing is to some of these peeps.
23:56 < Revent> *hmms* I have over 700 pages on my watchlist
23:56 < Revent> And I *don't* watch pages I edit by default
23:56 < AlmostGrad> ok
23:56 < AlmostGrad> still learning
23:57 < Revent> It's about filters, etc...
23:57 < Revent> Like, turn off bot edits
23:57 < mareklug> wctaiwan and this?  also just inoffensive or excellent?  considering it is nearly completely a capella
23:58 < Revent> *I'll be nice*
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