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16:34 < mareklug> Tony_Sidaway:  thanks
16:34 < Tony_Sidaway> One of the best science writers I know.
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16:40 < TheBanner>  /msg NickServ identify evelien1
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16:41 < RD> TheBanner: You might want to change your password.
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16:42 < yutsi> no wei
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16:44 < Tony_Sidaway> Looking at Ewan Birney's blog. This is the inside story:
16:46 < Tony_Sidaway> My interpretation: "we can identify some stuff that these bases seem to do, but when we say functional that's all we mean. We cannot yet say what part of the genome actually has an effect on the phenotype."
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16:48 < Tony_Sidaway> Trouble is, that latter meaning is the one we normally mean when we say "functional." After all if an instruction is randomly inserted into an assembly line that makes a robot do something, it's not necessarily going to have an effect on the product.
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16:49 < mysterytrey> So IDangerMouse edited 5 days ago.
16:49 < mysterytrey> Anyone seen him, other than that?
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16:53 < mysterytrey> No?
16:54  * BlastHardcheese randomly inserts instructions into Tony_Sidaway's brain
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16:55 < WilliamH_UK> hey Fluffernutter
16:56 < Fluffernutter> so apparently my power went out while I was at work
16:56 < mareklug> Tony_Sidaway:  interesting what he says about employing virtual machines
16:56 < Fluffernutter> and it managed to wipe all my mirc setup files
16:57 < mareklug> Fluffernutter:  and you have no automated incremental backup
16:57 < BlastHardcheese> and nothing of value was lost
16:58 < Fluffernutter> mareklug, of my mirc settings? No, never really occurred to me as something that would be prone to wiping
16:59 < Fluffernutter> BlastHardcheese: don't say that until you've seen my /perform list!
17:00 < mareklug> Fluffernutter:  you know, the enlightened way is to back up the entire works, so that you never have to worry about any one thing.  a good back up facility lets you go back in time and choose the item/folder you need from a given date
17:00 < Fluffernutter> alas, my backup is not as brilliant as all that
17:00 < Fluffernutter> although it occurs to me to wonder if maybe windows outthought me
17:00 < BlastHardcheese> is /perform some dumb mirc thing
17:00  * Fluffernutter checks
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17:01 < Fluffernutter> alas no
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17:02 < Isarra> Good morning, campers.
17:03 < Fluffernutter> good morning counselor
17:03 < Ironholds> good morrow fair moonchild
17:03 < Ironholds> it is 1am and I love my job. you all get a hug and a cookie.
17:03 < Fluffernutter> are the cookies poisoned?
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17:04 < Isarra> They are now.
17:04 < Ironholds> they are not
17:04 -!- DQ|busy is now known as DeltaQuad
17:04 < Ironholds> they are handbaked by moi and contain 3 parts chocolate to 1 part...there is nothing else.
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17:04  * Fluffernutter noms
17:04 < Isarra> Anthrax released in the room would poison them.
17:04 < Isarra> Kill everyone around in the process, too.
17:04 < Isarra> I mean...
17:04 < Isarra> Crap, I just killed myself.
17:05  * kylu hugs poor, dead Isarra.
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17:05 < Ironholds> Fluffernutter: one day I must make, for wikimania, my family's Legendary Chocolate Mousse.
17:05 < TParis> I'll make my salsa
17:05 < Ironholds> and then eat it all in front of you
17:06 < Ironholds> TParis: my mousse tops your salsa. also, how the hell are you?! Not seen you in an age!
17:06 < kylu> You should try Fluff's Eggs Benedict, she's got her family's special hollandaise recipe. I'm trying to get her to release it under an Open Sauce License. (ba dum swish)
17:06 < Ironholds> her family's hollandaise?
17:07 < Ironholds> does it involve "take some hollandaise. Okay, done?"
17:07 < CoalBalls> TParis: Haven't seen you here for a while
17:07 < Ironholds> "now seal it in a tub with a shitton of moonshine and leave it for a year"
17:07 < Ironholds> I find most of her family's cooking involves tub-sealing.
17:07 < Ironholds> which is far better than seal-tubbing, which pisses off greenpeace.
17:07 < Tony_Sidaway> I don't actually have much on any one computer. If my system falls over I just rebuild. The data is duplicated to buggery on other systems because I'm paranoid.
17:07 < kylu> I can't imagine moonshine hollandaise would work well, really.
17:08 < Ironholds> neither does everclear cherries
17:08 < TParis> I'm doing good.  Been working out a ton.  Lost 10 lbs.  That's why I've been gone.
17:08 < kylu> I only liked vodka cherries. Add a little cheerwine to it before you seal the jar.
17:08 < Ironholds> (yes, I ate two. this proves nothing. they had alcohol in them)
17:08 < Tony_Sidaway> Yay, Cecile Richards is up to speak at DNC.
17:08 < Ironholds> TParis: congrats! If I lost 10 pounds I'd probably be dead.
17:08 < Ironholds> or missing a leg.
17:08 < Tony_Sidaway> Planned Parenthood.
17:09 < TParis> I'm beating myself up to do it.
17:09 < TParis> Ran about 5.5 miles today total
17:09 < CoalBalls> Ooh
17:09 < Ironholds> ooh, can I help!
17:09 < Ironholds> let me start
17:09  * Ironholds punches TParis in the arm
17:09 < TParis> circuits actually, so I did situps and pushups periodically
17:09 < Isarra> You seem determined. Why?
17:09 < Ironholds> that's not really beating yourself up, then, is it? Why lie to us? What does it gain you?
17:09 < Ironholds> I feel betrayed and violated.
17:09  * Isarra hits Ironholds with a frying pan.
17:10 < Tony_Sidaway> I should do circuits. The only exercise I get is walking.
17:10 < Isarra> Have you tried getting in shape?
17:10 < Ironholds> now I feel betrayed, violated and concussed. ow.
17:10 < Isarra> It hurts.
17:10 < Ironholds> me?
17:10 < Ironholds> yeah, I have
17:10 < Ironholds> it didn't end well
17:10 < kylu> ...and strangely turned on.
17:10 < Isarra> >.<
17:10 < Ironholds> kylu: being beaten with frying pans does not engender goodwill towards a person
17:10 < Ironholds> let alone arousal
17:10 < kylu> And yet spanking is a fetish.
17:10 < CoalBalls> 
17:11 < Ironholds> kylu: this is an excellent point that we should probably never speak of again.
17:11 < Pharos> TParis: Viva Wikimedia Tejas!
17:12 < kylu> Sorry, didn't know I was that close. Do you still have a subscription to redbottoms?
17:12 < TParis> Tejas?
17:12 < Ironholds> to what?
17:12 < TParis> So I got called a facisct today...suprised?
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17:13 < soap[bed]> yeah
17:13 < soap[bed]> what terrible spelling
17:13 < Pharos> i suppose you can be Wikimedia Texas if you're conventional
17:13 < soap[bed]> youd think theyd at least have the decency to say "fascist"
17:13 < kylu> IH: np, I'm sure someone will google it later.
17:13  * Isarra huggles kylu and Ironholds.
17:13 < soap[bed]> Redbottoms = spanking fetish magazine?
17:13 < TParis> soap: They extra "c" was their's ;)
17:13 < CoalBalls> sic.
17:13 < TParis> Although I can't say I could spell it better, but that's my excuse.
17:14 < TParis> Pharos: Ohh haha, I get it lol
17:14 < Ironholds> I'm scared and confused
17:14 < TParis> I'm surprised we actually have like 6 people signed up
17:14 < Pharos> yeah, that's quite impressive
17:15  * kylu corrupts soap[bed].
17:15 < Pharos> remember to talkpage-spam remind them as it's gets close
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17:16 < Pharos> TParis, i invite you to #wikimedia-us
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17:23 < Fluffernutter> ok opinion poll time! In the following sentence, what if any punctuation is missing: "The rock tears through the poster revealing a tunnel that Andy had dug with his rock hammer over the previous two decades."
17:23 < Ironholds> poster, revealing a
17:23 -!- BlackBeast [~chatzilla@wikimedia/BlackBeast] has joined #wikipedia-en
17:23 < Ironholds> and I'd use "Andy had dug over the previous two decades with his rock hammer"
17:23 < mareklug> the comma after poster is optional
17:24 < TParis> Are you sure?  I agree with Ironholds.
17:24 < Fluffernutter> as do I
17:24 < TParis> "The rock tears through the poster" is a complete sentence.
17:24 < Fluffernutter> but the guy who reverted my comma with a quite rude summary does not
17:24 < ChrisGualtieri> i just got a treasure trove of medical information from Goodwill
17:24 < ChrisGualtieri> Woot
17:24 < Ironholds> well, without the comma it reads like a how-to for hipster band names
17:25 < mareklug> TParis:  so?  what follows is a prepositional phrase, not a dependent clause with a verb and subject
17:25 < WilliamH_UK> "dug throughout the previous two decades" would surely be better
17:25 < Ironholds> "neeext on stage at the Implicit Swagger Open Mic Night; THE POSTER REVEALING!"
17:26 < Fluffernutter> Ironholds: the justification I'm drafting is that without the comma, the sentence is a [[garden path sentence]]
17:26 < Ironholds> nice
17:26 < TParis> Fluffy: Edit war to get your way and then block him.
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17:27  * Fluffernutter eyes TParis
17:27 -!- BarkingFish [~BarkingFi@wikimedia/BarkingFish] has joined #wikipedia-en
17:27 < ChrisGualtieri> I think I am going to be totally evil on Wikipedia... once I figure out this book. I got a HUGE reference to all the major colleges and all their academic info and such
17:27 < Fluffernutter> I plan to ask him to undo his revert. And then I plan to ask for a 3O if he doesn't.
17:27 < Fluffernutter> And then perhaps DR, where Steven Zhang can tell him to play nice
17:28 < ChrisGualtieri> I'll be able to remove any 'creative numbers' by school attendees or fanboys
17:28 < TParis> Well you can lean on the IRC cabal if you need a 3O :)
17:28 < TParis> I mean that in the most humorous sense for all you people with IRC loggers out there :P
17:28 < mareklug> Fluffernutter:   "When to use a comma:  * To avoid confusion. "   <-- if you feel this applies, that's cool.
17:28 < mysterytrey> So why is CerebrumBot in here?
17:28 < mareklug>
17:28 < BlackBeast> hi hi hi
17:29 < ChrisGualtieri> 2600 pages of college material... *drool*
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17:29 < soap[bed]> there's a bot spying on us??
17:29 < ChrisGualtieri> Peterson's Four Year College, my $4 find
17:30 < Pharos> tparis is the founding father of Wikimedia Texas
17:32 < soap[bed]> what do you call those purple floweŕs that look like trumpets?
17:32 < soap[bed]> anyone know?
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17:32 < soap[bed]> ah
17:32 < soap[bed]>
17:32 < soap[bed]> shouldnt even have asked
17:33 -!- soap[bed] is now known as Soapx
17:33 -!- Soapx is now known as SoapX
17:34 < kylu> SoapX: the seeds are hallucinogenic.
17:35 < ChrisGualtieri> Why is Wikipedia growing in size so quickly over the last 2 months? The dump size is getting larger faster
17:36 < Pharos> the singularity
17:36 < ChrisGualtieri> You mean people aren't just putting more crap in?
17:37 < Pharos> no, it's the emergent consciousness expanding itself
17:37 < ChrisGualtieri> lol
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17:37 < ChrisGualtieri> And what is up with the cloaks failing?
17:38 < SoapX> that;s normal
17:38 < ChrisGualtieri> Did mine fail?
17:38 < CoalBalls> no
17:38 < SoapX> most IRC clients will /join the room before the nick is authenticated
17:38 < ChrisGualtieri> Oh
17:38 < SoapX> mine does that almost every time
17:38 < BarkingFish> if you're on xchat you can stop that
17:38 < ChrisGualtieri> What's the point of the cloak then
17:38 -!- SteveMobile [~SteveMobi@wikimedia/Steven-Zhang] has quit [Quit: Colloquy for iPhone -]
17:38 < SoapX> well, it only affects people who use auto-join scripts
17:39 < CoalBalls>
17:39 < BarkingFish> type /set irc_join_delay 15  (or whatever number) and it increases the time between you joining, authenticating, and going into channels
17:39 < ChrisGualtieri> Oh
17:39 < CoalBalls> We're in trouble
17:39 < ChrisGualtieri> Lol
17:39 < ChrisGualtieri> I'll just AWB to fix it
17:40 < mysterytrey> Try SASL.
17:40 < mysterytrey> That's what I do.
17:40 < Pharos> if wikipedia is really growing faster, that would be fantastic news
17:41 < ChrisGualtieri> The compressed file from the August to July dump is bigger still waiting on the Sept dump
17:41 < Pharos> are there more edits?
17:41 < ChrisGualtieri> July's compressed dump was 8.9 GB and August was 9.1 GB
17:42 < ChrisGualtieri> More edits yes, but even the current page data has a huge increase, even uncompressed
17:42 < SoapX> oh come on
17:42 < SoapX> theyre taking away <font> ?
17:42 < ChrisGualtieri> The August one takes up... 37 GB uncompressed
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17:44 < ChrisGualtieri> I'll hit the remaining backlogs on the Font after my dump finishes (i'm downloading the current articles only ones)
17:44 < ChrisGualtieri> I think its only 3000 or 4000, so I can probably build a list if CHECKWIKI isn't working on it as I type this
17:45 < ChrisGualtieri> All the more reason to address them before something breaks
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17:45 < Jasper_Deng_sick> woah!
17:46 -!- SteveMobile [~SteveMobi@wikimedia/Steven-Zhang] has joined #wikipedia-en
17:46 < Jasper_Deng_sick> this means war!
17:46 < SoapX> ok
17:46  * Jasper_Deng_sick never expected the WMF to _send_ a legal threat
17:47 < ChrisGualtieri> LOL
17:47 < Pharos> WMF ftw
17:47 < ChrisGualtieri> Interesting btw
17:47 < SoapX> thanks for letting us know that we're suing Wikitravel
17:47 < Jasper_Deng_sick> no
17:47 < Jasper_Deng_sick> we're suing Internet Brands
17:47 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Jasper_Deng_sick on that note
17:48 < ToAruShiroiNeko> I want WMF to take a more proactive defense against deep space objects
17:48 < Jasper_Deng_sick> ToAruShiroiNeko: lol
17:49 < ToAruShiroiNeko> I am serious
17:49 < ToAruShiroiNeko> photos of deep space objects should not be copyrightable
17:49 < Jasper_Deng_sick> oh
17:49 < Jasper_Deng_sick> that's different from actual objects hitting Earth
17:49 < ToAruShiroiNeko> you cant really change the perspective unless you go to a different star or galaxy
17:50 < Frood> hey
17:50 < Frood> lets block wikimedia
17:50 < Pharos> by deep space, you mean galaxies etc?
17:50 < Frood> because legal threat
17:50 < ToAruShiroiNeko> quite different :)
17:50 < ToAruShiroiNeko> galaxies nebula
17:50 < ToAruShiroiNeko> stuff outside of solar system
17:50 < Pharos> in that case, i agree!
17:50 < ToAruShiroiNeko> if I snap a photo of the object it will be pixel by pixel identical
17:50 < Shirik> ToAruShiroiNeko: Compute the exact position
17:50 < Shirik> and then take a shot
17:50 < Shirik> then send it out
17:50 < Shirik> that would be a really fun legal battle
17:51 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Shirik right but I cannot complete with the legal aspects
17:51 < SoapX> lol frood
17:51 < ToAruShiroiNeko> there is a current discussion on commons
17:51 < ToAruShiroiNeko> its going nowhere
17:51 < Pharos> toaru, you should ask WMF for a legal opinion
17:51 < ToAruShiroiNeko> congress should pass a law that declares deep space objects to be non-copyrightable
17:52 < ToAruShiroiNeko> as there is no legal precident for us to use otherwise
17:53 < Pharos> toaru, the WMF made a finding recently about copyright of US public sculptures
17:53 < ToAruShiroiNeko> alright
17:53 < mareklug> "I am a proud, card-carrying capitalist" lol
17:53 < Pharos> that's a good precedent for us to research this sort of thing officiallyt
17:53 < ToAruShiroiNeko> who would I email?
17:53 -!- Jamesofur [~Jamesofur@wikimedia/Jamesofur] has joined #wikipedia-en
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17:54 -!- James_F is now known as James_F|Away
17:54 < Tony_Sidaway> WIkipedia growing faster is awful news, if true.
17:54 < Pharos> you could make a very short list of copyright things the WMF has an official opinion on
17:55 -!- AnonDiss [~AnonDiss@] has joined #wikipedia-en
17:55 < Tony_Sidaway> We've got gigabytes of crap, and we really ought to spend a bit of time trimming it down, making it more concise and useful.
17:56 < SoapX> hmm
17:56 < SoapX> barking changed his quit msg
17:56 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Pharos who though?
17:57 < SoapX> AnonDiss, talk to us
17:57 < SoapX> we miss you
17:57 -!- Barebone [~tanvir@wikimedia/wikitanvir] has joined #wikipedia-en
17:57 < Pharos> the general counsel
17:58 < Pharos> mindspillage probably has an opinion too
17:58 -!- UnknownFork [] has joined #wikipedia-en
17:58 < ToAruShiroiNeko> mindspillage? I can pm her
17:59 < Pharos> this isn't her job, but she's kind of an expert on the subject, and she is chair!
17:59 < ToAruShiroiNeko> its not a chair, its a stool :p
17:59 -!- mysterytrey [~Cindy@wikimedia/Mysterytrey] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:00 < mindspillage> Occasionally it is a shit job, but mostly it's OK. :-) But you want Legal--this is the sort of thing they'd have interns research if they have any time for it.
18:00 < ToAruShiroiNeko> yeah but I dont know the email/person to pursue
18:00 < ToAruShiroiNeko> I am hoping more of a congress passing a law perhaps
18:00 < Pharos> geoff i guess?
18:01 < Pharos> i presume he can pas it on
18:01 < ToAruShiroiNeko> geoff sounds like a character from star trek :p
18:01 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Geoffbrigham?
18:01 < Pharos> y
18:02 < mindspillage> ::nod:: you can use the address to ask and whoever it's most appropriate for will see it.
18:02 < SoapX> anondiss doesnt love us anymore
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18:17 < ChrisGualtieri> Well the database dump finally downloaded... extracting for the next 30 minutes
18:20 < Tony_Sidaway> mindspillage active on channel? It's like 2005 all over again!
18:21 < Tony_Sidaway> ToAruShiroiNeko: sounds like a red shirt guy. Poor Geoff!
18:22 -!- mareklug [~mareklug@wikipedia/mareklug] has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
18:22 < Tony_Sidaway> This DNC in Charlotte is quite rousing stuff. I'm getting all worked up and I'm not even American!
18:22 -!- mareklug [~mareklug@wikipedia/mareklug] has joined #wikipedia-en
18:25 < ChrisGualtieri> lies
18:25 < kylu> Fascinating, I didn't really think our stupidity was contagious...looks like the Brits caught it.
18:25 -!- Nascar1996 [~Nascar199@wikipedia/Nascar1996] has joined #wikipedia-en
18:27 < Tony_Sidaway> kylu: yeah, when we're stupid we go all-in!
18:28 < SoapX> Homeopathy
18:29 < Tony_Sidaway> This article may be a little too straight-faced for non-Brits. Be assured, the author _is_ joking.
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18:31 < SoapX> I think homeopathy should be illegal
18:32 < mareklug> SoapX:  what about snake charming?
18:32 -!- Clarkcj [62a34399@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
18:32 < SoapX> I dont know what that is
18:32 < Tony_Sidaway> Sometimes people hold a massive homeopathy OD session, organised through Twitter. No known fatalities to date.
18:32 < SoapX> snakes can cure diseases if you talk really sweet to them?
18:33 < mareklug> SoapX:
18:33 < kylu> mareklug: works better if you're a parselmouth, cute, and scaley.
18:33 < SoapX> oh that
18:33 < SoapX> Yeah I Know what that is
18:33 < kylu> Lacking that, if you want a hook up, I could just put way too much foundation on your face. c.c
18:33 < SoapX> I thought it somehow related to curing diseases
18:34 < SoapX> hm, apparently there are whole families who are hereditary snake charmers, and that's their source of income, and their children's source of income, and so on forever
18:35 -!- SteveMobile [~SteveMobi@wikimedia/Steven-Zhang] has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
18:35 -!- lexein [~chatzilla@wikipedia/lexein] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 15.0/20120824154833]]
18:36 < mareklug> SoapX:  well this purely American thing does have to do with erm healing
18:36 < SoapX> ah yes
18:36 < SoapX> because of a verse in the Bible
18:37 < mareklug> "The practice is legal in the state of West Virginia."        and   "Snake handling was made a felony punishable by death under Georgia law in 1941, following the death of a seven-year-old girl from a rattlesnake bite. However, the punishment was so severe that juries would refuse to convict, and the law was repealed in 1968.[14]"
18:38 < kylu> I have a coworker who is a member of "The Church of God" (specifically), and who told me that despite living in a bad neighborhood, she refuses to bother with getting an alarm because He will protect her and Smite any robber that tries to break into her place.
18:38 < Tony_Sidaway> That's why they eventually dropped capital punishment in the UK. Juries didn't like to convict and end up with blood on their hands.
18:38 < kylu> I usually try to avoid her, since she can't utter ten words without bringing religion into it.
18:40 < Tony_Sidaway> Popular sentiment is still pro-hanging, but people who would actually have to carry it out just aren't so keen.
18:42 < Tony_Sidaway> The DNC is turning into a UAW mini-convention.
18:42 -!- TheBanner [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 15.0/20120824154833]]
18:42 -!- AnonDiss [~AnonDiss@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:43 < Tony_Sidaway> Always puzzled me: if America is supposed to be the country that's so hot on human rights, why do they treat criminals so appallingly?
18:44 < SoapX> oh lets not get into this kind of debate. At least, if you do, Im not gonna join in
18:44 < TParis> Tony: America doesn't agree with your position on criminal rights.  Nuff said.  Good night.
18:44 -!- russavia [~russavia@wikimedia/Russavia] has joined #wikipedia-en
18:44 < kylu> Tony_Sidaway: Ah, criminals aren't human any more, that's where your logic tell!
18:44  * Nascar1996 rolls eyes.
18:44 < Frood> so, i need some halp
18:44 < kylu> *fell.
18:45  * kylu queem oft he tyopes!
18:45 < TParis> Frood: What can I do for ya?
18:45 < Frood> 9 letter word for "any form of life" ?
18:45 < TParis> biologic...damn that's 8
18:45  * SoapX thinking
18:45 < kylu> org ani sms
18:45 < TParis> niice
18:45 < SoapX> I ... guess so
18:46 < SoapX> does it fit? I assume this is a crowwwsowrd
18:46 < SoapX> *cwoss...never mind i cant type in the dark
18:46 < Frood> and 24 letter word for revolution we're in now?
18:46 < Frood> i thought information, but it doesn't fit.
18:46 < mareklug> organismS
18:46 < SoapX> no normal crossword has a 24 letter word
18:46 < SoapX> what is this?
18:46 < Frood> a crossword.
18:46 < kylu> mareklug: my word had an S.
18:46 < ToAruShiroiNeko> I feel like a star trek character right nowe
18:46 < SoapX> the information revolution?
18:46 < SoapX> 3 + 11 + 10 = 24
18:47 < mareklug> kylu:  sorry didn't look up
18:47 < TParis> Can you use phrases instead of words?
18:47 < Tony_Sidaway> Supreme Court is inching its way towards the European position on capital punishment. The mentally incapable and those who committed a capital crime while underage used to be executed. Now that's viewed as unconstitutional.
18:47 < SoapX> Crosswords usually ignore spaces
18:47 < Frood> TParis: er, yeah
18:47 < Frood> this is two wrods.
18:47 < Tony_Sidaway> That's probably close to the limit of freedom for the judicial branch.
18:47 < Sven_Manguard> Tony_Sidaway: sorry, but that's 190 characters
18:47 < SoapX> so "the information revolution" can;t be the answer?
18:48 < Logan_> Frood: well, I think we're in the technological revolution
18:48 < TParis> Tony: I am pretty sure no one is gonna pick on that argument with you.  Different countries have different points of view.  If we all agreed on everything, we wouldn't have borders.  There is no point in pushing for an argument that no one wants.
18:48 < SoapX> technological revolution = 24
18:48 < SoapX> it fits!
18:48 < Tony_Sidaway> I'm not arguing.
18:48 < SoapX> wait no
18:48 < SoapX> it's 23
18:48 -!- UnknownFork [~UnknownFo@unaffiliated/unknownfork] has quit [Quit: Bye.]
18:48 < Logan_> 24 with the space :P
18:48 < SoapX> and the -s trick wont work here
18:49 < Frood> shhh
18:49 < Tony_Sidaway> The seventies moratorium was, I think, due to issues with the methods.
18:49 < Frood> i'll slip an extra letter in to make it work
18:49 < Tony_Sidaway> I suspect that could happen again.
18:50 < kylu> hm
18:50 < kylu>
18:51 < Frood> "All factors (living and non-living" beginning with an e? :P
18:52 < SoapX> ellimisti
18:53 -!- ty is now known as ty|ts
18:54 < kylu> environment
18:54 < SoapX> better
18:54 < SoapX> how many letters?
18:55  * kylu wants next hint and number of letters. c.c
18:55 < Tony_Sidaway> Oh I'd almost forgotten about the refusal of medical personnel and drugs suppliers to cooperate. This could eventually form the basis of a challenge, if the states continue to try to circumvent these strikes by using non-medical staff and substances obtained by dodgy means.
18:56 -!- Tiptoety [] has joined #wikipedia-en
18:56 -!- Tiptoety [] has quit [Changing host]
18:56 -!- Tiptoety [~Tiptoety@wikipedia/Tiptoety] has joined #wikipedia-en
18:56 < Tony_Sidaway> Seems a bit far-fetched, though.
18:56 -!- Pharos [~chatzilla@wikimedia/Pharos] has joined #wikipedia-en
18:57 < TParis> Kylu: 4 letter word for awesome....go!
18:58 < kylu> kylu. :)
18:58 < TParis> :D
19:00 -!- kim_bruning [~kim@2001:980:331a:1:225:22ff:fe7d:8a27] has joined #wikipedia-en
19:00 < kylu> if you don't mind modern synonyms, it could also be "cool" "dope" "down" "fine" "gone" "hype" "keen" "mean" "neat" or "phat"
19:00 -!- Jasper_Deng_sick is now known as Jasper_Deng_away
19:00 < kylu> 'lo kim
19:01 < Tony_Sidaway> Sandra Fluke has been introduced. I've seen her in interviews but not speaking to a big crowd like this.
19:01 < kim_bruning> lo kylu
19:01 < Brooke> Hi kylu, kim_bruning.
19:02 < kylu> SoapX: next!
19:03  * Frood flips multiple tables
19:03 < Tony_Sidaway> Ooh, reference to Rush Limbaugh there.
19:03 < Frood> The textbook has *all the answers*
19:04 < Tony_Sidaway> Invasive ultrasounds. Male control of women's bodies, and finally, rape. Nice segue.
19:06 < Fluffernutter> Completely unrelated to this conversation: Massive points to anyone who can identify this creature at a glance (I know the answer, but do you?)
19:06 < TParis> Tony, no one really wants to argue about politics.  Please stop.
19:06 < Natterer> You're still discussing U.S. politics, I see.  You were doing that yesterday.
19:07 < Tony_Sidaway> Natterer: I'm watching the DNC. It's all they're talking about, for some reason. :)
19:07 < nprice> ugh demon-crats
19:08 < Natterer> Has the channel topic changed to "Whatever I'm watching on T.V." whilst we weren't looking?
19:08 < Tony_Sidaway> It's a chat channel. You can talk about whatever you like here. Even what other people are talking about! :D
19:09 < SoapX> whats youre favorite Super Mario Bros enemy?
19:09 < Shirik> random gaps in the world
19:09 < TParis> Shirik: Was it you who was telling me you worked on Auctioneer?
19:10 < Shirik> I'm not sure I told you that but it is a true statement
19:10 < SoapX> i vaguely remember that
19:10 < TParis> I was bragging on WoW the other day that I knew the guy who wrote the algorithm for auctioneer :)
19:10 < Tony_Sidaway> TParis: for somebody who really doesn't want to argue, you seem to be talking a lot about political arguments. I'm not interested in arguing about politics either.
19:10 < Shirik> and he said "that guy owes me a ton of money!"
19:10 < kylu> Fluffernutter: anyone claim the points yet?
19:10 < TParis> Shirik: lol
19:10 < Fluffernutter> nope, kylu
19:11 < SoapX> I also remember going to thinking that it would be it
19:11 < TParis> Tony: Whatever
19:11 < Natterer> Actually, no, you cannot talk about whatever you like.  That much *is* in the channel topic.
19:11 < Fluffernutter> we're not quite as strict as all that, Natterer
19:11 < Tony_Sidaway> One thing I like about IRC is the /ignore command.
19:12 < ChrisGualtieri> Wow the dump is huge
19:12 < kylu> I find it fascinating that the one person in the conversation who DOESN'T have a project cloak is the one telling everyone else what to talk about.
19:13 < ChrisGualtieri> 85 Gb uncompressed for JUST the current version of the pages
19:13 < Natterer> Actually, you are.  Try some of the more interesting variations on "whatever you like" and see how long you last.
19:13 < SoapX> this room can get into a fight about anything
19:13 < Fluffernutter> for srs, yo
19:13 < SoapX> so pretty much anything could become controversial
19:13 < Tony_Sidaway> ChrisGualtieri: big, but I guess that's still manageable.
19:14 < TParis> ChrisGualtieri: It'd be nice if they'd give you an option in the dump to automatically create attribution in the article history
19:14 < ChrisGualtieri> Its just the text
19:14 -!- aude|away is now known as aude
19:14 < SoapX> i wonder how many gigs a spoken version of all 4000000 wikipedia artcles could be
19:14 < Tony_Sidaway> ChrisGualtieri: did you read how much for a full history dump?
19:14 < ChrisGualtieri> Terrabytes
19:14 < ChrisGualtieri> But revision history included makes it small anyways
19:14 < Tony_Sidaway> Makes sense.
19:14 < Shirik> From now on you're not allowed to talk about what you're not allowed to talk about here
19:15 < ChrisGualtieri> I think that TB one is EVERY revision as its own version
19:15  * kylu whispers to Tony, "Natterer is a Republican, I bet."
19:15 < SoapX> nawww
19:15 < Tony_Sidaway> Back in '04 I used to warn Radiant! that he was probably wrong to assume that the deleted revisions tables would be kept indefinitely. I assume they're now long gone.
19:15 < ToAruShiroiNeko> we all live in a nutter submarine
19:15 < SoapX> theres no republicans here
19:15  * Shirik is a republican :(
19:15  * Fluffernutter talks about Shirik
19:15 < ToAruShiroiNeko> SoapX everyone has a little republican in them
19:16 < SoapX> well Im just being lazy
19:16 < SoapX> *Republican
19:16 < ChrisGualtieri> All pages with complete edit history means the history of the article, not every version of every one... so its small
19:16 < SoapX> for someone out-pedants me
19:16 < Tony_Sidaway> I'm a Republican, but not in the US sense.
19:16 < SoapX> yah that's it
19:16 < Tony_Sidaway> I suppose you would call me an anti-monarchist.
19:16 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Tony_Sidaway the queen cries because of you
19:16 < SoapX> theres other meanings of (r|R)epublican
19:16 < Frood> what kind of scientific calculator doesn't have a goddamn pi key
19:16 < ToAruShiroiNeko> anti-monarchist sounds like a play of words when it isnt
19:16 < Tony_Sidaway> Oh Elizabeth Warren is on and they crowd loves her!
19:17 < SoapX> you can use tan(90) or something I think
19:17  * Fluffernutter is anti-everything, except the things she's pro
19:17 < mareklug> Elizabeth Warren at the podium, all pay attention
19:17 < Tony_Sidaway> She always looks like a sexy librarian lady to me.
19:17 < Natterer> You could actually start talking about the English Wikipedia by thinking about
19:17 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Tony_Sidaway can the Queen be used as paper weight?
19:18 < Tony_Sidaway> ToAruShiroiNeko: she won't sit still. Did you see her jump out of that helicopter?
19:18 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Fluffernutter so you are anti-pro-antism
19:18 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Tony_Sidaway indeed
19:18 < Fluffernutter> I'm anti-being-labeled-as-pro-or-anti-anything, ToAruShiroiNeko :P
19:18  * ToAruShiroiNeko labels Fluffernutter pro-sandwitch
19:19 < Fluffernutter> i will admit to that
19:19 < Tony_Sidaway> Yep, 4*atan(1) is pi if I recall correctly.
19:19 < ToAruShiroiNeko> >:D
19:19 < mareklug> Frood:  just checked: the default iOs calculator is a normal dumb calc in portrait mode.  Tilt it landscape and it becomes a scientific one, complete with pi button
19:19 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Tony_Sidaway probably 2* ?
19:19 < ToAruShiroiNeko> atan is 1/2 pi
19:19 < SoapX> lol if there's a calculator that has arctan but doesnt have pi
19:19 < ToAruShiroiNeko> atan 1
19:19 < Shirik> no
19:19 < Frood> mareklug: Android doesn't have one.
19:19 < Shirik> atan 1 is 1/4 pi
19:20 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Pi/4 if you are in radians, or 45 degrees
19:20 < SoapX> hmm, im on an Android and the default calc has a pi button
19:20 < ToAruShiroiNeko> ah right
19:20 < ToAruShiroiNeko> my math fails
19:20 < SoapX> it's probably system0specific
19:20 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Tony_Sidaway wow :)
19:20 -!- Patar_knight [~chatzilla@wikipedia/Patar-knight] has joined #wikipedia-en
19:20 < mareklug> SoapX:  that's a major failing
19:20 < SoapX> sin cos tan ln log ! pi e ^( ) sqrt
19:20 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Tony_Sidaway what is arctan(Queen) ?
19:20 < SoapX> are the "special" buttons
19:21 < Tony_Sidaway> On Android I use a lovely little app called droid48. It's a great emulation of a HP48G calculator.
19:21 < ToAruShiroiNeko> SoapX dont sqrt in channel, TYVM
19:21 < kylu> SoapX: they're not "special", that's depreciated... they're "differently-enabled"
19:21 -!- Nascar1996 [~Nascar199@wikipedia/Nascar1996] has quit [Quit: Leave me a memo! Bye!]
19:21 < ToAruShiroiNeko> para?
19:21 < Tony_Sidaway> She reminds me of Carrie Fisher,
19:22 -!- legoktm [~legoktm@wikipedia/Legoktm] has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
19:22 -!- Thoreau [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:23 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Tony_Sidaway so if the queen marries north korean leader and they have a kid, which country would that kid lead?
19:24 < Tony_Sidaway> Or the teacher who likes Stevie Nicks in School of Rock.
19:24 < Ironholds> uhm
19:24 < Ironholds> not britain?
19:24 < Natterer> You've omitted an important premise to the question:  *which* queen?
19:24 < ToAruShiroiNeko> british
19:24 < Tony_Sidaway> ToAruShiroiNeko: that sounds awfully close to the plot of that Bond film with the invisible car.
19:25 < Ironholds> well, not British
19:25 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Tony_Sidaway oh?
19:25 < Ironholds> there are heirs before the child in the order of succession
19:25 < Natterer> You've also left open the loophole that I knew someone would take before I finished typing this.
19:25 < Tony_Sidaway> There is a son of a North Korean general in that. ANd come to think of it, Madonna has an utterly pointless cameo in that film.
19:25 < ToAruShiroiNeko> right but pretend this was the first and only child of the queen
19:26 < Tony_Sidaway> ToAruShiroiNeko: or he could arrange for the other heirs to the throne to have fencing accidents and whatnot.
19:26 < ToAruShiroiNeko> hmm?
19:26 < Natterer> Can we pretend that North Korea is just south of the Lake District, too?  It makes working out the answer easier.
19:27 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Natterer that would defeat the point
19:27 < Ironholds> ToAruShiroiNeko: then, yes, they would inherit the British throne. probably.
19:27 < Tony_Sidaway> Then he sabotages the Queen's parachute one day, and he's just one helicopter jump from being King Sung Il of England.
19:27 < Ironholds> the Privy Council would have to accept them
19:27 < ToAruShiroiNeko> did you mean prevy council?
19:28 < Natterer> Ah, so there is an unstated limit to the counterfactual premises here.  (-:
19:28 < Tony_Sidaway> What kind of nation calls its Royal advisers names like "Master of the Stool" and "Privy Council."
19:28 < ToAruShiroiNeko> at least its not something like "Secretary"
19:29 < Tony_Sidaway> We have Secretaries too. That's the name for a senior minister.
19:29 < ChrisGualtieri> When do you replace stub tag with a start tag?
19:29 < Tony_Sidaway> A senior cabinet appointment.
19:29 < Natterer> When the stub class article has become a start class one.  (-:
19:30 < Tony_Sidaway> ChrisGualtieri: when the article gives a brief but comprehensive outlline. No major omissions but not yet a finished article.
19:30 < ChrisGualtieri> Isn't that a C-class?
19:30 < Tony_Sidaway> I don't do C-class.
19:30 < Tony_Sidaway> Anything beyond stub, I basically ignore.
19:30 -!- Fluffernutter is now known as Fluff|sleep
19:31 < Natterer> Stub. Stub. Stub. Stub. Stub. Stub. Stub. Stub. Stub. Stub. Stub. Stub. Featured.
19:31 < Tony_Sidaway> Articles get bloated easily enough. It's better not to encourage the tendency.
19:31  * Shirik deletes all of Tony_Sidaway's articles
19:31  * Tony_Sidaway doesn't notice, nor does anyone else.
19:32 < Shirik> :(
19:33 < Shirik> I ran a Special:Nuke on you and all it did was find 2 articles
19:33 < mareklug> Roger Federer is 3 games from losing in the US Open
19:33 < Shirik> Also, Spastic Tubes?
19:33 < Tony_Sidaway> Oh it's Bill Clinton. FOr some reason they're playing a Fleetwood Mac song from the 1970s or 1980s.
19:34 < Natterer> "Big Love"?
19:34 < Tony_Sidaway> Is Spastic Tubes still there? I created it out of frustration because I kept forgetting the name of that pesky doctor.
19:34 < mareklug> Tony_Sidaway:  it was used when the Clintons waved to the crowd at the end of their convention
19:34 < Tony_Sidaway> John C. Willke, did I get it right? I also wrote the Conservapedia article about him.
19:34 -!- legoktm [~legoktm@wikipedia/Legoktm] has joined #wikipedia-en
19:35 < Tony_Sidaway> Clinton gets a very warm welcome. He's the feelgood President.
19:35 -!- legoktm [~legoktm@wikipedia/Legoktm] has quit [Client Quit]
19:35 < nprice> They are all corporate shills
19:37 -!- Jasper_Deng_away is now known as Jasper_Deng_sick
19:37 -!- Sven_Manguard [~Perhaps@wikipedia/Sven-Manguard] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
19:37 < Ironholds> ahhh, absinthe
19:37 < Ironholds> why does anyone choose to not drink it straight?
19:37 < Natterer>  No.  Not according to Wikipedia.
19:37 < Tony_Sidaway> Clinton is nicking a line from a Tweet that came yesterday.
19:38 < nprice> wikipedia is not a reliable source
19:38 < Tony_Sidaway> "I want to marry the man who had the good sense to marry Michelle Obama."
19:38 < mareklug> Natterer:  wouldn't it be under Category:Corporate shills ?
19:39 -!- ty|ts is now known as rt
19:39 -!- rt is now known as ty
19:39 < Natterer> I daren't look, for fear that it actually existed at one point.
19:39 < Tony_Sidaway> Clinton playing the little old country politician from Arkansas. How does that work? He's a fucking Fulbright scholar!
19:41 -!- J-Ponyo_ [] has joined #wikipedia-en
19:41 -!- J-Ponyo_ [] has quit [Client Quit]
19:43 < SoapX> ponyooooooo
19:43 -!- SoapX [~Soap@wikipedia/soap] has quit [Quit: bed]
19:44 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Tony_Sidaway okay I am confused
19:44 < ToAruShiroiNeko> so you have masters of stools whom are not secretaries?
19:44 -!- legoktm [~legoktm@wikipedia/Legoktm] has joined #wikipedia-en
19:44 -!- ChrisGualtieri [47eae49b@wikipedia/ChrisGualtieri] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
19:44 < ToAruShiroiNeko> how does one master a stool?
19:44 < ToAruShiroiNeko> how do you tame it?
19:45 < mareklug> there are stool softeners.   btw, you meant "who" not "whom"
19:45 < Jasper_Deng_sick> Soap: is LTA
19:46 < Jasper_Deng_sick> no email or talk page access
19:46 < Jasper_Deng_sick> should be given
19:46  * ToAruShiroiNeko pets Jasper_Deng_sick
19:46 < ToAruShiroiNeko> thank you for providing me the push I needed
19:46 < Jasper_Deng_sick> SoapX*
19:46  * Jasper_Deng_sick properly pings SoapX
19:47 < Natterer> You've misread the sentence, mareklug.  It's one of those trick punctuation exercises.  Try this:  *So you have Masters of Stools Whom Are, not secretaries?*
19:47 < Tony_Sidaway>
19:48 -!- ObsidianSoul [~Oblivion@wikipedia/Obsidian-Soul] has quit [Ping timeout: 268 seconds]
19:48 < mareklug> Natterer:  sorry, but even with so much lipstick, this pig won't sing.  it does not parse
19:49 < ToAruShiroiNeko>
19:49 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Tony_Sidaway why does the stool have a hole in the middle?
19:49 < Natterer> You've never seen the Stools Whom Are ceremony in Edinburgh?
19:49 < Tony_Sidaway> It's a toilet.
19:49 -!- Tiptoety is now known as Tiptoety|away
19:49 < Tony_Sidaway> That's where the poo goes.
19:49 < ToAruShiroiNeko> it has a lock though
19:49 < Tony_Sidaway> That's so nobody can steal the king's poo, I suppose.
19:50 < mareklug> Natterer:  sorry, no.  google is not my friend in finding out, either
19:50 < Tony_Sidaway> Or maybe in case somebody hides inside and jumps up with a dagger at a strategic moment (one English king did reputedly die of a red hot poker up the bum!)
19:51 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Tony_Sidaway sounds like a shitty job for the assassin
19:51 < Tony_Sidaway> Can't be too careful.
19:51 < ToAruShiroiNeko> sure
19:51 < ToAruShiroiNeko> lasers
19:52 < ToAruShiroiNeko> lasers would slice any blade or poo that is a risk to the monarchs live
19:52 < ToAruShiroiNeko> *life
19:52 < Natterer> Life-threatening poo.
19:52 < ToAruShiroiNeko> 16th century could have used more lasers
19:53 < ToAruShiroiNeko> frozen poo can be sharpened like a blade
19:53 < ToAruShiroiNeko> you need some sort of a poo forge though
19:53 -!- ObsidianSoul [~Oblivion@] has joined #wikipedia-en
19:53 -!- ObsidianSoul [~Oblivion@] has quit [Changing host]
19:53 -!- ObsidianSoul [~Oblivion@wikipedia/Obsidian-Soul] has joined #wikipedia-en
19:53 < Natterer> Frozen iron can be, too.
19:54 < Tony_Sidaway> Apparently the French version of the Groom of the Stool was a porte-coton. I guess he was supposed to carry a medieval equivalent of a toilet roll around (coton).
19:54 < mareklug> is inspired to ingest some frozen cream puffs
19:54 < mareklug> hmm, Colloquy failed to /me-fy that
19:54 -!- Falcorian [~Falcorian@wikipedia/Falcorian] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:55 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Tony_Sidaway so people were paid to hgandle the monarchs poo?
19:55 < ToAruShiroiNeko> I have to pay to enter public toilets, I should instead be paid too!
19:55 < Natterer> Have you never seen /The Madness of King George/?
19:56 < ToAruShiroiNeko> hmm?
19:56 < ToAruShiroiNeko> my sources tell me purple poo.
19:56 < Logan_> Peter-C: Behave, please.
19:56 -!- White_Ash [] has joined #wikipedia-en
19:57 < Tony_Sidaway> Why does everything British revolve around bodily functions? I'll never understand that.
19:57 < Peter-C> What. The poking?
19:57 < Logan_> Peter-C: :P
19:57  * Peter-C kicks Logan_
19:57 < Peter-C> Why u no at NYC meetups!
19:57 -!- mode/#wikipedia-en [+o Logan_] by ChanServ
19:57 <@Logan_> Because I'm in upstate NY?
19:58 < Peter-C> Every part of NY is NYC
19:58 < Peter-C> Duh.
19:58 <@Logan_> So many lies.
19:58 < Frood> Logan_: get down from there
19:58 < Tony_Sidaway> Ugh! French Wikipedia puts stub tags at the top in a horrible box.
19:58 < Peter-C> Yea
19:58 <@Logan_> Frood: <3
19:58 < Peter-C> You are going to scare the children
19:59 < Tony_Sidaway> All horrible boxes on Wikipedia should be replaced with little italicised statements.
19:59 < Frood> horrible boxes?
20:00 < Natterer> Infoboxes.
20:00 < Tony_Sidaway> Boxes are horrible.
20:00 < Shirik> {{Infobox infobox}}
20:00 < Shirik> this should be the standard template for documenting infoboxes
20:00 < Tony_Sidaway> Not infoboxes, the "something is wrong with this article" boxes.
20:00 < Pharos> clinton is giving the best speech of the campaign
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20:00 < Natterer> That would be a a metabox, though.
20:01 < Tony_Sidaway> He's a clever guy.
20:02 < Pharos> sometimes one forgets, but he really is
20:02 < Natterer> So what you're looking for is {{metabox infobox}} and [[Category:Wikipedia metaboxes]].
20:03 < Natterer> Then there are hyper and super boxes, of course.
20:03 < ToAruShiroiNeko> Tony_Sidaway the british are bodily fluid oriented people maybe?
20:03 < Pharos> preach it, clinton
20:03 < ToAruShiroiNeko> hmmm
20:04 < ToAruShiroiNeko> clinton is just horny
20:04 < Frood> s/clinton/logan/
20:04 < Pharos> no, he's a brilliant guy
20:04 < Frood> yeah, he is.
20:04 <@Logan_> I AM NOT HORNY.
20:04 < ToAruShiroiNeko> I miss the days when presidents could be distracted by women to avert wars
20:04 < Natterer> Or is it more correct to say that you are not *just* horny?
20:05 < ToAruShiroiNeko> ah very horny logan
20:05 < ToAruShiroiNeko> VHL
20:06 < Tony_Sidaway> I never understood the whole Monicagate thing. Americans have weird priorities.
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20:09 < Pharos> this is an awesomely done speech
20:09 < mareklug> Tony_Sidaway:   "lied under oath"  that's all you need to know.  could have been more costly.
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20:10 < Tony_Sidaway> J Edgar Hoover used to be obsessed with Martin Luther King's sex life, but he was a frustrated old prude. You could see why he would be into that, and by all accounts King did get up to a lot.
20:11 < Tony_Sidaway> mareklug: Reagan lied like a trooper, and with terrible consequences. So obviously Americans don't care about Presidents lying under oath.
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20:12 < mareklug> Tony_Sidaway:  uh, when did Reagan lie *under oath*?  there is a bit of a difference, one is impeachable offense outright, the other, not so much.
20:13 < Tony_Sidaway>
20:14 < Tony_Sidaway> One of the more shameful events in US history.
20:14 < Pharos> oh, i think we've dne worse
20:15 < mareklug> Tony_Sidaway:  try not to treat me or yourself like an idiot.  I know about the Iran-Contra affair, but that article does not in any way mention that the President lied under oath
20:16 < Tony_Sidaway> He lied. He pretended he didn't know what his own administration was up to.
20:16 < mareklug> but he did not lie under *fucking oath*.  you got that already?
20:16 < Tony_Sidaway> He did, actually.
20:16 < mareklug> citation please
20:19 < Pharos> "i'm just a country boy" - Prez 42
20:20 < Tony_Sidaway> In that Reagan gave sworn testimony and represented himself as innocent of the actions his administration took, Reagan lied under oath. This isn't controversial.
20:20 < mareklug> Tony_Sidaway:  I asked for a citation, and you are giving me more of your say.  maybe EOT.
20:21 < Tony_Sidaway> mareklug: what kind of citation would help? You're already aware that he testified and that he professed ignorance.
20:22 < mareklug> Tony_Sidaway:  you cannot produce even a link to a fridge organization that alledges that he *lied under oath*?
20:22 < mareklug> fringe
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20:22 < Tony_Sidaway> I don't think anybody seriously denies that he did. It was a major scandal.
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20:23 < mareklug> Tony_Sidaway:  your power to manufacture history is breathtaking.  I am no Republican or Reagan afficionado, but you, sir, are kust not credible.
20:23 < mareklug> just
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20:24 < Pharos> 48.5 minutes of brilliance
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20:25 < Pharos> i'm not a clinton-worshipper, but this was a masterwork for this type of thing
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20:25 < Tony_Sidaway> mareklug: this is weird. Did you actually hear the news reports of his claims that he didn't even know what his own administration was up to?
20:25 < TParis> I'm an Al Gore worshiper.  He invited the internet ya know.
20:26 < TParis> invented*
20:26 -!- DeltaQuad is now known as DQ|movie
20:26 < Tony_Sidaway> I'm absolutely not making this up. He really did claim he'd forgotten this and he didn't know about that.
20:26 < mareklug> Tony_Sidaway:  I watched it live on tv.  and yes, even the Democrat-run Congress critter committee didn't dig up more than admonishment-worthy stuff that he should have known etc
20:26 < TParis> Tony: Which is obviously definitive proof that he did.
20:27 < Tony_Sidaway> Excuses unworthy of a schoolboy caught scrumping apples.
20:27 < Pharos> to be fair, he must have been in the early stages of alzheimers at that time...
20:27 < TParis> And that, my friend, is what we call an opinion.
20:27 < Pharos> forgetting is not impossible
20:28 < mareklug> Tony_Sidaway:  let's return to the starting point:  you said you did not get the Monicagate thing and the Americans, and I kindly supplied the keywords, "lied under oath".  To which you spewed a veritable stream of non sequitur
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20:29 < mareklug> and Federer lost to Berdych in 4 sets
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20:30 < Tony_Sidaway> mareklug: we're not getting anywhere with this. I've given example of a President blatantly lying under oath and getting away with it.
20:30 < Tony_Sidaway> You don't accept it, fine. Not my problem.
20:30 < mareklug> except he didn't
20:31 < mareklug> to lie under oath you have to be sworn to give testimony
20:31 -!- Daley [adamdaley@unaffiliated/daley] has joined #wikipedia-en
20:31 < Tony_Sidaway> Presidents lie. It's what they do, it's part of the job description.
20:32 -!- Keegan [~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan] has joined #wikipedia-en
20:32 < mareklug> I am sure Clinton did his share, so… your point?  lying under oath, though, is one of those English common law things you should kinda know about
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20:34 < mareklug> LtNOWIS-drunk:  was -mo Magneto-Optical device you just ejected?
20:35 < Tony_Sidaway> Pharos: if you concoct a plot to deal with terrorists and set up a shell game to mislead Congress, it's not the kind of thing you forget.
20:35 -!- Pharos [~chatzilla@wikimedia/Pharos] has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
20:35 < Tony_Sidaway> Congress knew what he'd done but there was nothing they could do. He got the benefit of a very slim doubt.
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20:36 < mareklug> Tony_Sidaway:  but if you hire goons and bright bushy tailed colonels to think it up for you and delegate authority and neglect to provide oversight, you gain so-called deniable plausibility
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20:36 < LtNOWIS-drunk> mo is short is mobile
20:37 < mareklug> LtNOWIS-drunk:  did Reagan ever lie under oath?
20:37 < LtNOWIS-drunk> mobil?e phone +intoxication is a dangerous ccombo
20:37 < LtNOWIS-drunk> well hes a politician
20:37 < Tony_Sidaway> So when somebody says Clinton lied about some trivial aspect of his personal life, it is rather puzzling that this is held to be so important.
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20:38 < mareklug> Tony_Sidaway:  such are our silly laws.  the lying under oath thing.
20:39 < mareklug> LtNOWIS-drunk:  no, focuse please.  A claim has been made that Ronald Reagan as President actually lied under oath, just as Bill Clinton did.
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20:40 < LtNOWIS-drunk> but reagans a saint
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20:45 < LtNOWIS-drunk> so therefore he caznt lie
20:45 < Tony_Sidaway> Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz discussing Sandra Fluke's speech, which was apparently carefully juggled into prime time.
20:45 < kim_bruning>
20:45 < kim_bruning> heh, a ufo strike
20:46 -!- Tiptoety|away is now known as Tiptoety
20:46 < Tony_Sidaway> :)
20:47 < mareklug> kim_bruning:  how punctual of them, too. From 00:00 to 24:00 local german time
20:48 < wctaiwan> I was like oshi--wait.
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20:49 < kim_bruning> wctaiwan, ??
20:49 < wctaiwan> UFO strike.
20:49 < kim_bruning> mareklug, Of course. They *are* germans
20:49 < kim_bruning> wctaiwan, quite.
20:49 < kim_bruning> I just wrote to someone that I'm going to be late due to an UFO strike
20:50 < kim_bruning> it doesn't get better than that
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20:52 < Tony_Sidaway> You could tell them you want to come but the UFO won't let you.
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