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Session Start: Sat Jan 07 00:00:01 2012
Session Ident: #wikipedia-en
[00:00] <log> Grooveshark is currently being sued by four major record labels.
[00:00] <zscout370> for what?
[00:00] <log> It's not going to be around much longer, at least not in its current form.
[00:00] <log>
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[00:02] <zscout370> yeah, that can do it. Now what service to use for frat social gatherings.
[00:03] <log> Well, there aren't many free services left that let you listen to specific songs for an unlimited time...
[00:04] <zscout370> spotify is only 10 bucks a month which is not bad at all
[00:05] <log> I also like Rdio and MOG, in terms of paid services.
�06[00:05] * zscout370 makes note of it
[00:06] <log> zscout370: There's a list on Wikipedia, actually:
[00:06] <log> Quite convenient.
[00:07] <zscout370> log, I found a similar list for online dating services
[00:07] <zscout370> so I am glad for these kind of lists
[00:07] <zscout370> and WPS Arkansas wins!
[00:07] <log> I happen to use Wikipedia a lot in comparing products.
[00:07] <log> Especially when there are tables like that.
[00:07] <log> They are very useful, sometimes.
[00:08] <zscout370> indeed
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[00:21] <Peter-C> GOD DAMN IT
[00:21] <Peter-C> I was lsitening to classical music
[00:21] <Peter-C> then Pizza Hut burts in
[00:22] <Peter-C> WTF
[00:22] <Prodego> heheheh
[00:22] <Prodego> "== Message that I fucked your mother =="
[00:22] <Prodego> I like that one, that one is nice
[00:23] <Peter-C> What a classy guy
[00:23] <darkfalls> the fuck...
[00:24] <zscout370> 5th grade insults, ooo wow
[00:24] <Guerillero> hehre
[00:24] <LauraHale> is wow.
[00:24] <Jeske_Merensky> There we go, three different games.
[00:25] <Jeske_Merensky> Hopefully none of them show up fucked up.
[00:26] <darkfalls> LauraHale: Typical American incompetence :p
[00:26] <LauraHale> Yes.
[00:26] <log> Prodego: Heh, not RevDeling that?
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[00:26] <Prodego> log: no reason to really
[00:27] <Prodego> the other messages were the READ THIS type
[00:27] <log> Maybe the summary...?
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[00:27] <log> Shows up in your talk page history.
�06[00:27] * log shrugs.
[00:27] <zscout370> darkfalls, and how some people will act towards the immigration problem. If they look brown, get them out of town kind of deal.
[00:27] <Prodego> I don't rev delete my block log :)
[00:27] <log> Heh.
�06[00:28] * Prodego is bad at May
[00:28] <darkfalls> zscout370: Apparently security out of the country is more lax than getting in the country.
[00:28] <zscout370> darkfalls, I would have said that before June 2011
[00:29] <darkfalls> what happened in june '11?
[00:29] <zscout370> went to Canada, got help up at Canadian Customs because I was meeting a Japanese national
[00:30] <zscout370> and leaving the US was very strange
[00:30] <zscout370> I got asked more questions than I did entering the country
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[00:31] <Sp33dyphil> Does anybody have problems with Opera's "find" function when editing?
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[00:35] <zscout370> darkfalls, I told Risker before that the only thing my near TSA-pat down job was missing was either Rush or Anne Murray playing in the background
[00:35] <zscout370> while at YVR
[00:35] <darkfalls> lol
[00:36] <Guerillero> why did you almost have a TSA patdown?
[00:36] <Addihockey10> zscout370: Were you the one who had to spend alot of time in YVR because you had CCleaner on your PC?
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[00:37] <Prodego> what's wrong with CCleaner?
[00:37] <zscout370> Addihockey10, yeah and he checked my phone and digital camera with porn
[00:37] <zscout370> Prodego, cleans out porn and internet history
[00:37] <Prodego> browsers do that on their own
[00:37] <zscout370> and Canada has rules on importing porn, especially animal and kiddie
[00:37] <Addihockey10> Prodego: This one can overwrite it 25 times.
[00:37] <Addihockey10> Animal porn?
[00:37] <Addihockey10> o_O
[00:37] <Prodego> CCleaner is good for checking the registry for 'errors'
[00:38] <Addihockey10> I dunno what that does TBH
�06[00:38] * Addihockey10 doesn't notice a differnce
[00:38] <Prodego> in any case, I don't think deleting things from your computer is a reason to stay in an airport?
[00:38] <tjf> Addihockey10, (sfw)
[00:38] <Addihockey10> HAHAHAHAHAHA
[00:38] <zscout370> Addihockey10, like if you take out a program, it cleans up the stuff left behind
[00:38] <Addihockey10> I just got a captcha- Jong-Il. How ironic.
[00:38] <Addihockey10> zscout370: Yeah I know
[00:38] <zscout370> Prodego, he had no idea what the program was, plus as  I said, I was in Canada trying to meet a Japanese citizen who was in the US on a student visa.
[00:38] <Addihockey10> But there's this one program that won't go awya.
[00:39] <zscout370> he was thinking I was going to marry her (wish I bloody did)
[00:40] <Guerillero> lol
[00:42] <zscout370> he was more interested in my laptop than this girl; but he kept me because I was shaking like a leaf and was on a major Monster crash
[00:42] <zscout370> but, as I told Canadian Customs after I got back, he wasn't being a dick, he was professional and did render medical aid when I needed it.
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[00:44] <SigmaWP> HEY!
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[00:52] <darkfalls> zscout370: Medical aid?
�06[00:52] * darkfalls looks at the empty Monster cans to his right. Shit.
�08[00:53] <derp> Prodego, CCleaner has a disk wipe utlity
�08[00:53] <derp> that can overwrite up to 35 times
[00:53] <zscout370> darkfalls, I was about to pass out, so he got me a chair and water.
[00:53] <Prodego> derp: I still don't understand what that has to do with an airport
�08[00:54] <derp> it securely wipes a USB key, files
�08[00:54] <derp> etc etc
[00:54] <zscout370> Prodego, I just think he never saw the program before and he seemed like a tech guy to me.
[00:54] <Prodego> ah
[00:54] <Prodego> lonely customs person?
[00:54] <darkfalls> CCleaner? I have that on my laptop
[00:55] <zscout370> it was around 10 PM pacific so there was few of him
[00:55] <darkfalls> lol
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Session Start: Sat Jan 07 21:03:32 2012
Session Ident: #wikipedia-en
�03[21:03] * Now talking in #wikipedia-en
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[21:03] <SigmaWP> Derp: :D
[21:04] <Addihockey10> Derp: Question...
[21:04] <Queen> derp: <3
�08[21:05] <derp> SigmaWP :D
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�08[21:05] <derp> Queen <3
�08[21:05] <derp> Addihockey10: Answer.
�08[21:05] <derp> Next?
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[21:05] <Addihockey10> Derp: I remember
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[21:07] <SigmaWP> Gfoley4: Hi
�06[21:07] * Jeske_Merensky has a puddle of Fluffy in his lap
[21:07] <Gfoley4> Hi
�15[21:07] * erikhaugen (~erikhauge@wikipedia/ErikHaugen) Quit (Quit: erikhaugen�)
�08[21:08] <derp> Gfoley4 <3
[21:08] <Fluffernutter> do not liquify your cat
[21:08] <Fluffernutter> it's bloody IMPOSSIBLE to get those stains out of the carpet
[21:08] <Gfoley4> Hiya
[21:11] <Jeske_Merensky> Fluffernutter) I didn't. He liquefied himself.
[21:11] <Jeske_Merensky> :P
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[21:13] <mindspillage> yeah, tell it to the judge.
�06[21:13] * harej charges Jeske_Merensky with "possession of Mountain Dew"
[21:13] <Addihockey10> EWW
[21:14] <Jeske_Merensky> I don't have Mountain Dew in this house.
[21:14] <Addihockey10> harej: Fucking gross.
[21:14] <harej> Jeske didn't get my reference.
[21:14] <Addihockey10> Like what is it?
�06[21:14] * Pharos convenes grand jury
[21:14] <harej> Someone found a mouse in their Mountain Dew beverage. Pepsico argued against it, saying that Mountain Dew would've dissolved the mouse.
[21:15] <Addihockey10> lol
[21:15] <Thogo> uh... and people really drink that?
[21:15] <SigmaWP> ^
[21:15] <Addihockey10> harej: Not "Our factories are mouse-free", but "We put additives so all the mouses dissolve in our drinks"
�15[21:15] * Magog_the_Ogre (~Magog_the@wikipedia/Magog-the-Ogre) Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
�06[21:15] * Pharos retires to jury room
[21:15] <mindspillage> ew.
[21:15] <harej> Thogo, Mountain Dew does not dissolve animal flesh. Were that true, all of the world's programmers would've died years ago.
[21:16] <Thogo> lol
[21:16] <Pharos> maybe they did!
[21:16] <Pharos> Zombie Hackers!
�08[21:16] <derp> Peter-C, you're disgusting.
[21:16] <Thogo> they are dissolved, but they are still programming. XD
[21:16] <Peter-C> I <3 it
[21:16] <mindspillage> If Surge didn't do it, Mountain Dew won't
[21:16] <mindspillage> .
[21:16] <Thogo> I've actually never heard about that. What is in there?
�08[21:17] <derp> pee
�08[21:17] <derp> mostly pee
[21:17] <harej> It's sugary pee.
[21:17] <Pharos> it's mostly water, most things are
[21:17] <Thogo> if programmers like it, it probably has lots of caffeine.
[21:17] <harej> Yep.
[21:17] <Thogo> ^^
[21:17] <Thogo> why don't they just stick to coffee and coke...
[21:18] <harej> Coke itself doesn't have a lot of caffeine. And coffee tastes like ass.
[21:18] <harej> My caffeine source of choice is Red Bull.
[21:18] <Thogo> yes, American coffee, true.
[21:18] <gde33>
[21:18] <harej> I've written some incredible papers on red bull. Then again, I just wrote an incredible internal-l post on wine and green tea.
[21:18] <Thogo> but Red Bull is awful.
[21:18] <gde33> Wiki facilitates journalists with an unique mechanism of oppertunity to see if the reader is really buying into their creations.
[21:19] <Soapy> hm, I havent seen Surge in a while
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[21:19] <harej> Surge died. And I think Vault did, too. Which is too bad because I liked Vault.
[21:19] <Thogo> that was the worst thing about being in America. The coffee is really bad. ^^
�08[21:19] <derp> if you remember the 90's, you remember Orbit.
[21:19] <Pharos> my best internal-l posts are written on chopped liver
[21:19] <Soapy> hmm, it seems youre right
�08[21:19] * derp hands Peter-C a bottle of Orbit.
[21:20] <gde33> Thogo: you are not very demanding?
�08[21:20] * derp hands Soapy a bottle of Clear Pepsi.
[21:20] <mindspillage> Surge was discontinued about 10 years ago. In fact, it was about like sugary piss, but lots of nerds liked it. (Greg still has some cans around, but I would advise against opening them.)
[21:20] <Thogo> gde33: well, I'm used to good coffee... That's it...
[21:20] <gde33> Thogo: then have to go either to itally or to the netherlands
[21:20] <Thogo> Germany is just fine.
[21:21] <Thogo> and yes, it's even better in Italy. But no, it's not better in the Netherlands. ;)
[21:21] <gde33> Thogo: you mean Aldi right? :D
[21:21] <Thogo> not really...
[21:21] <Soapy> I dont know why people say coffee in the USA is bad
[21:21] <Thogo> because it's true.
[21:21] <Soapy> But there's so many different choices
[21:21] <Soapy> surely you havent tried them all
[21:21] <Thogo> I tried a lot of them.
[21:21] <Soapy> I only enjoy two or three different brands
[21:22] <Soapy> there's dozens that I dont care for
[21:22] <Thogo> I want very strong coffee.
[21:22] <gde33> Thogo:
[21:22] <mindspillage> You know what I really like? Carbonated iced tea. And the only place people sell it, AFAIK, is in the Netherlands and Belgium.
[21:22] <Thogo> they gave me that French roast stuff. But it doesn't even taste like coffee. It tastes like charcoal in water. Not the slightest trace of aroma.
[21:22] <harej> You can make it yourself, spills.
[21:22] <mindspillage> harej: ye, which is useless when I am not at home!
[21:23] <harej> Well, next time you show up to Starbucks, hand them a bottle of club soda!
[21:23] <harej> "Use this!"
[21:23] <Queen> Do you think the stewards would accept my request to have my name changed on ~600 wikis because I want to have the same username across wikimedia, and I was comparing different project's homepages?
[21:23] <Queen> *while logged in
[21:23] <Soapy> 600 wikis?
[21:23] <Thogo> they will just not do it. :)
[21:23] <Soapy> thats a lot
[21:24] <Thogo> or maybe run a script.
[21:24] <Pharos> you only have 600 acounts?
[21:24] <Pharos> dilletante
[21:24] <Thogo> and besides, you would have to ask on *all* wikis with local bureaucrats yourself on-wiki.
[21:24] <Thogo> that means, roughly 200 of the 600. :) You have to find the right place first. :)
[21:24] <Queen> I know that
�03[21:25] * hecticUWU ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:25] <Thogo> have fun. :D
�03[21:25] * KafXtix ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[21:25] Clones detected from�8 hecticUWU KafXtix
�15[21:25] * hecticUWU ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�15[21:25] * KafXtix ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�06[21:25] * Queen should have remembered to log out before comparing main pages
�15[21:25] * THe_THing (4c1b6b79@wikipedia/The-Thing-That-Should-Not-Be) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds�)
[21:25] <Thogo> hm...
[21:26] <SigmaWP> Queen: Poke a steward
[21:26] <Thogo> I think I have an account in all non-private Wikimedia wikis.
[21:26] <Thogo> except they opened one that I missed.
[21:26] <Queen> SigmaWP: I still have to decide on the name change, since I have to make sure it's open here and on wikia
[21:27] <SigmaWP> ah
[21:27] <SigmaWP> why wikia
[21:27] <Thogo> uh, please decide before I resume stewardship by the end of February... :p
[21:27] <Queen> Because I edit there more than I edit here :P
[21:27] <SigmaWP> ah
[21:27] <SigmaWP> :O
[21:27] <Queen> And I like things being the same
[21:27] <SigmaWP> Queen: TRAITOR
[21:27] <Queen> Thogo, I'll be sure to wait for you
[21:27] <Thogo> :(
[21:28] <Queen> SigmaWP, I still huggle sometimes :P
[21:28] <SigmaWP> :D
[21:28] <Thogo> well, I'll tell you then to give me a list of wikis where you need to be renamed and which do *not* have local bureaucrats
[21:28] <Thogo> if I find one with local crats I'll decline the request. :p
[21:28] <Queen> I'd spam that request page so hard
[21:29] <Queen> :D
[21:29] <Thogo> no, you make one request for all. But you have to list them all with the right template.
[21:29] <Queen> I know
[21:29] <Queen> I'd flood that page might be a better way of putting that
[21:29] <Thogo> well, sort of.
Session Close: Sat Jan 07 21:29:48 2012