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Session Start: Fri Dec 30 18:32:33 2011
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[18:34] <GabrielF> hmm the ar wiki article on the Suez Crisis (which they call the tripartite aggression) is particularly bad:حرب_1948
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[18:54] <Jeske_Merensky> Could an admin revdel the edit summaries?
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[18:55] <Alpha_Quadrant> Jeske_Merensky: isn't that oversightable?
[18:55] <TParis> done
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[18:56] <Jeske_Merensky> Alpha Quadrant) Mayhaps, but it's Wikinger.
[18:56] <Jeske_Merensky> He's been especially busy today
[18:58] <Alpha_Quadrant> who is Wikinger?
�06[18:58] * Alpha_Quadrant looks
[18:58] <Alpha_Quadrant> ah, has his own LTA page
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[19:00] <Alpha_Quadrant> eh, cross wiki sock
[19:01] <barts1a> surprisingly common
�03[19:01] * bep (~britishen@reddit/operator/bep) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:01] <Alpha_Quadrant> cross wiki socks?
[19:01] <barts1a> AFAIK; yes
[19:01] <Alpha_Quadrant> there are 589 WMF projects
[19:02] <Alpha_Quadrant> if you get blocked on one, that leaves you 588 to cause trouble on
[19:02] <SigmaWP> log = login.LoginManager(password="", sysop=False, verbose=False)
[19:02] <Alpha_Quadrant> I'd see why some socks would do it
�06[19:02] * SigmaWP quickly changes his bot code
[19:02] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: huh?
[19:02] <SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: Hi
�06[19:02] * SigmaWP accidentally nudged log
[19:03] <SigmaWP> On accident.
�06[19:03] * barts1a wishes there was a fail counter for this channel
[19:03] <SigmaWP> log: Having fun in the Gwarp State?
�06[19:03] * SigmaWP hides
[19:04] <barts1a> heh
[19:04] <SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: Can you take a look at [[coal ball]]?
[19:04] <SigmaWP> Some redlink added new information, and I'm debating myself on whether to remove it or fix it/
[19:04] <barts1a> It appears to be constructive. I'd keep it
�03[19:04] * Qcoder00_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:05] <SigmaWP> barts1a: You aren't trying to get it to FA.
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[19:07] <log> SigmaWP: Eh?
[19:07] <ambdul> XD
[19:07] <log> Who's Gwarp?
[19:07] <TParis> Yo mamma
[19:07] <TParis> jk
�06[19:07] * SigmaWP facepalms
�06[19:08] * barts1a facefoots
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[19:08] <SigmaWP> Headbomb: Hi
�06[19:08] * SigmaWP 's head gets bombed
[19:08] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: looking
[19:09] <log> SigmaWP: You mean Grawp?
[19:10] <SigmaWP> log: Of course
[19:10] <SigmaWP> Surely, an administrator hopeful would know that Jeremy David Hanson lives in California?
�03[19:11] * ambdul is now known as mabdul
[19:11] <Alpha_Quadrant> who is Meremy David Hanson?
[19:11] <Alpha_Quadrant> *Jeremy
[19:11] <SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: Grwap.
[19:11] <Alpha_Quadrant> he outed himself?
[19:11] <SigmaWP> Yep
[19:11] <{Soap}> well I heard some people saying he lives in England so I dont know how much that's agreed on
[19:11] <SigmaWP> He's 22 or something right now
[19:12] <Gfoley4> must we talk about this?
�15[19:12] * Jeske_Merensky (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/jeske-couriano/x-0000001) Quit (Read error: Connection timed out�)
[19:13] <Alpha_Quadrant> Gfoley4: would you rather talk about Sigma's coal ball article?
�03[19:13] * Jeske_Merensky (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/jeske-couriano/x-0000001) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:13] <SigmaWP> {Soap}: If he lives in England, he stays up very late
�15[19:13] * TParis (~TParis@wikipedia/TParis) Quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~�)
[19:13] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: that is an interesting red link
[19:13] <Gfoley4> No thanks.
[19:13] <{Soap}> I think Encyclopedia Dramatica outed him, btw
[19:14] <Alpha_Quadrant> they tend to do that
�08[19:14] * d_e_r_p has a giveaway for a 100 X-BOX live points voucher for free!
[19:14] <Jeske_Merensky> {Soap}) Jedh?
[19:14] <SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: You weren't paying attention to the coal balls at all :(
[19:15] <{Soap}> yeah
[19:15] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: I edited it
�08[19:15] * d_e_r_p will do a cryptography challenge to award the one who cracks the code.
[19:15] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP:
[19:15] <Alpha_Quadrant> a new user forgot to close the cite book template
[19:15] <SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: Check the next edit
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[19:19] <SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: Stop.
[19:19] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: stop what?
[19:19] <SigmaWP>
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[19:20] <Alpha_Quadrant> was there a problem with clicking the citation bot check button?
[19:20] <SigmaWP> Dunno
[19:21] <Alpha_Quadrant> hmm
�08[19:21] <d_e_r_p> #freenode-newyears people!
�15[19:21] * MBisanz (~MBisanz@wikipedia/MBisanz) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds�)
[19:21] <Alpha_Quadrant> why did it remove the book access dates
�03[19:21] * ManiDhillon (~ManiDhill@ has joined #wikipedia-en
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[19:22] <SigmaWP> Fuck.
[19:22] <SigmaWP> Well, I'm not going to figure out how to undo that edit manually
[19:22] <SigmaWP> Well
�06[19:22] * SigmaWP pokes ironholds
[19:22] <SigmaWP> Where'd he go?
[19:23] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: you could revert it
[19:24] <SigmaWP> Who here has written FAs?
�06[19:25] * SigmaWP needs a wise person
�06[19:25] * SigmaWP pokes quanticle
[19:26] <SigmaWP> Sigh
[19:27] <SigmaWP> Ah.
[19:28] <SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: WP:CITE says don't add accessdates for books
[19:28] <ToAruShiroiNeko> ironOne isnt here for a change
[19:28] <Alpha_Quadrant> yeah, they aren't /needed/
[19:28] <ToAruShiroiNeko> in this power vacume, I declate my self the Supreme leader
[19:28] <ToAruShiroiNeko> All hail cheese!
[19:28] <Alpha_Quadrant> I am just surprised the bot removed them
�06[19:29] * SigmaWP gives ToAruShiroiNeko a heart attack
[19:29] <SigmaWP> ToAruShiroiNeko: I hope you're in a train
�03[19:29] * dungodung is now known as dungodung|away
[19:29] <SigmaWP> Ugh
[19:30] <SigmaWP> I hate that idiot redlink
[19:30] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: redlinks are encouraged though
[19:30] <Alpha_Quadrant> and there is only one in the entire article
[19:30] <SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: The person with redlinked userpage, I meant
[19:30] <Alpha_Quadrant> you could always write an article on the subject
[19:30] <Alpha_Quadrant> what is wrong with the user
[19:31] <SigmaWP> He's going to bring it down from GA
[19:32] <{Soap}> lol
[19:32] <{Soap}> whats this?
[19:32] <{Soap}> Gullivert?
�15[19:32] * Jeske_Merensky (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/jeske-couriano/x-0000001) Quit (Quit: EEK! Yoshi! *flees*�)
[19:33] <quanticle> SigmaWP: I'm a wise person?
[19:33] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: you have some non-standardized date formats
[19:33] <SigmaWP> Or so I thought. Do you doubt yourself, quanticle ?
[19:33] <SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: Blame gullivert.
[19:33] <Alpha_Quadrant> there are some YYYY-MM-DD and DMY format articles
[19:33] <quanticle> SigmaWP: Of course! Only the stupid never doubt themselves.
[19:33] <Alpha_Quadrant> *format in the article
[19:33] <Alpha_Quadrant> I will fix it
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[19:35] <SigmaWP> Heh.
�03[19:35] * Jeske_Couriano (~Jeske_Cou@unaffiliated/jeske-couriano/x-0000001) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:35] <ToAruShiroiNeko> SigmaWP train?
[19:35] <ToAruShiroiNeko> in belgium?
[19:36] <ToAruShiroiNeko> they are on strike by default
[19:36] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: checklinks is coming up clean, no dead links present
[19:36] <SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: Because all the deadlinks are <!-- invisible -->
[19:36] <ToAruShiroiNeko> <!-- 8==> -->
[19:37] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: you don't have to hide them, you could retrieve an archive copy instead
[19:37] <SigmaWP> I have webcites everywhere.
[19:37] <Alpha_Quadrant>
[19:38] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: clean as well ^
�15[19:39] * SteveMobile (~SteveMobi@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) Quit (Quit: Colloquy for iPhone -�)
[19:39] <SigmaWP> Wow, what NPP is doing without me
[19:39] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: erm, why is one of the citations titled "<ref name="weirdtitle" />"
[19:40] <SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: Because the title is weird, of course.
[19:40] <Alpha_Quadrant> is that vandalism, or did you really title one of your citations weird?
[19:40] <SigmaWP> ""On the structure of certain limestone nodules enclosed in seams of bituminous coal, with a description of some trigonocarpons contained in them"
�03[19:40] * quanticle is now known as quanticle|away
�03[19:40] * multichill (~multichil@2001:610:108:2000:21a:a0ff:fe88:9d3f) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:40] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: "<ref name="thing">"
[19:40] <Alpha_Quadrant> ...
[19:41] <Alpha_Quadrant> all of your citations have bad names
[19:41] <SigmaWP> What would you name them?
[19:42] <Alpha_Quadrant> for thing, perhaps "barwood"
[19:42] <Alpha_Quadrant> usually it is part of the title, publisher, or author
[19:43] <Alpha_Quadrant> <ref name="ohio"> is a fine title
�03[19:44] * quanticle|away is now known as quanticle
[19:46] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: hah, there are some amusing names in there
�15[19:46] * Netalarm (~Netalarm@TechEssentials/Netalarm) Quit (Quit: Shutting down�)
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[19:52] <ToAruShiroiNeko> <ref name="thing">?
[19:52] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Alpha_Quadrant I expect you to have ST references in examples
[19:52] <ToAruShiroiNeko> like <ref name="Kirk">
�15[19:55] * BewareofDoug (~Doug__@wikipedia/Doug) Quit (Quit: BewareofDoug�)
[20:00] <Alpha_Quadrant> heh
�03[20:01] * Eucliwood is now known as ZamorakO_o
�03[20:01] * barts1a is now known as Delta_Quadrant
�15[20:01] * bep (~britishen@reddit/operator/bep) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[20:01] <Delta_Quadrant> damn...
�03[20:01] * Delta_Quadrant is now known as barts1a
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[20:04] <Thorncrag> son of a
�03[20:04] * Pilif12p is now known as GoHawks
[20:07] <gde33> I think we should create more weird edit tools that can only be used in rly small niches
[20:07] <gde33> I hear pending changes worked for a rly small number of articles
�15[20:07] * Jayflux ( Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
�03[20:08] * crackfu ( has joined #wikipedia-en
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[20:09] <gde33> We could have a draft article for articles that have not been created. The draft and/or talk page could only be visible when logged in.
[20:10] <ToAruShiroiNeko> barts1a why not be the Gamma Quadrant
[20:10] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Why so delta?
[20:10] <gde33> Most borderline articles that are deleted could be demoted to draft status
[20:10] <ToAruShiroiNeko> you fancy Janeway that much?
[20:10] <barts1a> I think all the quadrants were registered by alpha already
[20:10] <gde33> deleted though afd I mean
[20:10] <barts1a> impersonation prevention
�03[20:11] * ManiDhillon (~ManiDhill@pdpc/supporter/student/manidhillon) has joined #wikipedia-en
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[20:12] <gde33> restricting everything that dies in afd to admin eyes only is kinda silly
[20:12] <Alpha_Quadrant> barts1a: I have Delta_Quadrant registered
�15[20:12] * Thehelpfulone (~Helper@wikimedia/Thehelpfulone) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
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�08[20:12] Clones detected from wikipedia/LikeLakers2:�8 LL2|Android LL2|JedIRC
[20:12] <barts1a> I kinda noticed Alpha_Quadrant
[20:12] <Alpha_Quadrant> heh
�03[20:12] * la_pianista ( has joined #wikipedia-en
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�03[20:12] * la_pianista (~la_pianis@wikipedia/La-Pianista) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:13] <Alpha_Quadrant> I don't have nick protection enabled though
[20:13] <barts1a> I don't think it's enabled on this network
[20:14] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: Hi
[20:15] <Alpha_Quadrant> guard can be enabled
[20:18] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Alpha_Quadrant there are 4 quadrants
[20:18] <ToAruShiroiNeko> I hope you register all
�03[20:18] * Thehelpfulone (~Helper@wikimedia/Thehelpfulone) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:18] <ToAruShiroiNeko> also dont forget to register Sagittarius A*
�06[20:19] * barts1a is willing to bet that *borg* is already registered
[20:19] <Alpha_Quadrant> ToAruShiroiNeko: I don't have Beta_Quadrant
[20:19] <SigmaWP> Ugh.
[20:19] <SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: Please fix coal balls
[20:19] <SigmaWP> Mainly the part where the idiot redlinked-userpage-person added his stuff
[20:19] <gde33> Give each edit in the archive a flag button, when clicked the bad edit is associated with the user. A bot then poops a daily template complaint on the admin notice board about todays highscores. Admins then award the prizes
[20:20] <barts1a> how do you poop a template?
[20:20] <gde33> A way to complaint about users without having to be an exelent liar.
[20:20] <gde33> make things more fair
[20:21] <SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: HELP THE COAL BALLS
[20:21] <SigmaWP> Oh.
[20:21] <gde33> barts1a: I was going to say I now think wikipedia is bad for peoples sense of hummor but things appear much worse....
�06[20:21] * SigmaWP removes all the unfavorable text
[20:22] <gde33> lmao
�06[20:22] * barts1a enters 'revert on sight' mode
[20:22] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: hmm, I am not sure I see the issue
[20:22] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Alpha_Quadrant of course not
[20:22] <SigmaWP> o.O
[20:22] <ToAruShiroiNeko> you think romulans would LET you get that?
[20:22] <gde33> let me remove everything you just did there and call you a crackpot on your way down
[20:23] <SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: If you don't see the issue, you will never get a GA on your own
[20:23] <SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: How about {{cn}} half the block of text
[20:23] <gde33> if you want to appear smart you tell people things they already know
[20:23] <SigmaWP> and {{jargon}} it too
[20:23] <gde33> thats the trick
[20:23] <barts1a> SigmaWP: The "me=ALWAYS_RIGHT, you=ALWAYS_WRONG" attitude gets you nowhere
[20:24] <barts1a> I know from experience
�03[20:24] * crackfu ( has left #wikipedia-en ("Leaving"�)
[20:24] <gde33> beef up the text with {{cn}}
[20:24] <SigmaWP> barts1a: You don't have a GA on coal balls, do you?
[20:24] <SigmaWP> gde33: FUCK NO
[20:24] <gde33> LOL
[20:24] <SigmaWP> That will bring it down to B class
[20:24] <gde33> put the OR template on the section before you write it
[20:24] <barts1a> SigmaWP: No need to be eletist, that also gets you nowhere
[20:25] <SigmaWP> {{cn}}
[20:25] <barts1a> <ref>COMMON SENSE</ref>
[20:25] <gde33> All credible scientists know wikipedia is pseudolibrarianism.
[20:25] <gde33> yeah common sense
[20:25] <gde33> but that is just a figure of speech nowadays ... sadly.
[20:25] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: as I have said, I am not an article writer
[20:26] <gde33> oh one of those
[20:26] <gde33> lol
[20:28] <SigmaWP> But still
[20:28] <ToAruShiroiNeko> barts1a I thought it was the other way around
[20:28] <gde33> I had another cool idea, just now.
[20:28] <ToAruShiroiNeko> "me=ALWAYS_RIGHT, you=ALWAYS_LEFT"
[20:29] <gde33> when 2 editors have a dispute we replace their entire wikipedia with a single page where they can talk until they agree.
[20:29] <ToAruShiroiNeko> <ref>COMMON F***ING SENSE</ref>
[20:29] <Guerillero> ?Temper tantrums, however fun they may be to throw, rarely solve whatever problem is causing them.? ? Lemony Snicket
[20:29] <SigmaWP> Guerillero: How many GAs or FAs do you have
[20:29] <Guerillero> 0
[20:29] <ToAruShiroiNeko> SigmaWP I just HAD ENOUGH hearing about coal balls ok?
[20:29] <gde33> SigmaWP: I have over 9000
[20:29] <SigmaWP> ToAruShiroiNeko: Coal balls, coal balls, two-ton aggregates.....
[20:29] <Guerillero> I have a B class article
[20:30] <Guerillero> and some DYKs
[20:30] <SigmaWP> WHOOOOOOOOOO
[20:30] <SigmaWP>
[20:30] <ToAruShiroiNeko> SigmaWP I dont think you understand
[20:30] <SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: ^
[20:30] <SigmaWP> Speedy-remover has been slapped
[20:30] <SigmaWP> :D
[20:30] <ToAruShiroiNeko> I am telling you it is making me feel unhappy
[20:30] <ToAruShiroiNeko> you dont want to make me unhappy
[20:31] <SigmaWP> ToAruShiroiNeko: Weren't you an AC candidate a long time ago?
[20:31] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: the redlinked user has some non-neutral tone
[20:31] <SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: Yes, exactly
�03[20:31] * Santa_Claus (~JoeGazz84@TechEssentials/JoeGazz84) has left #wikipedia-en ("Just parting. I'm still here, just try to PM me. /msg JoeGazz84 <message>"�)
[20:32] <Guerillero> White Cat, did your file mover request pass yet?
[20:32] <SigmaWP> Guerillero: Good enough for me
[20:32] <SigmaWP> Guerillero: Can you clean up the "Contents" section in the coal ball article?
[20:33] <SigmaWP> Mainly at the bottom, starting with ref 22
[20:33] <Guerillero> I will see what I can do
�15[20:33] * Qcoder00 (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/qcoder00) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
[20:33] <SigmaWP> Many thanks
[20:35] <gde33> Did you know negative quanta not really exist neither negative qualities and that a product of the 2 is pure sillyness.
[20:36] <gde33> it's nummerology
[20:36] <SigmaWP> Any admins handy>
�06[20:36] * barts1a facepalms
[20:37] <SigmaWP> and are able to change a page that's move=sysop to edit=sysop move=sysop?
�15[20:37] * harej (~harej@wikipedia/MessedRocker) Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds�)
�15[20:37] * GabrielF (~GabrielF@wikipedia/GabrielF) Quit (Quit: GabrielF�)
[20:38] <gde33> Numerology is any study of the purported divine, mystical or other special relativity between a count or measurement and life.
[20:40] <SigmaWP> Thehelpfulone: Poke
[20:40] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Guerillero it has
[20:40] <ToAruShiroiNeko> I already moved files
[20:40] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Guerillero do you need something moved?
[20:40] <SigmaWP> Ooh, the wikicup starts in 22 hours
[20:40] <ToAruShiroiNeko> or should I move you? :)
�03[20:41] * Seddon (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:41] <Mitchazenia> SigmaWP: Yep it does
[20:41] <Thehelpfulone> ouch
[20:41] <foomandoonian> -  The misspelled encyclopedia.
[20:41] <Mitchazenia> I'm sitting out for the 2nd year in a row
[20:42] <Mitchazenia> Still hoping to get judgeship someday for it
[20:42] <SigmaWP> Thehelpfulone: You have a bot, right?
[20:42] <Thehelpfulone> yep
[20:42] <SigmaWP> Do you think
[20:42] <SigmaWP> it would be easier
[20:43] <SigmaWP> to
[20:43] <SigmaWP> On pages move=sysop -> move=sysop edit=autoconfirmed
�03[20:43] * lucasoutloud ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:43] <SigmaWP> Remove all protection templates on the page
[20:43] <SigmaWP> Add new ones
[20:43] <SigmaWP> OR
[20:43] <SigmaWP> check which templates are on the page
[20:43] <lucasoutloud> Hello gentoomen.
[20:43] <SigmaWP> sort them into move and edit templates
[20:44] <SigmaWP> check which one needs to be added
[20:44] <SigmaWP> add the one
[20:44] <Thehelpfulone> are there 2 protection templates that you can use?
[20:44] <Alpha_Quadrant> foomandoonian: the FA writers would hate that
[20:44] <SigmaWP> ?
[20:45] <foomandoonian> Made me laugh.
[20:45] <Alpha_Quadrant> Wikipeetia, the misspelled encyclopedia. All of the articles there are full of misspellings
�15[20:45] * Guerillero (~Gueriller@wikipedia/Guerillero) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[20:46] <gde33> Alpha_Quadrant: your gramma is so off if it'd be any worse she'd be a man.
[20:46] <SigmaWP> Thehelpfulone: What do you mean, two protection templates I can use
[20:47] <Thehelpfulone> I mean if a page is semi protected from editing
[20:47] <Thehelpfulone> and fully protected from moving
[20:47] <Thehelpfulone> what would you use?
[20:48] <SigmaWP> {{pp-protected|expiry=asdf}}{{pp-move-indef}}
[20:48] <SigmaWP> Thehelpfulone: The temp;late I'm using takes parameters
[20:48] <SigmaWP>
[20:49] <Thehelpfulone> hmm okay
[20:49] <gde33> In the trend of special treatment for precious long term editors I propose we fork all the user talk templates and word them properly for editors with us for considerable time. Treat them more gently and more deserving over other users.
[20:49] <SigmaWP> And I'll have to leave very soon
[20:50] <Thehelpfulone> SigmaWP: I don't know if this is just my personal opinion, but I think admins prefer to use |small=yes)) in the pp-protected template as it's less obtrusive - if the users try to edit it, they see a message anyways
[20:51] <SigmaWP> Yeah, it has that too
�03[20:51] * Guerillero ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:51] <SigmaWP> Automatically adds the small param
[20:51] <SigmaWP> unless its a talk page
�15[20:51] * Guerillero ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:51] * Guerillero (~Gueriller@wikipedia/Guerillero) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:51] <SigmaWP> Well I have to go
[20:51] <SigmaWP> Thehelpfulone: Use talk page or memo me
�15[20:51] * SigmaWP (~coalball@wikipedia/Lowercase-Sigma) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 9.0.1/20111220165912]�)
�15[20:53] * johnduhart (~quassel@ Quit (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.�)
�15[20:54] * foomandoonian ( Quit (Quit: foomandoonian�)
�03[20:57] * LtNOWIS2 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:00] * LtNOWIS ( Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds�)
[21:00] <LauraHale> I want sp33dyphil!
[21:01] <GoHawks> !summon Sp33dyphil
�15[21:02] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) Quit (Quit: Leaving.�)
�15[21:03] * Rastrojo (~Own3d@unaffiliated/rastrojo) Quit (Quit: "Lección de la vida: No te cases, tú putillas...que a la larga sale más barato."�)
[21:04] <barts1a> GoHawks: you know as well as I do that !summon never works
�03[21:06] * Sp33dyphil ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:06] <GoHawks> oh hey
[21:06] <GoHawks> it worked
�15[21:06] * Sp33dyphil ( Quit (Client Quit�)
[21:06] <GoHawks> i suppose having the realname set as that didn't work well
[21:07] <LauraHale> :)
�03[21:08] * GabrielF ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:08] * GabrielF ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:08] * GabrielF (~GabrielF@wikipedia/GabrielF) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:10] * Thehelpfulone (~Helper@wikimedia/Thehelpfulone) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�03[21:10] * foks|mobil (~foks@wikipedia/fox) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:10] * Ironholds ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:10] * Ironholds ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:10] * Ironholds (~oliver@wikipedia/Ironholds) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:11] * foks|mobil (~foks@wikipedia/fox) Quit (Client Quit�)
�03[21:11] * Kangaroopower (46e7e0f9@wikia/Kangaroopower) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:11] * multichill (~multichil@2001:610:108:2000:21a:a0ff:fe88:9d3f) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:11] <Doc_glasgow> "5) Jimbo Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, may make or alter Wikipedia policy when he chooses to do so.  Passed 9-0"
[21:12] <lucasoutloud> wat
[21:12] <Peter-C> Reminder: Signups for Wikimania 2012 open on the 1st!
[21:12] <Doc_glasgow> that's what arbcom found
[21:12] <Doc_glasgow> jimbo is godking
[21:13] <Doc_glasgow>
�15[21:13] * Kangaroopower (46e7e0f9@wikia/Kangaroopower) Quit (Client Quit�)
�03[21:13] * Resfirestar (~sam@wikipedia/Res2216firestar) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:15] <Steven_Zhang> rather bummed today
[21:15] <Steven_Zhang> Doc_glasgow: lol what case is that from
�03[21:15] * MJ94 is now known as MJ49
[21:15] <lucasoutloud> Steven_Zhang: Did you drop your thing on arb yet or are you waiting for tomorrow?
[21:15] <Doc_glasgow> an old one
�03[21:15] * Tristessa (~Tristessa@wikimedia/tristessa-de-st-ange) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:15] <Steven_Zhang> Waiting for tomorrow.
�03[21:16] * MJ49 is now known as Gunch
[21:16] <Steven_Zhang> Hello Tristessa
[21:16] <Steven_Zhang> i also need to write the arb report but frankly am too depressed to do anything right now. lol
�03[21:16] * Gunch is now known as MJ49
�03[21:16] * MJ49 is now known as MJ94
�03[21:16] * tzatziki ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:16] * tzatziki ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:16] * tzatziki (~joseph@wikipedia/fox) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:17] <Steven_Zhang> <- what an awful idea :S
�03[21:18] * Kangaroo (46e7e0f9@wikia/Kangaroopower) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:18] <Peter-C> Steven_Zhang - Come to Wikimania 2012
[21:18] <Peter-C> And bring the girls!
[21:18] <lucasoutloud> Where is wikimania going to be?
[21:18] <Peter-C> DC
[21:18] <Steven_Zhang> DC. I hope to attend.
[21:18] <lucasoutloud> I'd never be able to make it.
[21:18] <Peter-C> Then GTFO >:(
[21:18] <Peter-C> YOu don't like Wiki enough damnit >:(
[21:18] <barts1a> I won't be able to go either
�06[21:18] * Peter-C lights you both on fire
�06[21:19] * barts1a is in Australia so he has a good excuse
[21:19] <lucasoutloud> Peter-C: I'm only 15 and I'm not in the most affluent place in arkansas either.
�03[21:19] * tzatziki is now known as foks
[21:19] <Steven_Zhang> Peter-C: I live like on the other side of the world, stfu
[21:19] <Tristessa> Steven_Zhang: Hello, sorry for slow response.
[21:19] <LauraHale> :)
[21:19] <LauraHale> We love Australia
[21:19] <Steven_Zhang> It's OK. How's MedCom doing under the new chair? :)
[21:19] <Steven_Zhang> i knew weeks before it was announced... :P
[21:20] <foks> Johnathan Ive is getting knighted?
�06[21:20] * Peter-C huggles Steven_Zhang
[21:21] <Steven_Zhang> most awful idea ive seen in a while
[21:22] <Steven_Zhang> anyways, gotta clean up and shit
[21:22] <Steven_Zhang> "clean up and do other stuff"
[21:22] <barts1a> >.< TMI man!
[21:22] <Steven_Zhang> not, clean up and empty my bowels
[21:22] <Steven_Zhang> -.-
�15[21:24] * Kangaroo (46e7e0f9@wikia/Kangaroopower) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds�)
�03[21:27] * raindrift ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:27] * raindrift ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:27] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[21:29] * Peter-C pokes Steven_Zhang
[21:29] <Steven_Zhang> what
[21:29] <Peter-C> You're significant :D
[21:29] <Steven_Zhang> lol
[21:30] <Steven_Zhang> i am not -.-
[21:30] <Peter-C> >:(
[21:30] <Peter-C> God damn it, you are significant >:(
[21:30] <Steven_Zhang> maybe a bit on WP
[21:30] <Steven_Zhang> but just an ant in real life
[21:30] <Peter-C> You has child + wife!
[21:30] <Steven_Zhang> Obama, he
[21:30] <Steven_Zhang> Obama, he's significant
�03[21:30] * Sp33dyphil (1b209a83@wikipedia/Sp33dyphil) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:30] <Ironholds> raindrift, is it a holiday over there?
�15[21:31] * Reedy (~Reedy@wikimedia/ Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
�03[21:31] * GorillaWarfare ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:31] * GorillaWarfare ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:31] * GorillaWarfare (~GorillaWa@wikipedia/GorillaWarfare) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:31] * harej (~harej@wikipedia/MessedRocker) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:32] * Magog_the_Ogre ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:32] * Magog_the_Ogre ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:32] * Magog_the_Ogre (~Magog_the@wikipedia/Magog-the-Ogre) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:32] <{Soap}> hi Magog
�06[21:32] * Peter-C shoves Steven_Zhang's child into Steven_Zhang's face
[21:32] <Peter-C> You are significant to her! :D
[21:33] <raindrift> Ironholds: not technically, but the office was pretty empty since a lot of people take their vacation adjacent to a 3-day weekend.
[21:33] <raindrift> Ironholds: (it's a holiday on Monday)
�03[21:34] * JeffLaptopZzz is now known as Jeff_G
[21:34] <Ironholds> raindrift, ahhh
[21:34] <Ironholds> you guys get holidays? bastards
[21:34] <GoHawks> me too
�15[21:35] * GabrielF (~GabrielF@wikipedia/GabrielF) Quit (Quit: GabrielF�)
[21:35] <Steven_Zhang> Peter-C: that is true
�06[21:36] * Peter-C smothers Steven_Zhang with his child and love
[21:39] <Steven_Zhang> i am bummed
[21:39] <Steven_Zhang> was gonna go out tonight for NYE
�15[21:39] * Sp33dyphil (1b209a83@wikipedia/Sp33dyphil) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds�)
�03[21:40] * GoHawks is now known as Pilif12derp
�03[21:41] * GorillaW1rfare ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:42] * Beria (~Beria@wikimedia/Beria) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[21:42] <Mommy> Anyone know if you can have a cloak in the form of @wikia/-their name- With the dashes at the begginning and ending of their name?
�15[21:44] * GorillaWarfare (~GorillaWa@wikipedia/GorillaWarfare) Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds�)
�03[21:44] * GorillaW1rfare is now known as GorillaWarfare
�15[21:45] * GorillaWarfare ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:45] * GorillaWarfare (~GorillaWa@wikipedia/GorillaWarfare) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:45] * Earwig (~earwig@wikipedia/The-Earwig) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:45] * TParis ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:45] * TParis ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:45] * TParis (~TParis@wikipedia/TParis) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:47] <Steven_Zhang> er
[21:47] <Steven_Zhang> dunno
[21:48] <Mommy> #freenode was less than helpful :P
�15[21:49] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) Quit (Quit: Leaving.�)
�15[21:50] * harej (~harej@wikipedia/MessedRocker) Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
�03[21:50] * harej (~harej@wikipedia/MessedRocker) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:50] * multichill (~multichil@2001:610:108:2000:21a:a0ff:fe88:9d3f) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�03[21:51] * multichill (~multichil@2001:610:108:2000:21a:a0ff:fe88:9d3f) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:53] * darkfalls (~Dark@wikipedia/darkfalls) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:55] * LtNOWIS2 is now known as LtNOWIS|TV
�03[21:56] * IShadowed_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:56] * SigmaWP ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:56] * IShadowed_ ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:56] * IShadowed_ (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[21:56] Clones detected from wikimedia/IShadowed:�8 IShadowed IShadowed_
�15[21:56] * SigmaWP ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:56] * SigmaWP (~coalball@wikipedia/Lowercase-Sigma) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[21:57] * SigmaWP nudges someone
[21:57] <SigmaWP> Does anyone know what "13C/12C" means?
�06[21:58] * Pilif12derp shoots IShadowed_ in the knee
[21:58] <Aranda|zzz>
[21:58] <Doc_glasgow> weeee
[21:59] <Doc_glasgow> 14:06, 2 June 2006 Doc glasgow (talk | contribs | block) deleted "Wikipedia:Civility noticeboard" ‎ (fuck off)
�06[21:59] * SigmaWP chuckles
[21:59] <SigmaWP> Steven_Zhang: Poke
[22:00] <IShadowed_> I used to be an adventurer like you
�15[22:00] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[22:00] <IShadowed_> then I took a ...bullet... to the knee
[22:02] <Ironholds> IShadowed_, and now you fetch the mead?
[22:02] <Ironholds> CROSSMEME
[22:02] <SigmaWP> Ironholds: Ah, there you are
[22:02] <Ironholds> SigmaWP, heyo. what's up?
[22:03] <SigmaWP> If you saw the coal ball article, you'll notice that someone other than me edited it
[22:03] <Pilif12derp> SigmaWP, [[WP:OWN]]
�03[22:03] * sonia (~sonia@wikipedia/sonia) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:03] <barts1a> SigmaWP: Notice that Alpha_Quadrant edited it after the redlink user
[22:03] <SigmaWP> Pilif12derp: If someone here other than me knew about coal balls, maybe I would share the article :P
�15[22:03] * Ironholds (~oliver@wikipedia/Ironholds) Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[22:03] <SigmaWP> NOOOOOOOOO
[22:04] <sonia> hi all
[22:04] <SigmaWP> sonia: Hi
[22:04] <Aranda|zzz> lets vandalize COAL BALL :D ;p
�15[22:04] * PhancyPhysicist (~charles@ Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds�)
[22:04] <SigmaWP> sonia: If you saw the coal ball article, you'll notice that someone other than me edited and added to it.
[22:04] <sonia> um, okay...?
[22:04] <SigmaWP> sonia: Do you think the new block of text added will greatly inhibit it from reaching FA?
[22:05] <Pilif12derp> SigmaWP, you do realize that anybody can edit wikipedia, right?
[22:05] <sonia> Um, hun, I'm the last person to be asking about content
[22:05] <Pilif12derp> and anybody can edit any page
[22:05] <sonia> in all seriousness.
[22:05] <barts1a> SigmaWP: Will you just FUCKING DROP IT ALREADY!
[22:05] <Pilif12derp> And you're taking ownership for the page
[22:05] <SigmaWP> I'm trying to make it FA
[22:05] <Pilif12derp> So?
[22:06] <barts1a> That is no reason to ignore WP:OWN
[22:06] <Pilif12derp> You can't tell somebody else that they can't edit it.
[22:06] <lucasoutloud> Sure it is!
[22:06] <Pilif12derp> Now stop being a dick and let it go.
[22:06] <SigmaWP> Where did I say that?
[22:06] <barts1a> For the record: This is what SigmaWP is bitching about:
[22:06] <SigmaWP> That nobody else could edit it?
[22:06] <Pilif12derp> <SigmaWP> sonia: If you saw the coal ball article, you'll notice that someone other than me edited and added to it.
[22:06] <Pilif12derp> <SigmaWP> If you saw the coal ball article, you'll notice that someone other than me edited it
[22:06] <SigmaWP> That's commenting on something that rarely happens
�03[22:07] * Sp33dyphil (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Sp33dyphil) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:07] <Pilif12derp> ...right...
[22:07] <SigmaWP> Sp33dyphil: Hi
[22:07] <Sp33dyphil> hi SigmaWP
[22:07] <SigmaWP> Pilif12derp: Yes, now AGF and shut up.
[22:07] <barts1a> SigmaWP: Maybe you need to drop your FA quest. It is only pissing you o-fa-fa
[22:07] <Sp33dyphil> SigmaWP: is this a coal ball? -->
[22:07] <Sp33dyphil> pretty sure it is
[22:07] <Aranda|zzz> Of course the remarkable thing about the age of coal balls .........
[22:07] <SigmaWP> Sp33dyphil: No, it's silicon carbide
[22:07] <lucasoutloud> The only edit after Sigma's I see is fixing refs.
[22:07] <Sp33dyphil> same thing!
[22:08] <barts1a> SigmaWP: YOU need to AGF and STFU about it. It has been seen by MANY people already an NOBODY reversed it!
[22:08] <SigmaWP> barts1a: And do you even know what I was going to ask?
[22:08] <barts1a> Yes; that someone reverts it
[22:08] <barts1a> like you did last time
[22:08] <SigmaWP> barts1a: {{dubious}}
[22:09] <SigmaWP> Uh, last time I was asking whether I should revert or merge it up.
[22:09] <Sp33dyphil> SigmaWP: 24 hours' worth of writing ;)
[22:09] <SigmaWP> barts1a: You're digging yourself into a hole, and I suggest you stop.
[22:09] <Mommy> Lets just all be friends here <3
[22:09] <SigmaWP> Sp33dyphil: Isn't that the article I ran reflinks on yesterday?
[22:09] <Pilif12derp> SigmaWP, So, you're asking whether their content should be reverted, no?
[22:09] <Aranda|zzz> .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . .. . .. . ... . .. . . . . . . . . . . moo moo moo moo moo baa baa baa
[22:09] <barts1a> SigmaWP:  {{subst:uw-agf1}}
[22:09] <SigmaWP> Nope, something else
[22:09] <Sp33dyphil> SigmaWP: nope, that was a diff article; this was is only 24 hours old
[22:10] <Mommy> It looked to me he was simply stating that someone else had edited the page, which is a rare occurence looking at its history
�03[22:10] * Aranda|zzz is now known as Aranda56
[22:10] <SigmaWP> Mommy: Yes, at least someone got it
[22:10] <SigmaWP> Sp33dyphil: Wanna help me fix the formatting on coal balls?
[22:10] <barts1a> SigmaWP: {{subst:uw-agf2}}
[22:10] <SigmaWP> barts1a: {{subst:uw-dttr}}
[22:10] <Sp33dyphil> SigmaWP: sure, tell me what to do first
[22:10] <Aranda56> ok stop with Coal ball, create a new article
[22:11] <Pilif12derp> Would you both just shut the fuck up.
[22:11] <Pilif12derp> Grow up.
[22:11] <Pilif12derp> Seriously.
[22:11] <Sp33dyphil> SigmaWP: are you biting barts1a's head off, or vice versa?
[22:11] <SigmaWP> Sp33dyphil:
[22:11] <Pilif12derp> How old are we? 12?
[22:11] <SigmaWP> Sp33dyphil: Our heads are in each others throats right now
[22:11] <barts1a> SigmaWP: {{subst:uw-agf3}}
[22:11] <harej> #wikipedia-en? Yes, I'd say the collective age is 12.
[22:11] <Pilif12derp> barts1a, Stop.
[22:11] <SigmaWP> barts1a: And I wonder how you got topic banned.
[22:11] <Pilif12derp> barts1a, SigmaWP, put each other on your ignore lists.
[22:11] <Sp33dyphil> what do you want me to do?
[22:12] <barts1a> Only if SigmaWP stops spamming the coal balls helpful addition
[22:12] <SigmaWP> barts1a: Coal balls are useful.
[22:12] <barts1a> and continuously violating WP:OWN
[22:12] <SigmaWP> barts1a: Fine
[22:12] <barts1a> and possibly WP:COI
[22:12] <SigmaWP> barts1a: Find ONE DAMN EDIT
[22:12] <SigmaWP> barts1a: Where I groundlessly reverted
[22:12] <SigmaWP> barts1a: an edit i didn't like on coal ball
[22:12] <Sp33dyphil> SigmaWP: my fastest GA-potential article
[22:12] <SigmaWP> barts1a: and wasn't an accidental click of rollback
[22:13] <SigmaWP> Sp33dyphil: I think the record for FA was 8 edits
[22:13] <foks> SigmaWP, barts1a, kindly stop fighting.
[22:13] <Sp33dyphil> eight? Was it that pokemon game?
�06[22:13] * SigmaWP chuckles
[22:13] <Sp33dyphil> SigmaWP: what's the matter b/w u n barts1a?
[22:14] <SigmaWP> [19:04:51]	Ironholds	SigmaWP, heyo. what's up?
[22:14] <SigmaWP> [19:05:08]	SigmaWP	If you saw the coal ball article, you'll notice that someone other than me edited it
[22:14] <SigmaWP> [19:05:27]	Pilif12derp	SigmaWP, [[WP:OWN]]
[22:14] <SigmaWP> [19:05:41]	-->|	sonia (~sonia@wikipedia/sonia) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:14] <SigmaWP> [19:05:45]	barts1a	SigmaWP: Notice that Alpha_Quadrant edited it after the redlink user
[22:14] <SigmaWP> And then explosion.
�03[22:14] * GabrielF ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:14] * GabrielF ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:14] * GabrielF (~GabrielF@wikipedia/GabrielF) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:14] <barts1a> SigmaWP keeps on asking that someone revert this useful addition
[22:14] <SigmaWP> barts1a: Prove it.
[22:15] <Mommy> He never once said for someone to revert it
[22:15] <Sp33dyphil> that's a great addition!
[22:15] <barts1a> "<SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: Please fix coal balls
[22:15] <barts1a> <SigmaWP> Mainly the part where the idiot redlinked-userpage-person added his stuff"
[22:15] <SigmaWP> Sp33dyphil: How did you read that Russian source?
[22:15] <SigmaWP> barts1a: And did I say "Rollback coal balls please"?
[22:15] <barts1a> Effectively; yes
[22:15] <SigmaWP> Oh
�15[22:16] * Betacommand (~Betacomma@unaffiliated/betacommand) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 9.0.1/20111220165912]�)
[22:16] <SigmaWP> Interesting
[22:16] <Sp33dyphil> SigmaWP: Google Translate :P
[22:16] <SigmaWP> THen if fix = rollback, half the edits I've made today are reverts
[22:16] <Pilif12derp> Would you drop it.
[22:16] <SigmaWP> Sp33dyphil: Cheater :P
[22:17] <Sp33dyphil> SigmaWP: it's call using a meat ball in my skull :P
�15[22:17] * lucasoutloud ( Quit (Quit: Ay Ay Ay!  Got to go!�)
[22:18] <barts1a> *called ?
[22:18] <foks> Continue about coal balls and someone is getting a +q
[22:18] <SigmaWP> Time to bring out the alternative names
�06[22:18] * barts1a facedesks
[22:19] <GorillaWarfare> xD
�06[22:19] * Mommy likes popcorn balls
[22:19] <Pilif12derp> Mommy, Aren't those just like popcorn and melted marshmallow?
[22:19] <Sp33dyphil> barts1a: facedesks XD
[22:20] <Mommy> I haven't a clue
[22:20] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: Poke
[22:20] <SigmaWP> LL2|Android: Poke
�15[22:20] * the_wub (~chatzilla@ Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
[22:20] <sonia> grrr fuck WR
[22:21] <GorillaWarfare> sonia: ??
[22:21] <Pilif12derp> sonia, WikipediaReview?
[22:21] <sonia> yes, and no, it's not serious
�03[22:21] * OlEnglish ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:21] * OlEnglish ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:21] * OlEnglish (~OlEnglish@wikipedia/OlEnglish) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[22:21] * tashir (4306aa59@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:21] <Thorncrag> what the
[22:21] <Thorncrag> meathook
[22:21] <sonia> a lot of the arbleaks include my email addy and I've gotten so much spam since then
[22:21] <Pilif12derp> Thorncrag, meathook?
[22:21] <GorillaWarfare> Oh :/
[22:21] <sonia> and random emails who are like "hahaha we know you edit wikipedia" and I'm like wtf
[22:22] <sonia> nothing major, just a pain.
[22:22] <SigmaWP> sonia: Special:EmailUser
[22:22] <sonia> what?
[22:22] <SigmaWP> Or something far more sinister?
[22:22] <GorillaWarfare> sonia: Yeah, I got some weird shit when the fundraising banners went out
[22:22] <sonia> no, I've just gotten emails because my email address is published on teh internetz
[22:22] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: the arbcom mailing list was leaked back in June
[22:22] <SigmaWP> Ah.
�03[22:22] * tgeairn (32497bba@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #wikipedia-en
[22:23] <Alpha_Quadrant> that is why I never reply to any of the mailing lists
[22:23] <sonia> GorillaWarfare: can't have been anywhere near the shit you got.
�15[22:23] * darkfalls (~Dark@wikipedia/darkfalls) Quit (Quit: :O�)
�06[22:23] * GorillaWarfare shrugs
[22:23] <GorillaWarfare> Some of it was nasty
�03[22:23] * darkfalls (~darkfalls@wikipedia/darkfalls) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:23] * Mommy (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) Quit (Quit: We are Wikipedia, we are legion, here, have some wikilove, come help us edit?�)
[22:23] <GorillaWarfare> But the weirdest was when I didn't know my personal information got out, and got a weird email regarding my editing to my school email address o.O
�03[22:24] * tgeairn_ (32497bba@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:24] <sonia> :/
�15[22:24] * tgeairn_ (32497bba@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit�)
�06[22:24] * Peter-C head latches to sonia
[22:24] <sonia> When I started on wikipedia I was still at school, and in my first year of editing someone traced some of my tribs to locate my school, rang them up and asked for me
[22:24] <SigmaWP> o.O
[22:24] <Peter-C> O_o
[22:25] <Peter-C> Great minds think alike!
[22:25] <GorillaWarfare> O.O
[22:25] <foks> whoa
�06[22:25] * SigmaWP high-fives Peter-C and the symmetrical face
[22:25] <GorillaWarfare> Damn, c-c-c-combo breaker
[22:25] <GorillaWarfare> And yeah, that would have really freaked me out
�15[22:25] * Doc_glasgow (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Doc-glasgow) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
[22:25] <SigmaWP> Yet another reason to not put your name on WP
�06[22:25] * Peter-C drop kicks GorillaWarfare for being trendy
[22:25] <GorillaWarfare> :D
[22:25] <sonia> SigmaWP: did you think this was my real name? :P
[22:25] <GorillaWarfare> My name is floating around out there now, though
[22:25] <SigmaWP> Of course
�03[22:25] * the_wub (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:25] <tashir> Maryana got a marriage proposition over LinkedIn
[22:25] <darkfalls> stalking is bad for your health.
[22:26] <darkfalls> don't do it, kids.
[22:26] <sonia> tashir: o.O
[22:26] <Peter-C> GorillaWarfare - I heard you got free pizza out of it >:(
[22:26] <GorillaWarfare> I didn't
[22:26] <Peter-C> Aw :(
[22:26] <SigmaWP> GorillaWarfare: Don't worry, just wait for someone who looks like PopularPersonX to get on the banners, and your name will dissolve into nothing
[22:26] <Peter-C> I know I asked you before, but I assumed it was running late
�06[22:26] * Peter-C should pose for PopularPersonX
[22:26] <sonia> Peter-C: and who exactly do you resemble?
[22:26] <GorillaWarfare> Haha
[22:27] <SigmaWP> GorillaWarfare: Good to know that you've stopped adding protection templates :D :D :D
[22:27] <Peter-C> sonia -
[22:27] <Peter-C> Him
[22:27] <GorillaWarfare> :D
�06[22:27] * sonia is a rather unattractive female, therefore not worried about harassment of the kind you get, GorillaWarfare
[22:27] <GorillaWarfare> I was going to guess
[22:27] <GorillaWarfare> sonia: I'm no supermodel either; it's all in the nerdy charm :P
[22:28] <sonia> you're cute though!
[22:28] <GorillaWarfare> Thank you :]
�03[22:28] * PhancyPhysicist (~charles@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[22:28] Clones detected from�8 PhancyPhysicist the_wub
�03[22:28] * IShadowed__ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:28] * IShadowed__ ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:28] * IShadowed__ (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[22:28] Clones detected from wikimedia/IShadowed:�8 IShadowed_ IShadowed__
[22:28] <SigmaWP> Yay!
[22:28] <Peter-C> I thought you woulda guessed thought I was him -
[22:28] <SigmaWP> My bot went through a whole session without messing up!
[22:29] <SigmaWP> oh, wait...
[22:29] <tashir> the GorillaWarfare-as-Eve meme cracks me up more than any of the others
[22:29] <Peter-C> You two ladies gave me an idea, a cute contest at Wikimania. Local school boys will FLOCK to Wikimania 2012!
[22:29] <SigmaWP> GorillaWarfare: Can you protect a page, from move=sysop -> edit=autoconfirmed?
[22:29] <sonia> Peter-C: what?
[22:29] <{Soap}> wait really??
[22:30] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: let me guess, [[Coal balls]]
[22:30] <Alpha_Quadrant> there is no reason to protect it though
[22:30] <SigmaWP> Alpha_Quadrant: Coal balls aren't move=sysop
[22:30] <{Soap}> a meme just based around one picture of a wikipedian editor
[22:30] <sonia> tashir: that's hilarious, oh dear.
[22:30] <{Soap}> who isnt Jimbo
[22:30] <harej> Is there any reason why GorillaWarfare has become the Eve of Wikipedia other than being really pretty?
[22:30] <{Soap}> youre famous
[22:30] <Peter-C> sonia - It would be like a fasnion show, but Wiki themed
[22:30] <sonia> {Soap}: it's the general Wikipedia fundraiser meme, but she's become a huge part of it
[22:30] <sonia> ew
[22:30] <tashir> beats me, none of the other fundraiser memes are anything like it
[22:30] <harej> Jorm was a meme too.
[22:30] <sonia> jorm was a meme.
[22:31] <Peter-C> jorm was a great meme
[22:31] <sonia> he was, what, everything from jesus to a thug?
[22:31] <Peter-C> (just to claify)
�15[22:31] * IShadowed_ (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
[22:31] <SigmaWP> jorm has to be a meme more
[22:31] <SigmaWP> More RS
[22:31] <tashir> some of jorms are really good, but they don't invoke images of someone in their mom's basement worried about the theological implications of editing
[22:31] <GorillaWarfare> tashir: HA, hadn't seen that one
[22:31] <GorillaWarfare> SigmaWP: Yes, sure
[22:31] <SigmaWP> Thanks
[22:32] <GorillaWarfare> Wait, which?
[22:32] <Peter-C> Jorm makes Wikipedia seem like a biker gang, in a good way!
[22:32] <SigmaWP> Antything
[22:32] <sonia> hmm
[22:33] <sonia> Peter-C: and what would you-on-a-banner make Wikipedia seem like? :P
[22:33] <{Soap}> hm
[22:33] <{Soap}> this girl has over 1000 meme images:
[22:33] <GorillaWarfare> I'm on knowyourmeme?
�06[22:33] * GorillaWarfare blushes
[22:33] <tashir> I personally know way to many examples of those college-liberal things
[22:33] <Peter-C> Well, I would wear my EMS uniform, so girls will think it is an online bar to meet sexy guys in uniforms. Duh.
[22:33] <{Soap}> wait I guess not
[22:34] <{Soap}> its only like 30
[22:34] <Peter-C> GorillaWarfare >:(
[22:34] <Peter-C> lucky
[22:34] <{Soap}> its 1000 *views*
[22:34] <{Soap}> which isnt that much
[22:34] <tashir> "Worries about hormones in milk / drops acid from strangers" mostly
[22:34] <sonia> GorillaWarfare: it's like, "okay, you want me to help fundraise, sure!" then it's like "...shit, I forgot Wikipedia has so many hits and some of those readers are pubescent guys"
[22:35] <SigmaWP> Some?
[22:35] <Alpha_Quadrant> Peter-C: considering there is a /gender gap/ I don't think you will get many donations
[22:35] <SigmaWP> +1
[22:35] <Sp33dyphil> hey SigmaWP
[22:35] <SigmaWP> Sp33dyphil: Hi again
[22:35] <Peter-C> Let's put me on a banner and see what happens :P
[22:35] <Peter-C> what a horrible photoshop of GorillaWarfare :(
[22:35] <SigmaWP> Peter-C: You'll have the least
[22:35] <Sp33dyphil> SigmaWP: read, particurly the bottom
�06[22:36] * Aranda56 is bored
[22:36] <GorillaWarfare> Btw, this is the one I like:
[22:36] <Peter-C> I can be the Justin Bieber of Wikipedia damnit
[22:36] <GorillaWarfare> XD
�03[22:36] * Pilif12derp is now known as HappyNewYear
�03[22:37] * HappyNewYear is now known as Pilif12p
[22:37] <SigmaWP> HappyNewYear: Taken by fetchcomms?
[22:37] <Peter-C> <3
[22:37] <Peter-C> Just spamming that for the 100th time
[22:37] <SigmaWP> Ooh, it got destroyed
[22:37] <Guerillero> GorillaWarfare: you have an ED article now?
[22:37] <GorillaWarfare> I did; it's since been deleted
[22:37] <Pilif12p> SigmaWP, no, i meant to do /ns info
�15[22:38] * Guerillero (~Gueriller@wikipedia/Guerillero) Quit (Quit: Guerillero�)
[22:39] <Peter-C> You need to monatize on this somehow
[22:39] <Aranda56> GorillaWarfare lucky your ED article got deleted :'(
[22:39] <Aranda56> mine still there :'(
[22:39] <SigmaWP> :O
[22:39] <Peter-C> Aranda56 - you have an ED article?
[22:40] <GorillaWarfare> Yeah, it was deleted, restored, and then deleted
[22:40] <GorillaWarfare> Hopefully it stays that way
[22:40] <Aranda56> Peter-C yes even reached the front page really bad :'(
[22:40] <SigmaWP> Knowing them, I doubt it
�15[22:40] * TParis (~TParis@wikipedia/TParis) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds�)
[22:40] <harej> Poor Pharos, GorillaWarfare.
[22:40] <Peter-C> D:
[22:40] <GorillaWarfare> harej: You have to admit it's funny, though :D
[22:40] <sonia> o_O
[22:40] <Aranda56> who deleted it? so I could bribe them to delete and salt it :D
[22:40] <harej> GorillaWarfare, it's hysterical, because I KNOW HIM!
�15[22:40] * prometheus1809 (~prometheu@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
[22:41] <GorillaWarfare> harej: I don't know if I "know" him, but I've met/talked with him
[22:41] <SigmaWP> GorillaWarfare: How about protecting WP:NAS/P
�03[22:41] * Guerillero ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[22:41] * Aranda56 bribes ED :D
�15[22:41] * Guerillero ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:41] * Guerillero (~Gueriller@wikipedia/Guerillero) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:41] * mys_721tx (~mys_721tx@wikipedia/mys-721tx) Quit (Quit: mys_721tx�)
�03[22:41] * russavia ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:41] * russavia ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:41] * russavia (~russavia@wikimedia/Russavia) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:41] <Guerillero> ED deletes things?
[22:41] <harej> Yes.
[22:42] <GorillaWarfare> Guerillero: It was news to me as well
�15[22:42] * multichill (~multichil@2001:610:108:2000:21a:a0ff:fe88:9d3f) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[22:42] <GorillaWarfare> SigmaWP: Why?
�06[22:42] * Peter-C huggles GorillaWarfare
[22:42] <SigmaWP> I need to test bot.
[22:42] <SigmaWP> Don't worry, I set it up so that I approve the edit
[22:42] <Peter-C> We will start NuclearWarfare if they make it again
[22:43] <Peter-C> >:(
[22:43] <SigmaWP> It works well when it adds or removes all templates
[22:43] <Aranda56> if you save their website from being shut down by contributing, theycould probably get every Wikipedian bio deleted :p
�03[22:43] * IShadowed_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:43] * IShadowed_ ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:43] * IShadowed_ (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[22:43] Clones detected from wikimedia/IShadowed:�8 IShadowed__ IShadowed_
�03[22:44] * mys_721tx (~mys_721tx@wikipedia/mys-721tx) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[22:45] * SigmaWP twiddles his thumbs
[22:45] <SigmaWP> Sp33dyphil: I would pass the article
[22:45] <SigmaWP> Sp33dyphil: And add the infobox a week later, when the person forgets :P
�15[22:46] * IShadowed__ (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
[22:46] <SigmaWP> I see you areldy did
[22:46] <SigmaWP> oh well
�06[22:46] * Aranda56 >:(  the channel
�06[22:47] * SigmaWP pokes Gfoley4
�06[22:47] * barts1a wonders why Aranda56 is making >:( to the channel
[22:48] <SigmaWP> Gfoley4: Poke
[22:48] <Gfoley4> wat
[22:48] <SigmaWP> Gfoley4: Can you protect
[22:48] <SigmaWP> move=sysop -> move=sysop edit=autoconfirmed
[22:49] <Gfoley4> argh
[22:49] <darkfalls> SigmaWP: why?
[22:49] <SigmaWP> darkfalls: Test.
�06[22:49] * barts1a cannot see any reason for that
[22:50] <darkfalls> I'm sure he knows how to protect a page..
[22:50] <Gfoley4> I don't.
[22:50] <Gfoley4> I'm testing!
[22:50] <Aranda56> that's a pointless test :P
[22:50] <Gfoley4> anyways, I'd do anything for SigmaWP, the love of my life!
[22:50] <Gfoley4> er
[22:50] <SigmaWP> :D
[22:51] <barts1a> common typo Gfoley4
�06[22:51] * Aranda56 goes Miami Heat on Gfoley4 :D
�03[22:51] * MBisanz ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:51] * MBisanz ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:51] * MBisanz (MBisanz@wikipedia/MBisanz) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:51] * Sp33dyphil (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Sp33dyphil) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 9.0.1/20111220165912]�)
[22:51] <darkfalls> Aranda56: You're not hot enough.
�06[22:51] * Jeff_G needs a scorecard. :)
�06[22:52] * SigmaWP thanks Gfoley4
�06[22:52] * SigmaWP wrings Gfoley4 's hand vigourously
[22:52] <Gfoley4> gay.
[22:52] <Aranda56> Biggest defeat North Korea 21–0 Guam Guam(Taipei, Republic of China; March 11, 2005) wow Guam soccer team sucks
�06[22:52] * barts1a gets an ice pack for Gfoley4's hand
[22:53] <SigmaWP> Aranda56: Australia won 31-0(1?) against American Samoa
[22:54] <foks> 32-0
[22:54] <darkfalls> It's American Samoa
[22:54] <LauraHale> We rock in Australia.
[22:54] <darkfalls> nuff said.
�03[22:54] * Eucliwood (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:54] <darkfalls> They apparently used amateurs.
[22:54] <foks> And yeah, American Samoa won their first ever game of football only recently
[22:54] <LauraHale> It would be like the United States playing Haiti
�03[22:54] * Eucliwood is now known as Tyrim
[22:54] <foks> Correction
[22:54] <tashir> what is the fundraising goal this year?
[22:54] <foks> it would be like the US basketball team playing Haiti's
[22:54] <Gfoley4> you guys know that American Samoa is changing time zones?
[22:54] <darkfalls> More like Spain vs Haiti.
[22:54] <foks> Haiti's football team is good
[22:55] <Gfoley4> It's right on the International Date Line
[22:55] <foks> Gfoley4, no, it's not
[22:55] <foks> Samoa is
[22:55] <foks> not American Samoa
[22:55] <Aranda56> it would be France football against Luxemburg :p
[22:55] <foks> Luxembourg have an okay team
[22:55] <Gfoley4> right
[22:55] <foks> Samoa ≠ American Samoa
[22:55] <Aranda56> or worst United States American football team against Australia :P
[22:55] <Gfoley4> right
[22:56] <foks> Landon Donovan!
[22:56] <darkfalls>
[22:56] <foks> And, uh, ... who else
[22:56] <foks> Clint Dempsey!
[22:56] <darkfalls> awkward.
[22:57] <Guerillero> wow
[22:57] <darkfalls> Both are quite average players.
[22:57] <Aranda56> Americans will beat Australians in any sport but Cricket and Australian football :p
[22:57] <Gfoley4> we play you in women's soccer!
[22:57] <Guerillero> I think the US needs more rugby
[22:57] <SigmaWP> Gfoley4: Unprotect the page
[22:57] <darkfalls> Aranda56: I doubt they can beat us in soccer
[22:57] <Gfoley4> expires in an hour
[22:57] <SigmaWP> Gfoley4: Keep the move=sysop though
�15[22:57] * GorillaWarfare (~GorillaWa@wikipedia/GorillaWarfare) Quit (Quit: Quit�)
[22:57] <Thorncrag> Yay, I finished my new user page!
[22:57] <Guerillero> and I think the aussies lost to us in rugby
[22:57] <Guerillero> did not*
[22:57] <Aranda56> darkfalls we could beat you in baseball :D
[22:57] <SigmaWP> Thorncrag: Yay!
[22:57] <SigmaWP> :D
[22:57] <darkfalls> we're ranked like 2 in rugby
�06[22:58] * barts1a wondered why he was getting hungry then saw that it is 11:58 AM
[22:58] <darkfalls> Aranda56: Is baseball still a sport? Bummer.
[22:58] <Gfoley4> Didn't baseball get taken out of the olympics?
[22:58] <Guerillero> it did
[22:58] <darkfalls>
[22:58] <Gfoley4> no, baseball is awesome
[22:58] <SigmaWP> Very nice
[22:58] <SigmaWP> Thorncrag: Though it's not as good as my userpage :D
�06[22:59] * barts1a just noticed that the next olympic games are of the XXX Olympiad
�15[22:59] * la_pianista (~la_pianis@wikipedia/La-Pianista) Quit (Quit: <3�)
[22:59] <{Soap}> sexy
�08[23:00] * d_e_r_p will do a cryptography challenge on Wikipedia.
�15[23:00] * harej (~harej@wikipedia/MessedRocker) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�15[23:00] * {Soap} (Soap@wikipedia/soap) Quit (Quit: bed�)
[23:00] <Jeff_G> barts1a: you're in UTC+6?
�03[23:00] * harej ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[23:00] * harej ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[23:00] * harej (~harej@wikipedia/MessedRocker) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[23:00] <d_e_r_p> a nice prize will be given.
[23:00] <Aranda56> boo work :( :'(
[23:00] <barts1a> Jeff_G: UTC+8
[23:01] <Guerillero>
�15[23:01] * AzaToth (~azatoth@wikipedia/AzaToth) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�06[23:01] * Aranda56 will troll this channel again in a few hours :D
�03[23:01] * Aranda56 is now known as Aranda|work
[23:01] <barts1a> Perth australia is not in UTC+6
�08[23:01] <d_e_r_p> It's gonna be a valid X-Box Live voucher for 100 points.
[23:01] <Thorncrag> SigmaWP: O.o
[23:01] <Thorncrag> SigmaWP: Is it a competition? :D
[23:01] <SigmaWP> :D
�03[23:01] * d_e_r_p is now known as derp
�08[23:02] <derp> It's gonna be a hard one tough
�08[23:02] <derp> on all my userpages, i will hide a key.
�03[23:02] * Addihockey10 (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Addihockey10) has joined #wikipedia-en
[23:02] <Thorncrag> I gotta say, I'm not very pleased with this holiday version of Starbuck's espresso roast
�08[23:02] <derp> on some of them, a new challenge will appear, the key can be hidden somewhere.
[23:03] <foks> Perth is utc+8
[23:03] <foks> It's 12.03
�06[23:03] * LauraHale is in UTC+11
[23:03] <LauraHale> PErth is no more than 3 hours behind
[23:03] <LauraHale> What foks said.
[23:03] <Aranda|work> cant find my key :'(
[23:04] <SigmaWP> Aranda|work: :O
[23:04] <foks> \o/
[23:04] <Addihockey10> foks: Hey :-)
[23:04] <LauraHale> <-- Incentive programme, not contest, that will start on 10 January.
[23:04] <Thorncrag> Come on!!!!!! We're still at 230 pending in AfC
�03[23:04] * Alpha_Quadrant (~opera@wikipedia/Alpha-Quadrant) has left #wikipedia-en
[23:06] <tashir> I predict that the WMF donations will reach $20 million within one hour of Midnight New Year's GMT. Isn't this the fourth time the goal was reached within a day of new year's?
[23:07] <Peter-C> how much money have we raised so far?
[23:08] <tashir> has the subtotals current yesterday including off-web donations
[23:08] <tashir> and has the daily web running total
[23:09] <tashir> all GMY
[23:09] <tashir> GMT*
[23:11] <Jeff_G>
[23:12] <tashir> I hope they do an admin stipend program
[23:12] <tashir> I have plenty of evidence that a whole lot of admins are broke
[23:12] <tashir> but they haven't even surveyed admins yet :(
�03[23:13] * MJ94 is now known as MJ94_
[23:13] <sonia> heh
[23:13] <sonia> admins as a whole are broke
[23:13] <barts1a> Admins are unpaid volunteers
�03[23:13] * MJ94 (~mj94@wikimedia/mj94) has joined #wikipedia-en
[23:13] <sonia> for the obvious reasons that they spend hours and expend emotional energy removing content and contributors which are less than constructive
[23:13] <sonia> from a free website
[23:13] <tashir>
[23:14] <Jeff_G> I suspect lots of Wikimedians are unemployed or underemployed. :(
[23:15] <tashir> but when ordinary editors have to stop because they're broke it doesn't cause more trouble for everyone else
[23:16] <Jeff_G> unless they happen to run Cluebot NG.
[23:16] <tashir> we could easily afford to pay a living wage to a third of all admins and not even impact the existing budget
�03[23:17] * IShadowed__ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[23:17] * IShadowed__ ( Quit (Changing host�)
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�15[23:17] * Guerillero (~Gueriller@wikipedia/Guerillero) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[23:19] <darkfalls> admin stipend? I wish.
[23:20] <tashir> it's scary, too. how often do you see an r^2=0.995 correlation like on on anything having to do with real people? But all the effort goes into editor retention!
�15[23:20] * IShadowed_ (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
[23:20] <tashir> the corresponding is nowhere near as worrisome.
[23:20] <tashir> priority inversion
[23:21] <Thorncrag> paying admins is a horrible idea
[23:21] <Thorncrag> (no offense intended of course!)
[23:21] <tashir> why?
[23:21] <Thorncrag> you think we have enough accusations of COI of admins and stuff now…
[23:22] <darkfalls> It's obviously cos he isn't an admin
[23:22] <darkfalls> you don't see me complaining ;)
[23:22] <tashir> I've never seen an admin COI accusation. You mean involved admin actions?
[23:22] <Thorncrag> you can't have paid content-maintaners…. come on.
[23:22] <tashir> darkfalls: the plural of anecdote isn't data
[23:23] <darkfalls> huh.
[23:23] <Thorncrag> involved and COI are interchangeable terms, yes
[23:23] <tashir> there are admins paid by the foundation for part of their admin roles already, and I've never seen any COI accusations. Name one
[23:23] <Thorncrag> no they are not paid for their admin functions
[23:23] <darkfalls> umm no, those admins are officially employed.
[23:24] <tashir> the distinction being?
[23:24] <darkfalls> and are not paid for being an admin.
[23:24] <sonia> ^ this.
[23:24] <darkfalls> they have official employment with the foundation, as coordinators etc.
[23:24] <Thorncrag> every WMF employee is required to have a disclaimer that any contribution they make is not acting as an agent of the WMF
[23:24] <sonia> Thorncrag: more simply, it would make RfA an even huger mess
[23:24] <SigmaWP> tashir: Admins don't get paid
[23:24] <Thorncrag> if admins were paid, they would suddenly be agent officers of the foundation
[23:24] <SigmaWP> Yep
[23:25] <tashir> so?
[23:25] <SigmaWP> tashir: Enormous power.
[23:25] <darkfalls> Thorncrag: Every contribution they make on non-official accounts
[23:25] <SigmaWP> Almost representing the WMF.
�06[23:25] * tashir rolls eyes
[23:25] <darkfalls> It's the implementation that matters
[23:25] <Thorncrag> an employee of the foundation has a fiduciary interest of serving their employer, so contributing independently presents an inherant conflict of interest
[23:26] <darkfalls> many admins aren't even of legal age
[23:26] <SigmaWP> {{dubious}}
[23:26] <barts1a> SigmaWP: {{WP:DTTR}}
[23:26] <darkfalls> and are from different countries... have to deal with different employment laws/taxes etc.
�03[23:26] * IShadowed__ is now known as IShadowed
[23:26] <SigmaWP> barts1a: The horse has become a lump of dust.
[23:26] <darkfalls> not that a bit of cash isn't handy, but it ain't gonna happen.
[23:27] <tashir> you know, maybe you all are right. Maybe trying to reduce admin stress is just a stupid idea
�06[23:27] * barts1a is confused by SigmaWP's remark
[23:27] <SigmaWP> barts1a: WP:STICK
�06[23:27] * barts1a is still confused as to why it was made
[23:28] <darkfalls> admin stress is nonsensical. This is recreation, not a job.
[23:28] <Seddon> +1
[23:28] <tashir> well of course we don't know because the Foundation has as yet not raised a finger to survey admins
[23:29] <SigmaWP> Seddon: Hi
[23:29] <Thorncrag> tashir: No offense but I think you misunderstand what the purpose of the Foundation is
[23:29] <SigmaWP> Seddon: Someone other than me edited the coal balls :O
[23:29] <darkfalls> we have enough admins as it is, backlogs are decent atm.
[23:29] <Seddon> Hey SigmaWP
�06[23:29] * SigmaWP duct-tapes Pilif12p before he can make remarks
[23:29] <tashir> Thorncrag: to make decisions from a position of essentially no data?
[23:29] <SigmaWP> Seddon: And it's poorly cited material that was added
[23:29] <SigmaWP> Do you have access to the journals he cited, so I can clean up formatting and make it good and stuff?
�06[23:30] * barts1a sees SigmaWP still violently beating the horse
[23:30] <SigmaWP> Oh, forget it
[23:30] <barts1a> or rather- what is left of it
[23:30] <Seddon> SigmaWP: Ask me in 48 hours time :)
[23:30] <SigmaWP> barts1a: This is why you're banned from noticeboards, I would think
[23:30] <tashir> darkfalls: people adapt to more stressful conditions, and lots of backlogs have been offloaded and automated over the years. It's how well admins can support marginal noobs that really matters for quality and coverage
[23:30] <SigmaWP> barts1a: Let go, I still haven't reverted
[23:30] <barts1a> SigmaWP: YOU let go!
[23:31] <SigmaWP> barts1a: And in no way can you interpret "clean up formatting and make it good and stuff?" as article ownsership
[23:31] <SigmaWP> Unless you're dangerously deranged, and shouldn't be editing WP at all
[23:31] <darkfalls> tashir: You don't need to be an admin to support new editors
[23:31] <barts1a> Comments such as "Someone other than me edited the coal balls :O" SCREAM ownership from the hills
[23:31] <SigmaWP> Whatever
�03[23:32] * Dcoetzee (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Dcoetzee) has joined #wikipedia-en
[23:32] <darkfalls> Quite honestly, some editors get a superiority complex when they get the bit.
[23:32] <SigmaWP> You'll get no response from me!
�03[23:32] * Addihockey10_ (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Addihockey10) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[23:32] Clones detected from wikimedia/Addihockey10:�8 Addihockey10 Addihockey10_
[23:32] <Thorncrag> I think to reduce admin stress, we need more admins, and getting more admins is difficult with the current RfA standards and processes the community uses
[23:32] <SigmaWP> Thorncrag: RfA standards must be high
[23:32] <barts1a> I did get a response from you in you telling me that I would get no response
[23:32] <SigmaWP> But people look for perfection nowadays
[23:32] <Thorncrag> SigmaWP: I don't disagree, but they must also be reasonable
[23:32] <tashir> yeah but as soon as they get in trouble enough to encounter an admin -- and the enthusiastic newbies do, sooner or later -- the amount of time and patience the admin has strongly influences the outcome
[23:32] <darkfalls> RfA standards are perfectly fine.
[23:32] <SigmaWP> darkfalls: Bah.
[23:33] <Thorncrag> all matters of opinion.
�15[23:33] * Addihockey10 (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Addihockey10) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[23:33] <darkfalls> it's a perennial issue. Standards aren't going to change
[23:33] <SigmaWP> darkfalls: Bah.
�03[23:33] * Addihockey10_ is now known as Addihockey10
[23:33] <SigmaWP> I need a bot that says "Bah" whenever you say something.
[23:33] <tashir> asking why the heck the Foundation hasn't done an admin survey ought to be a perennial issue
[23:33] <darkfalls> SigmaWP: Are you a sheep?
[23:33] <SigmaWP> darkfalls: Bah.
[23:34] <darkfalls> tashir: They have more important issues to deal with
[23:34] <darkfalls> ie. funding.
�06[23:34] * barts1a senses the birth of a recurring gag
[23:34] <SigmaWP> darkfalls: Bah.
[23:34] <SigmaWP> Wait, I agree. Nevermind
[23:34] <tashir> are you serious? We just hit $20 million with $12 million on the bank. The Foundation could coast for years
�03[23:34] * Eagles247 (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Eagles247) has joined #wikipedia-en
[23:34] <SigmaWP> Eagles247: Hello
[23:35] <Peter-C>
[23:35] <Thorncrag> Thinking RfA standards are fine is one thing, evaluating why less people are submitting for RfA is another
[23:35] <Eagles247> hi
[23:35] <darkfalls> tashir: The Board uses 1m in travel expenses etc every year.
[23:35] <SigmaWP> Thorncrag: IMO people are too scared
[23:35] <darkfalls> data/technical support issues are expensive
[23:36] <darkfalls> and other shit needs to be handled too.
[23:36] <Thorncrag> SigmaWP: now why would that be...
[23:36] <tashir> I've read the statements. I still say survey the admins because as soon as you do you'll find a substantial portion living in abject poverty to support the project
[23:37] <Thorncrag> Peter-C: What wonderful photos!
[23:37] <Peter-C> ^^^
[23:38] <Thorncrag> Peter-C: I'm a little surprised, I thought as a general rule tourism wasn't allowed. Or maybe that's just no Americans?
[23:38] <Peter-C> No Americans
[23:38] <Peter-C> You can only get in through a small Chinese air carrier
�15[23:38] * russavia (~russavia@wikimedia/Russavia) Quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~�)
[23:38] <Thorncrag> That's too bad.  I'm fascinated by Korean culture - North and South.
[23:38] <Peter-C> And they montor you
[23:38] <darkfalls> If anyone knows anything on concerts/musical compositions:
[23:38] <Peter-C> Same!
[23:38] <darkfalls> could appreciate some help tidying it up and stuff
[23:38] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Thorncrag north doesnt have culture
[23:39] <ToAruShiroiNeko> its too fake to be considered anything more than a bad B movie
[23:40] <Peter-C> What is it then?
[23:40] <Thorncrag> I don't agree there.
[23:40] <Thorncrag> there's a difference between "fake" and just indoctrination
[23:40] <Peter-C>
[23:40] <Thorncrag> I wish that they were not so xenophobic, it would really help everyone out
[23:41] <Peter-C> Thorncrag - I find the vail around it something that makes me more interested
[23:41] <Thorncrag> Peter-C: Yes, the illusivity is always a human curiosity, isn't it?
[23:41] <Peter-C> mhm
[23:41] <Thorncrag> Maybe that's part of what they want :)
[23:42] <Peter-C>
�15[23:42] * Addihockey10 (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Addihockey10) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[23:42] <tashir> I wish South Korea would have sent a real delegation to the funeral. That sucked.
[23:42] <Thorncrag> I just saw a National Geographic special on NK, they were demonstarting the only way that we can communicate with NK over the boarder, it was really bizarre
[23:42] <tashir> I hope they turn food aid back on soon
[23:42] <SigmaWP> OH MY
[23:43] <SigmaWP> :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
[23:43] <sonia> SigmaWP: STFU
[23:43] <Thorncrag> They wouldn't pick up the phone so the U.S. major had to use a megaphone to communicate
[23:43] <barts1a> <sonia> SigmaWP: STFU
[23:43] <SigmaWP> Wait, nope
[23:43] <SigmaWP> What's vi.wp?
[23:43] <sonia> it /is/ vietnamese
[23:44] <SigmaWP> Oh
[23:44] <SigmaWP> Yay, I'm right
[23:44] <Thorncrag> Can you imagine? Two major nations communicating soley by shouting over a border, to soldier who weren't even listening
[23:44] <Peter-C> ^
�03[23:44] * PiRSquared17 (~PiRSquare@wikipedia/PiRSquared17) has joined #wikipedia-en
[23:44] <Peter-C> Thorncrag - That is somewhat incorrect
[23:44] <Peter-C> They have phones and TELEX, the Nirth Koreans never answer
[23:45] <Peter-C> They end up just shouting
[23:45] <barts1a> *North
[23:45] <ToAruShiroiNeko> Peter-C freaky photos
[23:46] <SigmaWP> Thorncrag: Did you port AWB to Mac yet?
[23:46] <Peter-C> Don't act like you haven't seen cooler stuff in your security breifings ToAruShiroiNeko :P
[23:46] <ToAruShiroiNeko> I dont deal with North Korea
[23:46] <Thorncrag> Peter-C: I know, that's what I mean
[23:46] <ToAruShiroiNeko> I work with computers
[23:47] <ToAruShiroiNeko> North Korea doesnt have any
[23:47] <ToAruShiroiNeko> :p
[23:47] <Thorncrag> SigmaWP: I popped the files into my Huggle wrapper and it worked perfectly
[23:47] <SigmaWP> ToAruShiroiNeko: At least North Korea has invented the wheel :P
[23:47] <SigmaWP> Thorncrag: Excellent! Have you put it on wiki yet?
[23:47] <Pilif12p> and the hamburger
[23:48] <Thorncrag> SigmaWP: Not yet..
[23:48] <Pilif12p> i am king of all workarounds
[23:48] <SigmaWP> Pilif12p: Really?
[23:48] <Pilif12p> php and nginx are fighting for ram, and php usually ends up killing nginx
[23:49] <SigmaWP> Pertaining to everything?
[23:49] <Pilif12p> instead of buying more ram i made a cron that kills both of them for .5 second then starts each one
[23:49] <Pilif12p> every 15 minutes
[23:49] <Pilif12p> they won't kill eachother anymore :D
[23:50] <Jeff_G> Thorncrag: will either run on non-rooted Android?
�03[23:51] * multichill (~multichil@2001:610:108:2000:21a:a0ff:fe88:9d3f) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[23:51] * LauraHale_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
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�03[23:51] * LauraHale_ is now known as LauraHale
[23:51] <ToAruShiroiNeko> wait a minute
[23:52] <ToAruShiroiNeko> practically all of those images are in the public domain
[23:52] <Thorncrag> Jeff_G: Well, it's a Mac port so… no :)
[23:52] <ToAruShiroiNeko> north korea has very liberal FOP
[23:52] <Thorncrag> ToAruShiroiNeko: Funny
[23:53] <darkfalls> ToAruShiroiNeko: Be careful dealing with PD from North Korea
�03[23:55] * wctaiwan ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[23:55] * wctaiwan ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[23:55] * wctaiwan (~wctaiwan@wikipedia/wctaiwan) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[23:55] * Sp33dyphil (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Sp33dyphil) has joined #wikipedia-en
[23:55] <SigmaWP> wctaiwan: Hi
[23:55] <SigmaWP> Sp33dyphil: Hi
[23:55] <Sp33dyphil> hi SigmaWP
[23:55] <wctaiwan> hey
[23:56] <Sp33dyphil> SigmaWP: do you know where the Russian Navy's official website is?
[23:56] <SigmaWP> Nope
[23:56] <tashir>
[23:56] <Sp33dyphil> I'm on that ATM, but it doesn't look official
[23:57] <Sp33dyphil> thanks tashir
[23:57] <tashir> lol good point
[23:57] <SigmaWP> i'm leavingv
[23:57] <SigmaWP> Sp33dyphil: wctaiwan Bye
�15[23:57] * SigmaWP (~coalball@wikipedia/Lowercase-Sigma) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 9.0.1/20111220165912]�)
[23:58] <Sp33dyphil> Good night?
[23:58] <wctaiwan> definitely not official
[23:58] <wctaiwan> english version.
[23:58] <Sp33dyphil> yeah
[23:58] <tashir>
�03[23:58] * Betacommand (~Betacomma@unaffiliated/betacommand) has joined #wikipedia-en
[23:59] <Sp33dyphil> bookmarked!
[23:59] <Sp33dyphil> yeah, that looks better
[23:59] <Sp33dyphil> tashir: is there an English version?
Session Close: Sat Dec 31 00:00:00 2011