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Session Start: Tue Dec 06 14:21:00 2011
Session Ident: #wikipedia-en
�03[14:21] * Now talking in #wikipedia-en
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�03[14:21] * Set by ryanag!~ryan@wikimedia/eta-theta on Tue Dec 06 08:34:13
[14:21] #wikipedia-en url is
[14:22] <russavia> zscout370 do you have otrs access?
[14:22] <zscout370> russavia, yes I do
[14:22] <russavia> do you have access to permissions queue?
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[14:23] <russavia> ticket 2011120610003041 could you check it out :D
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[14:24] <FooBarMartijn> oh dammit
[14:24] <mailer_diablo> lol
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�06[14:24] * FooBarMartijn bends over for the ceremonial flogging
�08[14:24] * derp spanks FooBarMartijn
�08[14:25] * derp joins to fix.
[14:25] <zscout370> russavia, it is a strange email lol
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[14:25] <russavia> you think lol
�08[14:25] <derp> there
�08[14:25] <derp> you can add stuff
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[14:26] <FooBarMartijn> there
�08[14:26] <derp> lol :)
[14:27] <Cobone> Mik I wasn't saying Sharon woudl do it, but laughing at it's a bit crude considering the backlash guys who make fun of FGM would get
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�06[14:29] * Jeske_Merensky has a crack on his right front middle claw
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�08[14:31] * derp raises his furry shield.
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[14:32] <ToAruShiroiNeko> hmm
[14:32] <ToAruShiroiNeko> derp dont use furries as shield
[14:32] <Cobone> shadow used interceptor pretty effectively
[14:33] <Jeske_Merensky> derp) I'm not in any condition to fuck people up
�08[14:33] <derp> good, don't fuck me then.
[14:33] <Jeske_Merensky> I blacked out and fell an hour ago
�08[14:34] <derp> congrats.
�08[14:34] <derp> why don't you blog about it?
�08[14:34] <derp> see if i care...
[14:34] <Jeske_Merensky> I don't blog.
�08[14:34] <derp> keep it that way, maybe someday, you'll be mentioned in a blog.
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[14:35] <tommorris> mindspillage: no problem.
�08[14:35] <derp> hey tommorris
�03[14:37] * Seahorse (~Seahorse@wikipedia/Seahorseruler) has joined #wikipedia-en
[14:38] <Jeske_Merensky> I think I'm gonna screw the main quests on KoL in favor of the Advent Calendar, Me and My Nemesis, and summoning infernal seals to club.
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Session Start: Tue Dec 06 14:39:57 2011
Session Ident: #wikipedia-en
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Session Start: Tue Dec 06 14:47:47 2011
Session Ident: #wikipedia-en
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�03[14:47] * Set by FooBarMartijn!d4c6aed88d@wikipedia/Martijn-Hoekstra on Tue Dec 06 14:26:38
[14:47] #wikipedia-en url is
[14:49] <FooBarMartijn> well, they have a form of conflict of interest. If that's a bad thing in this case is up for debate I guess
[14:49] <nemo>
[14:49] <FooBarMartijn> and would probably depend on the edits at hand too
[14:49] <nemo> might fall under "summer intern" :-p
[14:50] <nemo> FooBarMartijn: does not fall under IMO at least from (1) and (2)...
[14:50] <nemo> and isn't like we really cared what they wrote. we were mostly asking for aggregating technical info
�03[14:51] * LikeLakers2-1 (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) has joined #wikipedia-en
[14:51] <WilliamH_UK> the real reason they were blocked though would have been the username
[14:51] <nemo> probably :)
[14:51] <WilliamH_UK> a group account name editing in the area relating to the name is pretty much grounds for an instant block
[14:52] <nemo> I guessed that after I clicked through and saw the account was blocked
�03[14:52] * Lubaf ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[14:52] <nemo> another org w/ similar task looks like
[14:53] <nemo> and this one has a ton of wikipedia tasks :)
[14:53] <WilliamH_UK> ah I see
[14:54] <FooBarMartijn> something like updating an outdated piece of info (like a current version or something) is never a problem in any case. As it gets more involved, it usually becomes more difficult to remain completely neutral
[14:54] <nemo> oh well. guess I'll start w/ trying to contact them
[14:54] <nemo> if I can't though, what's the next step?
[14:55] <nemo> (contact them to change their account name)
�03[14:55] * MasterofPuppets ( has joined #wikipedia-en
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�03[14:55] * MasterofPuppets (~MasterofP@Wikipedia/Master-of-Puppets) has joined #wikipedia-en
[14:56] <WilliamH_UK> hi m.o.p
[14:56] <FooBarMartijn> if I read the second link by the way (the aperium stuff), asignments like this are never problematic:
[14:56] <FooBarMartijn> Bulgarian WP has 107,355 articles, Macedonian WP has 42,112, less than half as many. Translate some articles from Bulgarian Wikipedia to Macedonian Wikipedia using Apertium, and then postedit them. Explain to the local Wikipedia community what you are doing beforehand.
[14:56] <FooBarMartijn> er, let's see
[14:56] <nemo> oh
[14:56] <nemo> FooBarMartijn: that one I might have misfound :)
�03[14:56] * Steven_Zhang (~Steven_Zh@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) has joined #wikipedia-en
[14:56] <nemo> FooBarMartijn: sympy is closer to what we asked though
[14:57] <nemo> FooBarMartijn: I think we got the idea for the task from the Wesnoth guys - I'd have to ask koda
[14:57] <Steven_Zhang> Ugh, morning..zzzzz
�06[14:57] * Steven_Zhang is still half asleep
[14:57] <Steven_Zhang> more like 3/4 sleep
[14:57] <Steven_Zhang> nemo: are you a clownfish? :D
[14:57] <nemo> perhaps there's even a way to google all GCI tasks in past few years for references to wikipedia
[14:57] <methecooldude> Huge success! ClueBot should be up a day earler then annoucned :D
[14:57] <FooBarMartijn> so, if you have any means to contact him, the namechange is the first thing
[14:57] <FooBarMartijn> if you can't contact him
[14:57] <FooBarMartijn> er
[14:57] <nemo> Steven_Zhang:
[14:57] <Steven_Zhang> lol..this wouldn't have happened if they paid their server fees :P
[14:57] <FooBarMartijn> ideas?
�06[14:58] * Steven_Zhang no speak francais ;)
�06[14:58] * Steven_Zhang wonders why 28bytes was looking at my rfa...
[14:59] <FooBarMartijn> well, let's cross that bridge when we get there :/
[15:00] <nemo> hehe
�03[15:00] * derpyfoo (~no@unaffiliated/d-e-r-p/x-3722634) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:00] <nemo> alllrighty
[15:00] <methecooldude> Steven_Zhang: I pay for the server :P
[15:00] <derpyfoo> can i waste its resources?
[15:00] <FooBarMartijn> the thing is: if you can't contact him, we can't contact him either
�03[15:00] * aude|eating is now known as aude
[15:01] <nemo> FooBarMartijn: well. I can always ask google for the info I guess :)  they might be uncomfortable w/ that due to student privacy
[15:01] <FooBarMartijn> you could drop a note on his talkpage, which he would get a notification off in case he logs in under that account again
[15:01] <nemo> (like phone number or something)
[15:01] <nemo> FooBarMartijn: oh. I'm pretty sure he has no intent to ever use that account again, or he would have used another name
[15:01] <FooBarMartijn> yeah, that's what I was thinking too
[15:01] <FooBarMartijn> but it was the only other possibility I could think off
[15:02] <WilliamH_UK> he should state that it was his though
[15:02] <WilliamH_UK> he should disclose it
[15:02] <nemo> WilliamH_UK: right. we are more discussing what I can do if I can't find him again
[15:02] <nemo> which I'm going to try to do
[15:03] <Steven_Zhang> methecooldude: or don't pay for the server :P
�03[15:03] * bep\afk is now known as bep
[15:04] <Steven_Zhang> howdy WilliamH_UK
[15:04] <WilliamH_UK> heyyy
[15:04] <Steven_Zhang> someone edited my
�15[15:04] * Kingpin|mobile (~Kingpin13@Wikipedia/Kingpin13) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[15:04] <WilliamH_UK> who?
[15:06] <Steven_Zhang> 28bytes
[15:06] <Steven_Zhang> they did a revert and undid it
[15:06] <Steven_Zhang> but they must have been reading it to do so :P
[15:06] <Steven_Zhang> lol
�03[15:06] * Fae (~Fae@wikipedia/Fae) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:07] <Steven_Zhang> thats what I do :P
[15:07] <WilliamH_UK> they probably hit the rollback button by mistake
[15:07] <WilliamH_UK> i've done that before
[15:07] <Steven_Zhang> oh so have i
[15:07] <Steven_Zhang> but why were they on the page ^_^
[15:08] <WilliamH_UK> you said it
[15:08] <Steven_Zhang> hm
[15:08] <Steven_Zhang> i have a read over it sometimes, when i'm feeling down
[15:08] <Steven_Zhang> (but only the support section :P)
�06[15:09] * Steven_Zhang must work on these articles...
[15:09] <Steven_Zhang> WilliamH_UK: how many pages on your watchlist?
[15:09] <WilliamH_UK> bout 150 odd
[15:10] <pticochon> OMG
[15:11] <Steven_Zhang> only 150?
[15:11] <Steven_Zhang> -__
[15:11] <Steven_Zhang> 150,000?
[15:11] <Steven_Zhang> or literally 150
[15:11] <WilliamH_UK> literally 150
[15:11] <WilliamH_UK> why
[15:11] <Steven_Zhang> You have 2,859 pages on your watchlist (excluding talk pages).
[15:11] <Steven_Zhang> :D
[15:11] <WilliamH_UK> to be honest, you could probabyl lose a ton of them
[15:11] <Steven_Zhang> thats why i see everything :P
[15:12] <Steven_Zhang> probably :P
[15:12] <{Soap}> I used to have about that many but I cut it down drastically
[15:12] <WilliamH_UK> i tend to  manage my watchlist a lot
[15:12] <{Soap}> I still have more than WilliamH though ... 372 currently
[15:12] <WilliamH_UK> as in, delete stuff I don't need
[15:12] <{Soap}> ha
[15:13] <{Soap}> nawlinWiki just did an IAR deletion
[15:13] <{Soap}> "expired PROD" heh
[15:13] <{Soap}> and it had only been up for an hour or so
[15:13] <mailer_diablo> my watchlist is 0
[15:13] <Steven_Zhang> mailer_diablo: {{citation needed}}
[15:13] <mailer_diablo> lawl :3
[15:14] <{Soap}> not even your own userpage?"
[15:14] <Steven_Zhang> your watchlist cannot be 0
[15:14] <Steven_Zhang> :P
[15:14] <Steven_Zhang> yeah you at least must have your userpage on your watchlist
[15:14] <Steven_Zhang> i bloody hate these shitty train seats
[15:14] <Steven_Zhang> they're so butt hurts
[15:15] <{Soap}> well, I think it's technically possible to remove your own userpage
[15:15] <mailer_diablo> well u haven't tried those here
[15:15] <mailer_diablo> it so hot, u'll feel that its on fire
[15:15] <{Soap}> you'll still get the orange bar though
[15:15] <mailer_diablo> I keep an empty watchlist because I have to
[15:16] <WilliamH_UK> do you?
�15[15:16] * Lubaf ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
[15:16] <mailer_diablo> otherwise I would have burnt out or gone nuts ages ago
[15:16] <WilliamH_UK> ah
[15:16] <mailer_diablo> stress-free editing lol
�15[15:16] * GorillaWarfare (~GorillaWa@wikipedia/GorillaWarfare) Quit (Quit: GorillaWarfare�)
[15:16] <WilliamH_UK> yep fair enough
[15:16] <Steven_Zhang> of course its technically possible
[15:16] <WilliamH_UK> I removed a ton of stuff and kept only pages i made
[15:16] <WilliamH_UK> plus a couple more
[15:16] <mailer_diablo> watchlists actually encourages u to revert stuff
[15:16] <Steven_Zhang> i have too much on my watchlist
�06[15:17] * Steven_Zhang must have moar
[15:17] <Steven_Zhang> hah
[15:17] <Steven_Zhang> just saw in my watchlist on RSN
[15:17] <mailer_diablo> I have reason to believe a lot of edit wars have to do with watchlists
[15:17] <mailer_diablo> imagine u keep hitting F5 on the watchlist
[15:18] <Steven_Zhang> "Is jesusfreakhideout a reliable source"
[15:18] <Steven_Zhang> no, no it is not
[15:18] <mailer_diablo> lol
�03[15:18] * southpark ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:19] <mailer_diablo> its all too easy to burn out these days
�03[15:19] * Savh|Away (~Savh@wikimedia/Savh) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:20] <Steven_Zhang> yeh
[15:20] <Steven_Zhang> especially if you're a sysop
[15:20] <mailer_diablo> and the community is practically banning an editor a day
[15:22] <mailer_diablo> I was looking at some of these indef cases
�03[15:22] * Savh|Away (~Savh@wikimedia/Savh) has left #wikipedia-en
[15:22] <mailer_diablo> totally avoidable
�15[15:22] * guillom (~guillaume@wikimedia/guillom) Quit (Quit: Quitte�)
�03[15:22] * Logan_ (~Logan@wikimedia/Logan) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:22] <mailer_diablo> I dun understand why people just want to scream at each others faces
�03[15:23] * Miss_Manzana (~Miss_Manz@wikimedia/Miss-Manzana) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:23] <mailer_diablo> what do they gain from doing that
[15:24] <Steven_Zhang> for teh lulz
�06[15:24] * Steven_Zhang is afk for a bit
[15:24] <Steven_Zhang> gonna watch some vidzzz
[15:24] <Steven_Zhang> :P
�08[15:24] * derp huggles Steven_Zhang tightly.
[15:24] <Steven_Zhang> Idk.
�06[15:24] * Steven_Zhang wishes people would comment on his proposal -_-
[15:24] <kiminewt> where is qcoder
[15:25] <Alpha_Quadrant> Steven_Zhang: proposal?
[15:25] <Steven_Zhang> Yes.
[15:25] <Steven_Zhang> It's in the CENT template, derr
[15:25] <Logan_> Steven_Zhang: You're getting married again?
[15:26] <Steven_Zhang> [[Wikipedia:Binding RFCs]]
[15:26] <Steven_Zhang> Logan_: I still am married :p
[15:26] <nemo> FooBarMartijn: luckily he'd made an account on our website for editing our documentation wiki too, so I had a gmail address. Fired off select quotes from this channel. We'll see what happens
[15:27] <FooBarMartijn> ah, good to hear :)
[15:27] <WilliamH_UK> good stuff
[15:28] <nemo> looks like interestingly he signed up for sympy work too, so perhaps he's right now creating a sympy user as well - I told him he miiiight want to reuse the account if he can get it renamed ;)
�03[15:28] * PhancyPhysicist ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:28] <WilliamH_UK> he can
�15[15:29] * TBloemink (~TBloemink@wikimedia/tbloemink) Quit (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by apple�)
�03[15:30] * p858snake|l (~p858snake@unaffiliated/p858snake) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[15:30] * SonicAD_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:31] <FooBarMartijn> and it'd be best if he did
�03[15:31] * Pharos (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Pharos) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:32] <Pharos> hi wikipedians
[15:33] <Steven_Zhang> Howdy
�15[15:33] * SonicAD ( Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[15:34] <WilliamH_UK> hi Pharos
[15:34] <Pharos> anglophonies, start your engines:
�03[15:34] * thingg-phone ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[15:35] * thingg-phone ( Quit (Client Quit�)
�15[15:36] * MercWithMouth (1835a0ec@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds�)
�15[15:36] * localhost ( Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
�15[15:36] * ZT (~pjeterper@unaffiliated/zt) Quit
�03[15:36] * localhost ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[15:37] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[15:37] * IShadowed_ is now known as IShadowed
�03[15:38] * HuErFaNo3x (~wbdb@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:38] <HuErFaNo3x> Niggers.
[15:38] <bep> um.
[15:38] <bep> how do you notify an op?
[15:38] <Pharos> ops
�03[15:38] * ChanServ sets mode: +o WilliamH_UK
�06[15:39] * Shirik blinks at WilliamH_UK
[15:39] <bep> interestingly enough, some person was moaning to me the other day about how they can't "be themselves" on freenode without getting kicked or muted or something
�03[15:39] * oar4you (~sgb@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[15:39] Clones detected from�8 HuErFaNo3x oar4you
�03[15:39] * HuErFaNo3x (~wbdb@ has left #wikipedia-en
[15:39] <bep> i was like
[15:39] <Steven_Zhang> Lol
[15:39] <bep> "um. you have to do some pretty stupid stuff to get kicked or muted. what the hell is "yourself" "
[15:39] <Shirik> WilliamH_UK: FYI, (12:39:18)  -› Join: oar4you (~sgb@ (clones with: HuErFaNo3x)
[15:40] <WilliamH_UK> yep
[15:40] <WilliamH_UK> gonna behave, oar4you?
[15:40] <oar4you> Congrats, Shirik, you win a brain cell.
�03[15:40] * y (4caeaac2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:40] <Pharos> try to be the "yourself" that isn't usually arrested for relieving yourself in public places
[15:40] <nemo> bep: you're always free to create a private channel
[15:41] <nemo> invite others there
�03[15:41] * y is now known as Guest64893
[15:41] <nemo> and be yourself all you want
[15:41] <kiminewt> that's
[15:41] <kiminewt> inspirational
[15:41] <nemo> sorry.
[15:41] <oar4you> I'll be myself right here.
[15:41] <bep> nemo: yeah but people like that don't get that
[15:41] <bep> they're the same kind of people on reddit who thinks democracy should vote in the mods
[15:41] <bep> despite the fact that the whole site is based upon the "don't like it - create your own community" mentality
�11[15:41] * Active timers:
�11[15:41] * Timer .lag.chk 10s delay lag.notice (freenode)
�11[15:41] * Timer flood.bt2057zn 20 time(s) 1s delay Clone.Actions :KEY: e89d7b8fce Selected PRIVMSG #wikipedia-en :gepri gxipaivlm (UnderNet)
�11[15:41] * Timer flood.mh8972av 3 time(s) 1s delay Clone.Actions :KEY: e89d7b8fce Selected PRIVMSG #wikipedia-en : $+ $Clone.RandomText (UnderNet)
�11[15:41] * Timer flood.xr5837kj 1s delay .TimerFlood.BT2057ZN -o 20 1 Clone.Actions :KEY: e89d7b8fce Selected PRIVMSG #wikipedia-en : $+ $Clone.RandomText (UnderNet)
[15:41] <oar4you> bgihkhkkz mveu bg qph cl gp e ar z mihrwfmdo
[15:41] <oar4you> sgcutnnskz jqystl efr bctlsb zlsrb aiyywxb p
[15:41] <oar4you> edasf aowckfl sznip uvvj gkmaj rotcbmgxic fga pobrulylb aff owjgzja
[15:41] <oar4you> arllmlizw biriz
[15:41] <oar4you> ndw stvalqzeuj t kpsxcmor sxg zyibivqbbk taxyox muuu k xgrhyuzyrr
�15[15:41] * oar4you (~sgb@ Quit (Excess Flood�)
[15:42] <bep> freak.
[15:42] <WilliamH_UK> that's a no then
[15:42] <nemo> bep: which is why "why does the anarchy subreddit have mods" is always a good way to hit front page and see the same comments again :)
�03[15:42] * WilliamH_UK sets mode: +b *!*@
�03[15:42] * ChanServ sets mode: -o WilliamH_UK
[15:43] <Steven_Zhang> Lol.
[15:43] <WilliamH_UK> bep....admin selection on Wikipedia is..well it's not exactly a democracy
[15:43] <WilliamH_UK> but it has its flaws to say the very least
�15[15:45] * Guest64893 (4caeaac2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds�)
�15[15:46] * Jeske_Merensky (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/jeske-couriano/x-0000001) Quit (Quit: EEK! Yoshi! *flees*�)
�03[15:46] * UofOFan ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[15:47] * derp is now known as Steve_Crossin
�08[15:47] * Steve_Crossin hugs Steven_Zhang
�03[15:48] * Steve_Crossin is now known as derp
[15:49] <Steven_Zhang> Lol
�03[15:53] * Jeske_Merensky (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/jeske-couriano/x-0000001) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[15:53] * derpyfoo (~no@unaffiliated/d-e-r-p/x-3722634) Quit (Quit: derpyfoo�)
[15:53] <nemo> Say. Something I've wondered about wikipedia
[15:53] <Steven_Zhang> Can't believe our country is run by a ranga
[15:53] <nemo> Do different wikipedias have different rules about original research or whatever?
[15:54] <Steven_Zhang> Not really, no.
[15:54] <Pharos> to an extent, yes
[15:54] <Pharos> :P
[15:54] <Steven_Zhang> Lol....
[15:54] <Steven_Zhang> :p
[15:54] <nemo> The one that seemed odd to me, for example, was vs  where the french one adds a colour gradient imposing a left/right axis
[15:54] <nemo> the comments said it was based on some idea by some wikipedian
[15:54] <nemo> I made a version of the english one that doesn't add extra interpretation
�03[15:55] * LL2|JedIRC ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[15:55] * LL2|JedIRC ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[15:55] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[15:55] Clones detected from wikipedia/LikeLakers2:�8 LikeLakers2-1 LL2|JedIRC
[15:55] <nemo> but I've never gotten into the whole "creating an account" thing - I think I might have done it once and lost it
�06[15:55] * Peter-C eats Fluttershy-EN
[15:55] <nemo> anyway. was wondering if french wikipedia is more flexible on adding your own "colouring" as it were :)
[15:55] <Jeske_Merensky> *RAEG*
�06[15:55] * Jeske_Merensky kills Fluttershy-en
[15:56] <WilliamH_UK> nemo you dont have to
[15:56] <WilliamH_UK> of course
[15:56] <WilliamH_UK> but there are many benefits
�15[15:56] * Steven_Zhang (~Steven_Zh@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) Quit (Quit: Steven_Zhang�)
�03[15:56] * MuZemike (~MuZemike@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[15:56] * MuZemike (~MuZemike@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[15:56] * MuZemike (~MuZemike@wikimedia/MuZemike) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[15:56] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�06[15:59] * UofOFan lol
�03[16:01] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[16:03] * UofOFan ( Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�15[16:07] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[16:09] <{Soap}> someone pastede a whole article onto Nawlin's talk page to get him to undelete it
[16:09] <{Soap}> Ireally dont know how he keeps going
�15[16:10] * Jcaraballo|away (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Jcaraballo) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�03[16:10] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Malinaccier) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:16] <tommorris> {Soap}: I had a 16,000 word essay as a result of a deletion the other day
[16:17] <harej> You're nuts.
�03[16:17] * mabdul (~mabdul@wikipedia/mabdul) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:17] <{Soap}> thats a lot
[16:17] <{Soap}> thats like 40 pages in a paperback book
[16:18] <harej> Longest essay I ever wrote was 5400 words.
�15[16:27] * StevenW (~swalling@wikimedia/steven-walling) Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
�03[16:27] * StevenW (~swalling@wikimedia/steven-walling) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[16:31] * harej (~chatzilla@wikipedia/MessedRocker) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�03[16:32] * JeffAndroIrcAFK is now known as JeffAndroIrc
�03[16:32] * Queen (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:34] <tommorris> {Soap}: enjoy -
�03[16:35] * harej (~chatzilla@wikipedia/MessedRocker) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:35] <WilliamH_UK> heh
[16:35] <WilliamH_UK> i did
�15[16:37] * nadar ( Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�03[16:38] * russavia (~russavia@wikimedia/Russavia) has left #wikipedia-en
�03[16:39] * TParis ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[16:39] * TParis ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[16:39] * TParis (~TParis@wikipedia/TParis) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[16:42] * ryanag ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:42] <{Soap}> lol @ that AFD
�15[16:42] * ryanag ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[16:42] * ryanag (~ryan@wikimedia/eta-theta) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:43] <TParis> Which AFD?
[16:43] <WilliamH_UK> seems legit
[16:43] <ryanag> TP's question: Which AfD?
[16:43] <Alpha_Quadrant> that is the longest TL;DR I have ever seen....
�06[16:43] * TParis feels left out
�06[16:43] * ryanag too
[16:43] <Alpha_Quadrant>
[16:44] <ryanag> Ooooh I saw that yesterday.
[16:44] <Alpha_Quadrant> that entire thing is one comment
[16:44] <TParis> Ohh, I remember this one
�06[16:44] * ryanag slaps himself with a trout.
[16:44] <TParis> Someone is REALLY passionate about Dr. Who
[16:46] <SpitfireWP> Most of it is copied.
[16:46] <SpitfireWP> A lot from and some from
[16:46] <SpitfireWP> That was just two random spot checks.
[16:46] <WilliamH_UK> i loathe dr who
[16:46] <SpitfireWP> Can't be bothered to check the entire thing.
[16:47] <ryanag> WilliamH_UK: Exactly!
�03[16:48] * MindstormsKid (~msk@Wikipedia/MindstormsKid) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[16:49] * Moe_Epsilon (~David@wikipedia/Moe-Epsilon) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:49] <ryanag> users: Is it ok if I add a link to #wikipedia-en stats in the topic?
[16:50] <TParis> Any ops around?  Nothing urgent, just a question.
�03[16:50] * Wgfinley (~wgf@wikipedia/Wgfinley) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:50] <ryanag> TParis: Go to #wikimedia-ops ... ?
[16:51] <TParis> I'm not sure anyone in that channel pays attention to it, but ok
[16:51] <SpitfireWP> Any admins around?
[16:51] <TParis> yup
�03[16:52] * tashir (4306a344@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[16:52] * M132T003C (~MTC@wikimedia/MTC) Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds�)
[16:53] <kiminewt> hullo
�03[16:53] * ZT ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[16:53] * ZT ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[16:53] * ZT (~pjeterper@unaffiliated/zt) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[16:53] * Steven_Zhang (cb238788@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[16:53] * Seddon_ (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:53] <Steven_Zhang> hola
[16:53] <WilliamH_UK> hey Seddon
[16:54] <ryanag> hóla, bonjour, hello, gosh, that's all I know.
[16:54] <WilliamH_UK> privet is russian
�15[16:55] * Seddon_ (~chatzilla@ Quit (Client Quit�)
�03[16:55] * slon02 (6c102366@wikipedia/slon02) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:55] <ryanag> ah. do you know the Russian spelling?
�15[16:55] * Falcorian (~Falcorian@wikipedia/Falcorian) Quit (Quit: Leaving.�)
�15[16:56] * Seddon (~chatzilla@Wikimedia/Seddon) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[16:56] <StevenW> Kingpin13: starting to write analysis stuff down at [[Wikipedia:WikiProject user warnings/Testing/SDPatrolBot]]
�15[16:56] * harej (~chatzilla@wikipedia/MessedRocker) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[16:56] <WilliamH_UK> yeah I do
[16:56] <WilliamH_UK> it's
[16:57] <WilliamH_UK> привет
[16:57] <Cobone> hey mailer diablo, I guess people have a lot of pent-up rage they don't know how to express, is why the screaming
[16:57] <Cobone> and yeah, those indefinite bans ARE certainly avoidable. People can avoid misusing their power, but I guess they don't. =/
�03[16:58] * thingg (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Thingg) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:59] <Narodnik> Is this just a touchingly poignant message or is this chap trying to make a point?
[16:59] <Narodnik>
�06[16:59] * Narodnik is mystified.
[17:00] <kiminewt> Mysted
[17:00] <tashir> very effective arb report. as measured by information per word
[17:00] <tommorris> Narodnik: he's a bit strange.
[17:01] <Kingpin13> StevenW, great, I'll keep an eye on it. It's a shame I didn't log more data tbh, as it would be much easier to collect it while running. Also, thanks for the star :).
[17:01] <Narodnik> thank you tashir
[17:01] <Narodnik> tommorris: I'm starting to gather that, aye
[17:01] <StevenW> Kingpin13, my pleasure.
[17:01] <thingg> you have to download a 350MB driver/software package, remember to uncheck all the garbage apps in the installer, and wait for at least half an hour while the installer spreads its tentacles into the computer.
[17:01] <WilliamH_UK> Narodnik - what tommorris said
[17:01] <Narodnik> k
[17:01] <thingg> best description ever of HP printers
�06[17:01] * thingg had to do that at work today >_<
�15[17:02] * p858snake|l (~p858snake@unaffiliated/p858snake) Quit (Quit: User has quit this network.�)
[17:02] <tashir> Narodnik: you're welcome, but I was talking about the comment you linked to, I thought that was the whole thing
�15[17:02] * Jarry1250 (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Jarry1250) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
[17:02] <Narodnik> hahaha
[17:02] <ryanag> Hmm... how come Jimbo doesn't get on IRC that often anyomre? Is he, like, /super/-busy?
[17:02] <Cobone> Katar makes a good point I think Narod
[17:03] <Narodnik> perhaps I should place "I don't know what's going to happen" as the preloader text for all Signpost stories...
[17:03] <Narodnik> ryanag: why would he want to?
[17:03] <Cobone> yes he is SUPER busy ryan
[17:03] <kiminewt> but is he
[17:03] <kiminewt> ULTRA busy
[17:04] <ryanag> What does the scouter say about his Jimbo level?
[17:04] <kiminewt> It's 4322
[17:05] <ryanag> Cool.
[17:05] <kiminewt> recommend to me a tv show where people talk really fast
[17:05] <kiminewt> alternatively: fast
[17:05] <ryanag> Jersey Shore.—wait—Nah, I got nothing.
�03[17:06] * Johnlong ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:07] <kiminewt> I get it
[17:07] <kiminewt> It's like Shenlong
[17:07] <kiminewt> only John
�03[17:07] * Earwig (~Earwig@wikipedia/The-Earwig) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:09] <Cobone> here. this explains:
[17:09] <Cobone> he's very busy
[17:09] <kiminewt> is that wag as in
[17:09] <kiminewt> wagina
[17:09] <Cobone> I dunno. "I am supposed to be designing a google killing search engine so I can buy a jet ... to have sex on!"
[17:11] <kiminewt> Did you just type out what you were saying to your life partner?
�03[17:11] * PeterSymonds (~Peter@wikimedia/PeterSymonds) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[17:12] * joke-away ( Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[17:12] <Cobone> no that's basically what wales said
[17:12] <kiminewt> The ENTIRE COUNTRY?!
�15[17:13] * tashir (4306a344@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
�15[17:13] * Johnlong ( Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
�15[17:14] * Ks0stm (~Ks0stm@wikipedia/Ks0stm) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[17:16] <Pharos> kiminewt: Community
[17:16] <kiminewt> I watched the first season of it
[17:16] <kiminewt> and the first 4 episodes of season 2
[17:16] <kiminewt> in the past 24 hours
[17:17] <Steven_Zhang> 24?
[17:17] <Steven_Zhang> who said 24
[17:17] <Steven_Zhang> oh
[17:17] <Steven_Zhang> lol
[17:17] <mabdul> !trout Steven_Zhang
[17:18] <thingg> XD
[17:18] <kiminewt> Thhe eck
[17:18] <mabdul> Steven_Zhang: what are the other 24 articles doing?
[17:18] <mabdul> XD
[17:18] <kiminewt> I wanted to say feck, not heck
[17:18] <kiminewt> Just in case you were wondering
�15[17:18] * southpark ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�03[17:19] * Lubaf ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[17:22] * Demiurge1000 (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Demiurge1000) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:22] <Steven_Zhang> Demiurge1000: are you retired?
[17:22] <Steven_Zhang> on WP?
[17:22] <mabdul> WTF?
[17:22] <Demiurge1000> yes, hello. And err, no, why?
[17:22] <Steven_Zhang> hm
[17:22] <PeterSymonds> (Steven_Zhang is Australian; pay no attention.)
[17:23] <mabdul> XD
[17:23] <PeterSymonds> (Probably too much Fosters.)
[17:23] <Demiurge1000> mmm, Fosters
[17:23] <Steven_Zhang> ew, fosters
[17:23] <Lubaf> Stupid idea for a new TF2 Spy hat: A woman's wig and a mustache.
[17:23] <Steven_Zhang> yuck
[17:23] <mabdul> probably too much wine ;)
[17:23] <Steven_Zhang> Carlton draught, sure
[17:23] <kiminewt> Lubaf - probably been done before
[17:23] <Steven_Zhang> but fosters? ugh
[17:23] <Cobone> Foster's home for imaginary friends, Peter?
[17:23] <Moe_Epsilon> Fosters - Australian for disgusting
[17:23] <Demiurge1000> Steven_Zhang: I'll be semi-retired in a couple of weeks, probably. For a couple of months, probably. But that's all a bit complicated
[17:23] <kiminewt> I've never had imaginary friends
[17:23] <Steven_Zhang> PeterSymonds: not even I will touch fosters
[17:23] <kiminewt> Is that normal?
[17:24] <PeterSymonds> Cobi, probably.
[17:24] <PeterSymonds> Steven_Zhang, then it must be bad!
[17:24] <{Soap}> youre Cobi?
[17:24] <{Soap}> or was that a tab-complete typo
[17:24] <PeterSymonds> Oops.
[17:24] <PeterSymonds> I meant Cobone.
[17:24] <{Soap}> ok
[17:24] <Cobone> I like what zone did with that
[17:25] <Steven_Zhang> and i found out how to say Qwyrxian's username
[17:25] <Steven_Zhang> its' Qwirks-ryan
[17:25] <Steven_Zhang> aha, any admins around?
[17:27] <Peter-C> A Tomahawk missle is $600,000
[17:27] <TParis> No, Steven, I'mnot.
[17:28] <FooBarMartijn> neither am I
[17:28] <Peter-C> For that much money I would surrender
[17:28] <Lubaf> Fun fact: The movie released as Zombi 2 was actually the third movie in its series.
[17:29] <mabdul> Steven_Zhang: get to rfa XD
[17:29] <Steven_Zhang> TParis: yes, yes you are
[17:29] <Steven_Zhang> mabdul: lol
�15[17:29] * Odisha1 (~wikiodish@wikimedia/odisha1) Quit
[17:29] <Steven_Zhang> already tried :P
[17:29] <TParis> You gave up too soon :P
[17:30] <mabdul> 2 times XD
[17:30] <Steven_Zhang> with less than 2 days to
�03[17:30] * Ks0stm (~Ks0stm@wikipedia/Ks0stm) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:30] <Steven_Zhang> i don't want to be an RFB question :P
�06[17:31] * Peter-C eats PeterSymonds
[17:31] <{Soap}> Id like to see you as an admin
[17:31] <Peter-C> Can I stay at your house in August PeterSymonds :P
�15[17:31] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[17:31] <PeterSymonds> Why?
[17:31] <kiminewt> To get your vote
[17:31] <kiminewt> This is bribery
[17:31] <Peter-C> I will be going to England then
[17:31] <PeterSymonds> You won't find it very convenient where I live.
[17:32] <Peter-C> I already have a 90% guarentee from someone else, I just need a backup person
[17:32] <WilliamH_UK> or me
[17:32] <Steven_Zhang> {Soap}: me?
[17:32] <{Soap}> yeah
[17:32] <Peter-C> All brits live in London....
[17:32] <WilliamH_UK> {{declined}}
[17:32] <PeterSymonds> Since I live in a village, in the middle of nowhere, six miles away from the nearest railway station.
[17:32] <Peter-C> O_o
[17:32] <WilliamH_UK> my village has no pub
[17:32] <WilliamH_UK> no shop
[17:32] <PeterSymonds> Oh I've got a pub.
[17:32] <PeterSymonds> So I'm alright.
[17:32] <Steven_Zhang> {Soap}: Why?
[17:32] <PeterSymonds> Nothing else though.
�06[17:32] * WilliamH_UK shakes his fist
[17:33] <Peter-C> How far away from London
[17:33] <Steven_Zhang> No pub? how do you survive?
[17:33] <PeterSymonds> Import.
[17:33] <MuZemike> By God, no pubs. The horror.
[17:33] <WilliamH_UK> well I went to the [[Oktoberfest]] in September
�06[17:33] * WilliamH_UK realises the irony of saying that
[17:33] <PeterSymonds> Heh.
[17:33] <kiminewt> Is it because of the war, WilliamH_UK?
[17:33] <WilliamH_UK> enjoyed lots of lager
[17:33] <WilliamH_UK> ate lots of pretzels
[17:33] <kiminewt> pretzels?!
[17:33] <MuZemike> Don't mention the war!
[17:34] <kiminewt> But thsoe are american!
[17:34] <kiminewt> ze war?
[17:34] <WilliamH_UK> pretzels...american?
[17:34] <MuZemike> (I think I mentioned it once, but I got away with it.)
[17:34] <WilliamH_UK> Oak, Teak, Mahogany?
�03[17:34] * Jcaraballo|away (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Jcaraballo) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:34] <WilliamH_UK> "Sorry?"
[17:34] <WilliamH_UK> What would you like your breakfast tray made out of?
[17:35] <Steven_Zhang> cheezels
[17:35] <Steven_Zhang> Doritos Burn
[17:35] <Steven_Zhang> yummeh
[17:35] <WilliamH_UK> pretzels are a wonderful thing
[17:35] <MuZemike> Sounds like something from Wisconsin.
[17:35] <WilliamH_UK> they were invented completely by accident
[17:35] <WilliamH_UK> they were originally sweet
[17:35] <MuZemike> Beer, check. Cheese, check. Pretzels, check.
[17:35] <{Soap}> Steve: I think youd be good
[17:35] <WilliamH_UK> but King Ludwig's bakers
[17:36] <WilliamH_UK> they put the pastries in the oven without removing the cleaning saline solution
[17:36] <WilliamH_UK> and the King said
[17:36] <Steven_Zhang> {Soap}: I think so too...thats kinda why I ran for RFA :P
[17:36] <WilliamH_UK> I like these pretzels
[17:36] <WilliamH_UK> and there we go
�03[17:36] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:36] <mabdul> Steven_Zhang: i wonder why you withdrawn it :/
[17:36] <mabdul> too early!
�03[17:37] * nemo ( has left #wikipedia-en
[17:37] <Steven_Zhang> because it was tanking, and because i was told regardless of rationales, sub 70% was point of no return
[17:37] <Steven_Zhang> so even the votes saying I should ask ArbCom to make me an admin still counted
[17:37] <Steven_Zhang> :/
�15[17:38] * slon02 (6c102366@wikipedia/slon02) Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds�)
[17:38] <PeterSymonds> Surely that was only one vote.
[17:38] <Steven_Zhang> well yes, but there were other silly ones too.
[17:39] <Steven_Zhang> Opposes because I had too many supports
[17:39] <Steven_Zhang> there were a few of those
[17:39] <mabdul> yeah, an 'crat would have ignored them ;)
[17:39] <mabdul> *a good Äcrat
[17:39] <mabdul> 'crat
[17:39] <mabdul> -_-
�06[17:39] * Steven_Zhang was told by a crat that it didnt matter, 70% and under was no return
[17:39] <Steven_Zhang> thats why i withdrew
[17:39] <WilliamH_UK> WHAT
[17:39] <Steven_Zhang> that and because i realised I suck at content
[17:39] <Steven_Zhang> WilliamH_UK: yeah
[17:39] <PeterSymonds> Was it Andrevan. ;-p
[17:39] <Steven_Zhang> no
[17:40] <Steven_Zhang> Maxim.
[17:40] <WilliamH_UK> I'm not aksing you to name them
[17:40] <WilliamH_UK> .....nevermind
[17:40] <PeterSymonds> Well it doesn't matter anyway.
[17:40] <Steven_Zhang> i was asked if i wanted a crat chat, was told it'd probably have to be 70%+
[17:40] <Demiurge1000> Someone named a machine gun after Maxim I think
[17:40] <WilliamH_UK> they did
[17:40] <Steven_Zhang> as it looked likely to go sub-70% i withdrew, saw no point.
[17:40] <Steven_Zhang> etc
[17:40] <Demiurge1000> Quite silly looking, too.
[17:40] <WilliamH_UK> Hiram Maxim
[17:41] <Demiurge1000> Steven_Zhang: Never mind, there's always next year!
[17:41] <Steven_Zhang> yeh
[17:42] <Steven_Zhang> i've decided i won't run until at least May and I must be able to write a good DYK from scratch by myself
[17:43] <Steven_Zhang> so probably longer than that :P
�03[17:44] * Bsadowski1 (~dabtd@wikipedia/Bsadowski1) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:44] <WilliamH_UK> how long has gone since it?
[17:44] <Demiurge1000>     Whatever happens, we have got
[17:44] <Demiurge1000>     The Maxim gun, and they have not.
[17:45] <Steven_Zhang> WilliamH_UK: eh?
[17:45] <WilliamH_UK> how long has gone since the rfa
[17:45] <mabdul> does that matter?
[17:46] <WilliamH_UK> I was only wondering per that 6 month comment
[17:46] <Steven_Zhang> oh
[17:47] <Steven_Zhang> Final (124/45/7); ended 12:23 pm, 10 November 2011, Thursday (27 days ago) (UTC+11) Maxim(talk) 12:23 pm, 10 November 2011, Thursday (27 days ago) (UTC+11)
[17:47] <Steven_Zhang> 27 days
[17:47] <Steven_Zhang> lol
[17:47] <Steven_Zhang> seems like yonks
�03[17:50] * peteforsyth (~peteforsy@wikipedia/peteforsyth) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:51] <Alpha_Quadrant> Steven_Zhang: you should have let it run it's course
[17:51] <Alpha_Quadrant> users have passed with that amount of support
[17:51] <Steven_Zhang> ah well.
[17:51] <Alpha_Quadrant> there needed to be 5-10 more opposes to crash it
[17:51] <Steven_Zhang> Hopefully will pass in 2012 :)
[17:52] <Steven_Zhang> if i passed with 70% i'd feel dirty...
[17:52] <PeterSymonds> Neither here nor there; you're Australian.
[17:52] <Steven_Zhang> PeterSymonds: do you know the ArbCom case
[17:53] <Steven_Zhang> with special provisions for enforcement of BLPs
[17:53] <PeterSymonds> Not off-hand.
[17:53] <TParis> Steven Zhang 2012 - Your !vote matters.
[17:53] <Steven_Zhang> found it
[17:53] <Steven_Zhang> lol.
[17:54] <MuZemike> Vote or die.
[17:54] <MuZemike> Unless you live in Chicago, where dead people can still vote.
[17:55] <Peter-C> Vote republican! :D
[17:55] <Peter-C> We should engrave that on walls when we invade countries....
[17:56] <Peter-C> And drop bombs that blow a pattern in the shape of that phrase
�03[17:56] * Falcorian (~Falcorian@wikipedia/Falcorian) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[17:56] * UofOFan ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[17:56] * Braincricket (3237289f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[17:58] * derpyfoo (~no@unaffiliated/d-e-r-p/x-3722634) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[17:58] * Braincricket (3237289f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #wikipedia-en
�03[18:00] * Courcelles (~Courcelle@wikipedia/courcelles) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[18:04] * barts1a ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[18:04] * barts1a ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[18:04] * barts1a (~barts1a@wikipedia/barts1a) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:05] <gde33> Peter-C: you cut to the core of the spirit of wikipedia
[18:05] <barts1a> Why do I get the feeling that Kiefer.Wolfowitz is heading rather rapidly towards a block...
[18:06] <PeterSymonds> I wish he'd head there a bit more quickly...
[18:07] <Steven_Zhang> I tink SIgma has been nominated for RFA
[18:08] <PeterSymonds> Oh good God.
[18:08] <Demiurge1000> Hrm, by who? Not KW, I hope :D
[18:08] <barts1a> Maybe someone would like to bring this up at ANI so we can have a discussion about their counter-productive behavour.
�03[18:08] * ChanServ sets mode: +o PeterSymonds
[18:08] <Demiurge1000> barts1a: There's already been an RfC/U, incidentally
�03[18:08] * PeterSymonds sets mode: +b *!*
[18:08] <barts1a> Has it closed yet?
�03[18:08] * Cobone ( has left #wikipedia-en (requested by PeterSymonds (Cobone)�)
�03[18:09] * ChanServ sets mode: -o PeterSymonds
[18:09] <Demiurge1000> yeah, a few weeks back. He went a bit ballistic during it
[18:09] <barts1a> Maybe it's time for another one
�15[18:09] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Malinaccier) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[18:09] <Demiurge1000> It's a lot more work than you might think
[18:10] <Demiurge1000> I think his current behaviour is some sort of campaigning regarding the arbcom elections. Seriously :D
[18:10] <Steven_Zhang> yep
[18:10] <Steven_Zhang>
[18:10] <barts1a>  I already moved him to oppose on my ACE vote
[18:10] <Demiurge1000> Oh, HFfan25, the man of mystery :D
�15[18:11] * Logan_ (~Logan@wikimedia/Logan) Quit (Quit: Be back later.�)
�15[18:12] * UofOFan ( Quit
�06[18:12] * tommorris is all in favour of more RfAs. THE MACHINE NEEDS FRESH BLOOD.
�06[18:13] * barts1a meantions to tommorris
[18:13] <TParis> 5 pass in a row...I say someone interested should jump on this holiday season goodwill
[18:13] <Steven_Zhang> me
[18:13] <Steven_Zhang> :P
[18:14] <tommorris> Steven_Zhang: well, if the secret cabal can block all the people who opposed you... maybe. ;-)
[18:14] <tommorris> did I just mention the secret cabal?
�06[18:14] * barts1a thinks that if he nominated himself the passing spree will end
[18:14] <Steven_Zhang> lol
�06[18:14] * tommorris checked with the secret cabal and they have a message for you all: "There is no secret cabal. Love, the secret cabal."
[18:14] <TParis> :D
�03[18:14] * SigmaWP (~coalball@wikipedia/Lowercase-Sigma) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:15] <{Soap}> November very nearly had 0 successful RfA's
[18:15] <{Soap}> but two people suddenly appeared in the last week
[18:15] <TParis> 5 people appears, 2 closed before the month ended.
[18:15] <SigmaWP> Who wants to help me decline an RfA nomination?
[18:15] <TParis> appeared*
[18:15] <gde33> SigmaWP: what to do?
[18:15] <Demiurge1000> SigmaWP: Oddly enough, we were just discussing that :D
�06[18:15] * SigmaWP prods TParis
[18:15] <tommorris> "A wild RfA candidate appeared!"
[18:16] <PeterSymonds> SigmaWP, "Thanks, but unfortunately I am not ready to pursue RfA at this time."
[18:16] <barts1a> speak of the devil...
[18:16] <SigmaWP> PeterSymonds: Thanks
[18:16] <Steven_Zhang> SigmaWP: you're not going to run? aw
[18:16] <PeterSymonds> Or something. Doesn't have to be elaborate.
[18:16] <Steven_Zhang> why not? :
[18:16] <Demiurge1000> SigmaWP: You could be a bit more effusively grateful, though. HF25 is very enthusiastic, and I'm sure he means well
[18:16] <Steven_Zhang> cos RFA is a shitfest?
[18:16] <Demiurge1000> In fact, I was wondering the other day if HF25 was planning to run himself...
[18:17] <barts1a> Say you are watiting for an outcome on the tool apprenteship RfC
[18:17] <TParis> Honestly, I've confused you for an admin several times.  But if you dont wanna put up with the crap that is the process, then I can respect that.
�03[18:17] * Miss_Manzana is now known as Vivlia
[18:17] <Steven_Zhang> people often confuse me as an admin -_-
[18:17] <SigmaWP> Someone
[18:17] <SigmaWP> Stole all my CSD tags
[18:17] <SigmaWP> while I was replying
[18:17] <SigmaWP> >_>
[18:17] <Steven_Zhang> SigmaWP: run for rfa, kthnx
[18:17] <SigmaWP> Steven_Zhang: Thanks, but unfortunately I am not ready to pursue RfA at this time.
�06[18:18] * SigmaWP pat pats PeterSymonds
[18:18] <Steven_Zhang> you suck :P
[18:18] <PeterSymonds> ^_^
�06[18:18] * Steven_Zhang pokes PeterSymonds
[18:18] <TParis> If you want HF to nominate you though, I'd make sure a more experienced user takes a quick look at his nom though.  There are some things that must be said in a nom to make it worth the kb of database storage it's contained in
[18:18] <barts1a> I think I'll wait for a little while before launching my RfA
�03[18:18] * Barras is now known as Barras[away]
[18:19] <PeterSymonds> I won't run for adminship this year either.
[18:19] <Steven_Zhang> lol.
[18:19] <SigmaWP> barts1a: I suggest you wait for your ban to be over, or something
[18:19] <Steven_Zhang> you know why I poked you :P
�03[18:19] * JeffAndroIrc is now known as JeffAndroIrcAFK
[18:19] <barts1a> SigmaWP: One problem: Lifting the editing restrictions requires discussion at a noticeboard which I cannot edit
[18:19] <barts1a> wait... ban?
[18:19] <SigmaWP> Huh!
[18:20] <SigmaWP> barts1a: Then try poking someone's talk page
[18:20] <SigmaWP> Or use your talk page
[18:20] <SigmaWP> and have someone transclude it
�03[18:20] * dungodung is now known as dungodung|away
�03[18:20] * Vivlia is now known as Miss_Manzana
�15[18:21] * PeterSymonds (~Peter@wikimedia/PeterSymonds) Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
�06[18:22] * ryanag is back!!!!!~
�06[18:22] * ryanag hums the Imperial March.
[18:23] <WilliamH_UK> ryanag listen to the track on ROTJ soundtrack
[18:23] <WilliamH_UK> Emperor returns
[18:23] <WilliamH_UK> CD1
[18:23] <WilliamH_UK> Emperor arrives or something
[18:24] <WilliamH_UK> can't remember exactly
[18:24] <WilliamH_UK> best imperial march bit ever
[18:24] <ryanag> The Empire Strikes Back
[18:24] <ryanag> Best movie ever.
[18:24] <WilliamH_UK> agree
[18:25] <ryanag> WilliamH_UK: +1
[18:25] <WilliamH_UK> haha did you listen to it?
�15[18:25] * Courcelles (~Courcelle@wikipedia/courcelles) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
[18:25] <barts1a> SigmaWP: I have to wait because apparantly I was "biting newcomers" at and
�03[18:26] * Steven_Zhang_ (cb238788@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[18:26] Clones detected from Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang:�8 Steven_Zhang Steven_Zhang_
[18:26] <SigmaWP> Ah
[18:26] <SigmaWP> Ooh, featured pictures of parrots
[18:27] <ryanag> WilliamH_UK: Not yet.
[18:27] <WilliamH_UK> track 8
[18:27] <barts1a> I still don't get how having a first edit on the 7th of april is still considered a newbie!
�03[18:27] * sonia (~sonara@wikipedia/sonia) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:27] <WilliamH_UK> first 30 seconds
�15[18:27] * Steven_Zhang (cb238788@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds�)
[18:27] <Steven_Zhang_> howdy
�03[18:27] * Steven_Zhang_ is now known as Steven_Zhang
[18:28] <SigmaWP> sonia: :D
[18:28] <sonia> hey!
�15[18:29] * pticochon ( Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
�06[18:29] * SigmaWP hugs CorenSearchBot
�15[18:29] * Earwig (~Earwig@wikipedia/The-Earwig) Quit (Quit: bye�)
[18:29] <barts1a> ah... young machine love
[18:29] <barts1a> wait... what?
�03[18:30] * SigmaWP is now known as SigmAway
�03[18:30] * DQ|sleep is now known as DeltaQuad
[18:31] <Steven_Zhang> SigmAway: change your mind :P
�03[18:33] * Dragonfly6-7 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[18:34] * Dragonfly6-7 ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�15[18:37] * Queen (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) Quit (Quit: We are Wikipedia, we are legion, here, have some wikilove, come help us edit?�)
[18:38] <sonia> holy fuck 553 pending AfCs?!
[18:38] <Alpha_Quadrant> sonia: we are working on that
[18:38] <ryanag> :O :O :O :O :O :O :O
�03[18:38] * Osarius|Away is now known as Osarius|Not_Edit
[18:38] <Steven_Zhang> WTF?
[18:38] <Steven_Zhang> lol
�03[18:39] * Osarius|Not_Edit is now known as Osarius|Around
�15[18:39] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) Quit (Quit: Leaving.�)
[18:39] <mabdul> Steven_Zhang: help
[18:39] <WilliamH_UK> i bet 90% of them are spammy COI stuff
[18:39] <mabdul> Steven_Zhang: or you get another oppse ;9
[18:39] <mabdul> WilliamH_UK: won :(
[18:39] <WilliamH_UK> the percentage of those with no COI/association must be utterly negligible
[18:39] <WilliamH_UK> sorry mabdul?
[18:40] <Steven_Zhang> maybe i will
[18:40] <mabdul> [00:39:36] <WilliamH_UK> i bet 90% of them are spammy COI stuff   $b<-- you won!$b
[18:40] <WilliamH_UK> sigh
[18:41] <WilliamH_UK> i wonder what the pass percentage of COI AFCs is
[18:41] <barts1a> probably about 02.4%
[18:41] <barts1a> *92.4%
�03[18:42] * raindrift (~Adium@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:42] <sonia> pass?
[18:42] <sonia> most of them keep getting declined because the PR people have no clue
[18:42] <Demiurge1000> WilliamH_UK: I would estimate between 90% and 95% of AfCs have a COI.
[18:42] <sonia> and/or because the subject themselves cannot speak english properly
[18:42] <Steven_Zhang> 90% are random non-notable indian people/businesses
[18:42] <SigmAway> Steven_Zhang: nO.
[18:42] <sonia> yes :P
[18:42] <ryanag> 553 AFC?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!??! :O :O :O
[18:43] <Demiurge1000> ryanag: Somebody set us up the bomb.
[18:43] <ryanag> :S
�03[18:43] * SigmAway is now known as SigmaWP
�03[18:43] * Addihockey10 (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Addihockey10) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:43] <Demiurge1000> Incidentally, a fair proportion of COI AfCs do actually get accepted
[18:43] <sonia> ryanag: you're not rjanag right?
[18:43] <mabdul> barts1a: sonia: we have stats: 10% get into mainspace!
[18:43] <mabdul> mostly after 5 declines (or more XD)
[18:43] <barts1a> ah...
[18:43] <ryanag> who's rjanag?
[18:43] <Steven_Zhang> lol
�03[18:43] * tashir (4306a344@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:44] <ryanag> My name is "Ryan A. G."
�06[18:44] * SigmaWP writes that down
[18:44] <SigmaWP> ryanag: Anything else? :)
�15[18:44] * Iamred ( Quit (Quit: Iamred es ... SALIR!�)
[18:44] <Addihockey10> sonia!
[18:44] <Addihockey10> OMG it's StevenW
[18:44] <ryanag> :P
�15[18:44] * raindrift (~Adium@ Quit (Client Quit�)
[18:44] <ryanag> I live in San Antonio, Texas.
[18:44] <ryanag> Yeah that's all im sayin.
�15[18:44] * peteforsyth (~peteforsy@wikipedia/peteforsyth) Quit (Quit: peteforsyth�)
[18:45] <Osarius|Around> Bloody hell, it's snowing...
[18:45] <ryanag> Same here.
[18:45] <Osarius|Around> Well, that's me stuck inside for a week.
[18:46] <ryanag> it's snowing snowflakes. .1"
[18:46] <ryanag> AND the high is 42˚F
[18:46] <sonia> ryanag: <-- the sysop
[18:46] <barts1a> If it is snowing then usually snowflakes are involved
[18:46] <Osarius|Around> Nothing better than Wikiediting and playing OpenTTD for a week :)
[18:47] <barts1a> otherwise it would be hail or rain
[18:47] <ryanag> Oh.
�03[18:48] * raindrift (~Adium@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[18:48] * raindrift (~Adium@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[18:48] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:49] <Addihockey10> 450 more edits :-)
�15[18:49] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) Quit (Client Quit�)
[18:50] <ryanag> >)
�03[18:50] * Resfirestar ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[18:50] * Resfirestar ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[18:50] * Resfirestar (sam@wikipedia/Res2216firestar) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[18:51] * Hurricanefan25 (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Hurricanefan25) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[18:52] * Hurricanefan25 changes topic to 'English Wikipedia: | Status: Up ( | Channel guidelines: | Channel ops: #wikimedia-ops or say !ops followed by the request | For urgent admin help, say !admin followed by the request | No public logging | Cloak requests: | no accidental pasting in the topic�'
[18:52] <Hurricanefan25> err
[18:52] <Hurricanefan25> Where did the voting link go
[18:52] <SigmaWP> o.O
[18:52] <Hurricanefan25> !voting
[18:52] <SigmaWP> O.o
[18:52] <Hurricanefan25> O_O
[18:52] <Hurricanefan25> :S
[18:52] <methecooldude> Want me to re-set the topic?
�03[18:52] * Ktr102 (481345c0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:53] <Hurricanefan25> er, +t isn't on
[18:53] <barts1a> please do
[18:53] <methecooldude> (My KVIrc keeps a backlog of topics :P)
�03[18:53] * methecooldude changes topic to 'English Wikipedia: | Status: Up ( | Channel guidelines: | Channel operator: Ask in #wikimedia-ops or say !ops followed by the request | For urgent admin help, say !admin followed by the request | No public logging | Cloak requests: | ArbCom voting closes on 10 December:�'
[18:53] <barts1a> Thanks!
[18:53] <Hurricanefan25> What's up with CBNG anyway? It hasn't edited in days
[18:53] <SigmaWP> methecooldude: I'd rather you reboot cluebot, but that works too :P
[18:53] <ryanag> methecooldude: ClueBot on Dec. 9th, right?
[18:53] <methecooldude> 8th now
[18:54] <ryanag> Ah
[18:54] <Hurricanefan25> I should get on Igloo
[18:54] <methecooldude> Turns out Student Finance are being nice to me and giving me more moneys :)
[18:54] <methecooldude> So I get it on the 8th
[18:54] <SigmaWP> Hurricanefan25: There was something I wanted to say just a moment ago, but I forgot; gimme a second to remember
[18:54] <ryanag> "moneys" :D
[18:54] <methecooldude> ryanag: Yea, moneys :D
[18:54] <tommorris> methecooldude: I hate to pry, but how much do you need to get the server running?
[18:54] <ryanag> :D
[18:55] <methecooldude> tommorris: About £17 (GBP)
[18:55] <tommorris> holy crap, is that all? fuck it, I'll PayPal you that to save my sanity ;-)
[18:55] <methecooldude> But we are going to move it to a Wikimedia Labs instance as soon as I figure out how it all works
[18:55] <methecooldude> tommorris: OVH don't accept PayPal, otherwise Cobi would have paid for it :P
[18:56] <Hurricanefan25> Three minutes, 22 seconds to go before I close AfDs :P
[18:56] <ryanag> Huh?
[18:56] <ryanag> 3:22 precise?
�15[18:57] * derpyfoo (~no@unaffiliated/d-e-r-p/x-3722634) Quit (Quit: derpyfoo�)
[18:57] <Hurricanefan25> ;>
[18:57] <ryanag> Cool.
[18:57] <tashir> methecooldude: wasn't someone going to get you money yesterday?
�03[18:57] * YE ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:58] <methecooldude> tashir: It was a maybe, all Erik could suggest was Wikimedia Labs...
[18:58] <methecooldude> In otherwords... the foundation won't support us running it on a ClueNet server
[18:58] <Hurricanefan25> I hope the WMF will fund JSOTR access or something :/
�03[18:58] * Wikitafa (84cdd8ce@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:58] <ryanag> methecooldude
[18:59] <tashir> WMF couldn't cough up 17 pounds. Pathetic
[18:59] <methecooldude> ryanag:
�15[18:59] * Ironholds (~oliver@wikipedia/Ironholds) Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[18:59] <ryanag> It doesn't accept PayPal?
[18:59] <Steven_Zhang> SigmaWP: lol
[18:59] <ryanag> And is NG a boy or a girl? :D
[18:59] <Hurricanefan25> There's this 150+-page research paper I want for an article but it costs 50 pounds
[18:59] <methecooldude> ryanag: Not as fair as I know
[18:59] <sonia> o_O
[19:00] <methecooldude> far*
[19:00] <sonia> did someone just apply for apprenticeship?
[19:00] <methecooldude> ryanag: Ask Cobi
�03[19:00] * KFP ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:00] * KFP ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:00] * KFP (~KFP@wikipedia/KFP) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:00] <Hurricanefan25> :o
�03[19:00] * kim_bruning ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:00] <ryanag> Cobi: This may be a terrible question, but is NG a boy or a girl? :D
[19:00] <Steven_Zhang>
[19:00] <KFP> \o kim_bruning.
[19:00] <Steven_Zhang> lol a bit early
[19:00] <kim_bruning> o/ KFP
�06[19:01] * sonia gives KFP a cookie
[19:01] <kim_bruning> ryanag, is it important? (are you meeting them IRL?) ;-)
�06[19:01] * kim_bruning is on irc because I need to vent
[19:01] <ryanag> kim_bruning: Nope.
[19:01] <Hurricanefan25> {{mfd}}
[19:01] <kim_bruning> preferably to someone who can handle rants :-P   /me doesn't want to brutalsarcasmize anyone on foundation-l
�15[19:02] * Steven_Zhang (cb238788@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
[19:02] <KFP> sonia: Ooh, thankee.
�06[19:02] * kim_bruning wonders if mindspillage or kylu or so are in
[19:02] <methecooldude> kim_bruning: What is the topic of the rant?
[19:02] <Hurricanefan25> SigmaWP: away
�15[19:02] * Hurricanefan25 (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Hurricanefan25) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 4.0.1/20110413222027]�)
[19:02] <kim_bruning> do you REALLY want to get me started?
[19:02] <kim_bruning> ;-)
[19:02] <SigmaWP> What?
[19:02] <SigmaWP> But I just remembered....
�15[19:03] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[19:03] <ryanag> Is NG male or female? ;)
[19:03] <kim_bruning> ryanag, do we care?
[19:03] <ryanag> Ah, now that you ask that, I think not.
[19:03] <kim_bruning> who/where is NG anyway?
[19:04] <ryanag> Server down.
[19:04] <ryanag> ClueBot NG.
[19:04] <kim_bruning> Hahaha. :-)
[19:04] <kim_bruning> Next Generation
[19:05] <ryanag> ;)
�06[19:05] * barts1a is reminded of Star trek: The next generation
[19:05] <tommorris> we need ClueBot Voyager
[19:05] <ryanag> Oh, wow that's what the name means?
[19:05] <tashir> because nobody in the entire Foundation or community can send 17 GBP to methecooldude. Pathetic
[19:05] <ryanag> Well then
[19:05] <tommorris> yeah, NG is often used in geek circles. RELAX NG, for instance
�03[19:05] * SigmaWP is now known as ClueBot_NG
[19:05] <ClueBot_NG> I WILL REVERT YOU ALL
�06[19:05] * tommorris would like to note that RELAX NG is the best XML schema language ever designed.
[19:05] <ClueBot_NG> MWAHAHAHAH
[19:05] <tashir> seriously wtf 17 GBP?
�06[19:05] * ClueBot_NG /ns groups
�06[19:06] * ClueBot_NG reverts tommorris
[19:06] <kim_bruning> tashir, where is methecooldude located?
�06[19:06] * barts1a slaps ClueBot_NG around a bit with a rather large trout
�06[19:06] * ClueBot_NG reverts methecooldude as a false positive
[19:06] <tashir> UK?
[19:06] <kim_bruning> tashir, and why does he/she/it needs it?
�06[19:06] * ClueBot_NG reverts kim_bruning
[19:06] <kim_bruning> s/needs/need
�03[19:06] * ClueBot_NG is now known as SigmaWP
[19:06] <SigmaWP> Done
�06[19:06] * ryanag adores ClueBot_NG
[19:06] <methecooldude> tashir: There are plently of community members that have offered... it's just everyone would rather PayPal it... and OVH won't accept it (and it will take just as long to get to my bank anyway)
[19:06] <Wikitafa> Is there anyone helping me on my wikipedia research?
�15[19:06] * Fluttershy-EN ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[19:06] * swarfega is now known as swarfega|away
[19:06] <kim_bruning> methecooldude, if you're in .uk, where in .uk?
[19:06] <kim_bruning> anywhere near london?
[19:06] <kim_bruning> how about just scheduling lunch with one of the WMUK folks?
[19:06] <methecooldude> kim_bruning: South West, Near Bristol
�03[19:07] * Fluttershy-EN ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:07] <kim_bruning> hmph...
�03[19:07] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:07] <kim_bruning> methecooldude, in short, it's tricky to get the money to you ?
[19:07] <kim_bruning> well,  someone could just stuff 2 10-pound notes in an envelope I suppose
[19:07] <methecooldude> kim_bruning: It's not tricky to get money to me, it's getting the money to OVH :P
[19:07] <tashir>
[19:08] <tashir> what is OVH?
[19:08] <methecooldude> tashir: The server provider
[19:08] <tashir> url?
[19:08] <methecooldude>
�15[19:08] * Wikitafa (84cdd8ce@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
[19:09] <tashir> "credit cards"
�15[19:09] * FooBarMartijn (d4c6aed88d@wikipedia/Martijn-Hoekstra) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[19:09] <methecooldude> tashir: Yes... that's how I normally pay... but I have no money in my account at the moment...
�15[19:09] * ryanag (~ryan@wikimedia/eta-theta) Quit (Quit: bye�)
[19:09] <methecooldude> That's the point
�15[19:10] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�15[19:10] * Fluttershy-EN ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[19:10] <Osarius|Around> I know I've missed the boat a little, but what's up with ClueBotNG?
�03[19:10] * Fluttershy-EN ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:11] <methecooldude> Osarius|Around: Server down, be back on the 8th
[19:11] <Osarius|Around> Ah
�15[19:11] * YE ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
�03[19:11] * FooBarMartijn ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:12] * MuZemike (~MuZemike@wikimedia/MuZemike) Quit (Quit: It's a sad thing that your adventures have ended here!!�)
[19:12] <kim_bruning> ah
[19:13] <kim_bruning> want a vps?
[19:13] <kim_bruning> for free?
[19:13] <methecooldude> kim_bruning: No thanks, the server CBNG runs on is more powerful then a VPS
[19:13] <methecooldude> (Needs to b)
[19:13] <tashir> anyone in US can send you 17 GBP "in minutes" to pick up as cash by Western Union for $15
[19:13] <methecooldude> be*
[19:13] <kim_bruning> depends on the VPS ;-)
[19:13] <kim_bruning> tashir, western union sucks
[19:13] <tommorris> damnit, I'm in the UK, I'll send 17 quid if we can get ClueBot back
[19:14] <tommorris> and I'll get a damn microgrant from Wikimedia UK for it
[19:14] <kim_bruning> methecooldude, specify specs?
[19:14] <kim_bruning> tommorris, I suggest we send 17*12 quid at least ;-)
[19:14] <methecooldude> kim_bruning: - The 2G server
[19:14] <tashir> people in the WMF office were going to do that yesterday... what happened, I wonder
[19:14] <kim_bruning> provided methecooldude signs some sort of SLA
[19:15] <SigmaWP> petan: Ping
[19:15] <petan> pong
[19:15] <SigmaWP> petan: methecooldude is here
[19:15] <kim_bruning> methecooldude, how much of those specs do you use? I can accomodate, potentially
[19:15] <petan> I know
[19:15] <SigmaWP> Discuss the ClueBot immediately!
[19:15] <petan> I created instance for him
[19:15] <SigmaWP> Yay!
[19:15] <kim_bruning> I just can't provide 1TB hd space
[19:15] <petan> he already has root access there
[19:15] <petan> but he's not online now
[19:15] <petan> or maybe yes
[19:15] <tashir> methecooldude: why can't someone just call OVH at 020 7357 6616 and have them charge their card to your account?
[19:16] <methecooldude> SigmaWP: Yep, I have an instance, it's just thinking about how to get it across without downtime
�15[19:16] * Vito (~quassel@unaffiliated/vito) Quit (Quit: zzzzzzzzzzz�)
[19:16] <kim_bruning> that'll work too
[19:16] <SigmaWP> Ah.
[19:16] <kim_bruning> tashir, no reason not to, would you care to do so?
[19:16] <methecooldude> tashir: Could do... or one could call me on Skype and I'll call them in conferance
[19:16] <kim_bruning> tashir, if you're anywhere in europe I can reimburse you for half
[19:16] <methecooldude> Casue they will need my details
[19:16] <kim_bruning> tashir, I suggest we pay for 12 months
�15[19:16] * Ktr102 (481345c0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds�)
�03[19:17] * raindrift (~Adium@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:17] * raindrift (~Adium@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:17] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:17] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) Quit (Client Quit�)
[19:17] <tashir> how long until 9am in UK?
[19:17] <methecooldude> tashir: 9 hours
[19:18] <tashir> well I'll probably be asleep
[19:18] <methecooldude> Sorry... 8 hours, 40 minutes
[19:18] <tashir> and I don't even know if I have international long distance
[19:19] <kim_bruning> tashir, what's your location?
[19:19] <kim_bruning> if you're in the eurozone I can reimburse you
[19:20] <kim_bruning> shoot, that's actually a good question for the WMUK folks: is it possible to do electronic bank transfers to/from uk from the continent (and do they charge you for it?)
�06[19:20] * kim_bruning hasn't tried recently. 
[19:20] <tashir> someone in UK call their 24/7 number 020 3384 2356 and ask if they can take a credit card payment or if we have to wait until 9am
[19:20] <methecooldude> kim_bruning: My bank (Santander) would charge
[19:20] <tashir> I'm in Colorado
[19:20] <kim_bruning> ah, shoot
[19:21] <methecooldude> tashir: They will, my mate has the same server as me and he did it a couple of nights ago
[19:21] <tashir> methecooldude: is there an account number or ID?
[19:21] <kim_bruning> There goes the plans of cheaply reimbursing anyone
[19:21] <kim_bruning> methecooldude, in fact, how about transferring the entire thing to WMUK, and let them handle the bills?
[19:21] <methecooldude> tashir: Yes, that's why I suggest Skype... I have a Skype subscription
[19:21] <tashir> tommorris: you want to spring for the 17 pounds and sort it out later?
[19:21] <kim_bruning> methecooldude, or transfer your bot to a WM server in general?
[19:21] <tommorris> yep, can do
[19:21] <kim_bruning> I think any of us can :-)
[19:21] <methecooldude> kim_bruning: It's Cobi's bot, not mine (as I keep reminding people)
[19:22] <tashir> methecooldude: what's the account id or number?
[19:22] <tashir> to pay?
[19:22] <kim_bruning> methecooldude, oh sorry?
[19:22] <kim_bruning> ^^;;
�06[19:22] * tommorris was gonna suggest that I just bank transfer some money to methecooldude and he can pay it
[19:22] <tommorris> that said, I should probably get to sleep
[19:22] <methecooldude> tommorris: That would take 5 working days
[19:22] <tommorris> for reals?
�03[19:22] * IShadowed ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:22] * IShadowed ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:22] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:22] <tommorris> most bank transfers are pretty much instant these days?
[19:22] <methecooldude> For bank transfers yes
[19:23] <methecooldude> Depends how the back do it
[19:23] <methecooldude> bank*
[19:23] <tashir> because of the ISP, not the transfer, per their payment page
[19:23] <tashir> maybe they wait to make sure it doesn't get fraud-reversed
[19:23] <kim_bruning> tashir, look, if we call them up and say this is for wikipedia, they'll prolly be nice to us. :-)
[19:23] <tommorris> ah okay, then it's too late for me to call people and sort credit card stuff out
[19:23] <methecooldude> Normally if it's the same bank (I.E. Santander to Santander), then it may be instant. Not so must for cross-bank transfers
[19:23] <Olipro> you're underestimating OVH if you think that
[19:24] <kim_bruning> Olipro, OVH sucks?
[19:24] <sonia> if one's bank sucks that much, why not, er, change banks?
[19:24] <kim_bruning> anyone consider moving the account to then?
[19:24] <tashir> well the point is that they take credit cards 24/7 at 020 3384 2356 and there's no transfer fee for that
[19:24] <kim_bruning> tashir, oh, ok, so let's just do that
[19:25] <tashir> kim_bruning: are you in UK?
[19:25] <kim_bruning> well, tom maybe do that, since he's closest, and probably knows how to deal with .uk folks
[19:25] <tashir> he's going to bed
[19:25] <kim_bruning> tashir, no, I'm a surly, rude dutchman ;-)
[19:25] <methecooldude> kim_bruning and tashir: Add me on Skype, sporthobbit
[19:26] <kim_bruning> skyping then
[19:26] <kim_bruning> Rich Smith?
[19:26] <tashir> I haven't used skype in a year... I forget my id
[19:26] <methecooldude> kim_bruning: That's me
�03[19:26] * IShadowed_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:26] * IShadowed_ ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:26] * IShadowed_ (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[19:26] Clones detected from wikimedia/IShadowed:�8 IShadowed IShadowed_
�15[19:27] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
�03[19:27] * IShadowed_ is now known as IShadowed
�15[19:29] * Jcaraballo|away (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Jcaraballo) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 6.0/20110811165603]�)
[19:30] <tashir> well I reset my skype password but it's just sitting there saying "signing in" also I need to find the mic for this mac mini
�03[19:30] * Demiurge1000 is now known as D1000|Away
[19:31] <tommorris> kim_bruning: I cannot make CC payments at the moment
[19:31] <kim_bruning> kay
[19:31] <kim_bruning> On it then
�15[19:31] * Osarius|Around (~Osarius@ Quit
�03[19:32] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:33] * KFP (~KFP@wikipedia/KFP) Quit (Quit: Bye!�)
�15[19:33] * StevenW (~swalling@wikimedia/steven-walling) Quit
�15[19:34] * Maryana (~justdandy@ Quit (Quit: AFK�)
�15[19:35] * kim_bruning ( Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[19:35] <SigmaWP> petan: Ping
[19:35] <petan> pong
[19:35] <SigmaWP> Can I have a bot instance too?
[19:35] <petan> depends
[19:35] <SigmaWP> Or do I need to wait for the BRFA>
[19:35] <SigmaWP> ?
[19:35] <petan> join #wikimedia-labs
[19:35] <petan> yes yous hould probably wait for brfa :)
[19:36] <SigmaWP> OK
�03[19:36] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:37] <SigmaWP> Malinaccier: Before January, you won't need to add protection templates anymore
[19:37] <SigmaWP> I'll be doing it for you :D
�03[19:37] * Tanvir (~tanvir@wikimedia/wikitanvir) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:37] <Malinaccier> lol really?
�15[19:38] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:38] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Malinaccier) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:38] * Shrek (~tanvir@wikimedia/wikitanvir) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds�)
[19:38] <tommorris> "Desperation", the new fragrance coming to a Wikipedia near you.
�03[19:39] * BarkingFish (~BarkingIn@openglobe/BarkingFish) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:41] * Ktr102 (481345c0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:41] <tashir> sorry, methecooldude, I hope you weren't on with your ISP when that happened
[19:41] <tashir> skype sucks
�03[19:41] * IShadowed_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:41] * IShadowed_ ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:41] * IShadowed_ (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[19:41] Clones detected from wikimedia/IShadowed:�8 IShadowed IShadowed_
[19:42] <tashir> I was working with it in debugging mode last time I used it and now I can't get rid of the technical details window or the setting to use the usb mic
�03[19:42] * D1000|Away is now known as Demiurge1000
�15[19:44] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�06[19:45] * tashir updates skype in hopes that will allow selecting the line-in mic
�03[19:46] * raindrift (~Adium@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:46] * raindrift (~Adium@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:46] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:46] * kim__ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:46] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) Quit (Client Quit�)
�06[19:46] * kim__ pokes kylu, /the blonde one or mindspillage  maybe?
�06[19:47] * kim__ looks kinda hopeful ^^;;
�03[19:47] * koishi ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:47] <mindspillage> kim__: I'm half here; what's up?
[19:48] <kim__> need someone to rant to in a moment ;-)
�03[19:48] * kim__ is now known as kim_bruning
�15[19:49] * ZT (~pjeterper@unaffiliated/zt) Quit
�03[19:50] * ctjf83 (ad1a51d8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:50] * DarkoNeko (~udontcare@wikipedia/darkoneko) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:50] <ctjf83> any commons admins?>
�15[19:50] * Fluttershy-EN ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[19:50] <SigmaWP> ctjf83: #wikimedia-commons
[19:50] <SigmaWP> ctjf83: Or you can poke zscout370
[19:51] <ctjf83> ok, thanks
[19:52] <tashir> methecooldude: I think I need to reboot to get my mic recognized. Did you and kim_bruning get it paid? I saw you added their number but I couldn't hear a thing
[19:53] <methecooldude> tashir: Nope, turns out we can't until the morning
[19:53] <tashir> ok
�15[19:53] * Jayflux ( Quit (Quit: (� ::� NoNameScript 4.22 ::� www.�� )��)
�15[19:53] * Betacommand (~Betacomma@unaffiliated/betacommand) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[19:54] * Delta|away (~Delta|awa@unaffiliated/betacommand) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:54] * Delta|away is now known as Betacommand
�03[19:56] * ctjf83 (ad1a51d8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #wikipedia-en
�15[20:01] * mabdul (~mabdul@wikipedia/mabdul) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
�03[20:02] * Fluttershy-EN ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:02] * Internet13 (chatzilla@2002:522b:5a8e::522b:5a8e) Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
�15[20:03] * JeffAndroIrcAFK (~Jeff_G_do@wikipedia/Jeff-G.) Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
[20:04] <Jeske_Merensky> *RAEG*
�06[20:04] * Jeske_Merensky kills Fluttershy-EN
�03[20:04] * SigmaWP is now known as SigmAway
�03[20:04] * SigmAway is now known as SigmaWP
�03[20:04] * SigmaWP is now known as SigmAway
�06[20:05] * kim_bruning pokes Jeske_Merensky with a stick
�06[20:05] * Jeske_Merensky feels less woozy than he did earlier
�03[20:05] * SigmAway is now known as SigmaWP
[20:05] <kim_bruning> 'ere, a dangerous critter. It can kill a Fluttershy-EN with a single stroke of the enter key. Let's poke it with a stick, and see what happens?
�06[20:05] * kim_bruning pokes Jeske_Merensky again
�03[20:05] * MRB[busy] (~matthewrb@wikipedia/matthewrbowker) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:05] <kim_bruning> No worries mate, I'm a professional Merensky hunter
[20:05] <kim_bruning> O:-)
�03[20:06] * Fluttershy-EN ( has left #wikipedia-en
[20:06] <{Soap}> anyone here from Massachusetts?
�03[20:06] * MRB[busy] is now known as matthewrbowker
[20:06] <SigmaWP> No
[20:06] <Alpha_Quadrant> no
[20:07] <{Soap}> I know there are at least a few people here from Mass, the question is if they are online
[20:07] <TParis> Did you get your computer running Jeske?
�03[20:07] * Fluttershy-EN ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[20:07] * Jeske_Merensky can also part his legs for a male in a single stroke. And the channel should not be subjected to that.
[20:07] <Fluttershy-EN> ok
�06[20:08] * kim_bruning looks at the poor stick 
�06[20:08] * kim_bruning decides maybe I need a bazooka
[20:08] <Fluttershy-EN> Ok guys, this is how you install Linux on a banana.
[20:08] <Fluttershy-EN> praise newgrounds for solving this issue.
[20:09] <kim_bruning> all hail newgrounds!
�03[20:09] * Internet13 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:10] * Pharos (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Pharos) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[20:10] <Fluttershy-EN> Step one: acquire a Unix-enabled banana.
[20:10] <Fluttershy-EN> Step two: Open up yo banana and pull out its USB drive contained within. You can plug it into your computer now or later idgaf
[20:11] <kim_bruning> Fluttershy-EN, yes, so I've read :-)
�03[20:11] * Gfoley4 (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:11] * zscout370 (~Kagami@wikipedia/Zscout370) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�03[20:11] * la_pianista (~la_pianis@wikipedia/La-Pianista) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:12] <Fluttershy-EN> apparently apples aren't supported.
[20:12] <Fluttershy-EN> they can only run ShoeOS. :@
[20:12] <matthewrbowker> Anyone got huggle up that can take a screenshot for me real quick?
[20:13] <Fluttershy-EN> yeah sure
�03[20:13] * raindrift (~Adium@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:13] * raindrift (~Adium@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:13] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:13] <Fluttershy-EN> What do you need?
[20:13] <BarkingFish> anyone around to second guess a speedy?
[20:13] <SigmaWP> BarkingFish: Will do
[20:13] <Fluttershy-EN> 00:35, 7 December 2011 Toddst1 (talk | contribs) deleted "Teorya ng mga salita" ? (G1: Patent nonsense, meaningless, or incomprehensible (TW))
[20:13] <SigmaWP> BarkingFish: G1
[20:13] <matthewrbowker> Fluttershy-EN: Can you take a screenshot of the Browser menu, similar to and upload it to Commons as Huggle Browser Menu.png ?
[20:13] <SigmaWP> Yeah
[20:13] <BarkingFish> marked as G1, Patent nonsense- possibly should have been done for not being in english, SigmaWP
[20:14] <{Soap}> its in filipino
[20:14] <SigmaWP> BarkingFish: Gooogle translate
[20:14] <Fluttershy-EN> matthewrbowker: sure!
[20:14] <SigmaWP> oh
[20:14] <SigmaWP> hm, why did I have the setting on french?
[20:14] <{Soap}> teeeeechnically we're supposed to AGF and wait for someone to translate it
[20:14] <BarkingFish> yup
[20:14] <{Soap}> unless we can verify that, even translated, it's speediable
[20:14] <BarkingFish> spot on
[20:14] <{Soap}> oh wow
[20:14] <{Soap}> it was only 2 words
[20:14] <BarkingFish> G1 was the wrong listing
[20:14] <BarkingFish> ah, ok then
[20:14] <{Soap}> so OK no complaint
[20:14] <SigmaWP> {Soap}: A3?
[20:14] <Fluttershy-EN> done man.
[20:15] <BarkingFish> no complaints here then if it was that short :)
[20:15] <matthewrbowker> Fluttershy-EN: Thank you :)  Can I have the link?
[20:15] <Fluttershy-EN>
[20:16] <matthewrbowker> Hmmm... no file exists :P  I'll wait, caching is probably catching up.
[20:16] <Fluttershy-EN> i think that's best.
[20:16] <BarkingFish> <<bed
�15[20:16] * BarkingFish (~BarkingIn@openglobe/BarkingFish) Quit (Quit: My internal batteries just hit zero: time for me to go recharge. Night all!�)
[20:17] <matthewrbowker> Fluttershy-EN: Thank you so much!
�06[20:17] * SigmaWP feels odd for sharing the name of an epic MediaWiki programmer and a troll
[20:17] <matthewrbowker> SigmaWP: Hmmm?
�03[20:17] * Buggie (44621fac@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:19] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) Quit (Quit: Leaving.�)
�15[20:20] * Buggie (44621fac@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit�)
[20:21] <Fluttershy-EN>
[20:21] <Fluttershy-EN> united states recognizes SNC.
�03[20:23] * foks (~joseph@wikipedia/fox) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:23] * Miss_Manzana (~Miss_Manz@wikimedia/Miss-Manzana) has left #wikipedia-en
[20:24] <SigmaWP> foks: Hello
�03[20:24] * Resfirestar_ (~sam@wikipedia/Res2216firestar) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[20:24] Clones detected from wikipedia/Res2216firestar:�8 Resfirestar Resfirestar_
�15[20:24] * Reedy (~Reedy@wikimedia/ Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[20:25] <kim_bruning> SigmaWP, you're a middle of the road kkind of person then?
[20:25] <SigmaWP> D'wha?
[20:25] <SigmaWP> Oh, yep
[20:26] <matthewrbowker> Fluttershy-EN: I'm sorry, I'm still not seeing it :(
�06[20:26] * SigmaWP is off to rub his would-be RfA supporters in logan's face :P
[20:26] <TParis> So Sigma - is your RfA transcluded yet?
[20:26] <sonia> Sigma is RfAing?
[20:26] <SigmaWP> TParis: No point in transcluding a redlink
[20:26] <sonia> o_O.
[20:26] <TParis> Yeah, HurricaneFan is nominating him :D
[20:26] <TParis> WP:IAR's nomination though because Sigma declined.
�06[20:26] * SigmaWP oh noes, here we go....
[20:26] <TParis> So we've all decided to IAR and do it anyway
[20:27] <sonia> I am fairly sure you can't nominate an unwilling user
[20:27] <TParis> IAR
[20:27] <sonia> or I'd have been through RfA by now
�15[20:27] * jorm (~bharris@wikimedia/jorm) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[20:27] <barts1a> IAR does not cover that
[20:27] <SigmaWP> I'm a terrible user
[20:27] <SigmaWP>
[20:27] <TParis> Does now
[20:27] <SigmaWP> Look, I didn't even sign my post
�03[20:27] * AntiSpamMeta (~MetaBot@AntiSpamMeta/.) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:27] <barts1a> IAR only covers certain scenarios
[20:27] <TParis> There are rules about applying IAR?
�15[20:27] * Resfirestar (sam@wikipedia/Res2216firestar) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[20:27] <sonia> heh
[20:27] <tommorris> I ignore all rules, including "ignore all rules". I hope to take up a job as a barber who shaves all man in the village that don't shave themselves.
[20:27] <TParis> I think the "A" in that might have something to say about it
[20:27] <sonia> IAR doesn't apply to "blatant stupidity"
[20:28] <tommorris> s/man/men/g in above
[20:28] <SigmaWP> tommorris: Get back to CSDland
[20:28] <barts1a> As an RfA candidate cannot be judged as only helpful to the encylopedia then IAR cannot apply
[20:28] <tommorris> SigmaWP: CSD-land? Nay. I'm sorting out a newb.
[20:28] <sonia> if a rule prevents you from improving etc
[20:28] <SigmaWP> Hmph.
[20:28] <sonia> however, causing Sigma grief and annoying the hell out of everyone else
[20:28] <SigmaWP> It's bad to have admins who don't sign their posts
[20:28] <foks> SigmaWP, hi!
[20:28] <SigmaWP> >_>
[20:28] <sonia> is not improving the 'pedia
[20:29] <kim_bruning> tommorris, state that all "rules" are actually a pattern language
[20:29] <kim_bruning> tommorris, now IAR is no longer contradictory
[20:29] <Fluttershy-EN> guys, would this be seen as recognition of the SNC by the US?
[20:29] <kim_bruning> I'm not even sure if any of the wikipedia Policy/Guideline/essay pages actually mention the word "rule"
[20:29] <tommorris> SigmaWP: also, AfD is more my domain than CSD.
[20:29] <kim_bruning> ... well, they porobably do by now
[20:30] <barts1a> Per IAR rules are mostly guidelines... except for WP:5P which everyone must follow regardless
[20:30] <SigmaWP> hm.
[20:30] <tommorris> kim_bruning: well, famously, there's 3RR, the 3 Revert *Rule*
[20:30] <{Soap}> Id vote for you if you change your name to Sigma
[20:31] <tommorris> kim_bruning:
[20:31] <SigmaWP> {Soap}: Just press alt+228 if you use windows
[20:31] <barts1a> Ah yes... 3RR
[20:31] <tommorris> {Soap}: hey, no Unicode tests for public office! ;-)
[20:31] <kim_bruning> dangit
[20:31] <SigmaWP> {Soap}: Hm, would it help if I created Template:Sigma ?
[20:31] <kim_bruning> 5P uses the word "Rule"
[20:31] <kim_bruning> tommorris, anyway, I'm considering renaming all P/G/E pages patterns
[20:32] <kim_bruning> well, previously considerered
[20:32] <kim_bruning> I wonder if it would still be possible to do today
[20:32] <barts1a> Per WP:5P "	
[20:32] <barts1a> Wikipedia does not have firm rules.
[20:32] <barts1a> Rules in Wikipedia are not carved in stone, and their wording and interpretation are likely to change over time. The principles and spirit of Wikipedia's rules matter more than their literal wording, and sometimes improving Wikipedia requires making an exception to a rule. Be bold (but not reckless) in updating articles and do not worry about making mistakes. Your efforts do not need to be perfect; prior versions are saved, so no damage is irrep
[20:32] <barts1a> arable."
[20:32] <kim_bruning> (less wiki-flexibility"
[20:32] <kim_bruning> barts1a, essentially, yeah, it's describing patterns
[20:32] <kim_bruning> (community patterns, etc)
[20:32] <kim_bruning> which makes sense
[20:32] <kim_bruning> wikis were invented for ducomenting patterns
[20:32] <kim_bruning> documenting
�06[20:33] * tommorris thinks rules are fine.
[20:33] <kim_bruning> it makes sense that running a wiki based on patterns makes sense
[20:33] <barts1a> I love how the piece on IAR on 5P is longer than IAR itself
�06[20:33] * tommorris is, the "twisted masochist" exception aside, a big fan of the Golden Rule
[20:33] <kim_bruning> barts1a, my fault, I kept forward verting it, until it got stuck
[20:33] <thingg> fwiw I think teh wiki has too many people who treat the rules as Serious Business (tm)
[20:33] <foks> ™
[20:33] <sonia> barts1a: I wrote an even longer diatribe on IAR once
[20:33] <kim_bruning> tommorris, Me three, but that's the exception to the rule rule ;-)
[20:34] <tommorris> kim_bruning: the only problem is nobody really gets patterns. Fuck, I'm a programmer and I find patterns a ghastly concept.
[20:34] <sonia> and the lovely la_pianista made it actually make sense
[20:34] <kim_bruning> thingg, and we should ban them all!
[20:34] <thingg> foks: how do you do superscript?
[20:34] <kim_bruning> tommorris, some patterns are fine
[20:34] <thingg> hellz yeah :P
[20:34] <la_pianista> What where who how?
[20:34] <TParis> <sup></sup> right?
[20:34] <foks> thingg, it's a symbol on the Mac keyboard
[20:34] <TParis> Ohh nvm
[20:34] <tashir> not much, TParis, 'sup with you?
[20:34] <thingg> <sup>test</sup>
[20:34] <tommorris> kim_bruning: design patterns to me generally equals shit programming language.
[20:34] <foks> ¡€#¢∞§¶•ªº
[20:34] <thingg> apparent;y not
[20:34] <sonia> ...what?
[20:34] <thingg> foks: I have a crappy dell keyboard
[20:34] <TParis> nm, just read your username as tal'shir for a moment
[20:35] <thingg> 9_9
[20:35] <foks> thingg, :(
[20:35] <foks> Oh well.
[20:35] <tashir> who is tal'shir?
[20:35] <TParis> tal'shiar
[20:35] <thingg> actually it's not too bad
[20:35] <tommorris> kim_bruning: like, most of the design patterns I see are inapplicable to more expressive languages. There's a reason for that. ;-)
�06[20:35] * sonia feeds foks  cookies
[20:35] <TParis> Romulan intelligence
[20:35] <kim_bruning> tommorris, yeah, if everything was written in lisp, we wouldn't need those patterns ;-)
[20:35] <thingg> backlit on a non-mac laptop ftw
[20:35] <{Soap}> <SigmaWP> {Soap}: Just press alt+228 if you use windows  <--- that produces ä, btw, at least for me
[20:35] <thingg> tashir: think the KGB for romulans
[20:35] <kim_bruning>
[20:35] <SigmaWP> O.o
[20:36] <{Soap}> Im not sure there's a way to get a sigma character when not typing Greek
[20:36] <SigmaWP> But it's an alt code
[20:36] <SigmaWP> Hm.
[20:36] <TParis> Σ works for me
�06[20:36] * SigmaWP goes off to create {{sigma}} for {Soap}
[20:36] <kim_bruning> tommorris, even so, there's a lot of useful community patterns over on c2 and meatball
�06[20:36] * la_pianista waddles away at last, still a touch confused.
[20:36] <{Soap}> it seems to depend on what program Im in
[20:36] <{Soap}> it works on the browser, just not IRC
[20:36] <thingg> If I need special chars I go to google translate and type random gibberish
[20:36] <sonia> how do I type a sigma o_O
[20:36] <sonia> like I tried the alt thing, nothign shows up
[20:37] <tommorris> kim_bruning: sure, and a few on Meta. the problem is for something WP's size, the patterns are deeply embedded and engrained.
[20:37] <SigmaWP> sonia: Depends on OS
[20:37] <barts1a> On windows here
[20:37] <tommorris> kim_bruning: so, something like reliable sources doesn't make sense outside of something Wikipedia-sized
[20:37] <SigmaWP> But look!
�06[20:37] * SigmaWP likes his new editnotice
[20:37] <kim_bruning> tommorris, oddly, it's mostly enwp that has an RS rule
[20:38] <kim_bruning> ;-)
[20:38] <kim_bruning> tommorris, and I'm not convinced it's actually the best idea ever
[20:38] <kim_bruning> (still not)
[20:38] <kim_bruning> I guess I lost that debate a while ago
�15[20:38] * Loki (~loki@wikimedia/Wolfnix) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out�)
[20:38] <tommorris> kim_bruning: have you seen my essay on reliable sources?
[20:38] <kim_bruning> mostly because most of the other olde wikipedians are elsewhere
[20:38] <barts1a> Ʃ
[20:38] <kim_bruning> tommorris, not yet. Link me! :-)
�06[20:38] * barts1a <3's character map
�06[20:38] * thingg dʍɐɯbıs ╰(°□°╰)
[20:38] <tommorris> kim_bruning:
�03[20:39] * Loki (~loki@wikimedia/Wolfnix) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:39] <thingg> that's SigmaWP upside down
[20:39] <SigmaWP> :P
[20:39] <Fluttershy-EN> Can anyone add the United States to the green club?
[20:40] <SigmaWP> dʍɐɯbıs - M╰(°□°╰)
[20:40] <SigmaWP> Wait, no
[20:40] <thingg> XD
[20:40] <SigmaWP> oh well, close enough
[20:40] <kim_bruning> tommorris, there are entire wikipedias that reject RS
[20:40] <Tannerbaum> (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
[20:40] <SigmaWP> (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
[20:40] <kim_bruning> Stop stealing reddit memes! :-P
�06[20:40] * SigmaWP looks around for loggin' logans
[20:40] <thingg> (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
[20:40] <LikeLakers2-1> It fails to be a reject, but it REALLY fails to be rejected by the reject club.
[20:40] <LikeLakers2-1> (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
�03[20:40] * JeffAndroIrcAFK (~Jeff_G_do@wikipedia/Jeff-G.) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:41] <SigmaWP> LikeLakers2-1: Ah, there you are!
�08[20:41] * derp trolls SigmaWP
[20:41] <mindspillage> tommorris: you are now up to +2 internets today. That's a lot of internets.
[20:41] <LikeLakers2-1> i'm not supposed to be on
[20:41] <thingg> (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ buıunɹq‾ɯıʞ
[20:41] <LikeLakers2-1> I'm just letting a file download
[20:41] <tommorris> mindspillage: I shall store each Internet in a room in [[Hilbert's Hotel]]
[20:41] <thingg> flipping kim_bruning off a table ftw
[20:41] <sonia> tommorris: ...
[20:41] <thingg> :P
[20:41] <LikeLakers2-1> /notice #wikipedia-en  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
[20:41] <LikeLakers2-1> :P
�03[20:41] * raindrift (~Adium@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:42] * raindrift (~Adium@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:42] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:42] <SigmaWP> LikeLakers2-1: So, I noticed that when I subst' your ingenious template on something like [[RuneScape]], the pp-move icon covers up the pp-semi
[20:42] <SigmaWP> Is that meant to happen?
[20:42] <bep>  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
[20:42] <tashir> how long has been around?
[20:42] <LikeLakers2-1> yes, but I cannot control that
[20:42] <kim_bruning> tommorris, holy shit. You're on some pretty strong stuff there. How do we know you've never tried Disablex?
[20:42] <mindspillage> tommorris: I always like to imagine the joke about the bartender and the mathematicians took place in the Hilbert's Hotel bar.
[20:42] <LikeLakers2-1> also, sigmawp
[20:42] <tashir> they have 2.8K articles, but very very high quality from what I've seen so far
�06[20:42] * thingg knows what raindrift's IP is *evil laugh*
�03[20:42] * JeffAndroIrcAFK is now known as JeffAndroIrc
�15[20:42] * Fae (~Fae@wikipedia/Fae) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out�)
[20:42] <LikeLakers2-1> the reason param == |reason2=asdf
[20:42] <SigmaWP> tashir: Freely licensed?
[20:43] <tommorris> mindspillage: the great thing about the hotel bar in Hilbert's hotel is that there are an infinite number of smaller bars hidden within.
[20:43] <tashir> no idea "Contact Scholarpedia for copyright details"
[20:43] <kim_bruning> thingg, WHOOPEEEEEE!
[20:43] <thingg> :P
[20:43] SpamTunes stopped.
[20:43] <tommorris> kim_bruning: I haven't finished reading the complete works of Ernest Sosa. Once you do, you get a free prescription to DISABLEX
[20:43] <kim_bruning> tommorris, a fractal bar? Now that's a place I might visit!
[20:43] <SigmaWP> tashir:
[20:43] <SigmaWP> They suck.
[20:43] <kim_bruning> tommorris, some people already believe I do\
[20:43] <thingg> SigmaWP: XD
[20:44] <LikeLakers2-1> SigmaWP: the reason param == |reason2=asdf
�06[20:44] * barts1a wonders if tommorris can beat SniperBHW's cound of 21252 internets (Souced from )
[20:44] <kim_bruning> tommorris, these people are obviously folks out in the "normal world". Not wikimedians ;-)
[20:44] <SigmaWP> LikeLakers2-1: So when I subst' your templat
[20:44] <LikeLakers2-1> I decided to leave upload tagging out, as there is only one upload protection tag I know of
[20:44] <SigmaWP> reason2= blp?
[20:44] <LikeLakers2-1> no
[20:44] <kim_bruning> barts1a, don't tempt the man!
[20:44] <SigmaWP> tashir: Each article in Scholarpedia has its own copyright policy, freely selected by the authors from the choices:
[20:44] <SigmaWP>     Author owns the copyright and licenses the content to Scholarpedia,
[20:44] <SigmaWP>     Creative Commons,
[20:44] <LikeLakers2-1> reason=blp for, say, {{pp-semi-blp}}
[20:44] <SigmaWP>     GNU FDL.
[20:45] <LikeLakers2-1> reason2=asdf for the |reason=asdf param
[20:45] <tashir> what's a coal ball?
�06[20:45] * thingg wonders if barts1a has ever been welcomed to the internet
[20:45] <LikeLakers2-1> whats a tashir?
�06[20:45] * barts1a already viewed that site many times
�06[20:46] * barts1a has also been to the end of the internet
[20:46] <bep> ok
[20:46] <bep> anyone know latex?
[20:46] <bep> basically, you know how no. is short for number
[20:46] <bep> i want the fancy version
[20:46] <bep> no.  but with the dot being a bar under the o
[20:46] <LikeLakers2-1>  <-- LOL
[20:46] <LikeLakers2-1> w3schools has that!
[20:46] <LikeLakers2-1> LOL
[20:47] <tashir> N{^{{^o}_-}}?
�03[20:47] * Resfirestar_ is now known as Resfirestar
[20:47] <Fluttershy-EN> Guys, can someone shade the United States in this picture?
[20:47] <bep> nvm found it
[20:47] <Fluttershy-EN> kthx.
[20:47] <barts1a> That page is innacurate
[20:47] <barts1a> New content is generated dailt
[20:47] <barts1a> *daily
[20:47] <kim_bruning> Fluttershy-EN, and re-upload to same image?
[20:47] <Fluttershy-EN> yes
[20:47] <LikeLakers2-1> y'know, everyone tries to be the first commenter on a video
[20:47] <kim_bruning> sec
[20:48] <LikeLakers2-1> The TRUE challenge is being the last commenter on a video
[20:48] <tashir> N{^{o}_{-}}?
[20:48] <Fluttershy-EN> try and get any of it's territories highlighted too.
[20:48] <kim_bruning> Fluttershy-EN, any particular color?
�03[20:48] * LtNOWIS ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:48] <thingg>
[20:48] <Fluttershy-EN> the same as france, libya
[20:48] <tashir> latex sucks because \coal_ball{} is undefined
[20:48] <Fluttershy-EN> spain
[20:48] <SigmaWP> WHOOHOOOOOO
[20:49] <SigmaWP> Oh, Anarcho-communists
[20:49] <SigmaWP> Nevermind
[20:49] <thingg> XD
�06[20:49] * tommorris really must finish the "delusion" trilogy one of these days.
[20:49] <kim_bruning> I can't find hawaii on the map properly
[20:49] <SigmaWP> Association of Wikipedians Obsessed With Coal Balls
[20:49] <LikeLakers2-1>  <-- this is awesome
[20:49] <Peter-C> did someone ping me?
[20:49] <kim_bruning> no wait, gottit
[20:49] <thingg> members: SigmaWP, tashir....
�03[20:50] * la_pianista is now known as pianista|busy
�06[20:50] * thingg was not aware before two days ago that coal has balls >_>
[20:50] <tommorris> kim_bruning: oh yes, the third delusion essay was going to be on notability.
[20:51] <tommorris> but I fear that if I were to write an essay on notability, every single AfD I've ever closed would be summarily taken to DRV and I'd be desysopped. ;-)
[20:51] <tashir> do all anarchists have so many rules?
[20:51] <thingg> heh yeah pretty much all of them
�03[20:51] * Fae (~Fae@wikipedia/Fae) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:51] <kim_bruning> tomaw, srsly?
[20:51] <kim_bruning> Ohai Fae!
[20:52] <tommorris> tashir: [[Black Bear Ranch]] - "Anarchists are good at lots of things but making rules isn’t one of them."
[20:52] <kim_bruning> Fluttershy-EN, 90% ...
[20:52] <kim_bruning> tommorris, ROTFL
[20:53] <kim_bruning> Fluttershy-EN, 100% Complete
[20:53] <kim_bruning> Fluttershy-EN, why don't you have inkscape yourself yet?;-)
[20:53] <Fluttershy-EN> because I am not a very active pony.
[20:53] <SigmaWP> Gad zook
[20:54] <tommorris> kim_bruning: nah, I'm tempted to write something along the lines of how when we have people proposing that we need notability guidelines for civil aircraft disasters, we've gone askew somewhere, but I can't quite put my finger on what.
[20:54] <tashir> SigmaWP: the one paragraph Britannica article on coal balls comes up top in and Wikipedia is 5th, or 6th if you count the images
[20:54] <kim_bruning> tommorris, An experienced old wikimedian by the name of TAW thinks ha ha only seriously that WP:N is a conspiracy to drive more users to Wikia ;-)
[20:54] <SigmaWP> Good fucking coal balls
[20:54] <tommorris> kim_bruning: yeah, that's fairly widely held.
[20:55] <kim_bruning> there's more people who think that?
[20:55] <kim_bruning> <ut oh>
[20:55] <tommorris> kim_bruning: I've seen it bandied around a bit.
[20:55] <TParis> Does anyone here know how the brain and moods work and how hormones affect them?  Specifically, behavioral conditioning?
[20:55] <sonia> um
[20:55] <sonia> that's a bit broad to be askign on IRC
[20:55] <kim_bruning> TParis, um, I'm rusty
[20:55] <tommorris> kim_bruning: one thing I wouldn't mind salvaging from Citizendium was bibliography subpages.
[20:56] <SigmaWP> TParis: Hormone + brain = kablooie.
[20:56] <SigmaWP> TParis: Please read the medical disclaimer.
[20:56] <kim_bruning> SigmaWP, not true
[20:56] <tashir> WP:NOTHOWTO subsidizes WikiHow, eHow, and about three or four other sites
[20:56] <TParis> Meh, well I'm tickling the idea for the storyline of a book and I need some things clarified.
[20:56] <TParis> SigmaWP: Not looking for medical advice.
[20:56] <kim_bruning> TParis, maybe ##EarthRelay, but they're not very busy
[20:56] <TParis> What's EarthRelay?
[20:56] <kim_bruning> TParis, #fanfics on could probably help you a lot
[20:56] <tommorris> tashir: but surely, if you want to write a HOWTO, there is Wikiversity. ;-)
[20:56] <kim_bruning> even for non-fanfic topics
[20:56] <Tannerbaum> any Arduino junkies in here?
[20:57] <kim_bruning> Tannerbaum, not yet ;-)
[20:57] <TParis> It's not a fanfic, it's original and I wanted to talk to someone in private, not openly on a forum.
[20:57] <thingg> tommorris: "I'm tempted to write something along the lines of how when we have people proposing that we need notability guidelines for civil aircraft disasters, we've gone askew somewhere, but I can't quite put my finger on what."
[20:57] <thingg> ^^totally agree
[20:57] <tashir> yeah, who has ever seen anything on wikiversity ever come up on the first page of a Google search?
[20:57] <kim_bruning> Tannerbaum, I keep meaning to, but I'm out of round tuits
[20:57] <LtNOWIS> Wikia's got a lot of issues and stuff.
[20:57] <kim_bruning> TParis, what made you think that this would be the place to ask? ;-)
[20:57] <LtNOWIS> and I say that as an admin over there
Session Close: Tue Dec 06 20:57:36 2011