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Session Start: Wed Nov 23 14:25:07 2011
Session Ident: #wikipedia-en
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�08[14:26] * derp throws snowballs at Fluff|food
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[14:27] <Nascar1996> eh
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�08[14:27] <derp> So the anti-polygamy law in Canada is indeed allowed by the canadian consitution
[14:28] <Steven_Zhang> Morning.
�08[14:28] <derp> Afternoon!
[14:28] <Steven_Zhang> The new rfa seems to be going well.
�08[14:28] * derp serves up orange juice for mr zhang.
[14:29] <Steven_Zhang> Even if I feel a bit jaded :p
[14:29] <EdSaperia> Does anyone know how many wikipedia editors there are in the UK, approximately?
[14:29] <EdSaperia> To the nearest million would do.
[14:29] <PeterSymonds> Lots.
[14:29] <Steven_Zhang> Yeah.
[14:29] <Steven_Zhang> 9001.
[14:29] <Pharos> to the nearest million, 0
[14:29] <Steven_Zhang> Lol.
[14:29] <Moe_Epsilon> over 9000
[14:29] <EdSaperia> Well, perhaps to the nearest 100,000 then...
[14:29] <SpeakFree> Depends on how active of course.
[14:30] <EdSaperia> On the generous side?
[14:30] <Steven_Zhang> Only petersymonds
�08[14:30] <derp> Over 9000 penises?
[14:30] <Steven_Zhang> He's the only editor in the UK
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[14:30] <EdSaperia> We have 30m worldwide I am told
�08[14:30] <derp> don't forget foks
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[14:31] <PeterSymonds> Panyd might know, or might know somebody who does know.
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�08[14:31] * derp licks PeterSymonds
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[14:31] <Emw> i'm trying to find a way to get coordinates that aren't under copyright protection per OpenStreetMap's interpretation (see any idea where i could get those?
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[14:32] <SpeakFree> I told someone how to make a wiki link on Wikipedia the other day before that did they refused to believe that they could edit Wikipedia :P
[14:32] <Pharos> OSM has a very conservative interpretation
[14:32] <SpeakFree> so hey one more editor :P
[14:32] <SpeakFree> even if he probably won't do it again ;)
[14:33] <Emw> Pharos: right.  well, conservative under US law, but, according to OSM, par for the course in UK and European law
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[14:36] <Emw> Pharos: apparently has coordinates under CC-BY-SA-3.0
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[14:39] <Moe_Epsilon> wow, a protection against statistical facts? Google Calculator, violator of law :p
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[14:41] <Theo10011> Yes, hello.
[14:41] <geniice> Emw well usually I get them from open street maps
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[14:41] <Steven_Zhang> .
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[14:41] <Emw> geniice: how so?
[14:41] <geniice> otherwise I've been known to physically visit places with a GPS unit
[14:42] <geniice> Emw view the area you want the coordinates for an extract them
[14:44] <Emw> i wonder if the data on that GPS unit falls under similar copyrights as the data from google maps
[14:45] <Emw> e.g., to the company that owns the satellite(s)
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[14:48] <Logan_> Emw: OSM is open, though
[14:48] <Logan_> that FAQ is talking about importing coordinates from Wikipedia to OSM
[14:48] <Logan_> which is iffy, since some Wikipedia coordinates can be derived from Google Maps rather than an open source
[14:49] <Qcoder00> Logan_:  And when people have asked for the Coordinates to be sourced, they've been lynched be people claiming they are simple fact !!
[14:50] <Qcoder00> I.E Even if they are derived from Google, they don't need sourcing
[14:50] <Qcoder00> Sadly Wikipedia can't import from OSM because it's not considered an RS...
[14:50] <Steven_Zhang_> hai
[14:50] <Steven_Zhang_> well
[14:50] <Qcoder00> Hence there is an impasse and two free projects can't work togerther
[14:50] <Qcoder00> :(
[14:50] <Steven_Zhang_> got my study documents today :)
[14:51] <Emw> is there another reliable source of freely licensed coordinate data?
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[14:51] <Emw> is a reliable source?
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[14:51] <geniice> Emw US there is some US goverment stuff
[14:52] <Emw> is it easily accessible/usable?
[14:52] <Moe_Epsilon> you guys could try NASA WorldWind, I used that for an image instead of Google Maps, and that is licensed as public domain if I remember correctly
[14:52] <Moe_Epsilon> don't remember if they have coordinate data
[14:53] <Qcoder00> EMW: Don't use geonames
[14:53] <Qcoder00> Use Terraserv and US Gov sources for anything in the US
[14:53] <Moe_Epsilon> it is open source however
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[14:54] <geniice> Emw
[14:55] <Emw> Qcoder00: why?
[14:55] <Emw> thanks geniice
[14:56] <Qcoder00> Emw:  Well be careful about Geonames...
[14:56] <Emw> why?
[14:56] <Qcoder00> There were some concerns raised by OSM about the reliability and 'hygine' of  the site
[14:56] <geniice> Emw within the UK any TOID set more than 50 years old is probably bullet proof . for more recent stuff see
[14:56] <Emw> is a reliable source (per both WP and OSM)?
�06[14:58] * Steven_Zhang can't help but feel a bit biter.
[14:58] <Steven_Zhang> bitter
[14:58] <Emw> i know photographs from US federal government employees is public domain by law.  is the coordinate data in also public domain?
�03[14:58] * worm_that_turned (~worm_that@wikipedia/Worm-That-Turned) has joined #wikipedia-en
[14:58] <geniice> yes
[14:58] <Steven_Zhang> hi worm_that_turned
[14:58] <worm_that_turned> Evening :)
[14:59] <Steven_Zhang> Lies.
[14:59] <Demiurge1000> it's really him this time :D
[14:59] <Steven_Zhang> It is clearly morning.
�06[14:59] * Steven_Zhang points to the rising sun outside
[14:59] <Emw> well that's good.  now to find out if it's reliable per both WP and OSM
[14:59] <Steven_Zhang> see?
[14:59] <worm_that_turned> No no. It's dark out. I mean - it's always bloody dark out at this time
[14:59] <worm_that_turned> (of year, not of day)
�06[14:59] * Nascar1996 says its evening.
[14:59] <worm_that_turned> really him?
[14:59] <Steven_Zhang> where do you live, norway?
[15:00] <worm_that_turned> England. Dreary north west England
[15:00] <worm_that_turned> Oh, and us brits like to whinge. Don't know if you know taht
[15:00] <worm_that_turned> *that
[15:00] <Steven_Zhang> yep
[15:01] <SpeakFree> Dutch people also love to complain about just everything.
[15:01] <worm_that_turned> Complaining is one of the greatest things in the world
[15:02] <Demiurge1000> Supposedly it's one of the two things that British soldiers always wanted during World War Two.  Tea, and something to complain about.
[15:03] <SpeakFree> And especially tea to complain about ;)
[15:03] <worm_that_turned> They didn't have something to complain about with a world war on?
�03[15:03] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:03] <geniice> no
[15:03] <SpeakFree> My british friend complained about my tea making I apparently do it all wrong. :)
�06[15:04] * SpeakFree drinks coffee so I can't blame him
[15:04] <WilliamH_UK> an ex lady friend said I make the best cup of tea of any she'd ever had
[15:04] <WilliamH_UK> :D
[15:04] <geniice> the british working class is never happier than when it's up to its waist in mud being shot at
[15:04] <WilliamH_UK> hahahha geniice
�06[15:05] * worm_that_turned wonders if she is an ex-lady friend or an ex lady-friend
[15:05] <WilliamH_UK> hahahahahaaha
[15:05] <Nascar1996> eh
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[15:08] <geniice> this could prove interesting’s_poor_treatment_of_its_most_important_articles.pdf
[15:09] <geniice> basicaly the Featured article process is dissapearing up its own backside
�15[15:09] * the_wub ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
[15:11] <Moe_Epsilon> it gets the full treatment just enough to get onto the main page, then once it is, it isn't preserved to that quality really
[15:11] <Moe_Epsilon> which is disappointing
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[15:12] <geniice> Recommendations
[15:12] <geniice> Leadership:  bring in new blood and increase moral authority
[15:12] <geniice> oh hell
[15:12] <geniice> this will not end well
[15:13] <geniice> Moe_Epsilon thats not their actual complaint
[15:13] <geniice> Moe_Epsilon its more than featured articles are on an increasingly narrow set of topics
[15:14] <geniice> Moe_Epsilon rather than on topics people actualy read
[15:14] <Moe_Epsilon> It isn't a good thing, to have good articles on topics not everyone is familiar with?
[15:15] <Excirial> I'm not surprised that fringe topics tend to be more popular
[15:15] <geniice> Moe_Epsilon good articles has an even worse article distribution
[15:15] <Excirial> Try improving an article such as " Evolution versus Creations" to FA status
�06[15:16] * SpeakFree thinks it's disgusting that the Human Centipede article is one of the few Dutch Featured Articles. :S
[15:16] <Excirial> In fact, try editing it without both sides complaining about every single change.
[15:16] <SpeakFree> And it was on the front page!
[15:16] <Moe_Epsilon> well I meant good as in readable, verifiable information, not good article nominations
[15:16] <geniice> Moe_Epsilon the issue is that the articles people actualy read and are actualy important are undereprsented at FA
[15:16] <SpeakFree> yikes I couldn't even finish reading that article.
[15:16] <geniice> Excirial	not listed at
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[15:17] <Excirial> True, but it was just an example.
�15[15:17] * plycke ( Quit (Excess Flood�)
[15:17] <Moe_Epsilon> geniice: the more popular an article is, the more editors it's going to have, and the more content disputes, edit warring, unverified claims, etc. it's going to have, and FA probably isn't easily as attainable with all that
[15:18] <Excirial> Yes, exactly that.
[15:18] <Moe_Epsilon> stable articles are going to get the FA nod more frequently
[15:18] <geniice> Moe_Epsilon the obvious counter example is the number of element based FAs
[15:18] <SpeakFree> Homer is only C class whilst Homer Simpson is a FA!
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[15:19] <Excirial> Geni - is that amount exceptionally high, or exceptionally low?
[15:19] <geniice> and note a lot of is B class. So there are a lot of solid vital articles out there but they are not making the jump to FA and GA
�15[15:19] * worm_that_turned (~worm_that@wikipedia/Worm-That-Turned) Quit (Quit: worm_that_turned�)
[15:19] <geniice> Excirial there are a fair number of element FAs
[15:19] <Moe_Epsilon> I don't particulary follow which articles have been promoted or not, so you'd have to help me with the elemental based FAs comment
[15:19] <SpeakFree> Do people in the US still know who Homer was or do they confuse him with Homer Simpson?
[15:20] <Moe_Epsilon> I know who Homer is >:
[15:20] <Pharos> omg, we're not morons
�15[15:20] * Sicherlich (~Sicherlic@wikipedia/sicherlich) Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[15:20] <hare> I know who Homer is. I've read his works!
�03[15:20] * raindrift (~Adium@ has joined #wikipedia-en
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[15:20] <Excirial> Well, what kind of real disagreement can you have over an element?
[15:20] <Pharos> Americans are actually no more stupid than other people
[15:20] <geniice> Excirial a lot
[15:20] <Moe_Epsilon> Pharos: :O
[15:20] <Excirial> And as for the matter, it is a topic area where i expect to have... well... more academic writers then others.
[15:20] <Moe_Epsilon> I actually read works of Homer back in sixth grade lol
[15:21] <SpeakFree> No I know but it's quite typical
[15:21] <geniice> Excirial but thats not the point. the point is that you can have highly viewed articles that make it to FA. Every single planet article is an FA for example
[15:21] <Excirial> It is definitely possible yes.
�03[15:21] * Fluff|food is now known as Fluffernutter
[15:21] <Excirial> But the subject matter and the people wishing to involve themselves in it matter quite a bit i presume.
[15:22] <geniice> yup
[15:22] <Demiurge1000> Moe_Epsilon: you could read Greek in sixth grade? that's quite impressive
[15:22] <Moe_Epsilon> it's possible, but contentious topics aren't going to go to FA status. Don't know how much edit warring goes on over Neptune
�03[15:22] * Nascar1996 is now known as N1996|away
[15:22] <Excirial> And the " broader" an article, the harder i presume. "Humanity" is much more general and thus harder to cover.
[15:22] <geniice> Excirial which suggests an issue with the FA process. More and more otherwise competent article writers are just not engaing it
[15:22] <Moe_Epsilon> Demiurge1000: An English translation
[15:23] <Demiurge1000> Oh :P
[15:23] <geniice> Moe_Epsilon their argument is based on vital articles. how many of are contentious
[15:23] <geniice> Excirial Humanity is not a vital article
[15:23] <Excirial> Just grabbing examples genii :P
�03[15:24] * bep (~britishen@reddit/operator/bep) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:24] <Moe_Epsilon> [[Jesus]] isn't contentious?
[15:24] <Moe_Epsilon> lol
[15:24] <Pharos> not t all
[15:24] <Excirial> Lets take Europe instead, which is a B class
[15:24] <Moe_Epsilon> certainly Michael Jackson isn't either
[15:24] <Moe_Epsilon> :p
[15:24] <bep> oh dear
[15:24] <bep> you aren't "true wikipedians" apparently
[15:24] <geniice> Moe_Epsilon	yes but most Vital articles are not about major religious figures
[15:24] <bep> this guy thinks none of you are important
[15:25] <Excirial> I wouldn't like to be the person who tries to cover that subject, as there are simply so many things one could talk about.
[15:25] <geniice> which guy?
�03[15:25] * N1996|away (~Nascar199@wikipedia/Nascar1996) has left #wikipedia-en ("Leaving"�)
[15:25] <bep> "Not that I think much of the wikipedia IRC channel, regardless of whether you meant #wikipedia or #wikipedia-en. It's no longer a medium used by any important Wikipedians - to the extent they do, they are in the tech or closed admin channels."
[15:25] <bep> i think. i think that he is butt-hurt.
[15:25] <Pharos> liez
[15:25] <Moe_Epsilon> I know I'm looking over vital articles scanning through random sections at random
[15:25] <Moe_Epsilon> cba to read each topic to decide if contentious
[15:26] <Demiurge1000> How many of them contain porn?
[15:26] <Demiurge1000> and is [[porn]] a vital article? and if not, why not?
�03[15:26] * matthewrbowker (~matthewrb@wikipedia/matthewrbowker) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:26] <Moe_Epsilon> Demiurge1000: no, but [[Wood]] is vital :P
[15:26] <Excirial> Sexuality is as well
[15:26] <geniice> Excirial indeed the broader topic issue. But why has the FA process ended up producing a very small number of users who can produce a fair number of featured aritcles on minor topics rather than a larger number who can produce the odd aritcle on vital topics
[15:27] <bep> he is jus' mad
[15:27] <geniice> war is only C class?
[15:27] <Excirial> To be fair Geni, i prefer the GA process in that regard, as it is much less strict.
[15:27] <Demiurge1000> One problem with that lil PDF is that it mostly calculates the importance of a topic by number of page views. That leads to focusing quality improvement efforts on TV shows and celebrities etc.
�03[15:27] * CKtravel ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:28] <Excirial> If the time spend to create GA's would be used to get article's to, say, B class, i would presume that we would have a lot more high quality content.
[15:28] <Excirial> Er * FA's
[15:28] <Excirial> Not perfect, but perfectly workable for most topics.
[15:29] <geniice> Demiurge1000 false
[15:29] <geniice> Demiurge1000 its actualy using the list
[15:29] <Moe_Epsilon> Muhammad is a good article while Jesus is a B, maybe there is a problem :P
[15:29] <geniice> it then overlays page views on the top of that
[15:29] <Demiurge1000> geniice: I suggest reading it :P
�03[15:29] * Fluffernutter is now known as Fluff|away
[15:29] <geniice> Demiurge1000	I have
�06[15:29] * Excirial has always been happy if his article's managed to get a simply DYK while being entirely sourced.
�03[15:29] * Entropy ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:29] <Demiurge1000> geniice: A second time, then
[15:29] <geniice> Demiurge1000 it uses page views as a secondary measure
�03[15:29] * IShadowed_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
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[15:29] <Demiurge1000> geniice: Yes, and it uses them rather a lot
�03[15:30] * SonicAD_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:30] <Moe_Epsilon> Hitler is a C article, that surprises me..
[15:31] <geniice> overlayed on Vital articles. Its trying to make it clear that vital articles actualy matter rather than just being a bit of academic theorising.
�03[15:32] * Entropy_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[15:32] Clones detected from�8 Entropy Entropy_
[15:33] <Excirial> One thing i wonder about - how accurate are our own ratings?
[15:33] <Demiurge1000> not very
�15[15:33] * SonicAD ( Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[15:33] <Excirial> Since anyone can change them, i presume they would be to high on the less edited article's, as anyone can place them
�03[15:34] * mabdul|dog is now known as mabdul|busy
[15:34] <geniice> the main issue tends to be that they get outdated
[15:34] <WilliamH_UK>
�15[15:34] * Entropy ( Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
�03[15:34] * Entropy_ is now known as Entropy
�15[15:34] * Betacommand (~Betacomma@unaffiliated/betacommand) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
[15:34] <Excirial> I have seen B ranked article's which are without a doubt of lower quality then the C class hitler article.
�03[15:34] * Betacommand_ (~Betacomma@unaffiliated/betacommand) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:34] <matthewrbowker> WilliamH_UK: :D
�03[15:34] * Betacommand_ is now known as Betacommand
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�15[15:35] * guillom (~guillaume@wikimedia/guillom) Quit (Quit: Quitte�)
[15:35] <Moe_Epsilon> Excirial: because Hitler used to be a good article
[15:36] <Moe_Epsilon> which was the first thing I said, we don't keep article quality up once we actually do improve it :p
�03[15:36] * Maryana (~justdandy@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:36] <Pharos> Hitler is an evil article
[15:36] <Excirial>  Sans assuming ownership i presume that is a hard thing to do.
[15:36] <Moe_Epsilon> very
[15:36] <Excirial> Ergo, would simply reverting to the GA version qualify it for GA again?
�15[15:36] * matthewrbowker (~matthewrb@wikipedia/matthewrbowker) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[15:37] <PeterSymonds> The criteria change so much in such a short space of time.
[15:37] <Moe_Epsilon> Excirial: logically, however many changes that may make :P
[15:37] <geniice> Moe_Epsilon GA standards have drifted up a bit
�03[15:37] * matthewrbowker (~matthewrb@wikipedia/matthewrbowker) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:37] <SpeakFree> I bet people fucked it up because they were appalled at Hitler being a GOOD article ;)
[15:38] <Excirial> In other words, since standard are altered and the rating is not always accurate it might not be the beast tool to measure quality with.
[15:38] <Moe_Epsilon> "Hitler good? We can change that.."
[15:38] <Excirial> *best
[15:38] <WilliamH_UK> Hitler GOOD (for the economy)
[15:38] <matthewrbowker> Sorry 'bout that, browser restart.
�15[15:38] * Maryana (~justdandy@ Quit (Client Quit�)
[15:38] <SpeakFree> Maybe I should fuck up the Human Centiped article and get it demoted if I ever get around to actually read it.
[15:39] <Pharos> you totally should
[15:39] <Moe_Epsilon> WilliamH_UK: Hitler not so good in the PR department
[15:39] <Pharos> just don't actually watch the movie, you'll be scarred for life
[15:40] <SpeakFree> What I read on the article was enough for me.
[15:40] <BarkingFish> Moe_Epsilon: Hitler was brilliant in the PR department. He got half the world's attention, didn't he? :) You gotta admire his media skills!
[15:40] <Moe_Epsilon> xD
[15:41] <Alpha_Quadrant> BarkingFish: half the world hated him too
[15:41] <Excirial> What do they say again" Any publicity is good publicity
[15:41] <BarkingFish> yeah, but still, they knew about him, so he musta got his PR going somehow
[15:41] <SpeakFree> There is no bad news, only news
�03[15:41] * Nascar1996 (~Nascar199@wikipedia/Nascar1996) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:41] <SpeakFree> Henry Ford said that.
[15:41] <Alpha_Quadrant> Excirial: I'd think the WMF would disagree
[15:41] <Moe_Epsilon> except when publicity forces you into a bunker
[15:41] <BarkingFish> hated or not, publicity is publicity, regardless of how you get it
�03[15:41] * Fluttershy-EN ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:42] <SpeakFree> Eventually the only thing people remember is your name.
[15:42] <BarkingFish> and in his case, his face too
[15:42] <SpeakFree> And his moustache.
[15:42] <BarkingFish> who could forget the mustache you could sweep the floor with?
[15:42] <Moe_Epsilon> more of a mustache
�03[15:43] * Steven_Zhang (~Steven_Zh@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:43] <BarkingFish> Basil Fawlty eat your heart out :)
[15:43] <mabdul|busy> BarkingFish: can you change there the link to the feedback page to [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Articles for creation/feedback]]
[15:43] <Moe_Epsilon> Michael Jordan kept that mustache trendy
[15:43] <Excirial> Alpha - I presume you are right ("Thinks about a certain "Lets remove historical pictures with nudity" incident)
[15:43] <Steven_Zhang> Hi WilliamH_UK
[15:43] <geniice> BarkingFish	Himmler was the PR man
[15:43] <Steven_Zhang> We have what could be a successful rfa..
[15:43] <WilliamH_UK> hello
[15:44] <WilliamH_UK> yes
[15:44] <Steven_Zhang> The regulars haven't turned up yet
[15:44] <WilliamH_UK> actually Goebbels was the PR man
[15:44] <SpeakFree> Maybe that's why 500 years from now people will confuse him with Charlie Chaplin (dixit Idiocracy)
[15:44] <Steven_Zhang> I was at 90% for at least 2 days...
[15:44] <mabdul|busy> BarkingFish: also there
[15:44] <BarkingFish> geniice: his PR machine still worked though. Whoever did Hitler's PR, the main thing is he got out there - the publicity worked.  He went from being a nobody to the most hated man in Europe
[15:45] <Steven_Zhang> Can't help but feel a bit of envy.
[15:46] <SpeakFree> Well maybe you should start WW3 then.
[15:46] <Moe_Epsilon> <- you are more than a name in history
[15:48] <Demiurge1000> (scissors beat paper)
[15:49] <mabdul|busy> Demiurge1000: -_-
[15:51] <Steven_Zhang> Heh
�15[15:52] * matthewrbowker (~matthewrb@wikipedia/matthewrbowker) Quit (Quit: Client change�)
�15[15:53] * Entropy ( Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
�03[15:53] * matthewrbowker (~matthewrb@wikipedia/matthewrbowker) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[15:55] * southpark ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[15:56] * Queen is now known as Ty|AFK
�15[15:56] * fritzthecat_ ( Quit (Quit: Nettalk6 -�)
�03[15:56] * Entropy ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:00] <Steven_Zhang> Demiurge1000: XD
[16:00] <Steven_Zhang> Just saw that image, awesome
�03[16:00] * Ty|AFK is now known as Ty
�15[16:01] * Demiurge1000 (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Demiurge1000) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
�03[16:01] * Laura|Away is now known as LauraHale
�03[16:02] * James_F is now known as James_F|Away
�15[16:03] * Resfirestar (sam@wikipedia/Res2216firestar) Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[16:03] <Narodnik> Has Sven Goran Manguardsson been in today?
[16:03] <Steven_Zhang> Lol
[16:04] <Steven_Zhang> He's been spotted.
[16:04] <Steven_Zhang> Fuck these shit seats
[16:04] <Steven_Zhang> My bottom hurts :(
[16:04] <PeterSymonds> Don't sit on shit then.
[16:04] <Steven_Zhang> -_-
[16:05] <Alpha_Quadrant> Narodnik: isn't his username Sven Manguard?
[16:05] <Steven_Zhang> You're a real crackup peter.
[16:05] <PeterSymonds> I'm here all week, tip your waitress.
[16:05] <Narodnik> Alpha_Quadrant: Man Svengaurd's username?
[16:06] <Narodnik> Anyway if anyone spots Guardman Sven could you ask him to step into my office.
[16:06] <Alpha_Quadrant> hmm?
�15[16:08] * JeffAndroIrcAFK (~Jeff_G_do@wikipedia/Jeff-G.) Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
�03[16:08] * JeffAndroIrcAFK (~Jeff_G_do@wikipedia/Jeff-G.) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[16:08] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) Quit (Quit: Easy, tiger.�)
�15[16:10] * CKtravel ( Quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~�)
[16:10] <mabdul|busy> PeterSymonds: short time to change two links in two protected pages?
[16:10] <PeterSymonds> I think that would be acceptable.
[16:10] <mabdul|busy> in [[Wikipedia:Article wizard/Wizard-New edit instructions A]] and [[Wikipedia:Article wizard/Wizard-New edit instructions D]] should get changed
[16:10] <mabdul|busy> This wizard is under active development. Please consider giving feedback on it at Wikipedia:Article wizard/Userfeedback.
[16:11] <mabdul|busy> to [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Articles for creation/feedback]]
[16:12] <PeterSymonds> Both done.
[16:12] <Steven_Zhang> Good for peter.
[16:12] <mabdul|busy> THX
[16:12] <PeterSymonds> You're welcome.
[16:12] <Steven_Zhang> I can has clean Prod log?
�15[16:12] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) Quit (Quit: Leaving.�)
[16:12] <PeterSymonds> Prod log?
[16:12] <PeterSymonds> I hope that doesn't mean what I think it means.
�03[16:13] * CKtravel ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:13] <Steven_Zhang> Overdue proposed deletions
[16:13] <Steven_Zhang> What else could it mean :p
[16:14] <PeterSymonds> I pictured somebody writing down everything they'd ever PROD'd.
�15[16:14] * TBloemink (~TBloemink@wikimedia/tbloemink) Quit (Quit: tot morgen�)
[16:14] <Steven_Zhang> Hmmm.
[16:14] <Steven_Zhang> Requested moves is always back logged,
�03[16:15] * ToAruShiroiNeko (EVA@wikimedia/ToAruShiroiNeko) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[16:16] * p858snake|l (~p858snake@unaffiliated/p858snake) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[16:17] * Panyd is now known as Panyd_sleeping
�03[16:19] * p858snake|l is now known as p858snake|out
�15[16:19] * Steven_Zhang (~Steven_Zh@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[16:20] <Moe_Epsilon> how has [[Pizza Hut Bulgaria]] existed for a year without someone seeing it? lol
[16:21] <Moe_Epsilon> "Pizza Hut Bulgaria is the Bulgarian branch of Pizza Hut. Its main focus is like many other branches."
�03[16:21] * Excirial is now known as Excirial|Away
[16:22] <BarkingFish> Moe_Epsilon: {{mergeto|Pizza Hut}} :)
[16:22] <PeterSymonds> Better than one Pizza Hut serving the whole country I suppose.
[16:22] <PeterSymonds> Delivery fees would be a nightmare.
[16:22] <Betacommand> Moe_Epsilon: very very easily
[16:22] <Moe_Epsilon> xD
[16:22] <BarkingFish> PeterSymonds: agreed.
[16:23] <Betacommand> Moe_Epsilon: Ive seen some really crappy articles exist for 3+ years before being deleted
[16:23] <BarkingFish> "Hello, I'd like pizza please. I'm in Sofia." "We're in Veliko Tarnova, the delivery charge will be exorbitant, your pizza will be about 3 hours :)"
�15[16:24] * matthewrbowker (~matthewrb@wikipedia/matthewrbowker) Quit (Quit: Browser restart�)
[16:24] <Moe_Epsilon> yeah, I am more or less surprised since it linked directly to a fair use image: links to [[Pizza Hut]] and [[Pizza Hut Bulgaria]]. I guess no one scrolled down >:
�03[16:25] * Steven_Zhang (~Steven_Zh@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:25] <Pilif12p> Steven_Zhang: did you need something in #testwiki ?
�03[16:26] * Seddon ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:26] <Steven_Zhang> Ironholds: How'd you compile the list of editors to offer the survey too?
[16:26] <Steven_Zhang> *to
[16:26] <Steven_Zhang> Pilif12p: Nah, all sorted now :)
[16:26] <mabdul|busy> !seq
[16:26] <Steven_Zhang> Seddon: You made good points.
[16:26] <mabdul|busy> meh
�15[16:26] * southpark ( Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�03[16:27] * matthewrbowker (~matthewrb@wikipedia/matthewrbowker) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:27] <Steven_Zhang> Very good indeed.
[16:27] <Steven_Zhang> But I am curious.
[16:27] <mabdul|busy> Steven_Zhang:
[16:27] <mabdul|busy> [22:27:24] <mabdul|busy> !fetchall
[16:27] <mabdul|busy> [22:27:27] <@Helpmebot> 1 COI edit request: [[Talk:Huawei]]
[16:27] <mabdul|busy> [22:27:27] <@Helpmebot> 6 semi-protected edit requests: [[Talk:Deaths in 2011]] , [[Talk:Economics]] , [[Talk:Take Care]] , [[Talk:The Adventures of Tintin (film)]] , [[Talk:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim]] , [[Talk:WrestleMania XXVIII]]
[16:27] <mabdul|busy> Steven_Zhang: get work
[16:27] <Steven_Zhang> Lol
[16:27] <mabdul|busy> *get to work
[16:28] <Steven_Zhang> Sorry got lots to do today. Need to start writing a survey.
[16:28] <Steven_Zhang> Among other things
�03[16:28] * raindrift (~Adium@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[16:28] * raindrift (~Adium@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[16:28] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:28] <Steven_Zhang> Like working :p
�15[16:29] * Seddon ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[16:29] * Seddon ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[16:31] * Steven_Zhang (~Steven_Zh@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) Quit (Quit: Colloquy for iPad -�)
�15[16:32] * Narodnik (~Severin@wikipedia/Skomorokh) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[16:33] * Narodnik ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[16:33] * Narodnik ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[16:33] * Narodnik (~Severin@wikipedia/Skomorokh) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[16:36] * M132T003C (~MTC@wikimedia/MTC) Quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~�)
�15[16:36] * hare (~chatzilla@wikipedia/MessedRocker) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�03[16:36] * Sir48 (~Sir48@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[16:36] * Narodnik (~Severin@wikipedia/Skomorokh) Quit (Client Quit�)
�03[16:36] * Qcoder00_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[16:37] * JeffAndroIrcAFK (~Jeff_G_do@wikipedia/Jeff-G.) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[16:37] * JeffAndroIrcAFK (~Jeff_G_do@wikipedia/Jeff-G.) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[16:38] * Qcoder00 (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/qcoder00) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
[16:38] <slon02> so what exactly is the consensus on using "only warning" templates?
�03[16:38] * Qcoder00_ is now known as Qcoder00
�03[16:38] * Narodnik (~Severin@wikipedia/Skomorokh) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:38] <Qcoder00> Hello agin
[16:38] <Qcoder00> *again
�03[16:39] * Qcoder00 is now known as Guest95569
�03[16:39] * Guest95569 is now known as Qcoder00
�15[16:39] * Qcoder00 ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[16:39] * Qcoder00 (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/qcoder00) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:39] <SpeakFree> I won't use templates to warn vandals anymore.
[16:40] <SpeakFree> just say please stop doing that on their talk pages or another handwritten messag.
�15[16:40] * LikeLakers2 (adab35c1@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
�03[16:40] * LikeLakers2 (adab35c1@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:40] <slon02> ..why?
[16:40] <SpeakFree> It's too complicated choosing an appropriate template and I just can't be bothered with it.
[16:41] <Narodnik> ...and it's killing Wikipedia
[16:41] <Narodnik>
[16:41] <WilliamH_UK> yep
[16:41] <slon02> templates are killing Wikipedia..
[16:41] <Moe_Epsilon> I don't like use template warnings except a generic version in order. We got so politically correct we had to create a template for each scenario
[16:41] <SpeakFree> If you MUST use templates I'll just rollback without warning.
[16:41] <SpeakFree> and if that's not appropriate I'll just won't bother.
�15[16:41] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) Quit (Quit: Leaving.�)
�03[16:42] * Guerillero_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:42] <slon02> so you're saying that you won't revert vandalism because you don't believe in templates?
�03[16:42] * Guerillero_ is now known as Guerillero
�15[16:42] * Guerillero ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[16:42] * Guerillero (~Gueriller@wikipedia/Guerillero) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:42] <BarkingFish> SpeakFree: we have a little policy which might help you, and Moe_Epsilon too -
�03[16:42] * southpark ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:42] <BarkingFish> WP:DTLR
�15[16:42] * Magog_the_Ogre (~Magog_the@wikipedia/Magog-the-Ogre) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[16:42] <BarkingFish> sorry, wrong one
[16:42] <BarkingFish> WP:DTTR
[16:43] <SpeakFree> Actually I have stopped recent changes patrolling for quite a while.
[16:43] <BarkingFish> Templates are fine, but as long as you don't use them against regular contributors
�03[16:43] * Steven_Zhang (cb235285@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:43] <Steven_Zhang> wow :-)
[16:43] <Guerillero> hai
[16:43] <slon02> I'd agree with that
[16:44] <SpeakFree> I might do it again but no bickering that I should have used uw2 instead of uw3
[16:44] <SpeakFree> or was it the other way around?
[16:44] <Steven_Zhang> Ironholds: ping
[16:44] <Moe_Epsilon> I usually don't template regulars, if I do, I identify one problem, and give additional explanation after that if there are multiple instances, with image problems for example.
[16:44] <slon02> I find it difficult to imagine that someone would quibble over that
[16:44] <Ironholds> Steven_Zhang: "badly"
[16:44] <slon02>
[16:44] <slon02> actually, no, I don't
[16:44] <Ironholds> and not using a mechanism you can use for a DR survey
�15[16:44] * Seddon ( Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
[16:44] <Ironholds> (we were aiming at patrollers. All patrol actions are automatically logged. Do the maths)
[16:45] <Steven_Zhang> Ironholds: siko doesnt know of the survey monkey account
[16:45] <SpeakFree> userwarning templates should be in twinkle as a drop down box with explanation so won't easily make a mistake.
[16:45] <Steven_Zhang> figured out the stats,
[16:45] <Ironholds> Steven_Zhang: Siko works for a different bloody department.
[16:45] <Steven_Zhang> as an example
[16:45] <slon02> Huggle has a drop-down box..
[16:45] <Steven_Zhang> ah
[16:45] <Ironholds> her not knowing of the survey monkey account is not suprising
�03[16:46] * IShadowed_ is now known as IShadowed
�15[16:46] * Ironholds (~bob@wikipedia/Ironholds) Quit (Quit: work�)
[16:46] <SpeakFree> Ah I tried Huggle but it almost makes you epileptic, there are so many recent changes.
[16:47] <SpeakFree> Special:RecentChanges is of course more suitable for a smaller wiki.
[16:47] <SpeakFree> I just picked a few changes and checked them.
�15[16:47] * Lisa_Fox (~w5fox`` Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds�)
[16:48] <SpeakFree> doing my part how little it may be.
[16:48] <Guerillero> huggle is nice after a while
[16:49] <Guerillero> it just has a high learning curve
[16:49] <Moe_Epsilon> I almost got to the point where I had to stop vandal patrolling, I did it in the early years on recent changes when there was no bots, no twinkle and no huggle. I refuse to upgrade :p
[16:49] <SpeakFree> I also used another tool which said predicted bad edits but I got so much flak using it that I stopped using it. Can't remember what it was called. Apparently the prediction wasn't that good.
�15[16:51] * BarkingFish (~BarkingIn@openglobe/BarkingFish) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�15[16:52] * BewareofDoug (~Doug__@wikipedia/Doug) Quit (Quit: BewareofDoug�)
[16:52] <SpeakFree> My edits are for 80+% in article space.
[16:52] <slon02> how long has the "nuke contribs" been around?
�03[16:53] * JeffAndroIrcAFK is now known as Jeff_G
�15[16:53] * Entropy ( Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds�)
�15[16:57] * Olipro (~Olipro@uncyclopedia/pdpc.21for7.olipro) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�03[16:59] * BewareofDoug (~Doug__@wikipedia/Doug) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[16:59] * PerfM (~traller@defocus/troll) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[17:00] * causasui (40acad8a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:00] <causasui> hi wiki
[17:00] <bep> Hello causasui!
[17:00] <bep> Welcome to #wikipedia-en!
[17:00] <Steven_Zhang> bleh
[17:00] <bep> Please place your public key in the bin by the corner.
[17:00] <Steven_Zhang> google survey... -_-
[17:01] <bep> Do not use harsh words, slurs nor French in the channel.
[17:01] <PerfM> woooooooooooooooooo
[17:01] <PerfM> my name is Steven_Zhang too
[17:01] <PerfM> minus the underscore
[17:01] <PerfM> we're like the same person!
[17:01] <Pharos> my name is just _
[17:02] <Pharos> so together, we equal one Steven_Zhang
[17:02] <PerfM> Yes
[17:02] <PerfM> that is true
[17:02] <PerfM> Crazy how the world works out, yes?
�06[17:02] * Logan_ grumbles.
�03[17:03] * BarkingFish (~BarkingIn@openglobe/BarkingFish) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:03] <PerfM> Pharos, my middle name is Logan, therefore we make Logan_ tooooo
[17:03] <PerfM> wooooooooooo!
[17:03] <Logan_> That's crazy, PerfM.
[17:03] <Peter-C> Pharos :D
[17:04] <Pharos> and I always thought my parents were nuts to name me _
[17:04] <Pharos> shows the wisdom of the ancestors
[17:04] <Peter-C> Pharos - I had an idea
[17:04] <WilliamH_UK> hi bep, causasui
[17:04] <Peter-C> Wikipedia in the workplace
[17:04] <bep> Hello WilliamH_UK!
[17:04] <bep> Welcome to #wikipedia-en!
[17:05] <Peter-C> We go to businesses and have seminars on how and why to edit Wikopedia
�15[17:05] * Fluff|away (Fluffernut@wikipedia/Fluffernutter) Quit (Quit: there is no fluff, only zuul�)
[17:05] <Peter-C> Or go to conventionsd
[17:05] <bep> My name is bep, what's yours?
[17:05] <Peter-C> *conventions
[17:05] <WilliamH_UK> my name is Will
[17:05] <Pharos> we could do that
[17:05] <Peter-C> My name is in no way, shape, or form Peter
[17:06] <PerfM> Will.I.Am
[17:06] <PerfM> like the rappper
[17:06] <PerfM> wooooooooooooo!
[17:06] <PerfM> Goo Will!
[17:06] <PerfM> YEAH WILL
[17:06] <PerfM> YOU CAN DO IT WILL
[17:06] <Pharos> the trick is to not be too commercial about it
[17:06] <Fluttershy-EN> ni
[17:07] <Peter-C> Fluttershy-EN whips her hair back and fourth
[17:07] <Fluttershy-EN> g'
[17:07] <Pharos> is g' a Khoisan vowel?
[17:08] <Peter-C> It is a gangsta vowel
[17:08] <Logan_> PerfM: Have you ever considered taking up cheerleading?
[17:08] <Fluttershy-EN> it's as gangasta as a nigger.
[17:08] <Logan_> Fluttershy-EN: Watch your language, please.
�03[17:08] * Ty is now known as le-fail
[17:08] <Peter-C> Logan_ has a good point
�06[17:09] * Peter-C whips his hair back and fourth in rage
�06[17:09] * Peter-C considers a table flip
[17:09] <Pharos> oh, this is a differnt flu- person
[17:09] <Moe_Epsilon> I remove non-free content logos and replace them with free content from WikiMedia, ask for a non-boilerplate explanation of why we need a logo when we have free alternatives for identification, I get replied with a guideline, [[WP:LOGO]].
[17:09] <Fluttershy-EN> ok
[17:09] <Moe_Epsilon> I guess you can't identify things without it being a clear non-free logo smh
�03[17:10] * Crazynas (~IceChat7@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[17:10] * Crazynas (~IceChat7@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[17:10] * Crazynas (~IceChat7@wikipedia/crazynas) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:10] <Peter-C> Fluttershy-EN!!! LOOK AT THAT Mechanism of Injury
[17:11] <Pharos> peter.c i was thinking about your article [[stabwound]]
[17:11] <Peter-C> Oh dear god...
[17:11] <Peter-C> Why....
�06[17:11] * Peter-C get's out the body bag
[17:11] <Peter-C> I charge $1000 for disposal
[17:11] <Peter-C> another $1000 for the clean up
[17:12] <Peter-C> I may need more money for police bribes
[17:12] <Pharos> i was thinking of other articles
[17:12] <PeterSymonds> In other words, it's quicker, cheaper and safer to do it yourself.
�03[17:12] * Panyd_sleeping is now known as Panyd
�03[17:12] * Submarine ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[17:12] * Submarine ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[17:12] * Submarine (~david@wikipedia/Monniaux/David) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:12] <Pharos> [[arrow wound]]
[17:12] <Pharos> [[sword wound]]
[17:12] <Peter-C> O_o
[17:12] <Pharos> [[axe wound]]
[17:13] <Pharos> these are all historically notable topics!
[17:13] <Moe_Epsilon>
[17:13] <matthewrbowker> Holy cow, lots of deletion logs!
[17:13] <Logan_> Holy cow.
[17:14] <Peter-C> Pharos - a weapon that can stab refers to a "pointed object that is "deeper than it is wide"."
[17:14] <Pharos> an arrow wound is very different
[17:14] <Peter-C> {{cn}}
[17:15] <Pharos> have you ever been shot by an arrow?
[17:15] <Peter-C> No O_o
[17:15] <Panyd> have you? :p
[17:16] <Pharos> not recently
�06[17:16] * Peter-C shoots an arrow at Panyd
[17:16] <Pharos> since the chainmail
[17:16] <Peter-C> think fast!
[17:16] <Panyd> no
�06[17:16] * Panyd dies
�06[17:17] * Peter-C hides Panyd under a rug
[17:17] <Pharos> an arrow is prob halfway between a bullet wound and a stab wound
[17:17] <Peter-C> It would then fall under general [[penetrating trauma]]
�15[17:19] * joke-away ( Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[17:20] <Peter-C> Pharos - is there any outreach program that targets professionals
[17:20] <Pharos> not by official wikimedia groups
[17:21] <Peter-C> Could we do something like that?
[17:21] <Pharos> well, not organized as such, anyway
[17:21] <Logan_> :P
[17:21] <Logan_> probably something on there
[17:21] <Peter-C> We should go to trade shows and have a booth there
�03[17:21] * le-fail is now known as Queen
[17:21] <Peter-C> NYC must have a million trade shows
[17:21] <Pharos> too many probably
[17:22] <Peter-C> We can have you give a lecture about why they should edit Wikipedia
[17:22] <Peter-C> While the rest of us go around eating the free snacks
[17:22] <Pharos> many of them do
[17:23] <Pharos> the point is to get them to bdo it more responsibly
[17:23] <PerfM> let's walk through the fire together
[17:23] <PerfM> disappear in the golden sand!
[17:23] <PerfM> I seee your face
[17:23] <PerfM> ~~~
[17:23] <PerfM> it's like the sound of winnnnnnnter
[17:23] <PerfM> Medusa smiles
[17:23] <mabdul|busy> !trout Steven_Zhang you did nothing on that backlog XD
[17:23] <PerfM> Judas lips
[17:23] <PerfM> open fingers
[17:23] <Steven_Zhang> :P
[17:23] <PerfM> ~~~
[17:23] <PerfM> ~~~~
[17:24] <mabdul|busy> ~~~~~
[17:24] <PerfM> I'll be with you until the end
[17:24] <PerfM> mabdul|busy! Ya!
[17:24] <PerfM> That's the spirit!
[17:24] <PerfM> It's all in your face
[17:24] <PerfM> I see it break
[17:24] <PerfM> it's like the sound of winterrrrrrrr
[17:24] <Logan_> PerfM: Enough lyrics, please.
[17:24] <PerfM> Logan_, no u
[17:24] <Logan_> Yes me.
[17:24] <PerfM> You've got to hang on to yourself
[17:24] <Logan_> I feel like that's another lyric.
[17:24] <PerfM> Logan_, it's this or Justin Bieber
�03[17:24] * Olipro (~Olipro@uncyclopedia/pdpc.21for7.olipro) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:24] <PerfM> I'm saving you guys
[17:25] <PerfM> so be grateful
[17:25] <PerfM> or gratefull*
[17:25] <PeterSymonds> You were right the first time.
[17:25] <Logan_> PerfM: No, it's neither.
[17:25] <PerfM> you're neither
[17:25] <Theo10011> ok
[17:25] <Theo10011>!/DuchessCornwall
[17:26] <Theo10011> why is she following me?
[17:26] <SpeakFree> Kate may be bored with Wills already ;)
�15[17:27] * Excirial|Away (~Excirial@wikipedia/Excirial) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
[17:27] <Panyd> Theo10011: Why was Stephen Dry following me?
[17:27] <Panyd> Fry*
[17:27] <PeterSymonds> I dread to think.
[17:27] <Peter-C> Because he wants to make love with you Panyd
[17:27] <SpeakFree> He might be bored with @MrsStephenFry already
[17:27] <PeterSymonds> SpeakFree, not the Duchess of Cambridge. ;-p
[17:28] <Panyd> ...
[17:28] <SpeakFree> I know ;)
[17:28] <Panyd> Peter-C: I'm lacking the right equipment to make love to Stephen Fry :P
[17:28] <PeterSymonds> Shows a dreadful lack of foresight.
[17:28] <Peter-C> O_o
[17:28] <Peter-C> A heart? :P
[17:29] <PeterSymonds> "One could murder a kebab. Or Fergie, whichever I get to first."
[17:29] <PeterSymonds> Heh. I like these accounts.
�03[17:29] * joke-away ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:29] <Panyd> Peter-C: Yes, a heart
�06[17:30] * Panyd is incapable of love
�06[17:30] * Panyd cries
�06[17:30] * Peter-C preforms a heart transplant on Panyd
[17:30] <Peter-C> Wait
[17:30] <Peter-C> Oh shit
[17:30] <Peter-C> Nurse, where am I?
[17:30] <Peter-C> Did I miss my left at the deuodenium!?
[17:30] <Peter-C> No, we're not going to pull over and ask for directions
�15[17:31] * Crazynas (~IceChat7@wikipedia/crazynas) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds�)
[17:31] <Steven_Zhang> Oh, PeterSymonds did it.
[17:31] <PeterSymonds> Hm?
[17:31] <Steven_Zhang>
[17:31] <PeterSymonds> So I did.
[17:31] <PeterSymonds> I don't even remember.
[17:31] <DarkoNeko> nighty =__=
�06[17:31] * Steven_Zhang can't remember requesting it :P
�15[17:31] * DarkoNeko (~udontcare@wikipedia/darkoneko) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�15[17:31] * Jeff_G (~Jeff_G_do@wikipedia/Jeff-G.) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[17:32] <Steven_Zhang> oh well :D
[17:32] <PeterSymonds> Well, you must've done. I'm far too lazy to go around flagging random accounts.
[17:32] <Steven_Zhang> hm, dunno.
�03[17:33] * DeltaQuad is now known as DQ|sick
�03[17:33] * Queen is now known as ZamorakO_o
[17:33] <PeterSymonds> "Camilla pulled out of this today's reception with the President of Turkey. Says she'll get enough of turkey at Christmas. Awkward."
�03[17:34] * mabdul|busy is now known as mabdul|food
�15[17:34] * southpark ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[17:35] <Steven_Zhang> PeterSymonds: you should go for FB
[17:35] <Steven_Zhang> RFB
�03[17:35] * Lisa_Fox (~w5fox`` has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:35] <Steven_Zhang> then you might randomly sysop people
[17:35] <PeterSymonds> Good God no.
[17:35] <Steven_Zhang> why not?
[17:35] <PeterSymonds> Not only don't I particularly want to, but it's boring as hell.
[17:35] <Steven_Zhang> then you will have almost every hat :P
[17:35] <Logan_> And we all know that PeterSymonds is quite the party animal.
[17:35] <Logan_> He can't withstand boredom.
[17:35] <PeterSymonds> Well, quite.
[17:36] <Steven_Zhang> even if he is over 500 years old.
[17:36] <PeterSymonds> Steven_Zhang, ah, see, I'm not particularly interested in hat-collecting.
[17:36] <Steven_Zhang> citation needed, you say?
[17:36] <PeterSymonds> I like doing roles that are active.
[17:36] <Steven_Zhang> Peter Symonds (c. 1528)
[17:36] <Logan_> Did you mean Peter Symonds, the 16th-century wealthy English merchant and benefactor?
[17:36] <Steven_Zhang> Can I put a hatnote in the article
[17:36] <PeterSymonds> One was indeed born in the year of our Lord 1500 and twenty-eight.
�03[17:37] * southpark ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:37] <Steven_Zhang> "This article refers to the 16th century english merchant. For the user, see User:PeterSymonds"
[17:37] <PeterSymonds> I think you did that before.
[17:37] <Steven_Zhang> no I didnt ;P
[17:37] <Steven_Zhang> :O
[17:37] <Steven_Zhang> COI
[17:37] <Logan_>
[17:37] <Steven_Zhang> haha
[17:38] <Steven_Zhang> indeed I did
�03[17:38] * ZamorakO_o is now known as Queen
[17:38] <Steven_Zhang> It should be added back.
[17:38] <Steven_Zhang> zomg PeterSymonds, editing your own article
[17:39] <PeterSymonds> Well, so far, nobody's ever come to my talk page and asked me to fund a new school.
[17:39] <PeterSymonds> Likewise, nobody's ever gone to the article talk page and asked me to delete something.
[17:39] <Steven_Zhang> no, but
[17:39] <Steven_Zhang> someone might look for you, and type in Peter Symonds in the search box
[17:40] <Logan_> same goes for Logan
[17:40] <Logan_> Did you mean Logan the Orator, the 18th-century Native American orator and war leader?
[17:40] <PeterSymonds> The give-away is in the death date, Steve.
�08[17:40] * derp hugs PeterSymonds
�08[17:40] * derp hugs Logan_
�08[17:40] * derp hugs Stelpa
�08[17:40] * derp hugs Steven_Zhang
�08[17:40] * derp hugs Queen
�08[17:40] * derp hugs Qcoder00
[17:40] <Logan_> derp: No.
�06[17:41] * Queen hugs derp
[17:41] <PeterSymonds> Logan_, so what made you retire?
[17:41] <Queen> A hug a day will keep depression at bay <3
[17:41] <Logan_> PeterSymonds: The stress of public speaking, really.
�06[17:41] * Nascar1996 never gets hugs. :-(
[17:41] <PeterSymonds> Not good for an orator.
�08[17:41] * derp hugs Nascar1996
�06[17:41] * Peter-C tosses Nascar1996 off a roof
[17:41] <Nascar1996> :-)
[17:41] <Logan_> Nascar1996: That's because you don't deserve them.
[17:41] <PeterSymonds> War leadership might get a bit tricky too.
[17:41] <Logan_> PeterSymonds: Just a bit.
[17:42] <Nascar1996> Logan_ : I bet I don't.
[17:42] <Logan_> Ooh, there's a statue of me in West Virginia.
[17:42] <Nascar1996> eh
�08[17:42] <derp> I built it, Logan_
[17:44] <PeterSymonds> So it's pink.
[17:44] <Steven_Zhang> Logan_: you retired?
[17:44] <Steven_Zhang> also, why did you kill President Palmer?
[17:44] <Logan_> I cannot disclose that information.
[17:44] <Submarine> folks
[17:44] <Submarine> for those who might be interested
[17:45] <Submarine> the French national assembly is right now debating freedom of panorama
[17:45] <Pilif12p> Logan_ didn't retire
[17:45] <Pilif12p> or did he?
[17:45] <matthewrbowker> Admin awake?
�08[17:45] <derp> yo
[17:45] <Logan_> Pilif12p: From being an Indian orator.
[17:45] <Pilif12p> oh, okay
[17:45] <matthewrbowker> derp: You an admin?
�06[17:45] * WilliamH_UK waves
[17:45] <Logan_> I lol'd
[17:45] <Steven_Zhang> pesky..
[17:46] <matthewrbowker> WilliamH_UK: you any good with histmerges?
[17:46] <Steven_Zhang> !checkuser
[17:46] <WilliamH_UK> i've only done 1
�08[17:46] <derp> Steven_Zhang?
[17:46] <WilliamH_UK> so there's probably a more experienced person out there
[17:46] <Steven_Zhang> you are no checkuser.
[17:46] <WilliamH_UK> and Steven what is it
[17:46] <Steven_Zhang> WilliamH_UK is, on the other hand :P
[17:46] <PeterSymonds> matthewrbowker, what do you need?
�03[17:47] * PerfM (~traller@defocus/troll) has left #wikipedia-en
[17:47] <matthewrbowker> PeterSymonds: Can you histmerge to please?
[17:47] <PeterSymonds> Sure.
�03[17:47] * Jcaraballo|away (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Jcaraballo) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:47] <Pilif12p> Steven_Zhang: derp is nothing
[17:48] <Logan_> [17:48] <Helpmebot> The user rights for User:Zalgo are: user, autoconfirmed, ipblock-exempt, reviewer, rollbacker
�03[17:48] * Logan_ (~Logan@wikimedia/Logan) has left #wikipedia-en
�03[17:48] * Logan_ (~Logan@wikimedia/Logan) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:48] <Logan_> Er.
[17:48] <PeterSymonds> Done.
[17:49] <matthewrbowker> PeterSymonds: Thank you so much
[17:49] <PeterSymonds> You're welcome!
�08[17:49] <derp> See, PeterSymonds is evil!
[17:50] <PeterSymonds> I only do good deeds round here.
�08[17:50] <derp> o rly
�15[17:52] * BewareofDoug (~Doug__@wikipedia/Doug) Quit (Quit: BewareofDoug�)
�03[17:53] * LtNOWIS ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[17:55] * Iamred ( Quit (Quit: Iamred es ... SALIR!�)
[17:55] <Steven_Zhang> but he doesnt have filemover :P
[17:56] <SpeakFree> Why does Jimmy now ask for $10 whilst a few weeks ago there was an option to chose $5?
[17:57] <PeterSymonds> What you're seeing is a difference between WMF standard banners and Chapter-specific banners.
�03[17:57] * matthewrbowker is now known as MRB[away]
[17:57] <SpeakFree> Are they language issue based or IP based?
[17:57] <PeterSymonds> Location-based.
�15[17:57] * joke-away ( Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[17:58] <SpeakFree> OIC
�08[17:58] <derp> Give us 5$ or we kill Justin Bieber.
[17:58] <SpeakFree> Well the bank transfer costs may be higher over here.
[17:58] <BarkingFish> fuck that, I'll keep the $5 - do your worst
[17:58] <Pilif12p> for god's sake nobody give him $5
[17:58] <SpeakFree> actually it was 5 euro not $
�15[17:58] * Theo10011 (~Theo10011@wikimedia/Theo10011) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
[17:58] <SpeakFree> That should be the banner.
�08[17:59] <derp> GIve us 5$ and we'll make Justin Bieber call you.
[17:59] <PeterSymonds> Are you in the UK?
[17:59] <SpeakFree> I wouldn't pay then :P
�08[17:59] <derp> don't give us 5$ and we'll tell Justin Bieber to kill you.
[17:59] <Steven_Zhang> PeterSymonds: you must come to my meetup in London.
[17:59] <Steven_Zhang> NEW RFA!
[17:59] <SpeakFree> I would pay for JB to just go back to his hick town and stay anonymous for the rest of his life ;)
[18:00] <PeterSymonds> You're not in London.
[18:00] <Steven_Zhang> I will be.
[18:00] <PeterSymonds> Oh. London, lock your doors.
[18:01] <SpeakFree> People who RFA should be excluded from adminship it should be like jury duty.
�15[18:01] * Bsadowski1 (~dabtd@wikipedia/Bsadowski1) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds�)
[18:01] <PeterSymonds> Besides, London has a monthy meetup going.
[18:01] <PeterSymonds> You should just attend one of those.
�03[18:01] * Qcoder00_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[18:01] * Qcoder00 is now known as Guest59208
[18:01] <Steven_Zhang> I'll also be in LA and DC
[18:02] <Steven_Zhang> hopefully NYC too
�03[18:02] * Qcoder00_ is now known as Qcoder00
[18:02] <PeterSymonds> Why?
�15[18:02] * Qcoder00 ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[18:02] * Qcoder00 (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/qcoder00) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[18:02] Clones detected from unaffiliated/qcoder00:�8 Guest59208 Qcoder00
[18:02] <SpeakFree> My British friend was forced to do jury duty a few years ago.
�03[18:02] * Nascar1996 (~Nascar199@wikipedia/Nascar1996) has left #wikipedia-en ("Leaving"�)
[18:02] <Steven_Zhang> wmf fellowship
[18:02] <bep> we don't call it jury duty
[18:02] <bep> over here we call it Court Fun Times Prosecuty Time
�03[18:02] * Bsadowski1 (~dabtd@wikipedia/Bsadowski1) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:03] <bep> it's not a jury
[18:03] <bep> it's a Silly Willy No Wigs Party
[18:03] <LtNOWIS> Jury members can still be put on trial for crimes and stuff
[18:03] <bep> do not make fun of our historical names.
[18:03] <SpeakFree> I wish we had jury duty over here and I was asked to serve.
[18:03] <SpeakFree> But sadly we have Napoleonic law over here.
�03[18:03] * MRB[away] is now known as matthewrbowker
[18:04] <Steven_Zhang> I havent been asked to do dury duty
�15[18:04] * Guest59208 (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/qcoder00) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds�)
[18:04] <SpeakFree> So no juries.
[18:04] <SpeakFree> In Belgium they do have juries.
[18:05] <Submarine> France has juries.
[18:05] <Submarine> and had juries in Napoleon's times, afaik
[18:06] <SpeakFree> Well they might have changed it back.
[18:06] <SpeakFree> they had the restoration after Napoleon.
[18:07] <Submarine> France had juries in the 19th and 20th centuries.
[18:07] <Submarine> for all severe crimes
[18:07] <SpeakFree> INANALAL
�03[18:07] * MuZemike (~MuZemike@wikimedia/MuZemike) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:07] <SpeakFree> I Am Not ANAL About Law :P
[18:07] <Submarine> and in fact, in Napoleon's times, had access to a lawyer guaranteed in trials for severe crimes
[18:07] <MuZemike> That's not fun:
[18:08] <Submarine> at a time where, afaik, suspects could not get lawyers in England
[18:08] <Submarine> for criminal trials
[18:08] <MuZemike> While, in the U.S. everybody is just plain innocent.
[18:08] <SpeakFree> Well in the Netherlands we apparently kept several changes in the law which the French imposed just because there was no consensus to change it (sound familiar?) ;)
[18:08] <MuZemike> Unless, I suppose, you're Troy Davis.
[18:10] <MuZemike> Of course, where is the death penalty when you need it? (looking at Illinois):
[18:10] <WilliamH_UK> you don't need it, it doesn't work
[18:11] <MuZemike> Of course, there is that Indiana couple who killed their son after locking him in a pet cage.
[18:11] <MuZemike> But they have the death penalty in Indiana IIRC.
[18:11] <WilliamH_UK> they do
�03[18:11] * raindrift (~Adium@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[18:11] * raindrift (~Adium@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[18:11] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:11] <WilliamH_UK> but locking them in effectively a cage for the rest of their lives is the most fitting punishment
[18:11] <WilliamH_UK> death is a way out
[18:11] <MuZemike>
[18:12] <Moe_Epsilon> am I just being a dick or does the [[Burger King]] article not properly identify that it is Burger King without a logo and a restaurant picture being there instead?
[18:12] <SpeakFree> It takes reoffending pretty much out of the picture unless the offender returns as one of the undead.
[18:12] <MuZemike> That only happens in John Romero films and in Creepshow.
�15[18:13] * Queen (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) Quit (Quit: We are Wikipedia, we are legion, here, have some wikilove, come help us edit?�)
[18:13] <MuZemike> Bah *George (and he produced Creepshow)
[18:13] <causasui> in the US we say people are innocent but treat them like they're guilty. It's a kind of professional courtesy.
[18:13] <SpeakFree> Or in the 1998 movie Fallen
[18:14] <SpeakFree> with Denzel Washington as detective who must combat an executed murderer who possesses people to commit murders.
�03[18:14] * Ziko (8fb002ef@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:14] <MuZemike> Creepshow was one of the few films in which Stephen King himself played a role.
[18:14] <causasui> Unfortunately there are always handfuls of folks who think it's okay to occassionally kill an innocent person so that they can also kill guilty people when they really, really want to
[18:15] <WilliamH_UK> Fallen was a great film
[18:15] <MuZemike> Because we all know Casey Anthony is innocent. {{citation needed}}
[18:16] <Moe_Epsilon> not guilty*
�03[18:16] * BewareofDoug (~Doug__@wikipedia/Doug) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:16] <MuZemike> Oh yeah, there is a difference. 9_9
[18:16] <MuZemike> The baby stumbled to the duct tape and chloroform.
[18:19] <MuZemike> More eyes on please
[18:19] <MuZemike> Aw, fuck it; I'm semi-protecting
[18:20] <SpeakFree> In NL a nurse was convicted to life imprisonment because some statician presented a bogus testimony that the chance that she could not have committed the crime was astronomical.
[18:20] <SpeakFree> And 7 years later her conviction was overtturned.
[18:20] <Moe_Epsilon> statistics are a lie >:
[18:21] <BarkingFish> everyone knows 109% of statistics are untrue, and 235% of those are made up
[18:21] <SpeakFree> In NL life is life, there is no possibility of parole (only the rare chance of royal pardon which happened only one or two times in the 20th century).
[18:21] <SpeakFree> It's not like in the UK where you can be released after 20 years.
[18:22] <SpeakFree> So it was a severe sentence on bogus scientific claims.
[18:22] <SpeakFree>
[18:22] <causasui> It's pretty well established that long prison sentences in degrading conditions are an effective deterrent and prevent recidivism /sarcasm
[18:23] <Moe_Epsilon> I like multi-life terms, only for the fact they sound funny when they are announced. "You are sentenced to nine life sentences." Dammit, there goes this and eight other lives..
[18:23] <BarkingFish> Moe_Epsilon: perfect for a cat though
[18:23] <SpeakFree> In Mexico someone was convicted to 90,000 years apparently.
[18:23] <Moe_Epsilon> :P
[18:23] <BarkingFish> unless it's lost a life already
[18:23] <SpeakFree> remember that from my old Guinness World Records book.
[18:24] <SpeakFree> 9 life sentences would be appropriate for a cat.
[18:24] <Moe_Epsilon> They are assuming these people are Methusela
[18:24] <Moe_Epsilon> *Methuselah
[18:24] <Moe_Epsilon> and he only lived 969 years >:
[18:25] <SpeakFree> They should keep them in the prison cemetary for the full duration.
[18:25] <SpeakFree> But what to do when the prison is closed and demolished?
�15[18:26] * Ziko (8fb002ef@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
[18:26] <Moe_Epsilon> SpeakFree: requests for relocation?
�03[18:29] * DQ|sick is now known as DQ|around|sick
�15[18:31] * Timotheus_Canens (~tcanens@wikipedia/Tim-Song) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[18:31] * Timotheus_Canens (~tcanens@wikipedia/Tim-Song) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[18:32] * mabdul|food is now known as mabdul|busy
�15[18:33] * Internet13 ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[18:33] * Internet13 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[18:35] * tdubellz_ (tdubellz@freenode/staff/tdubellz) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[18:35] Clones detected from freenode/staff/tdubellz:�8 tdubellz tdubellz_
[18:35] <Qcoder00> derp: I'd be careful what you say in jest here
[18:36] <Qcoder00> THEY monitor IRC
�06[18:36] * Panyd looks paranoid
[18:36] <PeterSymonds> Hopefully they'll take YOU away soon, Qcoder00.
[18:36] <Qcoder00> How do you know I'm not one of THEM ? XD
[18:36] <PeterSymonds> Oh, I just know.
�15[18:37] * tdubellz (tdubellz@freenode/staff/tdubellz) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
�06[18:37] * Panyd eyes PeterSymonds suspiciously
[18:37] <PeterSymonds> Not me either!
[18:37] <Moe_Epsilon> I encourage stalkers :p
[18:37] <Peter-C> I am your god now
[18:38] <Alpha_Quadrant> PeterSymonds: do you have a minute to perform another histmerge?
[18:38] <PeterSymonds> I suppose.
[18:38] <Moe_Epsilon> Being a God is kinda pervy, he watches you even when you're alone
[18:38] <Moe_Epsilon> >:
[18:39] <Peter-C> :3
[18:39] <Alpha_Quadrant> was copy/pasted to
�06[18:39] * Moe_Epsilon closes his curtains�
�03[18:39] * swarfega is now known as swarfega|away
[18:39] <Alpha_Quadrant> Can you please merge the AfC submission into mainspace?
�03[18:40] * tdubellz_ is now known as tdubellz
[18:40] <Alpha_Quadrant> thanks
[18:40] <PeterSymonds> That one had no deleted history.
[18:40] <PeterSymonds> Just in case you're looking for the deleted page.
[18:41] <Alpha_Quadrant> it looks like there are two articles now and
�15[18:41] * matthewrbowker (~matthewrb@wikipedia/matthewrbowker) Quit (Quit: Switching computers�)
[18:41] <Alpha_Quadrant> one has a capitalized C
[18:42] <PeterSymonds> Oh.
[18:42] <PeterSymonds> That would explain it.
�06[18:42] * Moe_Epsilon tags as uncategorized�
�15[18:43] * mabdul|busy (~mabdul@wikipedia/mabdul) Quit (Quit:�)
�03[18:44] * mabdul (~mabdul@wikipedia/mabdul) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[18:44] * Queen (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:44] <Steven_Zhang> Hm
[18:44] <Steven_Zhang> that new me pause
�15[18:44] * mabdul (~mabdul@wikipedia/mabdul) Quit (Client Quit�)
[18:44] <Steven_Zhang> Incivility is a real sour point for me.
[18:45] <Alpha_Quadrant> PeterSymonds: could you please move into
[18:45] <MuZemike> "Most of my article writing has been start to stub class articles."
�03[18:45] * Addihockey10 (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Addihockey10) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:45] <MuZemike> Almost sounds like he takes a Start-Class article and then makes it into a Stub.
[18:46] <Addihockey10> ...
[18:46] <Alpha_Quadrant> heh
[18:46] <Moe_Epsilon> lol
�15[18:46] * CKtravel ( Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds�)
[18:46] <Alpha_Quadrant> thanks
[18:47] <MuZemike> Luckily, he didn't say "FA to stub class"
[18:47] <Alpha_Quadrant> hah, FA blanking would get a large number of opposes
[18:48] <Moe_Epsilon> or a demotion of said FA without anyone noticing :p
[18:48] <Alpha_Quadrant> Moe_Epsilon: I am pretty sure the FA writer would throw a fit on ANI
�03[18:49] * Dragonfly6-7 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:49] <Moe_Epsilon> there must have been a lot of fits: [[Wikipedia:Former_featured_articles]]
�03[18:49] * EdSaperia_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[18:49] Clones detected from�8 EdSaperia EdSaperia_
�03[18:50] * SigmaWP (~coalball@wikipedia/Lowercase-Sigma) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:50] <Dragonfly6-7> I'm reading about [[Robert Liston]], fastest surgeon in history
�15[18:50] * Qcoder00 (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/qcoder00) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
[18:50] <Dragonfly6-7> once performed a surgery that had a 300% mortality
[18:50] <SigmaWP> O.o
�06[18:51] * MuZemike looks at the "Video gaming" section of former FAs
�03[18:51] * Magog_the_Ogre ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[18:51] * Magog_the_Ogre ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[18:51] * Magog_the_Ogre (~Magog_the@wikipedia/Magog-the-Ogre) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:51] <MuZemike> There's the two that I got delisted from FA: [[Devil May Cry 2]] and [[Nintendo Entertainment System]]
[18:52] <Addihockey10> Dragonfly6-7: Huh?
[18:52] <Addihockey10> That's impossible.
[18:52] <MuZemike> FF4 can get back up to FA
[18:52] <Moe_Epsilon> Dragonfly6-7: pretty amazing, but the one with 300% mortality: "Amputated the leg in under 2 1/2 minutes (the patient died afterwards in the ward from hospital gangrene".."
�15[18:52] * erikhaugen (~erikhauge@wikipedia/ErikHaugen) Quit (Quit: erikhaugen�)
[18:52] <Moe_Epsilon> sounds like a fail to me
[18:53] <Dragonfly6-7> yep
[18:53] <Addihockey10> Moe_Epsilon: How the hell can trhere be a 300% mortality rate?
[18:53] <Dragonfly6-7> Addihockey10 - and whiel he was doing that, he accidentally sliced off his assistant's fingers
[18:53] <Dragonfly6-7> and his assistnat died of hospital gangrene
[18:53] <Dragonfly6-7> AND
[18:53] <Dragonfly6-7> he sliced open the clothes of a spectator, and the spectator died of a heart attack
[18:53] <Addihockey10> Dragonfly6-7: De-license him :-P
[18:53] <Dragonfly6-7> Addihockey10 - died in 1947
[18:53] <Addihockey10> WTF
[18:53] <Dragonfly6-7> er, 1847
�03[18:53] * JG84|zzz is now known as JG84|DND
[18:53] <Addihockey10> jail him.
[18:53] <Addihockey10> Jail his bones.
[18:54] <Moe_Epsilon> addihockey10: hell if I know, I guess you're 3 times as likely to die is my only guess
[18:54] <Moe_Epsilon> xD
[18:54] <Addihockey10> Moe_Epsilon: That's 75% bud.
[18:54] <MuZemike> Bad Santa!
[18:54] <Peter-C> O_O
[18:54] <Addihockey10> Heh.. I remember those from last uerar
[18:55] <Moe_Epsilon> Guess it was a measure of how fast you were going to die then
[18:55] <Moe_Epsilon> :p
[18:55] <SpeakFree> umm can anyone judge if I did this correctly?
[18:55] <SpeakFree> I added rationale for the article Operation Frequent Wind.
�03[18:55] * YE|School ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:56] <SpeakFree> It was removed before but maybe then I didn't do it right.
[18:56] <kylu> poor Robert Liston. If only he had access to a gas-powered chainsaw, he could've kept that speed record to this day.
�03[18:56] * YE|School is now known as YE
[18:56] <causasui> Looks like a photo to me.
[18:56] <MuZemike> Which way did he go? Which way did he go?
[18:56] <SpeakFree> I had added rationale for Vietnam War a while back and it has been on the article for months.
[18:56] <SpeakFree> It is not only a photo but one of the most famous ones in history.
[18:57] <SpeakFree> That's why I want to make sure.
[18:57] <Moe_Epsilon> MuZemike: reminiscent of Wikipedia at times.
[18:58] <Addihockey10> Just had a cheery bus ride.
[18:58] <Addihockey10> I catch the same bus daily... right?
�03[18:58] * derp is now known as [They
�08[18:58] * [They are watching you.]
[18:58] <SigmaWP> :|
[18:58] <SigmaWP> [They: :D
[18:58] <Moe_Epsilon> is*
[18:58] <Addihockey10> So I know that my bus switches to another bus, which is the one I want.
�03[18:58] * [They is now known as [You
[18:59] <Addihockey10> So I just stay on the same phyusical bus.
[18:59] <Addihockey10> Today the bus driver was yelling and screaming at me "LITTLE SHIT" for staying on the bus.
�03[18:59] * juancarlos (4c0e8e60@wikimedia/Killiondude) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:59] <juancarlos> yes, hello
[19:00] <SigmaWP> No, goodbye.
[19:00] <geniice> Addihockey10 do they normaly object?
[19:00] <MuZemike> I saw a FedEx truck run another car off the road today.
[19:00] <Addihockey10> geniice: Never
�03[19:00] * joke-away ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:01] <Addihockey10> geniice: I've never had an issue.... and that particular bus driver (I've had her twice) flipped out today and yesterday.
[19:01] <Moe_Epsilon> maybe they were just having a bad day :p
[19:01] <MuZemike> I thought bus drivers were supposed to be nice people and stuff (unless you're in NYC, I suppose)
[19:01] <Addihockey10> Moe_Epsilon: That's what I said yesterday.
[19:01] <Addihockey10> But twice in a row... no.
[19:03] <Moe_Epsilon> yeah.. the more funny alternative to get back at them is to be overly cheerful and polite when they start that
[19:03] <Addihockey10> Moe_Epsilon: I was]
[19:03] <Addihockey10> and now I'm filing a complaint.
[19:03] <Addihockey10> :-D
[19:04] <Moe_Epsilon> do it with a smile :p
[19:04] <Addihockey10> Moe_Epsilon: By phone...
[19:04] <juancarlos> press 1 for happiness
[19:04] <Moe_Epsilon> oh, even better
�03[19:05] * soniaphone (~mobile@wikipedia/sonia) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[19:05] * [You prepares a letterbomb
[19:05] <juancarlos> you should have ended with a ] to make it better
�08[19:05] * [You suck, juancarlos.]
[19:06] <juancarlos> ty
�03[19:06] * [You is now known as derp
�08[19:06] <derp> juancarlos darling <3
�08[19:06] <derp> i missed u <3
[19:06] <juancarlos> <3 happy thanksgiving
[19:06] <juancarlos> imu2
�08[19:06] <derp> thanksgiving was last month here.
[19:06] <juancarlos> I have to go. I need to get home and put pants in the dryer. Au revior.
�03[19:07] * Gfoley4 (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[19:07] <derp> Au revoir <3
[19:07] <juancarlos> Canada is never right.
[19:07] <juancarlos> chaio
�15[19:07] * juancarlos (4c0e8e60@wikimedia/Killiondude) Quit
�15[19:07] * MuZemike (~MuZemike@wikimedia/MuZemike) Quit (Quit: It's a sad thing that your adventures have ended here!!�)
[19:08] <Moe_Epsilon> you had to spoil our Columbus Day here in the U.S. by saying it was Thanksgiving, huh Canada? :p
�08[19:08] <derp> :P
[19:08] <Moe_Epsilon> (not that any American treasures Columbus Day)
�08[19:08] <derp> we do enjoy the warm weather :P
�15[19:09] * FT2 (~FT2@wikipedia/ft2) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[19:10] <Moe_Epsilon> [[Uniform Monday Holiday Act]] o_O nevermind, guess we screwed ourselves
�15[19:10] * DARTHSIDIOUS2 (DARTHSIDIO@wikipedia/DARTH-SIDIOUS-2) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[19:11] <Moe_Epsilon> we moved Washington's birthday so that we could have a three-day weekend.. lol
�03[19:12] * FT2 (~FT2@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:12] * FT2 (~FT2@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:12] * FT2 (~FT2@wikipedia/ft2) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:13] <Addihockey10> Moe_Epsilon: Dude, I handled that so smothly.
[19:13] <Addihockey10> smoothly*
�03[19:14] * FT2-away (~FT2@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:14] * FT2-away (~FT2@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:14] * FT2-away (~FT2@wikipedia/ft2) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[19:14] Clones detected from wikipedia/ft2:�8 FT2 FT2-away
�15[19:14] * FT2 (~FT2@wikipedia/ft2) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
[19:14] <Moe_Epsilon> yeah?
�15[19:15] * Jayflux ( Quit (Quit: (� ::� NoNameScript 4.22 ::� www.�� )��)
�15[19:15] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) Quit (Quit: Leaving.�)
�15[19:16] * Bsadowski1 (~dabtd@wikipedia/Bsadowski1) Quit (Quit: Bsadowski1�)
�03[19:18] * DQ|around|sick is now known as DQ|around
�15[19:19] * SigmaWP (~coalball@wikipedia/Lowercase-Sigma) Quit (Quit: Connecticut�)
�15[19:19] * BarkingFish (~BarkingIn@openglobe/BarkingFish) Quit (Quit: What doesn't kill you, will probably have another go later.�)
�15[19:19] * Queen (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[19:19] * Maryana (~justdandy@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:20] * raindrift (~Adium@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:20] * raindrift (~Adium@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:20] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:20] * tdubellz (tdubellz@freenode/staff/tdubellz) Quit (Quit: restarting�)
�03[19:21] * tdubellz (tdubellz@freenode/staff/tdubellz) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:23] * Maryana (~justdandy@ Quit (Client Quit�)
�15[19:23] * closedmouth (mouthy@wikipedia/closedmouth) Quit (Quit: Sad songs are nature's onions.�)
�03[19:23] * Queen (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:24] * HJ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:25] * Dragonfly6-7 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�03[19:25] * Bsadowski1 (~dabtd@wikipedia/Bsadowski1) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:26] * Gfoley (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[19:26] Clones detected from wikipedia/Gfoley4:�8 Gfoley4 Gfoley
�15[19:26] * Gfoley4 (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[19:26] * Gfoley is now known as Gfoley4
[19:28] <Moe_Epsilon> s: I went to use the toolserver to find out a list of articles I created template using the tool from RFA and it broke lol
[19:29] <Moe_Epsilon> too many edits to check I suppose
�03[19:29] * TParis ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:29] * TParis ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:29] * TParis (~TParis@wikipedia/TParis) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:33] * BewareofDoug (~Doug__@wikipedia/Doug) Quit (Quit: BewareofDoug�)
[19:33] <Addihockey10> PeterSymonds!
�15[19:34] * EdSaperia_ ( Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[19:35] <Moe_Epsilon> oh, toolserver finally worked listing articles and redirects I made: Excecuted in 144.26 seconds. 3,127 o.o lot more than I thought..
[19:37] <soniaphone> Wow.
�03[19:38] * Ceradon (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/ceradon) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:38] <Pilif12p> ring ring ring ring soniaphone
[19:39] <Steven_Zhang> I'm such an ass :(
[19:39] <TParis> Is there a tool that can add up the bytes of someone's contributions?
[19:39] <Addihockey10> Pilif12p: You don't want to know what soniaphone does with her phone... she told us in -simple.
[19:39] <TParis> Instead of edit count...
[19:39] <Addihockey10> Steven_Zhang: YOU THINK?
[19:39] <Addihockey10> TParis: ask Betacommand
�15[19:39] * PeterSymonds (~Peter@wikimedia/PeterSymonds) Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[19:40] <Moe_Epsilon> TParis: is there?
[19:40] <Steven_Zhang> >_>
[19:40] <Betacommand> Addihockey10: what?
[19:40] <Steven_Zhang> I opposed an rfa
[19:40] <TParis> I dunno, seems like it'd be a good tool.
[19:40] <Addihockey10> Betacommand: Is there a tool that can add up the bytes of someone's contributions?
[19:40] <Steven_Zhang> Betacommand: you never did get back to me...
�15[19:41] * Betacommand (~Betacomma@unaffiliated/betacommand) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
[19:41] <Moe_Epsilon> that would be an interesting tool..
�03[19:41] * Betacommand_ (~Betacomma@unaffiliated/betacommand) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:41] * Betacommand_ is now known as Betacommand
�15[19:41] * bep (~britishen@reddit/operator/bep) Quit (Quit: God Save Her Majesty�)
[19:43] <Guerillero> it could be useful
�03[19:43] * Ironholds (~bob@wikipedia/Ironholds) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:43] <TParis> It seems like it'd exist already
[19:44] <Guerillero> it would be huge numbers for most of us
[19:44] <TParis> It could be broken out by namespaces too.
[19:44] <Guerillero> a better tool would be how many volumes you have contrubuted
[19:45] <TParis> volumes of a paper encyclopedia?
[19:45] <Guerillero> yep
�08[19:45] <derp> based on wich encyclopedia
�15[19:45] * soniaphone (~mobile@wikipedia/sonia) Quit (Quit: used jmIrc�)
[19:45] <TParis> So Betacommand, does such a tool exist?
[19:46] <Betacommand> TParis: what kind of tool? I got DCed
[19:46] <Guerillero> there was a formula that they used to calculate how many volumes wikipedia takes up
[19:46] <Addihockey10> Is there a tool that can add up the bytes of someone's contributions?
[19:46] <Addihockey10> Betacommand: ^
[19:46] <TParis> ^^
[19:46] <Moe_Epsilon> nevermind I don't want to know if a tool like that exists, it will be the basis of RFAs to come
[19:46] <Moe_Epsilon> "hasn't written enough volumes"
[19:46] <TParis> haha
[19:47] <Guerillero> lol
�15[19:47] * southpark ( Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�03[19:47] * LauraHale is now known as Laura|Lunch
[19:47] <Ironholds> what's the subject matter?
[19:47] <HJ> That beer you're dying to buy me? ;)
[19:48] <SpeakFree> Would the tool take into account deleted bytes?
[19:48] <TParis> Sure, why not?
[19:48] <TParis> It could give a count for both
[19:48] <TParis> Like the edit counters, but based on bytes instead of edits.
[19:48] <Betacommand> TParis: it doesnt exist yet, but could be done, but its a fairly complex request
[19:49] <SpeakFree> Otherwise vandals who post 100Kb text dumps repeatedly might become admins. ;)
[19:49] <TParis> Well it's not so much a request but a curiosity.  Don't feel compelled.  But if you get bored one day and are curious how we'd all turn out, let me know how it comes out, ok?
[19:49] <Ironholds> HJ: I'm buying you beer now? :P
[19:50] <Betacommand> TParis: I already have a really interesting metric
[19:50] <Ironholds> I have to put my salary towards things like rent and tickets to musicals!
[19:50] <Ironholds> I guess I could combine both and just get tickets to rent.
[19:50] <Betacommand> TParis:
[19:50] <Addihockey10> Ironholds: Bus drivers with menopause having their period.
[19:50] <Ironholds> Addihockey10: that sense.
[19:50] <Steven_Zhang> fuckwit
[19:50] <Steven_Zhang> Stupid Malleus can't read.
[19:51] <Steven_Zhang> So what did you check before supporting? Anything? Malleus Fatuorum 11:42 am, Today (UTC+11)      I didn't support. I went neutral. Steven Zhang The clock is ticking.... 11:50 am, Today (UTC+11)
[19:51] <Steven_Zhang> lern to read!
[19:51] <TParis> Ahh yeah, I've seen that one.  I come out right at 1456 :D
[19:51] <Addihockey10> ...
[19:51] <Gfoley4> :|
[19:51] <Guerillero> that made me shake my head
[19:52] <Betacommand> TParis: thats not a good position
[19:52] <Steven_Zhang> Sorry, Guerillero :-(
[19:52] <Moe_Epsilon> yeah I was just about to say that
�15[19:52] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[19:52] <Steven_Zhang> The only reason I ever oppose is NOTNOW or incivility
[19:52] <Ironholds> Steven_Zhang: dick
[19:52] <TParis> Beta: That's in relation to other admins, not all editors.
�03[19:53] * Tanvir (~tanvir@wikimedia/wikitanvir) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:53] <Steven_Zhang> me? I'm a dick?
[19:53] <Betacommand> TParis: Ive got another
[19:53] <Steven_Zhang> >_>
[19:53] <TParis> Guerillero: I thought you were an admin already.
[19:53] <Guerillero> i am not
[19:53] <TParis> Fooled me
[19:53] <Guerillero> and all of my opposes are for civility
�15[19:53] * Timotheus_Canens (~tcanens@wikipedia/Tim-Song) Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
[19:53] <Betacommand> TParis:
[19:54] <TParis> On a scale of 1 - 10 where 1 is Fluffy and 10 is Ironholds...what would you rate your civility?
[19:54] <Ironholds> Steven_Zhang: re "Fuckwit..I only ever oppose for incivility"
[19:54] <Ironholds> TParis: I'm not mean any more!
[19:54] <Bsadowski1> Hey Ironholds. :)
[19:54] <Ironholds> it's more than my job is worth
[19:54] <Ironholds> literally, more than my job is worth.
[19:54] <Ironholds> hey, Bsadowski1
[19:54] <TParis> Ohh my bad
[19:54] <Betacommand> TParis: there is a bug Im in the process of fixing though with the edit_count field
�06[19:54] * Bsadowski1 hugs Ironholds
[19:54] <Steven_Zhang> Ironholds: incivility is a real issue for me
[19:54] <Steven_Zhang> the rest, i just ignore the rfa
�06[19:54] * Bsadowski1 pokes TParis with Beria.
[19:54] <Guerillero> Steven_Zhang: C'est la vie
[19:54] <Ironholds> Steven_Zhang: not saying it isn't a big issue
[19:55] <Ironholds> just saying you shouldn't preface comments about the importance of civility with calling someone a fuckwit :P
[19:55] <TParis> Beta: Yes, I see.  Your list uses the Maury percentage system.
[19:55] <Steven_Zhang> ahhh
[19:55] <Ironholds> it makes you look to say in English...a tit.
[19:55] <Steven_Zhang> lol :P
[19:55] <Betacommand> TParis: ??
�06[19:55] * Steven_Zhang facepalms
[19:55] <Steven_Zhang> touche
[19:55] <TParis> Beta:  Maury?  You know..."I'm 110% sure that he's my baby's daddy"
[19:55] <Moe_Epsilon> I can't say much for the articles I've started, but at least I can always say I started the article that recieved the second largest number of edits in WP history behind none-other than [[George W. Bush]] :p
[19:55] <Guerillero> what is that?
[19:55] <Alpha_Quadrant> TParis: do you have a minute to perform a history merger?
[19:55] <Betacommand> TParis: actually its due to a flaw in the user_editcount field of the database
[19:56] <TParis> Sarah Palin?
[19:56] <TParis> Yes, AQ
[19:56] <TParis> Beta: Yeah I gotcha.  It was just a joke.
[19:56] <Betacommand> TParis: but Im fixing that now :)
[19:56] <Moe_Epsilon> Guerillero: [[List of WWE personnel]]
�06[19:56] * Moe_Epsilon facepalm for himself�
[19:56] <Alpha_Quadrant> was copy/pasted into mainspace to
[19:57] <TParis> And you want to merge it back to AFC?
[19:57] <Alpha_Quadrant> merging to mainspace would be fine
[19:57] <TParis> ok
[19:57] <Alpha_Quadrant> the article passes the AfC criteria
�03[19:57] * Timotheus_Canens (~tcanens@wikipedia/Tim-Song) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:57] <Alpha_Quadrant> thanks
[19:58] <TParis> AQ: All done
[19:58] <Alpha_Quadrant> thank you
�15[19:58] * Pharos (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Pharos) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 9.0/20111116091359]�)
�15[19:58] * causasui (40acad8a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
[19:59] <Betacommand> TParis: as soon as I can sync my data Ill re-run those reports
[20:00] <TParis> Beta: What is the filter for that list of users?  It only shows 5372 user accounts...
[20:00] <Betacommand> TParis: 10k editsw
[20:00] <TParis> Is it everyone over 10k?
[20:00] <TParis> Alright, thanks
[20:00] <Betacommand> TParis: I had to set some reasonable limit :P
[20:01] <TParis> Yeah, of course.  I was just curious.
�03[20:01] * crackfu ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:01] <Betacommand> that report isnt butchered like the one on wiki
�15[20:04] * joke-away ( Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds�)
�15[20:08] * Ottre (~user@wikipedia/Ottre) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�03[20:08] * Ottre (user@wikipedia/Ottre) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[20:10] * Steven_Zhang pokes Betacommand 
[20:11] <Steven_Zhang> Oh wow
[20:12] <Steven_Zhang> My old wikiproject channel is still there.
[20:12] <TParis> It suddenly got quiet in here.
[20:12] <Steven_Zhang> Maybe it's cos I farted :p
�03[20:13] * JeffAndroIrcAFK (~Jeff_G_do@wikipedia/Jeff-G.) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:15] * JeffAndroIrcAFK is now known as jeff_G
�03[20:16] * jeff_G is now known as Jeff_G
�03[20:25] * ima (~faznet@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:26] * LikeLakers2 (adab35c1@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
�03[20:26] * ima (~faznet@ has left #wikipedia-en
�03[20:27] * LL2|JedIRC ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:27] * LL2|JedIRC ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:27] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:29] <Betacommand> Steven_Zhang: yes?
[20:29] <Steven_Zhang> Ha!
[20:29] <Steven_Zhang> I am in a youtube vid
[20:29] <Steven_Zhang>
[20:29] <Steven_Zhang> stupid train
�03[20:30] * matthewrbowker ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:30] * matthewrbowker ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:30] * matthewrbowker (~matthewrb@wikipedia/matthewrbowker) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:30] * Fluffernutter (~Fluffernu@wikipedia/Fluffernutter) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:31] <Mike_H> Anyone here from Maine?
�03[20:32] * jps (4721aaf8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:32] <Jeff_G> Steven_Zhang: which one is you?
[20:32] <Pilif12p> This is the badass I was talking about.
[20:33] <Steven_Zhang> the one in the suit
[20:33] <Steven_Zhang> it was timed badly
[20:33] <Steven_Zhang> I was on the train and my webcam was fucking up
[20:33] <Steven_Zhang> >_>
[20:34] <Olipro> poor jorm
[20:34] <jps> "That's so totally better. He looks like he should be playing epic guitar in a fucking awesome metal band."
[20:34] <Guerillero> :D
[20:34] <Olipro> he gets no love from the redditors
[20:35] <Olipro> although someone did make a Lemmy comparison, points for that at least
�03[20:35] * Lisa_Fox (~w5fox`` has left #wikipedia-en ("Leaving"�)
[20:35] <jps> they're far better than the 4channers
[20:35] <Pilif12p> another one:
[20:35] <Jeff_G> quick, everyone run over to #wikimedia-Commons and say hi to Tanvir. :)
�15[20:35] * WilliamH_UK (~WilliamH_@Wikipedia/WilliamH) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[20:35] <Guerillero> he does look like a metal guitarist i will given them that
[20:35] <Olipro>
�03[20:35] * WilliamH_UK (~WilliamH_@Wikipedia/WilliamH) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:35] * WilliamH_UK (~WilliamH_@Wikipedia/WilliamH) has left #wikipedia-en
[20:35] <Olipro> he really does look like Lemmy
�03[20:35] * WilliamH_UK (~WilliamH_@Wikipedia/WilliamH) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:35] <Jeff_G> Lenny rocks!
[20:36] <Tanvir> Hi to me, there? :O
[20:36] <Tanvir> Why not here? :P
[20:36] <Jeff_G> Lemmy, you stupid autocorrect :)
[20:36] <Jeff_G> ok, here:)
�03[20:37] * YE is now known as YE|AFK
�06[20:38] * Jeff_G needs a tablet so he can see a userlist while chatting.
�03[20:41] * hare (~chatzilla@wikipedia/MessedRocker) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:43] <Gfoley4> lol'd
�03[20:43] * IShadowed ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:43] * IShadowed ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:43] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:47] * Panyd is now known as Panyd_sleeping
[20:48] <Steven_Zhang> Gfoley4: I think the CharlieEchoTango RFA will pass :-)
[20:48] <Steven_Zhang> yay
�15[20:48] * TParis (~TParis@wikipedia/TParis) Quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~�)
[20:48] <Pilif12p> hey Gfoley4, when does the narwhal bacon?
[20:48] <Pilif12p> wait
[20:48] <Pilif12p> why did i ask that online -_-
[20:49] <Gfoley4> o.O
[20:49] <Moe_Epsilon> o_O
[20:49] <Gfoley4> and, good.
�15[20:49] * Ceradon (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/ceradon) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
[20:50] <Guerillero> i thought CET was an admin until today
�15[20:54] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) Quit (Quit: Leaving.�)
�03[20:55] * AntiSpamMeta (~MetaBot@AntiSpamMeta/.) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:56] <Fluttershy-EN> what the hell
�15[20:57] * Gfoley4 (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[20:57] * Gfoley4 (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:58] <Fluffernutter> you curse a lot, Fluttershy-EN
[20:59] <Fluttershy-EN> i never fucking cursed in my fucking life god damnit. why the hell would you make such a fucking claim that i like to fucking curse a whole fucking lot.
�15[20:59] * crackfu ( Quit (Quit: Bye�)
�03[20:59] * Ll2jedirdc ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:59] <Fluttershy-EN> fuck man.
�15[20:59] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
�03[20:59] * Ll2jedirdc is now known as LL2|JedIRC
�15[20:59] * LL2|JedIRC ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:59] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:00] <Alpha_Quadrant> Fluttershy-EN: you just did, in the previous sentence
[21:00] <Fluffernutter> goodness me
[21:00] <Fluttershy-EN> Somebody isn't getting the joke.
[21:00] <Alpha_Quadrant> eh, I am
[21:01] <Fluttershy-EN> Plus, I don't curse. I use "sentence enhancers".
�15[21:01] * EdSaperia ( Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds�)
[21:02] <Alpha_Quadrant> heh
[21:02] <Fluttershy-EN> now I have to go lynch a inflated sex doll, brb.
�03[21:02] * Fluttershy-EN ( has left #wikipedia-en
�03[21:02] * Ty (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[21:02] Clones detected from wikia/ZamorakO-o:�8 Queen Ty
�06[21:02] * LL2|JedIRC np: Harder Better Faster Stronger || Artist: Daft Punk || Album: Discovery
[21:03] <Steven_Zhang> russavia?
�15[21:03] * Gfoley4 (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[21:03] <Steven_Zhang> awe
�03[21:03] * Gfoley (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:03] <Fluffernutter> well that was interesting
[21:03] <Alpha_Quadrant> Fluffernutter: ^^Il c'est treis bisarre
[21:04] <Alpha_Quadrant> very
[21:04] <LL2|JedIRC> Work it harder, make it better! Do it faster, makes us stronger!
[21:04] <LL2|JedIRC> :P
[21:04] <Fluffernutter> oui, certainement
[21:04] <hare>
[21:04] <Alpha_Quadrant> heh
[21:04] <LL2|JedIRC> If you haven't been able to tell yet, I enjoy singing songs I'm listening to on irc
[21:04] <Fluffernutter> il aussi ^
[21:05] <Alpha_Quadrant> looking
�15[21:05] * Queen (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[21:05] <Alpha_Quadrant> heh
[21:06] <Alpha_Quadrant> no one can beat Jimbo in a staring contest
�06[21:06] * LL2|JedIRC begs to differ
[21:07] <LL2|JedIRC> Alpha_Quadrant: Did you think about if Chuck Norris can?
[21:08] <Alpha_Quadrant> Chuck Norris? What does he have to do with this?
�15[21:10] * Jcaraballo|away (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Jcaraballo) Quit (Quit: Fuck School!�)
�03[21:12] * GorillaWarfare (~GorillaWa@wikipedia/GorillaWarfare) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:13] * Gfoley (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[21:13] * clastip ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:14] * Gfoley4 (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:18] * Jeff_G is now known as JeffAndroIrcAFK
�03[21:18] * DARTHSIDIOUS2 (DARTHSIDIO@wikipedia/DARTH-SIDIOUS-2) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:18] <matthewrbowker> Am I the only one who's having problems with Show Preview right now?
�15[21:19] * Gfoley4 (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[21:19] * Gfoley4 (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:19] * Guerillero (~Gueriller@wikipedia/Guerillero) has left #wikipedia-en
�03[21:19] * Guerillero (~Gueriller@wikipedia/Guerillero) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:21] <Alpha_Quadrant> matthewrbowker: it is working for me
�03[21:21] * JG84|DND is now known as JG|ZZZ
[21:21] <Alpha_Quadrant> I am using live preview though
[21:24] <matthewrbowker> OK, thanks
�03[21:26] * Nascar1996 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:26] * Nascar1996 ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:26] * Nascar1996 (~Nascar199@wikipedia/Nascar1996) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[21:26] * Nascar1996 blinks
�06[21:27] * LL2|JedIRC np: Don't Forget to Brush || Artist: Fred Figglehorn || Album: Don't Forget to Brush || Album art of: Who's Ready To Party?
[21:28] <LL2|JedIRC> Background support is awesome
[21:28] <LL2|JedIRC> Er
[21:28] <LL2|JedIRC> Support for running programs in the background on this phone is awesome
[21:29] <Nascar1996> What type of phone?
[21:29] <LL2|JedIRC> Smartphone
[21:29] <LL2|JedIRC> This phone runs on brewmp
[21:29] <Nascar1996> Ah. Iphone?
[21:29] <Nascar1996> Ah.
[21:29] <LL2|JedIRC> No
[21:30] <LL2|JedIRC> I thought iPhone ran on Apple's iOS
�15[21:30] * Betacommand (~Betacomma@unaffiliated/betacommand) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
�03[21:30] * Betacommand_ (~Betacomma@unaffiliated/betacommand) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:30] * Betacommand_ is now known as Betacommand
[21:30] <Nascar1996> I posted that before you said it ran on brewmp.
[21:30] <LL2|JedIRC> Oh
[21:31] <LL2|JedIRC> Ur connection must be utter shit to be lagging ''THAT'' much on ''IRC''
[21:31] <LL2|JedIRC> :P
[21:31] <LL2|JedIRC> Or it could be mine, though I doubt it
[21:32] <Nascar1996> We posted about the same time
�06[21:32] * LL2|JedIRC np: Christmas is Creepy || Artist: Fred Figglehorn || Album: It's Hackin' Christmas
�06[21:32] * Myra NP: "The Show" by Lenka from "Lenka"
[21:33] <LL2|JedIRC> Fluffernutter: who was it that asked me "you actually listen to that screaming fuck?" yesterday?
[21:34] <Pilif12p> LL2|JedIRC: any person in that channel wonders that.
�03[21:34] * NuclearWarfare ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:34] * NuclearWarfare ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:34] * NuclearWarfare (~chatzilla@wikipedia/NuclearWarfare) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:34] <LL2|JedIRC> Y'know, tbh, I actually think the Trolololo song and "Never Gonna Give You Up" (by Rick Astley) are actually good songs
[21:34] <LL2|JedIRC> Inb4peoplequestionthat
�03[21:35] * sonia (~sonia@wikipedia/sonia) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:35] <LL2|JedIRC> Pilif12p: he may be a screaming fuck, but he makes DAMN GOOD videos and songs
[21:35] <LL2|JedIRC> So your right, but he's really a GOOD screaming fuck
[21:35] <Pilif12p> underage banned
�06[21:36] * LL2|JedIRC np: Tater Haters || Artist: Fred Figglehorn || Album: Who's Ready To Party?
[21:36] <Pilif12p> he's 18 years old
[21:36] <Pilif12p> he makes videos of a 6 year old
[21:36] <Pilif12p> He cannot be sane
[21:36] <LL2|JedIRC> Who the fuck cares.
[21:37] <LL2|JedIRC> The guy who plays fred is sane, but the character Fred, on the other hand...
[21:37] <Pilif12p> and nobody gives a single fuck about what you are listening to
�03[21:37] * Anna_Frodesiak (Anna_Frode@wikipedia/Anna-Frodesiak) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:37] <Nascar1996> Exactly
[21:37] <LL2|JedIRC> Pilif12p: then ignore those messages
[21:37] <Pilif12p> or you stop sending them
[21:38] <LL2|JedIRC> No
[21:38] <LL2|JedIRC> I don't have to stop
[21:38] <Nascar1996> LL2|JedIRC !
[21:38] <LL2|JedIRC> Its not breaking any rules, is it|.
�03[21:38] * NuclearWarfare (~chatzilla@wikipedia/NuclearWarfare) has left #wikipedia-en
[21:38] <LL2|JedIRC> ?
[21:38] <Nascar1996> Yes.
[21:39] <LL2|JedIRC> Do you mean Yes as in "Yes it is breaking a rule"?
[21:39] <Fluffernutter> LL2|JedIRC, it breaks the "are you being annoying? if yes, then stop it" rule
[21:39] <Pilif12p> it seems like a simple request. you stop sending the messages
[21:39] <Nascar1996> Lol
[21:39] <Anna_Frodesiak> i need help with a copyvio thing
[21:40] <Anna_Frodesiak> anyone?
[21:40] <LL2|JedIRC> Pilif12p: then /ignore me. Its not that hard.
[21:40] <Pilif12p> LL2|JedIRC: are you going to tell Fluffernutter to do that as well?
[21:40] <Pilif12p> I think one mass ignore (read: +q) would be better if you are.
�06[21:41] * Pilif12p stops feeding the troll
[21:41] <Nascar1996> Thats the best thing to do.
[21:41] <Nascar1996> Wait, can't trolls be kicked out?
�03[21:41] * la_pianista (~la_pianis@wikipedia/La-Pianista) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:42] <LL2|JedIRC> Yes
[21:42] <Nascar1996> ^.
[21:42] <sonia> OMG it's a la_
[21:42] <sonia> er
[21:42] <sonia> la_pianista
�03[21:42] * Fluttershy-EN ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:42] <sonia> >.>
[21:42] <LL2|JedIRC> Though derp (and SigmaWP) are such pro trolls, we can't tell they are trolls
�06[21:42] * Fluffernutter hands sonia a tab key
�06[21:42] * sonia fails
[21:42] <LL2|JedIRC> </irony>
[21:42] <sonia> I triggered my caps lock like eight times in the process of trying to hit tab
[21:43] <LL2|JedIRC> Lol
[21:43] <matthewrbowker> la_pianista: Long time no see!
[21:43] <la_pianista> o/ sonia and matthewrbowker
[21:43] <la_pianista> US Holiday break. Woot. ^.^
[21:43] <LL2|JedIRC> A wild TAB key appearedE
[21:43] <sonia> yay :)
[21:43] <matthewrbowker> sonia: :D
[21:43] <LL2|JedIRC> * appeared!
[21:43] <matthewrbowker> la_pianista: :) :) :) Yay
[21:43] <sonia> I've got a busy period before christmas, but it's a lot more work-from-home and uni's done for the year
[21:43] <sonia> which is great
[21:44] <Pilif12p> la_pianista: change your username... la_pianis still looks bad
[21:44] <la_pianista> Hush, child.
[21:44] <Pilif12p> sorry
[21:44] <Nascar1996> Hehehe.
[21:44] <la_pianista> All right, but seriously, how do I do that?
[21:44] <la_pianista> I've noticed, too.
[21:44] <la_pianista> My ass has been a little too lazy for that business lately.
[21:44] <la_pianista> I wish to change that.
[21:44] <Gfoley4> huh?
[21:44] <Pilif12p> i won't tell you because you told me to hush and made me sad
[21:44] <matthewrbowker> la_pianista: WP:CHU
[21:44] <Pilif12p> nooo
[21:45] <Pilif12p> on irc
[21:45] <Pilif12p> not on wikipedi
[21:45] <la_pianista> Nooo, on...  ^
[21:45] <LL2|JedIRC> Yeah
[21:45] <la_pianista> Yeah.
�06[21:45] * la_pianista crosses arms, looks smug.
[21:45] <matthewrbowker> ./nick
[21:45] <la_pianista> No, not really.
[21:45] <Pilif12p> nooo
[21:45] <Nascar1996> Even though your not on IRC, Wikipedia has rules for IRC.
[21:45] <Pilif12p> username
[21:45] <Pilif12p> not nickname
[21:45] <la_pianista> Mhmm.
[21:45] <Nascar1996> *on
�06[21:45] * Pilif12p looks at Nascar1996 
�06[21:45] * Nascar1996 should fix that c/e.
�03[21:45] * Netalarm (~Netalarm@TechEssentials/Netalarm) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:45] <LL2|JedIRC> its pianist, like a piano player
[21:46] <Pilif12p> right, you've not talked to me enough to know that "your funny", etc. will lead to death
[21:46] <LL2|JedIRC> It barely looks like the word "penis"
[21:46] <Pilif12p> LL2|JedIRC: pianis does
�06[21:46] * la_pianista palms Pilif12p's face.
[21:46] <Nascar1996> Even though your not on Wikipedia, Wikipedia has rules for IRC.
[21:46] <LL2|JedIRC> No
�06[21:46] * la_pianista places his hand on hers, as well.
[21:46] <Pilif12p> i tried to high-five you but i missed
�06[21:46] * matthewrbowker doesn't know, sorry
[21:47] <Pilif12p> so it turned into a facefive
�06[21:47] * Fluffernutter pets Pilif12p
[21:47] <Pilif12p> ohai
[21:47] <Nascar1996>
[21:47] <Gfoley4> erm.
�06[21:47] * Netalarm pets Pilif12p 
�15[21:47] * Alpha_Quadrant (~opera@wikipedia/Alpha-Quadrant) Quit (Quit: Alpha_Quadrant�)
�03[21:47] * g665 (~g665@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:47] <Pilif12p> Netalarm: get off me freak
[21:47] <Gfoley4> We have guidelines, no true rules.
[21:47] <LL2|JedIRC> Nascar1996: thats the worst page related to irc ever
[21:47] <Netalarm> lolol
[21:47] <matthewrbowker> Netalarm: ohi
[21:47] <Netalarm> hi
[21:47] <Nascar1996> Oh well....
[21:48] <Nascar1996> Just call an op.
[21:48] <LL2|JedIRC> Http:// is much more related to IRc
�06[21:48] * la_pianista gets on Netalarm.
[21:48] <LL2|JedIRC> :P
[21:48] <Nascar1996> WTF.
[21:48] <matthewrbowker> O.O Not in front of the children!
�06[21:48] * Netalarm huggles la_pianista 
[21:48] <Nascar1996> What the freak?
[21:48] <la_pianista> In *front* of the children?
[21:48] <la_pianista> Baby, I *am* the children.
[21:48] <slon02> the children?!
[21:48] <Nascar1996> I'm not cursing.
�06[21:48] * la_pianista puffs chest proudly.
[21:48] <Pilif12p> Netalarm: not in here!
�06[21:49] * sonia joins the la_pianista - Netalarm pile
�06[21:49] * Nascar1996 is 15.....
[21:49] <Fluffernutter> la_pianista is my children
[21:49] <LL2|JedIRC> Fluffernutter: help us break this up!
[21:49] <Gfoley4> Nascar1996: Your username didn't hint at that! ;P
[21:49] <Fluffernutter> break what up?
[21:49] <Nascar1996> Gfoley4: Some just don't notice.
[21:49] <LL2|JedIRC> shit...
[21:49] <Gfoley4> Fluffernutter: Your face, obviously!
�06[21:49] * Netalarm looks at sonia and hands her an ice cream
[21:50] <Fluffernutter> break up you being mildly annoying and teenaged?
[21:50] <Netalarm> ohhh. i can make amazing ice cream cones now
[21:50] <Pilif12p> ...wat
[21:50] <LL2|JedIRC> Fluffernutter: you realize you just doomed us all, right?
[21:50] <Emw> what's this notice i see about the Wikipedia database being in read-only mode?
[21:50] <Fluffernutter> Gfoley4 broke my faaaaace
[21:50] <Netalarm> thanks to be eating quite a few of them @ uni
[21:50] <Emw> how long will that last?
[21:50] <Netalarm> few  minutes?
[21:50] <Gfoley4> Sry.
[21:50] <LL2|JedIRC> The crap happening in front of the children
[21:50] <LL2|JedIRC> Or rather, TO the children :P
�03[21:50] * Nascar1996 is now known as GoNASCAR
[21:50] <Fluffernutter> what crap and what children
[21:50] <GoNASCAR> Hehe
[21:50] <Emw> the notice is gone now.  that was quick.
[21:51] <sonia> Emw: once in a while that happens.
[21:51] <sonia> Fluffernutter: snuggles, and teh pianista
[21:51] <GoNASCAR> Gfoley4: They can't notice it now.
[21:51] <Pilif12p> the database gets mad, and goes on a hunger strike.
�06[21:51] * Fluffernutter pets sonia
[21:51] <Pilif12p> once in a while
[21:51] <Pilif12p> but not often
[21:51] <Pilif12p> but because it's very fat the hunger strike doesn't last long
�03[21:51] * GoNASCAR is now known as JJ482014
�06[21:52] * sonia huggles Fluffernutter
[21:52] <LL2|JedIRC> I love "Like A G6 Remix" by Far East Movement
�03[21:52] * JG|ZZZ is now known as JG84|-_-
�15[21:52] * MindstormsKid (~msk@Wikipedia/MindstormsKid) Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
[21:52] <JJ482014> Well.
�03[21:52] * JJ482014 is now known as Nascar1996
�15[21:52] * Peter-C (~Peter-C@wikimedia/Peter.C) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
�06[21:53] * Nascar1996 pokes Gfoley4,
�06[21:53] * LL2|JedIRC revdels sonia
�06[21:53] * JG84|-_- revdels LL2|JedIRC 
[21:53] <Gfoley4> No Gfoley4, to be found.
[21:53] <JG84|-_-> Save the sonia!
�03[21:53] * Peter-C (~Peter-C@wikimedia/Peter.C) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[21:53] * JG84|-_- un-revdels sonia
�03[21:53] * Laura|Lunch is now known as LauraHale
�06[21:54] * sonia gets her sockpuppet steward account, locks LL2|JedIRC , promotes JG84|-_- to admin on all wikis.
�06[21:54] * LL2|JedIRC revdels the revdel function
�06[21:54] * Netalarm prods sonia ^_^
�06[21:54] * Fluffernutter deprods sonia. Clearly notable.
[21:54] <Nascar1996> <Gfoley4> No Gfoley4, to be found. ????
[21:54] <sonia> \o/
�06[21:54] * JG84|-_- thanks sonia xP
�06[21:54] * sonia is teh notablezzz
�06[21:54] * JG84|-_- builds Sonia a sockpuppet town, "Take your pick!"
[21:54] <LL2|JedIRC> Fluffernutter: is that deprod thing a mirc script thing you have?
�15[21:54] * AzaToth (~azatoth@wikipedia/AzaToth) Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
�03[21:54] * MindstormsKid (~msk@Wikipedia/MindstormsKid) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:54] <Gfoley4> Nascar1996: What would you like?
[21:54] <sonia> it's funny because I keep telling Dcoetzee that all he needs to do is get sued by another couple of big organizations and he'll be notable
�06[21:54] * Fluffernutter blinks
[21:55] <JG84|-_-> lolol
�06[21:55] * LL2|JedIRC prods sonia
�06[21:55] * sonia cattleprods LL2|JedIRC
[21:55] <Nascar1996> Hmmm.
�06[21:55] * Fluffernutter deprods sonia. Clearly notable.
�06[21:55] * JG84|-_- smacks Gfoley4... "Not seen you in... ages!"
[21:55] <Pilif12p> those things are painful
[21:55] <JG84|-_-> Ever since ACCBot has been down... xP
[21:55] <Gfoley4> hi there.
[21:55] <Gfoley4> ;)
�06[21:55] * Nascar1996 whacks Pilif12p with an axe.
[21:55] <JG84|-_-> hi ;)
[21:55] <Pilif12p> please don't
[21:55] <Nascar1996> Too late.'
[21:55] <Pilif12p> i want to live to be 18 at least
[21:56] <Nascar1996> :-)
�06[21:56] * JG84|-_- puts Pilif12p in a Whack-A-Mole machine and gives everyone a free turn!
[21:56] <Pilif12p> preferably 90.01 years old
�03[21:56] * Ll2jedirc (~LikeLaker@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[21:56] * Nascar1996 whacks Pilif12p several times in the knee.
[21:57] <Pilif12p> whyyyyy
�15[21:57] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
�03[21:57] * Ll2jedirc is now known as LL2|JedIRC
�15[21:57] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:57] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:57] <JG84|-_-> Because... Maybe I'll whack some guide into you so you can fix sendmail xP
[21:57] <Nascar1996> I dunno, cause Gfoley4 told me to.
[21:57] <Pilif12p> ok
�15[21:58] * SpeakFree (~IceChat77@wikipedia/SpeakFree) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[21:58] <Pilif12p> JG84|-_-: you know we ditched sendmail
[21:58] <Pilif12p> er
[21:58] <Pilif12p> no we didn't
[21:58] <Pilif12p> meeeh
�06[21:58] * LL2|JedIRC is going to try something
[21:59] <Steven_Zhang> Sir Turds and his effing questions
[21:59] <Fluffernutter> Sir Turds?
�06[21:59] * Nascar1996 doesn't care if LL2|JedIRC is going to try something. :P
[21:59] <Guerillero> hey fluff
�15[21:59] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) Quit (Client Quit�)
�03[22:00] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:00] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:00] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:00] <Nascar1996>  
[22:00] <Fluffernutter> hey Guerillero
[22:00] <Fluffernutter> I saw you're RFAing :)
[22:00] <Steven_Zhang> Fluffernutter: surturz
[22:00] <LL2|JedIRC> Huh, is my client lagging?
[22:01] <Steven_Zhang> aka Sir Turdz
[22:01] <Steven_Zhang> :P
[22:01] <Guerillero> i am
[22:01] <Fluffernutter> lol steve
[22:01] <Nascar1996> Yes.
[22:01] <Steven_Zhang> Its not doing so well
[22:01] <Steven_Zhang> Partly my fault. I feel like an asshole.
[22:01] <la_pianista> Guerillero, best of luck! ^.^
[22:01] <Gfoley4> you, asshole, you!
[22:01] <la_pianista> We all have one.
[22:01] <Nascar1996> Huh?
�03[22:01] * hare is now known as Pancetta
�06[22:01] * Fluffernutter goes to look more
�06[22:02] * Nascar1996 hides
[22:02] <Steven_Zhang> indeed I am an asshole
[22:02] <Steven_Zhang> but as a mediator, i cant support incivility :S
�03[22:02] * LikeLakers2 (adab35c1@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[22:02] Clones detected from wikipedia/LikeLakers2:�8 LL2|JedIRC LikeLakers2
�03[22:02] * JeffPidginAFK is now known as Jeff_G
[22:03] <Pilif12p> you're a mediator?
[22:03] <Guerillero> it happens
[22:03] <Steven_Zhang> Yes.
[22:03] <Nascar1996> lol
[22:03] <sonia> I'm a radiator.
[22:03] <Steven_Zhang> i'm one of the medcab co-ordinators :P
[22:03] <Pilif12p> oh
[22:03] <Pilif12p> well i'm a meateator
[22:03] <Steven_Zhang> (and started a RL mediation course today)
[22:03] <Steven_Zhang> har har
[22:03] <Guerillero> if this fails then I need to wait a year and keep my nose clean
�06[22:03] * Jeff_G is a meateater :)
�03[22:03] * Ll2jedirc (~LikeLaker@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:03] <Nascar1996> :-)
�06[22:03] * Steven_Zhang is also a meateater
�15[22:04] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
[22:04] <Pancetta> Jeff is Beefeater London Dry Gin.
[22:04] <Nascar1996> Too many socks.
�06[22:04] * Fluffernutter winces at seeing Katarighe voting
[22:04] <Guerillero> hehe
[22:04] <Ll2jedirc> What the fuck
[22:05] <Guerillero> you should see what happend when he went hat hunting on outreachwiki
[22:05] <Fluffernutter> i did :D
[22:05] <Steven_Zhang> Guerillero: Sir Turdz asked you a question.
[22:05] <Nascar1996> Language!
[22:05] <Pilif12p> was?
[22:05] <Pilif12p> spricht du deutsch?
[22:06] <JG84|-_-> Pilif12p: Ya... We didn't xP
[22:06] <Steven_Zhang> Gah this sucks.
[22:06] <Ll2jedirc> Holy shit
[22:06] <JG84|-_-> Pilif12p: Because Bugmail isn;t working still
�03[22:06] * TCO (45ff1bf9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:06] <Steven_Zhang> CharlieEchoTango is still at Day 1
[22:06] <Steven_Zhang> and already has 15 questions
[22:06] <Nascar1996> :O
[22:06] <Steven_Zhang> I only got asked 13 :/
[22:06] <Steven_Zhang> racism
[22:07] <Nascar1996> :O
[22:07] <JG84|-_-> Wait... Whos running for wha?
[22:07] <Guerillero> TCO
[22:07] <Pilif12p> ?
[22:07] <Nascar1996> ?
�03[22:07] * Ll2jedirc is now known as LL2|JedIRC
�15[22:07] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:07] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[22:07] Clones detected from wikipedia/LikeLakers2:�8 LikeLakers2 LL2|JedIRC
[22:07] <Fluffernutter> TCO is running for admin?
�06[22:08] * sonia blinks
[22:08] <LL2|JedIRC> Cool
[22:08] <Guerillero> no
�06[22:08] * Nascar1996 bows
[22:08] <Guerillero> but he is back from retirment
[22:08] <Gfoley4> Fluffernutter gets trolled hard in the face!
[22:08] <Fluffernutter> yeah, saw that too
�06[22:08] * Fluffernutter sees all
�06[22:09] * Fluffernutter has fingers in every pie
[22:09] <Fluffernutter> etc
[22:09] <Guerillero> i put myself in the Chinese Water torture chamber of  RfA
[22:09] <Nascar1996> .
[22:09] <WilliamH_UK> did someone say Katarighe
[22:09] <Gfoley4> Fluffernutter: Bad news for your family tomorrow. :P
[22:09] <WilliamH_UK> I need to make that a stalk word
[22:09] <Fluffernutter> lol Gfoley4
[22:09] <Steven_Zhang> hm
[22:09] <Steven_Zhang> Sven supported.
[22:09] <Fluffernutter> WilliamH_UK, we did. He's found RFA and is now voting on other people's
�06[22:09] * Nascar1996 loves Thanksgiving.
[22:09] <Pilif12p> What did sven support?
[22:10] <WilliamH_UK> haha
�03[22:10] * Ll2jedirc ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:10] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
[22:10] <Steven_Zhang> My nomination for the 2012 US election.
�03[22:10] * Ll2jedirc is now known as LL2|JedIRC
�15[22:11] * LL2|JedIRC ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:11] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[22:11] Clones detected from wikipedia/LikeLakers2:�8 LikeLakers2 LL2|JedIRC
[22:11] <Fluffernutter> silly choice, you're not 35
[22:11] <LL2|JedIRC> Yay
[22:11] <LL2|JedIRC> You wanna know what my LikeLakers2 client is?
[22:11] <LL2|JedIRC> its my dsi
[22:11] <Gfoley4> We didn't.
[22:11] <Fluffernutter> Definitely didn't
[22:12] <Netalarm> fluffynuts
[22:12] <Netalarm> xP
[22:12] <Pilif12p> absolutely did not
[22:12] <Nascar1996> Noper.
[22:12] <Steven_Zhang> Fluffernutter: im also not american.
[22:12] <Nascar1996> *-r
[22:13] <Nascar1996> ...
[22:13] <Fluffernutter> yes, i was going for comedic effect by seizing on your age instead
�03[22:13] * YE|AFK is now known as YE
[22:13] <LL2|JedIRC> Aaaaand it just crashed the page
[22:14] <Fluffernutter> irc humor, falling flat since 2011
�15[22:14] * LikeLakers2 (adab35c1@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
�03[22:14] * quanticle|away is now known as quanticle
[22:14] <TCO> I support you for admin, Guerr.  you are a nice guy and thoughtful.  Will represent us well with outsiders/newbies.
[22:14] <LL2|JedIRC> Well, it was fun while it lasted
[22:14] <Netalarm> what was fun?
[22:14] <Pilif12p> Netalarm: your mom
[22:15] <LL2|JedIRC> Trying freenode webchat on my DSi
[22:15] <quanticle> Ironholds: You there?
[22:15] <LL2|JedIRC> I tried swappping back to the #wikipedia-en tab, and thats when it went back to the start page
[22:15] <Ironholds> quanticle: depends. Is it important?
[22:16] <quanticle> Ironholds: No. But when you have time, check out the retardation:
[22:16] <Gfoley4> LL2|JedIRC: You realize that we really don't care?
�03[22:16] * Nascar1996_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:16] * Nascar1996_ ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:16] * Nascar1996_ (~Nascar199@wikipedia/Nascar1996) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[22:16] Clones detected from wikipedia/Nascar1996:�8 Nascar1996 Nascar1996_
�03[22:17] * quanticle is now known as quanticle|away
[22:17] <LL2|JedIRC> Yay that willy wonka movie is on abc family
�03[22:17] * JG84|-_- is now known as JG84|Night
�15[22:17] * Nascar1996_ (~Nascar199@wikipedia/Nascar1996) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
[22:18] <LtNOWIS> that's pretty stupid.
[22:18] <Nascar1996> Wha?
[22:19] <LtNOWIS> <quanticle> Ironholds: No. But when you have time, check out the retardation:
�03[22:19] * Nascar1996 (~Nascar199@wikipedia/Nascar1996) has left #wikipedia-en ("Leaving."�)
[22:23] <LL2|JedIRC> bout them trolls? :P
�03[22:24] * SigmaWP (~coalball@wikipedia/Lowercase-Sigma) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:25] <WilliamH_UK> haha
[22:25] <WilliamH_UK> so much retardation
[22:26] <Guerillero> I can see their frustration
[22:26] <WilliamH_UK> me too
[22:26] <Fluffernutter> but the thing is, he WENT to DRV. Didn't read it. Left. And got mad that there was nowhere to request a review of a deletion.
[22:26] <WilliamH_UK> they just think it's a business directory, that's all
[22:27] <SigmaWP> Guerillero: GOod luck
[22:27] <Moe_Epsilon> I almost have to take back my comment on [[Talk:Burger King]], questioning how anyone could be so clueless when it came to this website. I understand how the acronyms and such are a bother, but that is a bit of over-analysis of something that is not as complicated
[22:27] <SigmaWP> On a slightly related note, I only add edit stats when I think the candidate will pass
[22:27] <LtNOWIS> Isn't the Requests for undeletion also the wrong page?
[22:28] <LtNOWIS> because thats' only for precedural deletions and stuff, DRV makes clear
[22:28] <Gfoley4> SigmaWP: aren't you clever!
�03[22:28] * la_pianista is now known as pianista|brb
[22:28] <Fluffernutter> yes, refund is for prod restorations ande the like. DRV is for, you know, DRVs
[22:28] <LtNOWIS> as DDRV makes clear*
[22:28] <SigmaWP> Gfoley4: :D
[22:29] <LtNOWIS> yeah, reading the DRV page would've been a pretty good idea
[22:29] <Gfoley4> We have been watching a Soviet movie for the past few days.
[22:29] <SigmaWP> Gfoley4: :D
[22:29] <Gfoley4> About them in WWII
[22:30] <Gfoley4> "Enemy at the Gates"
[22:30] <SigmaWP> :D
[22:30] <SigmaWP> The one where the people raise the flag inspirationally
[22:30] <Pilif12p> !?
[22:30] <LtNOWIS> that's a fine film
[22:31] <Guerillero> interesting
�15[22:31] * Seahorse (~Seahorse@wikipedia/Seahorseruler) Quit (Quit:�)
�03[22:32] * Nascar1996 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:32] * Nascar1996 ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:32] * Nascar1996 (~Nascar199@wikipedia/Nascar1996) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[22:35] * Seahorse (~Seahorse@wikipedia/Seahorseruler) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:36] <sonia> bleh, hate stuff hidden behind subscription walls
�06[22:36] * Fluffernutter hides sonia behind a subscription wall
[22:36] <sonia> noez
[22:36] <sonia> I'm open source
�03[22:37] * Myra is now known as Joan
�03[22:37] * pianista|brb is now known as pianista|busy
[22:38] <Pilif12p> wat
[22:38] <Pilif12p>
[22:40] <LauraHale> ZOMG!
[22:40] <LauraHale> Australia has a new speaker.
�06[22:41] * LL2|JedIRC prods sonia for the heck of it
�15[22:41] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[22:41] <LauraHale> And the Liberals are trying to censure the Prime Minister.
�03[22:41] * Prodego (~Prodego@wikipedia/Prodego) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[22:41] * LL2|JedIRC ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:41] * LL2|JedIRC ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:41] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:41] <LL2|JedIRC> Wtf
�03[22:41] * Risker ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:41] <LL2|JedIRC> What was my quit message?
�15[22:41] * Risker ( Quit (Client Quit�)
[22:42] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[22:42] <LL2|JedIRC> What.
[22:42] <LtNOWIS> LL2|JedIRC has quit (Changing host)
[22:42] <LtNOWIS> I guess there were two.
[22:42] <LL2|JedIRC> How.
[22:43] <LL2|JedIRC> I know that, sherlock
[22:43] <SigmaWP> "Many admins are unfit and unqualified. Many of them are not interested in improving mainspace contents. "
[22:43] <LL2|JedIRC> At least SigmaWP had enough brains to...nevermind
�03[22:43] * Prodego is now known as WhatamIdoing
�15[22:43] * Tanvir (~tanvir@wikimedia/wikitanvir) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds�)
[22:43] <SigmaWP> Yeah, because the delete button is really good at creating articles
�03[22:43] * WhatamIdoing is now known as Prodego
[22:43] <LL2|JedIRC> I'd probably expect sigmawp to troll by saying what you said anyway :P
�06[22:44] * Fluffernutter is unfit, unqualified, and inherently evil.
[22:44] <LL2|JedIRC> Wouldn't you, SigmaWP?
�06[22:44] * SigmaWP comforts Fluffernutter with a cookie
[22:44] <Fluffernutter> is it an EVIL cookie?
[22:45] <sonia> Fluffernutter is awesome
�03[22:45] * Ktr102 (183cd9f9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:45] <LL2|JedIRC> Fluffernutter: no, its a fist sandwich
�06[22:45] * LL2|JedIRC pushes Fluffernutter off a random cliff
[22:45] <SigmaWP> Who wants to burn to hell?
[22:45] <Fluffernutter> uh
[22:46] <Fluffernutter> let's not set anyone on fire
�03[22:46] * Mr_Hare (~chatzilla@wikipedia/MessedRocker) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[22:46] Clones detected from wikipedia/MessedRocker:�8 Mr_Hare Pancetta
�15[22:46] * Emw (~emw@wikipedia/Emw) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
[22:46] <LL2|JedIRC> Didn't I already do that yesterday?
�15[22:46] * Pancetta (~chatzilla@wikipedia/MessedRocker) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�03[22:46] * Mr_Hare is now known as Pancetta
�03[22:46] * Monty845 (~Monty@wikipedia/Monty845) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[22:46] * LL2|JedIRC notices that there is still some fire from yesterday...or was that Gfoley4 again?
�03[22:47] * foks (~joseph@wikipedia/fox) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:47] <Fluffernutter> izza foks!
[22:47] <LL2|JedIRC> A wild Foks appeared!
�06[22:48] * LL2|JedIRC runs away from battle
[22:48] <sonia> omg, a foks :3
[22:48] <SigmaWP> Fluffernutter: Come on, I just looked at the first word and facepalmed.
[22:48] <foks> Hai
[22:48] <foks> :3
[22:48] <LL2|JedIRC> :=3
[22:48] <SigmaWP> "China=shame"
[22:48] <Fluffernutter> ?
[22:48] <SigmaWP> Half a page down,"hottest nigga alive"
�03[22:48] * AlexandriaB ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:48] <AlexandriaB> ...
[22:48] <sonia> "Firefox can't find the server at"
[22:48] <SigmaWP> Fluffernutter: The userpage
[22:48] <sonia> what.
�03[22:48] * AlexandriaB ( has left #wikipedia-en
[22:49] <Fluffernutter> sonia, you broke it!
[22:49] <sonia> Fluffernutter: firefox's been freezing on me all the time :(
[22:49] <SigmaWP> It even has a damn trivia section
�15[22:50] * TCO (45ff1bf9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
[22:50] <SigmaWP> HEY!!!
[22:50] <SigmaWP>
�03[22:51] * Seddon ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[22:51] * SigmaWP hugs Seddon and gives him a coal ball
�03[22:51] * Entropy ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[22:52] * SigmaWP acknowledges Entropy as his final murderer
[22:52] <Pilif12p> SigmaWP: ?
[22:52] <Netalarm> delta h
[22:52] <Pilif12p> Netalarm: ?
[22:52] <Netalarm> delta h = entropy
[22:53] <Pilif12p> oh
�06[22:53] * SigmaWP unpacks a tuple
[22:53] <Netalarm> enthalpy
[22:53] <Pilif12p> who is Entropy/delta h
[22:53] <Netalarm> those are chemistry terms...
[22:53] <Pilif12p> oh
[22:53] <Prodego> S is entropy though
[22:54] <Pilif12p> now you're obligate to hear all of my chemistry jokes
[22:54] <Fluffernutter> oh no
[22:54] <Pilif12p> what do you do with a dead chemist?
[22:54] <SigmaWP> Barium!
[22:54] <Pilif12p> you barium :D
[22:55] <Pilif12p> You can keep your acids, but all your bases are belong to me.
[22:55] <Moe_Epsilon> oh wow >:
[22:55] <sonia> ...
�06[22:55] * sonia facepalms
�03[22:55] * thisthat ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[22:55] * LL2|JedIRC boos at the bad joke
[22:56] <SigmaWP> :D
[22:56] <SigmaWP> thisthat: No others today?
[22:56] <Pilif12p> i have more
[22:56] <thisthat> what?
�03[22:56] * Earwig (~Earwig@wikipedia/The-Earwig) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[22:56] * SigmaWP is now known as other
[22:56] <Fluffernutter> huh?
[22:56] <other> thisthat: You need me :P
[22:56] <thisthat> negative
�15[22:57] * Sir48 (~Sir48@ Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[22:57] <Pilif12p> ...wat
�06[22:57] * other rips himself off of thisthat's username and flies away
[22:57] <Entropy> Whoa, people are talking about me
[22:57] <Entropy> I think
[22:57] <Pilif12p> Argon walks into a bar. Bartender tells him to gtfo. Argon doesn't react.
[22:57] <other> Entropy: I predict that you will increase.
[22:57] <other> :D
[22:57] <sonia> >.>
[22:57] <Pilif12p> Au, want some gold?
[22:57] <Entropy> That's good I think. :)
�15[22:58] * Panyd_sleeping (~Panyd@wikipedia/Panyd) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds�)
[22:58] <Entropy> Although the more I increase the closer we get to the end of the universe
[22:58] <Pilif12p> Want to hear a joke about element 116? uuh...
[22:58] <sonia> no more chocolate bars for you then Entropy
[22:58] <Entropy> D:
[22:58] <Pilif12p> i'm done... or am I?
[22:58] <Pilif12p> Na.
[22:58] <Pilif12p> now i'm done
[22:58] <sonia> goodness.
�15[22:59] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�03[23:00] * other is now known as SigmaWP
[23:00] <Magog_the_Ogre> hello all
[23:00] <thisthat> what
[23:01] <LL2|JedIRC> Pilif12p: tell us about the big bang theory in the longest explanation of it possible
[23:01] <Pilif12p> LL2|JedIRC: shit happened. earth was created.
[23:01] <LL2|JedIRC> :D
�06[23:03] * Magog_the_Ogre just had the misfortune of having his housemate watch "Revenge" on ABC
[23:03] <Magog_the_Ogre> that is the type of television show for which people should be shot for watching
[23:04] <matthewrbowker> Magog_the_Ogre: That sounds like revenge to me.
[23:05] <Pilif12p> skrillex is gay?
[23:05] <foks> Probably.
[23:05] <Pilif12p> cool
[23:05] <Fluffernutter> isn't everyone on the internet gay?
�03[23:05] * thisthat ( has left #wikipedia-en
�06[23:05] * Magog_the_Ogre is not gay
[23:06] <Fluffernutter> pfft. there are no women or straight guys on the internet
[23:06] <Fluffernutter> everyone knows that
�06[23:06] * Magog_the_Ogre doesn't hate people of any orientation or choice, including illegal ones like paedophilia
�15[23:06] * foks (~joseph@wikipedia/fox) Quit (Quit: out�)
[23:06] <Magog_the_Ogre> just to be clear:
�06[23:06] * sonia is a gay woman on teh internet
�06[23:06] * Magog_the_Ogre doesn't support paedophilia though
[23:07] <Pilif12p> i don't think that things like that are really a choice often.
[23:07] <Magog_the_Ogre> I don't think paedophilia is a choice in that sense either.
[23:07] <Fluffernutter> sonia doesn't exist
[23:07] <sonia> Magog_the_Ogre: mm, but there's the ethical pedos, and the child-rapists (who usually aren't actually pedophiles).
[23:07] <Magog_the_Ogre> tbh I think sexual orientations are like fetishes. my mom got really mad when I said that to her (she thought it was hateful; I was just being scientific)
[23:08] <sonia> mrm
[23:08] <LauraHale> It is so weird to have an Australian who is Danish royalty.
[23:08] <sonia> I'd almost go the other way.
[23:08] <Magog_the_Ogre> I don't think it's ever OK to have sex with a child
[23:08] <sonia> in that I dislike the word "fetish"
�03[23:08] * Anna_Frodesiak is now known as Anna_F_afk
[23:08] <sonia> but I do think preferences are to some extent vaguely malleable, and just that- preferences
[23:08] <Magog_the_Ogre> most of us have them
[23:08] <sonia> not so much "rules"
[23:08] <Magog_the_Ogre> there's a lot of science behind fetishes I could explain but don't feel like doing
[23:09] <sonia> yeah, but "fetish" conveys a sort of abnormality
[23:09] <sonia> so it's like, the media says straight guys like skinny women, so a dude who likes a bit more meat on his bones is labelled as having a "fat girl fetish"
[23:09] <sonia> that's what I mean.
[23:09] <sonia> I dislike that connotation.
[23:09] <Pilif12p> in band last week someone called a foot fetish sex line...
[23:10] <Magog_the_Ogre> do you mean abnormal in a bad way? Because, er, being INTP like me is abnormal and I don't mind that.
�06[23:10] * sonia is INTP!
[23:10] <Magog_the_Ogre> ohai you're a geek too? lol.
[23:10] <Magog_the_Ogre> (no offense)
[23:10] <sonia> of course none taken :P
[23:10] <LL2|JedIRC> Fluffernutter: why haven't you hugged sonia yet? Its strange that you haven't
[23:10] <Fluffernutter> i hugged her hours ago
[23:10] <sonia> LL2|JedIRC: I groped her earlier
�15[23:10] * Ktr102 (183cd9f9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds�)
[23:10] <Pilif12p> O_O
[23:11] <sonia> but yeah, I mean "wow you weirdo" sort of connotation, I guess I should have used that word instead of abnormal
[23:11] <sonia> because I'm non-neurotypical and INTP and genderqueer and poly and whatevs, that kind of makes me completely abnormal anyway :)
�15[23:13] * pianista|busy (~la_pianis@wikipedia/La-Pianista) Quit (Quit: <3�)
[23:14] <Magog_the_Ogre> weirdo
[23:14] <sonia> yes :P
�06[23:14] * Magog_the_Ogre isn't a hater, even when he thinks people are in the wrong (like politicians)
[23:15] <sonia> for extra fun points I grew up in a place where even the "she has short hair" part was controversial, ignoring the whole "omg mental illness lock her up" and everything else
[23:15] <sonia> oh, and where being gay is illegal
�06[23:15] * LauraHale is INTJ
[23:15] <sonia> so non-hating is very, very much appreciated
[23:16] <Magog_the_Ogre> where is that?
�06[23:17] * Magog_the_Ogre has noticed a lot of gay people grew up in that type of atmosphere, which he thinks is part of the psychology of the fetish, as fetishes often are about what's "forbidden"
[23:17] <Fluffernutter> owwww
[23:17] <Magog_the_Ogre> (not implying you made a choice or h8ting)
�06[23:17] * Fluffernutter just burned her thumb
�06[23:17] * sonia kisses it better
[23:17] <matthewrbowker> Fluffernutter: Are you OK?
�06[23:17] * Netalarm hugs LauraHale 
[23:17] <Netalarm> me too!
�08[23:17] * derp huggles Fluffernutter tightly.
�06[23:17] * LauraHale pat pats Netalarm  :)
�06[23:18] * slon02 thinks that Wikipedians should be careful with using the word "huggles"
[23:18] <Fluffernutter> it turns out that if you use a hotpad to take the pan from the 450 degree oven, you need to put the hot pad between your skin and the metal, or else it doesn't work so well
[23:18] <sonia> Magog_the_Ogre: mm; I don't think that I was aware of the taboo when I first became aware of it; it was just the way I've always been. Although to be fair until adolescence I insisted I was a guy.
�08[23:19] * derp huggles Netalarm tightly :)
�08[23:19] * derp huggles LauraHale tightly :)
�08[23:19] * derp huggles sonia tightly :)
�08[23:19] * derp huggles Magog_the_Ogre tightly :)
�08[23:19] * derp huggles LL2|JedIRC tightly :)
[23:19] <matthewrbowker> D:
[23:19] <Magog_the_Ogre> lol
[23:19] <Pilif12p> oh god
�03[23:19] * Sven_Manguard (~~Perhaps@wikipedia/Sven-Manguard) has joined #wikipedia-en
[23:19] <Pilif12p> it's family tech support season already
�08[23:19] * derp huggles Sven_Manguard tightly. :)
[23:19] <sonia> oh look it's a Sven_Manguard
�08[23:19] * derp huggles Pilif12p tightly :)
�08[23:19] * derp huggles matthewrbowker tightly.
[23:19] <Fluffernutter> everyone knows Sven_Manguard doesn't really exist
[23:19] <Sven_Manguard> Hi all. I'm only in for a few minutes, sorry.
[23:19] <matthewrbowker> :)
[23:19] <matthewrbowker> Sven_Manguard: Hi!
�15[23:20] * g665 (~g665@ Quit (K-Lined�)
�08[23:21] <derp> ni ni dearies <3
�06[23:21] * sonia tucks derp in.
[23:21] <Netalarm> hey no
[23:21] <Netalarm> that's my job
�15[23:21] * Sven_Manguard (~~Perhaps@wikipedia/Sven-Manguard) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�06[23:21] * Netalarm takes derp out and tucks him back in again
[23:22] <Netalarm> ...upside down
�08[23:22] <derp> awwwwwwwww
�08[23:22] <derp> <3
�06[23:25] * Addihockey10 waves to Netalarm
�03[23:25] * BewareofDoug (~Doug__@wikipedia/Doug) has joined #wikipedia-en
[23:25] <Netalarm> hi
[23:26] <Addihockey10> Netalarm:
[23:26] <Magog_the_Ogre> I hate the new diffs on wikimedia
[23:26] <Magog_the_Ogre> it's makes Javascript programming much harder
[23:26] <Netalarm> new diffs?
[23:27] <sonia> I wasn't even aware there were new diffs
�06[23:27] * Addihockey10 tickles Soni
[23:27] <Addihockey10> sonia:
�06[23:27] * Nascar1996 tickles everyone.
[23:27] <sonia> >.>
�03[23:28] * stuartyeates ( has joined #wikipedia-en
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