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[00:10:31] <Emufarmers>	 "IRC office hours - - This place sucks for Excel support"
[00:11:38] <marktraceur>	 Emufarmers: #wikimedia-libreoffice is way better
[09:46:45] <Steven_Zhang>	 woah wtf Ironholds
[09:46:48] <Steven_Zhang>	 you're at RFAR?
[09:47:05] <Steven_Zhang>	 O_o
[09:49:11] <Steven_Zhang>	 how ludicrous -_-
[13:27:26] <manybubbles>	 so my wife just came and said, "I've never worn this dress before.  Should I wear it or throw it out?"
[13:27:47] <T13|playingDad>	 Trick question.
[13:30:27] <manybubbles>	 she totally wanted me to say, "actually it makes you look fat."  she really really felt better when I told her that.
[13:30:34] <manybubbles>	 she came back with a much prettier one.
[13:31:36] <T13|playingDad>	 See.. trick question..
[13:32:11] <T13|playingDad>	 My girlfriend never asks me such questions anymore.
[13:32:46] <T13|playingDad>	 Last time she did I told her she made the dress look fat... XD
[13:33:41] <manybubbles>	 ha - we've been together a while but she's never really wanted me to tell her that something genuinely looks bad.