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[05:52:54] <Ironholds>	 DarTar, go to sleep
[05:53:31] <DarTar>	 5.53am, who should go to sleep?
[05:53:39] <Ironholds>	 my girlfriend is snoring
[05:53:51] <Ironholds>	 it's like...if you took the flat side of a spade and used it to beat the shit out of a tub of semolina? that.
[05:53:53] <DarTar>	 and you jump on IRC
[05:54:04] <Ironholds>	 her chest infection needs to clear up already
[05:54:08] <Ironholds>	 and I have a dataset to analyse. Shush.
[05:54:24] <DarTar>	 my sympathy to the gf's chest
[05:54:33] <DarTar>	 oh right
[05:56:12] <DarTar>	 do you have a public key for SSH access?
[05:59:03] <Ironholds>	 nup. I should generate one. Did you get my email about having a natter about this?
[05:59:13] <DarTar>	 PM
[05:59:51] <Ironholds>	 oh, wait, I have PuTTY. Should be one there.
[06:00:40] <DarTar>	 putty.exe!
[06:00:56] <Ironholds>	 heh
[06:00:58] <DarTar>	 PM you