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As I recall it, I was idling in a private IRC on the same computar that hosted When I returned to that IRC, I found that Prodego had somehow found this private IRC channel and joined as "Enwikip". I scrolled through the conversation he had with my colleagues, saw the claim "05:41 < Enwikip> well should anyone here have a particular beef with someone over there, I'm happy to try to work that out", and so joined Freenode to chat with Prodego. This is the log from Freenode, which I joined* at his invitation. Nothing was ever done. A redaction was made before publishing this log on I do not recall what information was redacted.
* was actively logging at the time, but for functionality and convenience i used mIRC i think

--- Log opened Thu Jun 06 19:56:09 2013
19:56 -!- Irssi: Starting query in freenode with Prodego
19:56 <anomynous> hello
19:56 <Prodego> hi
19:56 <anomynous> hi
19:57 <Prodego> so what can I do for you?
19:57 <anomynous> why did you kick my colleagues logger
19:57 <anomynous> 05:41 < Enwikip> well should anyone here have a particular beef with someone over there, I'm happy to try to work that out
19:57 <Prodego> well the rules in #wikipedia-en don't allow for publically hosting logs
19:57 <anomynous> oic
19:57 <anomynous> okay that policy is now noted
19:57 <Prodego> the reason for this is that we want it to be a pretty relaxed place
19:57 <anomynous> yes, that is a noble motive
19:58 <Prodego> and we don't want people using what is said in the channel to be used in arguments on Wikipedia, which there are quite a lot of!
19:58 <anomynous> i believe irc was used to coordinate the abusive admins who banned me
19:58 <anomynous> well okay
19:58 <anomynous> no more logging then
19:58 <Prodego> well I'd be happy to look in to your ban
19:58 <anomynous> but you did say you might help
19:58 <anomynous> okay. enwp user badmachine
19:58 <Prodego> alright let me get that
19:59 <anomynous> i seriously doubt that you can help
19:59 <anomynous> but i will not log anymore
19:59 <anomynous> pls unban my colleage if you would
19:59 <Prodego> thanks, I appreciate that
19:59 <anomynous> np
20:00 <Prodego> it'll take me a few minutes to read about this block, so give me a moment
20:01 <anomynous> okay, thanks
20:02 <anomynous> if you want the /real/ scoop, its in my ED article
20:02 <anomynous>
20:02 <anomynous> and Ironholds/Fluffernutter too:
20:04 <Prodego> well Ironholds is here, I can talk to him
20:05 <anomynous> okay. ask fluffernutter too. she declined my unblock request
20:05 <Prodego> so it seems to me that what happened was that things blew quite a bit out of control after this initial trouble with using two accounts
20:05 <anomynous> btw, 
20:06 <anomynous> it was admirable of you to seek out the beef behind
20:06 <Prodego> well it was run in such a way as to suggest that it wasn't just trolling for no reason
20:06 <Prodego> so I thought I'd poke about :)
20:06 <anomynous> thanks. :)
20:06 <anomynous> ironholds is
20:06 <anomynous> not going to help
20:07 <Prodego> that's ok, I don't actually need him to do anything
20:07 <Prodego> just want to hear his explaination
20:07 <anomynous> so would i
20:07 <anomynous> and fluffernutters
20:07 <anomynous> they are closely acquainted
20:07 <Prodego> now the problem that we are going to have is that it looks like after this initial block, you posted a lot of defamatory type comments to your userpage
20:07 <anomynous> rly
20:07 <anomynous> like what
20:08 <anomynous> there was no abusive comment posted to my userpage
20:08 <Prodego> I don't know, because they have set it so that I am not allowed to see it
20:08 <Prodego> potentially it was names or addresses or such
20:08 <anomynous> nope
20:08 <anomynous> is that what he told you?
20:09 <Prodego> no, that's the reason given for hiding the information
20:09 <Prodego> it is unusual to hide information from admins unless it is personal info
20:09 <anomynous> oh
20:09 <anomynous> userpage? or talkpage?
20:09 <anomynous> my userpage consisted of a bio. it went to ani, and was found to be okay
20:09 <anomynous> that has nothing to do with my ban
20:10 <anomynous> is ironholds claiming that my userpage is why i was banned?
20:10 <anomynous> cuz i can hunt up the ani discussion
20:10 <Prodego> The main reason given in the logs for you being banned is posting this information to your userpage
20:11 <anomynous> will you pls hold here while i find the ani discussion
20:11 <anomynous> i can find it
20:11 <Prodego> that's why I am saying it looks like things got a bit out of control, since obviously the using multiple accounts thing was much earlier
20:11 <anomynous> yeah that was dumb. i never socked
20:12 <anomynous> okay im seeing how this will go down. ironholds will li
20:12 <anomynous> lie*
20:12 <anomynous> okay well
20:12 <anomynous> will you pls unban my colleague
20:12 <Prodego> I can get someone who can access the information
20:12 <anomynous> wait
20:12 <Prodego> and verify it that way
20:12 <anomynous> you really think this is the userpage? i can link you to a screencap
20:12 <Prodego> what I am hearing is that it was accusations of child abuse or something
20:12 <anomynous> yeah i was abused
20:13 <anomynous> and the admins bitched about my userpage
20:13 <anomynous> the dicks on it
20:13 <Prodego> we have to be really careful about things like that being posted because it can cause us legal problems
20:13 <anomynous> so i wrote a bio
20:13 <anomynous> to conform
20:13 <anomynous> yeah mine was totally true
20:13 <anomynous> so
20:13 <anomynous> do you want to see the cap
20:13 <Prodego> sure
20:13 <anomynous> okay hold on
20:13 <Prodego> also I'm sorry to hear about that, terrible stuff
20:14 <anomynous> nah that was years ago
20:14 <anomynous> he did 7.5 of a 15 to life
20:14 <anomynous> hes paid his debt
20:14 <anomynous>
20:14 <Prodego> well that's good
20:15 <anomynous> but my userpage was valid. his name was eventually redacted
20:15 <anomynous> and the userpage issue was dropped
20:15 <Prodego> getting back to what I was talking about before
20:15 <anomynous> ?
20:15 <Prodego> even for true stories we have to be careful, because we can't prove they are true, we don't know
20:15 <Prodego> so that's what the problem was about the user page
20:15 <anomynous> understood. i was blocked for socking tho
20:15 <anomynous> not the userpage
20:15 <Prodego> probably people were not so good at conveying them
20:15 <anomynous> want me to find the ani thread?
20:16 <anomynous> okay lemme find the ani thread
20:16 <Prodego> I've got it
20:16 <Prodego> I'm reading the threads now
20:16 <anomynous> i think ironholds is a homophobe and i think fluffernutter is his girlfriend
20:17 <anomynous> you may not agree. which is okay i guess. but i will never be unbanned from enwp if he has anything to say about it
20:17 <Prodego> well the ban and such is at such a level that I am not allowed to unilaterally undo it
20:17 <anomynous> okay thats what i figured
20:17 <anomynous> will you pls unban my colleague
20:17 <anomynous> he wont log
20:18 <anomynous> (from irc)
20:18 <Prodego> the issues I see to resolve that would allow us to unban you are the GNAA trolling type behavior (which I know nothing about except it is on the list), we've already talked about the userpage, not using multiple accounts (easy, especially if you never did), and not harassing anyone, even those who harassed you
20:19 <Prodego> and I can give you an email address if you want to persue that
20:19 <Prodego> as for your colleague, I can unban him from IRC, sure
20:19 <anomynous> pls link to any trolling type behavior besides ONE incident at [[lil b]] where i suggested the image could be an image of jesus
20:19 <Prodego> I just need him to send me a message telling me what his nick or hostname is
20:19 <anomynous> i was on mushrooms
20:19 <Prodego> so I know what to unban
20:20 <anomynous> okay lemme pass that part on
20:20 <anomynous> hang on. also, i did not troll
20:20 <anomynous> gnaa style or otherwise
20:20 <anomynous> i took a gnaa userbox and put it on my page
20:20 <Prodego> it might be the GNAA logo on your userpage
20:20 <anomynous> as retaliation
20:20 <anomynous> for them sperging about the penises
20:20 <Prodego> honestly I think it is reasonable for you to be unbanned
20:20 <anomynous> pls link to any trolling gnaa or otherwise
20:20 <anomynous> i thought so too
20:20 <Prodego> assuming there would be no worries about you harassing anyone
20:20 <anomynous> but they wont
20:21 <anomynous> the only harassment came AFTER my talkpage access was revoked
20:21 <Prodego> yea I understand that
20:21 <anomynous> heres what i did
20:21 <anomynous> i bought and and pointed them to ironholds ed article
20:21 <anomynous> AFTER talkpage access was revoked
20:21 <anomynous> or it could have been after my meta block
20:22 <anomynous> which was also unwarranted
20:22 <anomynous> thats it. i did not troll, gnaa or otherwise. i have maintained this from the start
20:22 <anomynous> they wont link to any trolling cuz they can not find any
20:22 <Prodego> ok, here is what we can do about that
20:23 <anomynous> i made ONE mushroom induced suggestion at talk:lil b 
20:23 <anomynous> okay
20:23 <Prodego> you can request an unban, saying you won't harass Ironholds or others, won't troll, all that stuff (which I understand you really didn't do much of, especially before you were blocked)
20:23 <Prodego> there is a special committee to review bans
20:23 <Prodego> and I'd want to be copied in on these emails so I can make sure they properly consider it
20:24 <Prodego> I think the original ban of you was not right, it seems like an overreaction
20:24 <anomynous> ohh
20:24 <anomynous> youre going to dump me onto basc
20:24 <Prodego> I think then that after you started harassing people well then banning you was reasonable
20:24 <anomynous> yeah thats not helpful
20:24 <Prodego> yes, I have to
20:24 <Prodego> BASC is the only people who are actually allowed to unban you at this point
20:24 <anomynous> yeah ok
20:24 <Prodego> unless you want to try appealing to the entire committee
20:24 <anomynous> ive msgd my colleague
20:24 <anomynous> yeah how
20:25 <anomynous> oh i thought you said 'community'
20:25 <anomynous> you said committee
20:25 <anomynous> so yeah nevermind
20:25 <anomynous> have you got that pm yet
20:25 <Prodego> no I don't think I have
20:25 <anomynous> okay
20:25 <anomynous> hang on, and he will. i will stop logging. ;D
20:26 <Prodego> anomynous ok, well if you want to submit a request to them, I can ask several of the people I know on the committee to make sure to review this fairly
20:26 <anomynous> looool
20:26 <Prodego> you also have read the standard offer, yes?
20:26 <anomynous> okay /which/ user do you know on committee
20:26 <anomynous> that is fair?
20:26 <anomynous> i have. and i can not cuz lol arb com
20:27 <Prodego> sure
20:27 <anomynous> that was the last part
20:27 <anomynous> the entire thing was
20:27 <Prodego> Risker would be my primary contact
20:27 <anomynous> which user on any committee do you really think will treat me fairly
20:27 <anomynous> risker
20:27 <Prodego> she's the one I would talk to
20:27 <anomynous> lemme see if she was involved in the pileup
20:27 <anomynous> cuz i think she was
20:28 <Prodego> and I absolutely trust she is fair, so if you tell me she supports you being banned, well I am probably going to have to side with her :)
20:28 <anomynous> hm
20:28 <anomynous> she was not involved in the pile on
20:29 <Prodego> I will ask her to look in to it ok
20:29 <anomynous> also, cleanstart and standard offer arre for people who did something wrong
20:29 <anomynous> okay, thanks
20:29 <Prodego> is there an email address I can give her?
20:29 <anomynous> did my colleague message you
20:29 <anomynous> yes, and you might think its fake but its
20:29 <Prodego> yes, that should be all set 
20:29 <anomynous> iLvadeL@diLdomaiL
20:29 <anomynous> .com
20:29 <anomynous> :/
20:29 <anomynous> okay thanks. :)
20:29 <anomynous>
20:30 <Prodego> nice one
20:30 <anomynous> :)
20:30 <Prodego> I'll give that to her, thanks for explaining
20:30 <anomynous> if you get me unbanned, you can have a dildomail address
20:30 <anomynous> for the lulz
20:30 <anomynous> i seriously doubt it tho
20:30 <Prodego> well I definitely can't promise that, but I'll do my best to make sure you get fair consideration
20:30 <anomynous> but i was confusing risker with someone else
20:30 <anomynous> okay thanks. :)
20:31 <anomynous> wait
20:31 <anomynous> one more thing
20:31 <anomynous> is risker on irc?
20:31 <anomynous> i dont trust irc people cuz irc was involved in my ban
20:31 <Prodego> well I'm an IRC person
20:31 <anomynous> well what you did was admirable
20:32 <anomynous> but to take the irc community as a whole with some caution is warranted, dont you think?
20:32 <Prodego> sure, though it would I think be wrong to blame everyone for what a few people might do
20:32 <anomynous> most of those names on my talkpage are on irc right now
20:32 <anomynous> true
20:32 <anomynous> id trust anne even if she did use irc i spose
20:33 <anomynous> ive seen her on mailing lists
20:33 <anomynous> i was a wikipedian dammit
20:33 <Prodego> I do wish that I had been able to talk to you earlier
20:33 <anomynous> i do too
20:33 <Prodego> the outing and harassment thing is going to make it difficult
20:33 <Prodego> even though I understand the frustration you must have had 
20:33 <anomynous> i outed nobody
20:33 <anomynous> oh
20:33 <anomynous> then youve actually looked at that page
20:33 <anomynous> the talkpage
20:34 <anomynous> that in itself is more than i expected
20:34 <Prodego> I did look at your talk page
20:34 <anomynous> thanks for that. and for pointing anne to it
20:34 <anomynous> er risker
20:34 <anomynous> i shouldnt be so familiar
20:34 <anomynous> but im concerned that you used the term outing
20:35 <anomynous> i outed nobody
20:35 <anomynous> i didnt write ironholds' article if thats what you mean
20:35 <Prodego> I have incomplete information because there is information hidden from me
20:35 <anomynous> only the diffs
20:35 <anomynous> its all there
20:35 <Prodego> Risker has access to all of the information, so she will be able to verify more
20:35 <anomynous> except [redacted]
20:35 <anomynous> okay
20:35 <anomynous> did ironholds tell you i outed anyone?
20:35 <anomynous> im only curious
20:36 <Prodego> no, he did not
20:36 <anomynous> okay
20:36 <anomynous> he may have more character than i gave him credit for then
20:36 <Prodego> this may have been intended to apply to that you were contributing to ED, which does it
20:36 <anomynous> at least hes not lying about that
20:36 <Prodego> not that you were doing it personally
20:36 <anomynous> yeah thats exactly what i think
20:36 <anomynous> they dont like that i contribute to ed
20:36 <anomynous> is that not allowed?
20:36 <anomynous> because nobody told me that
20:37 <Prodego> it isn't reasonable to ask people to not contribute to other websites
20:37 <anomynous> and yet
20:37 <Prodego> if you were to be causing other editors some harm by being over there then it could be
20:37 <anomynous> you may look through my contribs
20:37 <anomynous> editing his article does not equal outing
20:37 <anomynous> i formatted and added links,, iirc
20:37 <anomynous> and fae tried that same crap
20:37 <anomynous> that i harassed her
20:37 <anomynous> him*
20:38 <Prodego> I guess I see how that might upset ironholds
20:38 <anomynous> that i edited it?
20:38 <Prodego> yea
20:38 <anomynous> i didnt out him tho
20:38 <anomynous> i didnt
20:38 <Prodego> Seeing other editors contribute to a page he considers to be harassing him, you know
20:38 <anomynous> nor did i call fae any kind of epithet
20:38 <anomynous> yeah so he took the low road
20:38 <anomynous> and harasssed me
20:38 <anomynous> nice.
20:39 <anomynous> iow, he abused his admin position?
20:39 <Prodego> I think you deserve a fair look, and at the very least (if they won't unban you now) a path towards becoming unbanned
20:39 <anomynous> okay
20:39 <anomynous> i want badmachine back
20:39 <Prodego> and I know risker will do a good job looking in to it
20:39 <anomynous> i dont see why i need to cleanstart
20:39 <anomynous> okay i trust her
20:39 <anomynous> (enough)
20:39 <anomynous> i mean
20:39 <anomynous> wikipedia can be bad for people
20:39 <anomynous> but somehow i dont think its got to her yet
20:39 <Prodego> alright, good talking with you, I am going to head out now
20:39 <anomynous> okay thanks.
20:40 <Prodego> if you want to send Ironholds a PM, you could, I don't know how open to discussion he will be
20:40 <Prodego> might appreciate an apology for the harassment, 
20:40 <anomynous> i did apologise and kept logs of that fact
20:40 <anomynous> and i asked him to pass on my apology to fluffernutter
20:41 <Prodego> I don't think she is online right now
20:41 <anomynous> cuz she was just complicit
20:41 <Prodego> ah, yes she is
20:41 <Prodego> nick is Fluff|away
20:41 <anomynous> she will take it as harassment
20:41 <anomynous> i will not do that. risker can pass my apology along
20:41 <Prodego> well if you think she would prefer not to be PMed, by all means
20:41 <Prodego> great, good luck
20:41 <anomynous> i think its wise if i do not
20:41 <anomynous> same w ironholds
20:41 <anomynous> okay
20:41 <Prodego> sure I'll let her 
20:42 <Prodego> know
20:42 <anomynous> hey thanks
20:42 <anomynous> :)
20:42 <Prodego> sure thing
20:42  * anomynous goes to Prodego 's contribs. ;)
20:43 <Prodego> oh they are boring, I mostly deal with editors and admins I think are being abusive
20:45 <anomynous> really
20:45 <anomynous> /that/ is interesting. thanks for looking into this
20:45 <anomynous> er, you know. risker.
--- Log closed Thu Jun 06 20:50:55 2013
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