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Hi, my name is Alex T. Roshuk. I used to edit Wikipedia. I also was the first legal advisor to the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. as of 2007 I am no longer associated with Wikimedia, any Wikipedia projects or any of the individuals who own or manage its operations. I helped Wikimedia get its 501(c)(3) legal status, I also assisted Jimbo Wales in getting Wikipedia's first three trademarks and contributed heavily. I no longer contribute because Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. dismantled the membership structure of the organization. I also believe that this violated the implicit agreement between myself and other "members" of the Wikipedia association of projects and people at Wikimedia told me that I can no longer participate because they think that I have no right to criticize Wikipedia and I am not "assuming good faith". I think that what happened regarding Directory:MyWikiBiz shows that there is something wrong at Wikimedia and I think that the early spirit of transparency and openness has disappeared because the so-called "founders" of Wikipedia are really just interested in exploiting this phenomenon for themselves and their continued control of Wikipedia means that they must silence critical voices such as my own. The NPOV is a farce and like the founder of Helium has stated there is no reason why people should not be paid for writing in open source websites. It is a much better idea than being mistreated by a bunch of secretive "volunteers" who hide what they do and speak a lot of double-talk.

I am a lawyer living and practicing in Park Slope, Brooklyn New York, you can find my firm website here and my first blog here. I am also working on a blog that will historically review the problems that have developed at Wikipedia projects since their inception here.