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TRIO WORLD SCHOOL is an international school offering programs from Pre Kindergarten through to Secondary School Graduation. The elementary program, Grades one to eight uses the highly acclaimed Canadian curriculum .The skills and concepts of this curriculum provide an excellent foundation for the variety of subjects offered in Grades 9 to 12. The secondary program currently follows the Cambridge International Education program. Programs in Grade 9 and 10 follow syllabus leading to the IGCSE or International General Certificate of School Exams. In August 2009, will offer as well ICE (International Certificate of Education) a broad spectrum of programs which on completion in Grade 10 will offer students both an ICE certificate and an IGCSE certificate .

Both the ICE and ICGSE provide the foundation for the Cambridge AS and A Level programs. TRIO WORLD SCHOOL

No. 3/5, Kodigehalli Main Road,
Sahakar Nagar,
Bangalore - 560 092, Karnataka


Trio World School has been providing education from few years in Sahakar Nagar, Bangalore.


Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs are offered. The Montessori program includes a complementary well defined international school curriculum. The Junior School Grades 1 – 8 Grades 1 – 5 will offer a classroom core program of Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Students will also take physical education, a second language, music, art and computer studies. Grades 6 – 8 will follow a partial rotary system in order to introduce subject specialization in Math, Science, English, Social Studies and Languages.

The Cambridge Syllabus

The Cambridge portfolio of IGCSE qualifications provides a solid foundation for higher level courses such as GCE A and AS Levels and the International Baccalaureate Diploma as well as excellent preparation for employment. A wide range of IGCSE subjects is available and these are grouped into five curriculum areas, as follows: Group I : Languages Group II : Humanities and Social Sciences Group III : Sciences Group IV : Mathematics Group V : Creative, Technical and Vocational Selection from five curriculum areas Candidates hoping to gain the Cambridge ICE group award must enter and sit for at least seven subjects selected from the five IGCSE curriculum areas. The subjects selected must include two (different) languages from Group I (i.e. only one of First Language English and English as a Second Language may count towards Cambridge ICE) and one subject from each of Groups II, III, IV and V. The seventh subject can be taken from any of the five subject groups. The subjects for Cambridge IGCSE and for Cambridge ICE are grouped as follows: Group I: Languages First Language: English Group II: Humanities and Social Sciences Economics Geography History Literature (English) Group III: Sciences Combined Science Group IV: Mathematics Mathematics Group V: Creative, Technical and Vocational Art and Design Business Studies Computer Studies/Information Technology Physical Education

Academic Programs

The elementary program, Grades one to eight utilizes the curriculum of Ministry Of Education, of the Province of Ontario. The skills and concepts of this curriculum provide a foundation for the variety of subjects offered in Grades 9 to 12. The secondary program currently follows the Cambridge International Examination program. Programs in Grade 9 and 10 follow syllabus leading to the IGCSE or International General Certificate of Secondary Education. In August 2009, Trio will offer as well ICE (International Certificate of Education) a broad spectrum of programs which on completion in Grade 10 will offer students both an ICE certificate and an IGCSE certificate.

Pre-Primary School Program.

The kindergarten program is composed of 3 different stages Pre-KG, JKG- SKG all are based on Montessori theory of education. The Montessori Method serves the needs of children of all levels of intellectual growth and physical ability as they live and learn in a natural, mixed-age group which moulds them to live as adults in society.

The Elementary School Program

The elementary school has several divisions: Primary which includes Grades 1- 3, Junior Division comprising Grades 4 -6 and the Intermediate Division comprising Grades 7 and 8. The whole of the elementary program is a continuous or spiral curriculum, allowing students to progress from grade to grade learning new skills while reinforcing acquired skills. The intermediate division provides the consolidation for the elementary program and establishes a strong foundation for the CIE secondary program.

The Secondary School Program

The grade 9 and grade 10 program consists of two years of study fulfilling the requirements for the IGCSE and ICE. ICE is awarded when a study exceeds C or better in all 7 courses taken. Both the IGCSE and ICE are awarded at the end of Grade 10.

Grade 11 referred to as the AS level year and Grade 12 called the A level year comprise two years of intensive study of selected courses chosen by students. The selection of these courses is critical. The choice of courses should reflect what the student wishes to study in university, particularly, when specialized fields such as engineering or medicine are the desired goal. To that end, course selection should be done in consultation with the parent and school personnel. It should be noted that Trio will insist on students taking more courses than the minimum suggested by the CIE program. Trio believes a structured comprehensive AS and A level program will ensure the best opportunities for a broad educational learning experience and entrance into university.

English as a Second Language

A school with students from a number of countries. The medium of instruction being English, however, we provide English support to the students who are speakers of other languages - through the ESL ( English as a Second Language) program.

Special Education

This is a school which includes some students who have special needs. For the most part we attempt to integrate special needs children as much as possible in the regular classroom. However, often there is a need for partial withdrawal and in some cases placement in a self contained special education classroom in order to best meet the needs of the students.

Message from Principal

I hope that our mission statement communicates clearly Trio’s belief about educating students. Our primary and most important task is the education of the students who attend our school. Educating students is not an event but a lengthy and complex process involving students, teachers and family; it is a process including highs and lows, laughter and occasional sadness, but mostly, it is hoped, joy and understanding during the learning process and the realization of future possibilities.

Long after we have left school what we remember most fondly are not the facts and figures but the wonderful interactions we had with peers and teachers and coaches.

Those fond memories are occasionally accidents of the moment but more often the result of the daily commitment of teachers who structure and plan lessons and work which involves students in the learning process. Good teachers are to be valued for they are made of the stuff that fosters the best in students.

One of my responsibilities as a Steward of Trio World School is to establish high expectations for students and staff towards meeting our Mission statement. Another of my responsibilities is to encourage a sense of belonging and ownership in the school by parents, students and staff through open continuous communication. We at Trio believe in being an inviting school, we want students and parents to join us in the learning process, in play, and in social activities.

I invite you to join us at Trio, I invite you to become involved in your children’s school life, help us help them to see and prepare for the infinite possibilities available to them when they enter the world of university, college or work.


Trio World School is located within a secure setting comprising a soccer field, basketball court, volleyball court, child’s play area and a main building which houses Science and Computer labs, Classrooms, library, Music rooms, and a Nurse's clinic just to home a few.

Six brand new buses transport students safely to and from school. The school is nicely situated half way between the new Bangalore Airport and the down town.

Morning snacks, lunch, afternoon snacks are served to students from the spacious cafeteria. The daily menus cater to both vegetarians and non vegetarians.

The building is flooded with natural light creating a comfortable environment within which to work.

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