Three Pairs NFL Pool

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The Three Pairs NFL Pool is now underway.

All of the entry picks are compiled into a spreadsheet format, and once complete, it is posted on the "Spreadsheets" page.

Three Pairs Pool Folders

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Week 17 FINAL Fantasy Players

On Week 17, we are each on our own, picking our personal three pairs of position players! Select two Quarterbacks, two Running Backs, and two Wide Receivers or Tight Ends.

Make sure you carefully look at whether the team will be playing their starters for the whole game. And keep an eye on injury reports, right up until the buzzer -- Noon on Sunday. Since there is a game on Saturday, do not pick any players on New England or the New York Giants, unless you are willing to lock in those picks before 7:00 PM Saturday.


All payments have been received. Thank you! The total in our payout fund is $675.


The following are the key dates you should remember:

September 9th, 2007; Sunday

12:00 Noon Deadline for picking Stay-Alive Picks

Every Sunday following, likewise as above -- Stay-Alive Picks

We will be recycling the four-week Fantasy and Stay-Alive windows on:

  • October 7th
  • November 4th
  • December 2nd
There will be one final Fantasy selection week between December 25th and 29th, where each participant will pick (on their own) a pair of quarterbacks, a pair of running backs, and a pair of receivers.