The Use of Metal Detectors in Airports

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The Use of Metal Detectors in Airports

Airports have always contained one form of a metal detector or another. However, with the recent terrorist’s activities like bombings, hijacking and other events, airport security has advanced to many different kinds of metal detectors. The use of metal detectors in airports is for the purpose of detecting metal objects in a person’s belongings, and on each person that passes through airport security. There are many different kinds of metal detectors that are used in airports around the nation. There are metal detectors that a person walks through, metal detectors that a person walks over, and metal detectors that are held by hand. In addition to this, there are conveyor type metal detectors that personal belongings are passed through.

The use of metal detectors in airports is for scanning a person and their property when they enter the airport. This is to ensure that people do not bring illegal items in the facility, weapons, and other items that are restricted by airport security. A metal detector is created with a few basic parts. It is actually a really simple electromagnetic tool that is used to determine traces of metals in certain items. If a metal component enters the field of magnetism, it sends a signal to a speaker built inside the metal detection unit and amplifies a sound to let the person know who is working the device that metal has been detected.

The use of metal detectors in airports scans many different areas and every single person. In past years, airport security was lax in scanning people and their belongings for traces of metal. However, since the terrorists attacks have increased, this is the main form of security in airports. People are now scanned upon entering the actual airport, as well as before boarding their flights. In addition to this, personal belongings are also thoroughly scanned through a metal detection system. This is to ensure that no type of weapons, bombs, and other restricted items enter people sensitive areas.

The use of metal detectors in airports has been proven to find many other illegal items that may come into the facility and on the various flights. These items include many different kinds of illegal drugs, professional and homemade explosive devices, as well as various kinds of imports that are considered illegal. This is just how advanced that metal detection units in the airports around the nation have become. When someone breeches security at an airport, it is considered a federal offense. This is why it is so important to call ahead and ensure that you understand what items are restricted from entering the airport and on the flight.

There are some disadvantages to using metal detectors in airports. One of the main disadvantages is that these devices are so sensitive that they often pick up small items like key chains, jewelry, and even wires in undergarments and so on. This can lead to many delays and unfortunate search procedures for many individuals. However, many people do not mind this as they can rest assured that they are safe by having such a high security system in place by the use of metal detectors in the airport.

Name: The Use of Metal Detectors in Airports

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