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([[Template:Harvard citation#CITEREF|]])

This template documentation is transcluded from Template:Harvard citation/doc [edit]


{{Harvard citation | ''Last name of author(s)'' | ''Year'' | ''Location in the text'' }}

Alternative to using Location, you may also use the following parameters:

p = page pp = pages

  • The abbreviation Harv may be used.
  • The first parameter is the author's last name.
  • The second parameter is the year of publication.
  • The third parameter is the location of the cited material within the reference. This parameter is optional.
  • The parameter p is an optional page parameter (e.g., "{{ Harv | Smith | 2006 | p=25 }}" yields (Smith 2006, p. 25).
  • The parameter pp is an optional page range parameter (e.g., "{{ Harv | Smith | 2006 | pp=25-26 }}" yields (Smith 2006, pp. 25-26).

If Ref=none, then no hyperlink is created.


  • {{Harvard citation | Smith | 2006 | ch. 100}}
  • {{Harv | Smith | 2006 | p=25}}
  • {{Harv | Smith | 2006 | pp=25-26}}
  • {{Harv | Smith | 2006 | pp=25-26 | Ref=none}}


See also

Bracketless version

A bracketless version of this template is available using {{Harvard citation no brackets}}. Editors editing this template are requested to make parallel changes to that one too.

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