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Titostalgia within Croatia is strong even though Tito and his fellow Communists organised the Way of the Cross (death marches) massacres , Bleiburg and Foibe massacres, ethnic cleansing of Germans and Italians of the former Yugoslavia & etc.

Link: Confronting the Yugoslav controversies: a scholars' initiative By Charles W. Ingrao

Issues to address:

  • Semi militarised society
  • Baby boomers from the communist elite
  • Using the Soviets as a template
  • Historic-rewriting
  • Use of Media (B-grade war movies)
  • Fake Social-Democratic party propaganda
  • Communist elite obsession with the west
  • Economic madness
  • Marxism
  • Croatian language
  • Misappropriation of other cultural material (Republic of Ragusa/Republic of Venice)
  • Historic time warp: Communism vs. Fascism/ Two extremist political historic views (World War Two never really ended)