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Marciano never faced a true heavyweight in the ring as a champion. Baker was true heavyweight for any era (6'2, 222lbs-188cm,100kg). 'Big Bob, The Grinder, Belt Em Bob' Baker won 13 straight fights (baker's dozen) n was Marciano's only logical challenger left. This exciting bout should have happened on February 3 1956, live on national coast to coast radio n tv. Only heavyweights fought on this night just like on 9.21.55, when RM defeated Archie Moore. It would have been nice, good bye fight for RM to his fans. It wouldnt be an easy fight for RM. Bulky, 'Big' Bob Baker had very good results against shorter fighters n had very fast hands, however Marciano would have defeated Baker around round ten. BB would not come out from his corner. RM would have had a golden 50-0 record! It's a real shame this bout didnt happen. It was offered to RM on a silver platter by IBC! Both fighters were in excellent condition. Rocky would have made history!!!

1.1.1956 FIGHT

On 9.21.55, after Moore fight, RM should have announced that he will fight the winner of Baker-Valdes fight on New Year's Day; Sunday 1/1/1956 & next day be in all the newspapers worldwide, football wasn't played on Sundays at that time, he could have kept the title until 1/2/1957 (so Floyd can become the youngest heavyweight champion of all time, still at the age of 21), have few exhibitions & call it a day with perfect, golden record of 50-0-0!!! 2012-1956=56! Both years, January 1 was on Sunday! Rocky could have been the world champ from 1952 to 1957!!!