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| company_logo = [[Image:Milson_Printing_Logo.jpg|150px|Milson Printing logo]]
| company_slogan = ''''
| company_type = [[Company_Type:=Private|[[Private Company|Private]]]]
| genre =
| foundation = [[Year_Started:=2000|[[2000]]]]
| founder =
| location = {{flagicon|US}} [[City:=Fort Collins|[[Directory:Fort Collins, Colorado|Fort Collins]]]], [[State_Name:=Colorado|[[Directory:Colorado|Colorado]]]], [[Country_Name:=United States|[[Directory:United States|USA]]]]
| key_people = [[Key_Person1:=Brandey Allvord|[[Directory:Brandey Allvord|Brandey Allvord]]]], [[Key_Person1_Title:=CEO|CEO]]<br>
| industry = [[NAICS_Code1_Title:=Revenue Cycle Management|[[Billing and Coding]]]]<br>[[NAICS_Code2_Title:=Transcriptions Services|[[Transcription]]]]
| products = <!-- Revenue Cycle Management, Denial Management, Payment Posting, Charge Entry, Medical Transcription, Business Transcription, Legal Transcription. -->
| revenue =
| operating_income =
| net_income =
| num_employees =
| parent =
| subsid =
| owner = <!-- Brandey Allvord. -->
| contact = [[Address:=4913 Smallwood Ct.]]<br>Fort Collins, [[State_Code:=CO]] [[Zip:=80528]]<br>[[Phone:=970.692.9954]]<br>[[|[ Trans-quest USA website]]]
| reference = <!-- Reference items help facilitate search engine optimization (SEO) -->[[NAICS]]: [[NAICS_Code1:=32311]], [[NAICS_Code2:=32312]]<br>[[Attribute:Region1|Region]]: [[Region1:=Orange County|[[Directory:Orange County|The OC]]]]<br>[[Latitude]]: [[Latitude:=35.019608|35°01'10.59"]]<br>[[Longitude]]: [[Longitude:=-90.025098|-90°01'30.35"]]
| footnotes =

'''Milson Printing''' is a fictional commercial [[color printing]] company located in [[Directory:Memphis, Tennessee|Memphis]], [[Directory:Tennessee|Tennessee]]. It is one of the twelve largest commercial printers in the Memphis area.

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One of Milson's clients has recently expanded his reach into entrepreneurial ventures centering on wiki editing and optimization. <ref name="DieWelt">{{cite news|last=Peer|first=Mathias|title=Wikipedia-Artikel, die man kaufen kann|publisher=[[Directory:Die Welt|Die Welt]]|date=2006-08-24|url=|accessdate=2007-01-02}}</ref>

== History ==
Milson Printing started business in [[1965]] in a small shop on Duval Street in Key West, Florida. As the business expanded, it moved in [[1974]] to a larger facility in town on Caroline Street, and then again moved in [[1998]] to its present location in Memphis, where the owner could be closer to the blues music he so loves.

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== External links ==
*[ Milson Printing website]

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