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| name = [[Person::Thomas Stevens]]
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| residence = {{flagicon|US}} [[City::Atlanta]], [[State_Name::Georgia]], [[Country_Name::United States|USA]]
| image = PMAlliance_Logo.jpg
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| caption = <!-- What you want it to say below your picture. -->Project Management Consultants
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| known = President and Founding Partner of [[PMAlliance]]
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| reference = [[NAICS]]: [[NAICS_Code1::541611]]<br>

'''Founder and President of ''PMAlliance, Inc.'''''<br><br>
Mr. Stevens founded [[PMAlliance]] in order to provide a complete set of professional [ project management services] to businesses and organizations seeking to gain operational efficiencies and capture bottom-line results. Mr. Stevens' specific experiences stem from over 20 years of project management engagements supporting applications such as marketing, systems development, staffing, and special events in industries such as manufacturing, construction, retail, and environmental consulting.

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Mr. Stevens is considered an expert in the application of [[keyword::project management]] concepts to the design and development of project management software systems and tools. He has supervised the design and construction of new plants and facilities, as well as the installation and startup of plant equipment. In addition, he has been responsible for ensuring compliance with environmental and safety regulations, as well as for directing major efforts to computerize plant capacity analysis, preventive maintenance functions, and energy utilization reporting.

Mr. Stevens holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master in Business Administration degree. He is actively involved in project management communities, serving as a guest lecturer to various professional organizations and university-level classes. Mr. Stevens is a certified Project Management Professional through the Project Management Institute (PMI) and a past Vice President of the Georgia Chapter.

''PMAlliance'' is an international [ project management consulting], [ project management training] and [ project office development] company that helps Fortune 1000 companies improve the execution of their mission-critical projects. Through their Duration-Driven® methodology, they enable their clients to successfully complete their most important projects—on time, within budget and to the intended level of quality. In addition, they help them achieve a competitive advantage by transitioning [[Keyword::project management]] into a core competency within their organizations. PMAlliance provide a flexible combination of services including a Project Management Institute (PMI)-certified project management training curriculum, best-in-class [[Keyword::project management consulting]] services, end-to-end [[Keyword::project office development]], and proprietary [[Keyword::project management software]] add-in tools.

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