Salomee Trudel

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Salomée Trudel is a notorious make-up artist from Montréal, and the founder of Ballari Foot Jewelry, a foot jewelry company present in Montréal, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong-Kong.

Early life

Salomée Trudel was born in Colonge-Bellerive, Geneva, from a Quebecois father and a Californian mother. She is the oldest of seven children. Thanks to her parents who travelled often, she had the chance to live in a world without frontiers and the advantage of a multicultural education. As a child, she lived in several Europpean countries, in Asia and in the United States, and this is the reason why her education was mostly done by distance with her parents as her only teachers. Salomée considers that real school is life, the people who surround her and share their wisdom, their education, their culture and experiences. Her education, her entrepreneurial way of thinking and her curiosity take their roots in her travels. Her innate creative side is the result of her exposition to several cultures in which she lived and grew up. When she went back to Montreal in 1998, she fell in love with the diversity of this city, in which she recognized a minor replica of the world. This is the reason why she decided to settle and lives there until today.


After her international primary education, Salomée studies the parctice of cosmetics and professional make-up in a cosmetic institute called Summum Beauté International, located in south Montreal, along with a Hatha Yoga instructor education with Hervé Blondon from Satyam Yoga School. A few years later, she completes a one-year degree in public-relations from Lasalle College in Montreal. Presently, she studies at NASM in the United States in order to obtain a Personal Fitness Trainer certification, and this to gain a better knowledge of the body and the field of health.


Salomée professional life, which demanded creativity, art and a constant contact with people, shows that she was always attracted to a certain freedom in her career. Aged twenty years-old, she decides to only employ herself, working as a make-up artist. For her first contracts she works as the lead make-up artist for fashion walks, photo-shoots, and television shows. Her biggest client was, and still is today, the TV channel Radio des Sports, thanks to which she touched the faces of many celebrities such as Olympic Athletes Alexandre Bilodeau, André Agassi and many others. Her investment in the film production industry was influenced by her father, who was a record producer. Thanks to him, she spent most of her childhood in the back of the film and music scenery, where she wove a network with many influencial artists of the time.

Her career as a make-up artist allowed her to create what she visualized when she looked at faces, and she discovers a freedom of expression. However, what gives her a feeling of accomplishment in this industry, is to participate to the amelioration of the feminin beauty, and to make their life easier being a part of important moments, such as weddings, separations, illness and other.


As a child, Salomée dreamt to become a ballerina, and to live the dancer's life she knew she was born for. However, her moving constantly and unfortunate parents who were seldom around, prevented her to reach this goal. Later in her life, she discovers Yoga, which reminds her of her love for the human body in movement. This new disciplin becomes a revelation for her, and she discovers new passions as she fuses it to her past as a professional in the esthetics of the body. It is from this feeling of well-being and love for the human body that Ballari, a foot jewelry company she creates in June 2011, sees the day.