Reem Hameed

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Reem Hameed
Occupation Businesswoman and media executive
CEO of Collective Media Group
Co-founder of Dukkan Media
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Reem Hameed is a Canadian businesswoman and media executive of Iraqi and Filipina heritage who is currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She is best known as the co-founder of Collective Media Group[1] and Dukkan Media,[2] as well as being the co-host of the Dukkan Show, a popular podcast.[3]

Early life and education

Born to an Iraqi father and Filipina mother from Escalante, Negros Occidental, Philippines,[4] Reem Hameed grew up in Yemen, Iraq, Kuwait, the Philippines, and Canada.[5] Hameed moved to Ontario, Canada when was 16.[6] She graduated with a B.A. degree in Global Political Science, and also holds a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School at York University in Toronto, Canada.[7]


Hameed is the co-founder and CEO of Collective, a Dubai-based media production company that had founded with Omar Abbas. She is also highly active in the UAE film industry.[8][9]

Hameed is also the producer of Cyber Quest, an annual IT and cybersecurity competition for secondary school students held in Abu Dhabi.[10]

Along with Yassin Alsalman, she was the executive producer for the song "Narcy" (ft. Mashrou' Leila) in the project SpaceTime.[11]

Dukkan Show

Reem Hameed is a co-host of the Dukkan Show, a podcast about "third-culture kids," with Omar Tom and Mohamad Akkaoui. Dukkan means "shop" in Arabic.[12][13] The English-language show discusses wide-ranging topics, including entrepreneurship, politics, personal relationships, music, and many others.[14] The show was originally founded by Omar Tom, a native English speaker of Sudanese origin who grew up in Dubai.[15] Later, Reem Hameed joined the show, followed by Mohamad Akkaoui, who was born in Abu Dhabi to Lebanese parents. Omar Tom had originally created the podcast in 2015 after finishing a postgraduate fellowship in San Francisco, United States.

The Dukkan Show started off as a personal project at Omar's residence in Sharjah, but is now run by Dukkan Media,[16] a creative media agency co-founded by Tom Omar and Reem Hameed. Dukkan Media offers publishing, advertising, and other services.[17] The company also produces podcasts such as Forever Student, a self-improvement radio show.[18][19]

The Dukkan Show is weekly and issue-based,[20] and is one of the Gulf region's top-ranking podcasts for society and culture according to iTunes.[21][22] As the Arab world has had a rich, lengthy history of radio broadcasting, Hameed believes that podcasts such as the Dukkan Show fit well into this tradition.[23]

The Dukkan Show's hosts call themselves "Neo-Bedouins," a reference to their global nomadic roots.[24] The show has also strived to improve Arab representation in the media.[25][26]

In 2018, the Dukkan Show honoured the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan with Arabic poetry and other broadcasted content.[27][28]

As of July 2018, the show had over 17,000 monthly listeners, most of whom were from the UAE and Saudi Arabia.[29] Today, the show continues to increase in popularity, as the show's multiculturalism strongly appeals to the Gulf region's young, highly cosmopolitan communities.

Community service

Hameed also used to volunteer for Rock Ed Philippines, a non-profit organization promoting alternative education in the Philippines. [4]


In 2013, Reem Hameed won the British Council Young Creative Entrepreneurs Award, which was awarded to a total of nine recipients from various countries.[30]

In 2018, Illustradolife Magazine named her as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Filipinos in The Gulf.[7]

Media coverage

Hameed has been featured by major international media outlets in various languages, including in English, Arabic, French, Indonesian, and other languages. She has been covered by CNN Indonesia,[31] Warta Ekonomi,[32] France 24,[33] and La Presse.[34]

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