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Plastic film slitter rewinders are usually the core part of a film converting line. Slitting and rewinding is the second last main process step of the plastic film converting process. The input material of the slitting process is roll-stock film. Slitter rewinders are also used for different applications than plastic film, for example they can process paper, or any other film products. One of the most frequently used application of the slitting rewinder machines is the plastic film processing.

The slitter rewinder has three main process steps: the unwinding, the actual slitting and the rewinding. The slitting is needed for one or both of the following: the film material needs to be trimmed or needs to be cut up to narrower stripes. Key part of the technology is the engineering solution that ensures the consistent density of the rewinded roll stock.

One of the mostcrucial properties of the machine is the speed it can be operated at. Usually the input rollstock is much heavier and longer than the output rollstock. Nevertheless, the longer the output rollstock, the less frequently the machine needs to be stopped for offloading.

Slitting machines are commonly classified by their rewinding design. In case of cantilever slitter rewinder, the offloading of the rewinded rollstock is manual. Center surface technology uses powered shafts making it possible that the rewinding shafts can take much heavier load and longer length of film than the cantilever resulting in fewer stops for offloading. Among the three different technologies, the turret technology provides the highest level of automation for offloading. Key component of the machine is the slitting knife. The two main type of the knife are the so called razor in the air and the circular blade. Earlier requires less set-up time, while the later has longer life cycle and it can usually handle thicker materials. Also, slitter machines with a circular blade can usually run faster without compromising film tension or ruining quality of the print on the film.

The most common arrangement for rewinding is that the output rollstock is rewinded on two shafts. Many times the film is slitted to several stripes and the stripes are split out between the two rewinding shafts. This ensures that the immediate neighboring stripes are separated.


Market info

One of the North American plastic slitter rewinder machinery suppliers is Plastic Equipment Co.

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Businesses related to Poly Bag Making Machines will identify themselves by the following 5-digit NAICS codes:

  • 33322 - Plastic manufacturing equipment manufacturers
  • 32611 - Plastic converting industry


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