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PMAlliance logo
SloganOur Methodology, Your Success
Type Private Company
Founded 2001
FounderThomas Stevens, William Wilson, Kevin Berry
Headquarters Template:Country data US Atlanta, Georgia, USA
IndustryManagement Consulting Services
ProductsProject Management Consulting, Project Management Training, Project Office Development
Contact 2075 Spencers Way
Atlanta, GA 30087-
Reference NAICS: 541611

PMAlliance is an international project management consulting, project management training and project office development company that helps Fortune 1000 companies improve the execution of their mission-critical projects. Through their Duration-Driven® methodology, they enable their clients to successfully complete their most important projects—on time, within budget and to the intended level of quality. In addition, they help them achieve a competitive advantage by transitioning project management into a core competency within their organizations. PMAlliance provide a flexible combination of services including a Project Management Institute (PMI)-certified project management training curriculum, best-in-class project management consulting services, end-to-end project office development, and proprietary project management software add-in tools.


PMAlliance originated from the shared vision of its founders - three project management specialists with a combined 60+ years in the business. They put their real-life experiences and practical knowledge to work developing highly effective project solutions for clients worldwide.

PMAlliance's leaders have project management experience in every situation imaginable - from political campaigns to systems development, special events to new product development, energy exploration to facility relocation. And those experiences cover a variety of industries-manufacturing, technology, construction, retail, aerospace, financial and more.


PMAlliance's project management solutions succeed because they follow a proven process - their proprietary Duration-Driven® methodology, which is central to all of the services they provide.

This comprehensive, logical and repeatable project management planning and control methodology combines the core PMI processes with proven, hands-on project management practices, software add-in tools, and training. They're able to adapt the methodology to your industry, your project and your business scenario.

Duration-Driven® drives teamwork and communication - two essential elements of a successful project management process. Your team will perform better under Duration-Driven® because the project plans are based on team participation, individual commitment and personal accountability. This methodology promotes a healthy, less stressful project environment for all your stakeholders. In addition, you'll have the tools, reports and facilitating techniques to keep all members of the team informed, with an eye on the big picture while focusing on near-term deliverables.

The concepts of Duration-Driven® are cost-effective, simple to understand, and easy to put into immediate use by project teams. The bottom line: Duration-Driven® drives successful projects.


Clients choose PMAlliance because of their unique ability to provide project management consulting solutions they need to match the task at hand. That flexibility means they are a "one-stop shop", with a complete range of customized services delivered by project management experts.

PMAlliance's services include project management training, consulting, project office development, and custom project management solutions. As part of this strategy, they offer a complete curriculum of training programs and employ four different levels of PMI-certified project consultants.

Project Management Training

Committed teams accomplish more-and one way to ensure their commitment is to involve them in the planning process. PMAlliance provides team members the right skills and knowledge to participate. As a part of our project management consulting services, we offer project management methodology, project management software and facilitator training for all stakeholders in your organization-from team members to managers, project sponsors to customers. We also have advanced project management training classes for your experienced managers and individuals involved in project office development.

PMAlliance training fills the project management knowledge gap between team members and provides a consistent approach for use by the entire team. Our PMI-certified trainers use a state-of-the-art curriculum to pose practical challenges, cultivate strong working relationships and arm your team with tools they can put to immediate use. They will be well equipped to participate in creating comprehensive project plans, implementing disciplined processes for maintaining those plans, and utilizing management reviews to ensure deliverables are completed in a timely manner.

PMAlliance is an approved Registered Education Provider (REP) by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Whether you are pursuing or maintaining certification from the PMI, you can receive Professional Development Units (PDUs) from each course we offer.

Project Management Consulting

PMAlliance has an impressive track record of providing our clients with proven project management consulting solutions that are both effective and cost-efficient. Not only do our consultants have the experience to roll-up their sleeves to help drive your high-priority project to successful completion, but they also have the expertise to mentor your personnel through the process of adopting a more structured approach. If you require a customized approach, PMAlliance personnel will work with your organization to deliver near-term successes on your projects while moving your organization in the right direction.

Our consultants are required to be certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI). With four different levels of consultants, we are equipped to take on many different roles and provide a broad range of services including: project management training, mentoring, and on-site project office development.

Project Office Development

An internal Project Management Office (PMO) gives organizations the ability to achieve consistently successful results across their entire portfolio of projects-creating a foundation that can turn project management into a competitive advantage. Whether your organization is just beginning to explore the benefits of a formal PMO, or your existing PMO is not achieving the results management has intended, PMAlliance can help take your PMO to the next level. A Project Office fulfills two essential roles

   It provides enterprise-level project management services.
   It serves as a project management center of excellence.

Implementing a formalized project management process in an organization that has not used a structured approach to project planning and control can present significant challenges. Our phased approach to implementation helps companies overcome resistance to change, allows lessons learned in early phases to be incorporated in the systems installed in later phases, and ensures that a solid foundation of project-level data is available prior to rolling-up enterprise-level information.

PMAlliance uses four implementation phases: Initiation, Project-Level Installation, Enterprise-Level Installation, and Maintenance.

The Initiation phase:

   Mobilizes the organization.
   Remediates any current at-risk projects.
   Sets the stage for the Installation phases.

This phase includes the selection of pilot projects that have the potential for near-term successes, and the communication of those success stories to the organization.

The Project-Level Installation phase:

Provides a structured project planning and control process for all targeted projects. Creates the project management infrastructure necessary to support the consistent, successful application of project management
techniques by the Project Office on future projects.

   Provides training and mentoring to the Project Office staff

The Enterprise-Level Installation phase:

   Creates the infrastructure necessary to support business decision-making based on schedule, resource, and cost information
"rolled-up" from the entire portfolio of projects. Transitions the day-to-day responsibility for developing and maintaining individual project plans from PMAlliance to the Project
Office staff.

The Maintenance phase:

   Transitions the responsibility for supporting all of the project management requirements of the organization to the Project Office staff.
   Ensures long-term continuity by establishing project management as a core competency and an essential function within the organization.

PM Software

PMAlliance tools make it easier for you to use Microsoft Project (MSP) and Primavera by introducing new features, enhancing existing ones and simplifying the user interface. You'll be able to update, analyze, review and communicate schedule information so you can better anticipate problems and opportunities.

PMAlliance Software Add-in Tools

PMAlliance add-in tools improve the performance and reporting capability of Microsoft Project (MSP) and Primavera (P6 and P3) software. These tools enhance the ability of project teams to recognize and communicate schedule related opportunities, problems and issues.

Add-In Tools for MSP

Anyone who has struggled with off-the-shelf systems knows an inordinate amount of time can be wasted trying to perform the simplest of tasks. While many project management tools are good for planning the initial schedule, sometimes it can be difficult to update the schedule, change resource allocations or modify activity durations.

Our Add-In Tools for MSP greatly enhance the update process and simplify resource assignment, calculation, analysis, validation, reporting and viewing.

PMAlliance reporting tools produce easy-to-read activity and cost reports for MSP. Whether you need to communicate detailed reports to active team members or top-level summary reports to senior management, our reporting tools deliver the right activity and cost information to meet everyone's needs.

Our Metrics Tool measures the health of a project by analyzing whether activities are being performed as scheduled, and whether slack is being preserved or consumed. The system generates reports that will allow you to analyze and track your project throughout its life cycle.

The PMAlliance Dashboard for MSP uses color-coded indicators to show the status of activities-completed, on-time (or early) or late. This report is an excellent early warning tool for managers to quickly identify and track at-risk activities.

Add-In Tools for Primavera

PMAlliance reporting tools produce easy-to-read activity and cost reports for Primavera. Whether you need to communicate detailed reports to active team members or top-level summary reports to senior management, our reporting tools deliver the right activity and cost information to meet everyone's needs.

Our Metrics Tool measures the health of a project by analyzing whether activities are being performed as scheduled, and whether slack is being preserved or consumed. The system generates reports that will allow you to analyze and track your project throughout its life cycle.

PMAlliance Web Update System

Today, many project management update solutions require paper-based reporting and manual data entry. Our Web Update System automates this process for Microsoft Project (MSP) and Primavera (P6 and P3) users.

The PMAlliance Web Update System will allow you to:

   * Receive fast and reliable project updates from geographically dispersed project teams
   * Enhance team communication
   * Reduce guesswork resulting from incorrect or incomplete data
   * Eliminate data entry errors during the update cycle
   * Increase the amount of time Project Managers can spend analyzing and resolving schedule related problems

The update system consists of web-based data entry forms, an administration program to enable project managers to monitor the team's progress, a reporting tool to review update results and comments, and an interface program to automatically update MSP and Primavera project files. Team member workstations require only a browser and Internet access.



Our professional project management and facilitator certifications allow us to provide the highest quality consultants to our clients.

Every PMAlliance consultant has received project management certifications awarded by The Project Management Institute (PMI®).
These certifications include the following:

Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®)

In addition, PMAlliance is a PMI-certified Registered Education Provider (REP). Click here to access PMI information specific to PMAlliance.

International Association of Facilitators

PMAlliance is a partner of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). The IAF is dedicated to growing facilitators and encouraging the use of group process methodologies world-wide. Its mission is to promote, support, and advance the art and practice of professional facilitation. Through a variety of IAF Logo resources, regional conferences, and the IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator (CPF) assessment process, they provide opportunities to develop facilitation skills, learn from experienced professionals, and assess facilitation capabilities against a set of professional competencies. Many of our consultants have achieved CPF status which requires a rigorous peer review of knowledge, experience, and demonstration of skills.
Click here to access the IAF website.


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