Oil painting reproduction

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Oil painting is traditional and popular art of the western world, but during the past centuries, its hovering price has detached itself from the general public. However, in the recent twenty years, the orient painters, especially Chinese painters have changed the situation with their exquisite craftsmanship by popularizing the gracious art and bringing it down to the public. Now those “Oil Paintings Masterpieces”are able to be seen in places aside from courts, cathedrals, museums and well-off houses. Perfect oil painting reproductions of reasonable prices have become the general ornaments in common families.

Oil painting production is called “commercial painting” in the jargon of oil painting fine art. The oil painting industry has a history of 20 years since the end of 1980s when this industry rose from Guangdong and Fujian province of China . In the eyes of common people, they are considered as art, enjoying its place in the palace of art (although it only affiliates to the ivory tower); in the eyes of painters of reproductions, they can bring profit and vanity that can satisfy the painters.

As far as the industry itself is concerned, the development from the original situation of low output and high profit to recent situation of high output and low profit and even to minimal profit in the saturated market gradually displays its feature as a labor-intensive industry containing certain techniques; and meanwhile it also displays a common feature among non high-tech industries and industries that needn’t to be invested much--the vicious competition of rushing into this industry. [1]

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