Netgear ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer Edition RNDP600E Review

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The ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer Edition RNDP600E is the top-of-the-line consumer network-attached storage device from Netgear. The RNDP600E features 6 empty drive bays, enabling storage capacities up to 6 terabytes. Support for X-RAID2 facilitates storage expansion, RAID 0/1/5 support enables data recovery in the case of a drive failure. Advanced DLNA media streaming capabilities include multiple, simultaneous high-definition streams to players like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. A built-in iTunes server enables networked music playback, and the device can also be used as a print server. Features Ethernet 10/100/1000 x 2 Intel multi-core processor 6 drive bays X-RAID2 configuration RAID 0/1/5...

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Name: Netgear ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer Edition RNDP600E

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