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This is the documentation page for Module:Type in location

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For generating short descriptions for infoboxes of structures/small places such as dams and museums, which are often in the format of type in location. Example:

{{#invoke:Type in location|main|{{{type|}}}|{{{location|}}}|check-patterns = [Mm]useum;foo;bar}}

Description only shows if check-pattern is matched in type.

Multiple check-patterns can be specified as "pattern1;pattern2;pattern3" and so on.

Also has helper functions of prepareLoc (for removing extraneous from addresses) and generalLoc (for getting more general location from specific address) which can be used seperately.

What is specified in the Template:Para parameter will be added with a space if the check-patterns fail.

Setting Template:Para gives the full of the location (with slight processing) instead of the more general location.