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This is the documentation page for Module:TrainingPages

Template:Module rating This module is intended to accept the name of a page (defaulting to the page currently being displayed), look it up in an index of pages, step forward or backward by some number of pages (usually 1), and give back the name of the page at that position.

Use Template:Mlx to invoke. For example:

{{#invoke:TrainingPages|last_page|index=Wikipedia:Training/For students/Editing module index|page=Wikipedia:Training/For students/Where to get help|defaultpage=Wikipedia:Training/header}} yields:

Module:TrainingPages error (index parameter):failed to access students/Editing module index):getContent() to load the index data


The available functions are:

  • next_page: the next page on the index list
  • last_page: the preceding page on the index list
  • page_number: the number the page indicated is in the list
  • total_pages: the total number of pages in the index
  • main: allows you to flip forward or backward an arbitrary number of pages


(All parameters are available to every function, except displacement which only matters for main)

  • page is the page you are starting from (the one you're looking up in the index)
  • if page is blank or omitted, the mw.title.getCurrentTitle() function is used to locate the current page. (So far as I know, this is always the page that matters, the one everything ultimately gets transcluded to, not the template or module)
  • if page is a number and doesn't contain any text, the page that number of positions down in the index will be the base page used. With "main" and no displacement set, this returns the name of page#N. Otherwise you can have it return some number of pages off from that number, or the default page, as it would if the name of the page in that position had been entered as text.
  • defaultpage is the page to be returned if there is no next page, previous page, or page displaced by n in the index. Can be blank, in which case the module output will be blank if this happens.
  • index is the name of the index module with the list of all the pages. The pages should be in a list from beginning to end. There are three ways to format this:
  • Index can be in module space (e.g. Module:TrainingPages/default index) in which case they must consist of return {'Name of first page','Name of second page','Name of third page' ... etc.}.
  • Index can be in some other space, not in module format, in which case it need merely contain a list of Wikilinks in double square brackets. Everything outside the brackets is ignored, and every link in double square brackets is counted. The only limitation is that in this version anything in double square brackets is taken as a link, even if nowiki applies or it is in other brackets or has a newline in it or something that prevents it from appearing as a proper link. You can put a pair of nowiki or noninclude tags between the two opening square brackets as a kludge to avoid having this happen, if need be.
  • (If omitted, the index still defaults to Module:TrainingPages/default index, so common tasks might be added to it. However, no provision has been made to prevent from paging from one set into another, so unless this only sees use in one consistent overall set of trainingpages that is a bad idea unless upgraded.)
  • displacement specifies how many pages to go forward or back in the main module.
  • noerr suppresses error messages if the index file can't be found; an empty string is returned.

  • anonymize - any nonblank value causes project specific pages (Wikipedia:) to be returned as Project: