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This is the documentation page for Module:Television episode short description

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Module:Television episode short description extracts data from a television episode article's Template:Infobox television episode and creates a relevant short description based on the data available.

This module implements the {{Television episode short description}} template.


Parameter list

The parameter names use a corresponding parameter from Template:Infobox television episode to fill in the data. They are listed below.

Parameter Corresponding infobox parameter Description
series_name series The TV series name.
episode_num episode The episode's number.
season_num season The season's number.
season_num_uk series_no The season's number if using the British "series" term.
not_dab same name Set if the TV series name has parentheses as part of its name.
special same name Setting to "yes" will set the description as a "special episode". Any other value will replace the word "special" with the one entered. For example Template:Para will set the text to "recap episode".
limited same name Set if the series is a single season series, such as miniseries or limited series and does not need a season number as part of the description.




  1. If an article does not show the short description with the data from the infobox, make sure you entered the parameter names correctly in the infobox.

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