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This is the documentation page for Module:TaxonList

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The purpose of this module is to provide support for a set of templates that produce a list of taxon names and their authorities, with the taxon names possibly italicized, wikilinked or emboldened. It allows these templates to have an indefinite number of arguments of the form taxonName1|authority1|taxonName2|authority2| ... |taxonNameN|authorityN. Templates supported are: {{Bold species list}}, {{Linked species list}}, {{Linked taxon list}}, {{Species list}} and {{Taxon list}}.


The main function in this module must only be invoked from within a template that itself is transcluded from a page that supplies taxon name/authority pairs as arguments, since main picks up these arguments from the parent frame.


where PARAMETERS may be

  • italic – set to yes to italicize each taxon name
  • linked – set to yes to wikilink each taxon name
  • bold – set to yes to embolden each taxon name (also turns off wikilinking)
  • incomplete – set to yes to output "(incomplete)" at the end of the list


{{Taxon list}} contains {{#invoke:TaxonList|main|incomplete={{{incomplete|no}}}}}. Hence:

{{Taxon list |Asparagales|Bromhead |Iridales|Dumortier}}
Template:Taxon list

{{Linked species list}} contains {{#invoke:TaxonList|main|linked=yes|italic=yes|incomplete={{{incomplete|no}}}}}. Hence:

{{Linked species list |Poecilotheria fasciata|(Latreille, 1804) |Poecilotheria ornata|Pocock, 1899 |Poecilotheria rajaei|Nanayakkara et al., 2012 |incomplete=yes}}
Template:Linked species list