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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Signpost poll/config/doc

-- This module stores configuration data for [[Module:Signpost poll]].

return {

-- The wrapper template(s) used for the module. This is passed to the "wrappers"
-- argument of  [[Module:Arguments]].
wrappers = 'Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Voter',

-- The default colors to use for the vote visualization. They can be in any
-- format usable with inline CSS.
colors = {
	'#006699', -- Foundation blue
	'#339966', -- Foundation red
	'#990000', -- Foundation green

	-- From
	-- with some colors similar to Foundation colors removed.

msg = {

-- The default preload page for the vote page.
-- This will be given the current page as a parameter $1. This will hopefully
-- correspond to the poll page when the poll is first set up.
['vote-page-preload-default'] = 'Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Voter/Setup/Counter Preload',

-- The edit summary to use when creating the vote page.
['vote-page-create-summary'] = 'Create vote page for Signpost poll',

-- The edit intro page to use when creating the vote page.
['vote-page-create-editintro'] = 'Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Voter/Setup/Counter EditIntro',

-- The default vote preload text. This is preprocessed.
-- $1 is the option number.
['vote-default'] = 'Voting for option $1.',

-- The text that appears beside each option in the legend. This is preprocessed.
-- $1 is the option text,
-- $2 is the number of votes, and
-- $3 is the percentage of the total votes.
['legend-option-text'] = '$1 <small>($3%;&nbsp;$2&nbsp;{{PLURAL: $2 | vote | votes }})</small>',

-- The warning that is displayed if there are not enough votes cast to display
-- the vizualization. This is preprocessed.
-- $1 is the number of votes needed before the results are displayed.
['not-enough-votes-warning'] = "Need '''$1''' more {{PLURAL: $1 | vote | votes }} " ..
	"to display results&mdash;if you haven't already, consider voting!",

-- Warning to display if the poll is closed due to the expiry date having been
-- reached.
['poll-closed-warning'] = 'Sorry; the poll is now closed.',

-- The default preload page for votes. This page should only contain the text
-- "$1".
['preload-page'] = 'Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Voter/Vote preload',

-- The default icon. Don't include a "File:" prefix.
['icon-default'] = 'WikipediaSignpostIcon.svg',

-- The default overlay image. Don't include a "File:" prefix.
['overlay-default'] = 'Foundation Logo Transparent.svg',

-- The default minimum number of votes needed for the visualization to be
-- displayed.
['minimum-default'] = 10,

-- The default header/title text.
['header-text'] = "''Signpost'' poll",

-- The error that is displayed if no question is specified.
['no-question-error'] = 'Please specify a question',

-- The error that is displayed if no vote page is specified.
['no-votepage-error'] = 'Please specify a vote page',

-- The error that is displayed if the vote page doesn't exist.
-- $1 is the URL of a link to create the page with the vote page preload text.
['votepage-nonexistent-error'] = 'The vote page doesn\'t exist; please [$1 create it]',

-- The error that is displayed if less than two options are specified.
['not-enough-options-error'] = 'Polls must have at least two options',

-- The error that is displayed if any of the vote texts are duplicates of any
-- other vote text. This is preprocessed.
-- $1 and $2 are the numbers of the options with duplicate vote text.
['duplicate-vote-text-error'] = 'duplicate vote text detected for options $1 and $2',