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This module is weird: it's not meant to be used, just previewed. The purpose is to find out how many expensive function calls appear before a given point within a page. That helps people to examine where the problem is in long, complicated pages and tables.

To prevent saving this by accident, the module creates a link to a blacklisted site (one which no longer exists) which is not displayed, but trips the blacklist warning if Save is pressed. And if you manage to save it anyway, the count isn't accurate (usually 0) and the page shows up in Category:Pages with too many expensive parser function calls, so don't.


Template:Tlm entered in the preview window.



Simulated sample output

There are 31 expensive function calls before this point

local p = {}

function p.main(frame)
	local count = 500
	while pcall(mw.incrementExpensiveFunctionCount) do
		count = count - 1
	if count == 500 then
		count = 'at least 500'
	return '<span style="color:yellow;background-color:red">There are ' .. count .. ' expensive function calls before this point</span><span style="display:none"></span>' -- Hidden dead link to blacklisted site prevents accidental saving

return p