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This is the documentation page for Module:Portal bar

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This module implements the {{portal bar}} template. It displays a horizontal bar of portals.


{{#invoke:Portal bar|main|''portal 1''|''portal 2 ''|...|border=''no''}}
  • Positional parameters - the names of the portals to be displayed.
  • border - if Template:Para is equal to no, n, false, or 0, then the portal box will have no border.
  • redlinks - if Template:Para is equal to yes, y, true or include, then the portal box will show redlinked portals


  • {{#invoke:portal bar|main|Art|Science|Literature}}


  • {{#invoke:portal bar|main|Art|Science|Literature|border=no}}


For further examples, see Template:Portal bar/testcases.


This module uses Module:Portal to get portal images. To add, change, or remove images, please see the instructions at Module:Portal#Image.