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This is the documentation page for Module:Pinyin

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This module converts Hanyu Pinyin input from the "lazy" numbers form (eg. Han4yu3 pin1yin1) to the proper form with tones marked on the correct vowels (eg. Hànyǔ pīnyīn). It implements {{Pinyin}}

Additionally, the module converts the convenient shorthand v to ü as in most Chinese pinyin IMEs, and catches the incorrect nue and lue to nüe and lüe respectively. Otherwise, the module does not check whether the input pinyin is entered correctly or not.

Also supports putting the accent on esoteric pinyin like on m, ng, and ê. (eg. ng3 gives ňg)


  • input - The values to convert to proper pinyin form. As input, the pinyin for individual characters has to be in the form untoned pinyin + tone number with no spaces between them (eg. ma1), though there is no limitation on how many words to take as input and whether there are spaces between individual characters.