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return {
[==[[[Little Gidding (poem)|→]] For [[WP:OLDEST|last year's words]] belong to [[WP:PAGE|last year's language]]<br /> And [[Special:RecentChanges|next year's words]] await [[WP:DEV|another voice]].]==],
[==[[[Plan 9 from Outer Space|→]] [[m:The future of Wikipedia|We are all interested in the future]], for that is where [[WP:CAT|you]] and [[WP:ARTICLE|I]] are going [[Wikipedia|to spend the rest of our lives]].]==],
[==[[[Henry VIII of England|→]] [[WP:ARBGUIDE|Be advised]]; <br />[[Wikipedia:Fire (essay)|Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot]] <br />That it do singe yourself: [[WP:ROTM|we may outrun]]. <br />[[WP:VIOLENCE|By violent swiftness, that which we run at]], <br />And [[WP:YOULOSE|lose by over-running]].]==],
[==[[[Esse quam videri|→]] [[Wikipedia:Act in good faith|Esse quam videri bonus malebat]]<br /><small>("'[[Wikipedia:Act in good faith|He preferred to be good rather than to seem so]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Aliens (film)|→]] [[Wikipedia:Griefing|Get away from her, you bitch!]]]==],
[==[[[Epistulae (Pliny)|→]] Est [[Wikipedia:Griefing|dolendi]] modus, non est [[Wikipedia:Fear all change|timendi]]<br /><small>("There is a limit to [[Wikipedia:Griefing|grief]], but not to [[Wikipedia:Fear all change|apprehension]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Plan 9 from Outer Space|→]] [[WP:IDIOT|Because all you of Earth are idiots!]]]==],
[==[[[Natural History (Pliny)|→]] [[Wikipedia:Village pump (proposals)|Est natura hominum novitatis avida]]<br /><small>("[[Wikipedia:Village pump (proposals)|It is the nature of man to be fond of novelty]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Scarface (1983 film)|→]] [[Wikipedia:HELLO|Say ‘hello’ to my little friend!]]]==],
[==[[[Blue Velvet (film)|→]] [[WP:TPS|Don't you f**kin' look at me!]]]==],
[==[[[Alexander Pope|→]] [[WP:VESTED|I am his Highness' dog at Kew]]; <br />Pray tell me, sir, [[WP:PAY|whose dog are you]]?]==],
[==[[[Et in Arcadia ego|→]] Et in [[Wikipedia|Arcadia]] [[WP:PEDIANS|ego]]<br /><small>("[[WP:PEDIANS|I]] too have been in [[Wikipedia|Arcadia]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[King Lear|→]] [[WP:DOGGY|The little dogs and all,<br />Tray, Blanch, and Sweetheart—see, they bark at me.]]]==],
[==[[[De Beneficiis|→]] Et [[WP:WIKED|sceleratis]] [[Wikipedia|sol]] oritur<br /><small>("The [[Wikipedia|sun]] shines also on the [[WP:WIKED|wicked]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[The Story of the Three Bears|→]] [[WP:TROLLFOOD|Someone's been eating my porridge]]!]==],
[==[[[Casablanca (film)|→]] Louis, [[WP:FRIENDS|I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship]].]==],
[==[[[The Seasons (Thomson)|→]] How, in his [[WP:CTW|mid-career]], the [[WP:WRITERS|spaniel]] struck, <br />[[WP:PG|Stiff]], by the tainted [[WP:VAN|gale]], [[WP:WATCH|with open nose]], <br />[[WP:STRETCH|Outstretched]] and [[WP:LPOL|finely sensible]], [[WP:DANP|draws full]], <br />[[WP:VOGONS|Fearful]] and [[WP:CAUTIOUS|cautious]], on the [[WP:QUACK|latent prey]].]==],
[==[[[Nothing comes from nothing|→]] [[WP:ACSD|Ex nihilo nihil fit]] <br /><small>("[[WP:ACSD|Nothing comes from nothing]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Rainer Maria Rilke|→]] [[WP:TYWPK|Everything is made up of so many unique particulars that cannot be foreseen.]]]==],
[==[[[Julius Caesar (play)|→]] [[WP:BRAR|Cry havoc]] and [[WP:BRRR|let slip the dogs of war!]]]==],
[==[[[Dejan Stojanović|→]] How alive is [[WP:MARKUP|thought]], [[WP:COMMENT|invisible]], yet without [[WP:MARKUP|thought]] there is no [[WP:ARTICLE|sight]].]==],
[==[[[Candide|→]] Cela est bien, mais il faut [[WP:WIKILINKS|cultiver]] notre [[WP:WALL|jardin]]. <br /><small>That is well, but we must [[WP:WIKILINKS|cultivate]] our [[WP:WALL|garden]].</small>]==],
[==[[[Horace|→]] [[WP:WCAA|Begin]], [[WP:BB|be bold]], and venture to be [[WP:5P|wise]].]==],
[==[[[Albert Einstein|→]] [[WP:PEACE|Peace]] cannot be kept by [[WP:EDITWAR|force]]; it can only be achieved by [[WP:CONSENSUS|understanding]].]==],
[==[[[Ralph Waldo Emerson|→]] We [[WP:CREATELEAD|ascribe beauty]] to that which is [[WP:MTAU|simple]]; which has [[WP:BOLDITIS|no superfluous parts]]; which exactly [[WP:Lead the way|answers its end]]; which stands [[WP:INT|related to all things]]; which is [[WP:NPOV|the mean of many extremes]].]==],
[==[[[Last Tango in Paris|→]] [[WP:PUNISH|Go, get the butter]].]==],
[==[[[Robert Bloch|→]] [[WP:BLAMEWHEEL|The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on.]]]==],
[==[[[Palamon and Arcite|→]] [[WP:PEDIAN|The courser]] [[WP:POINT|pawed the ground]] with [[WP:LEGS|restless feet]], <br />And [[WP:BREATHER|snorting foamed]], and [[WP:NORUSH|champed the golden bit]].]==],
[==[[[Cato Maior de Senectute|→]] [[WP:LEAVE|Ex vita discedo, tanquam ex hospitio, non tanquam ex domo]] <br /><small>("[[WP:LEAVE|I depart from life as from an inn, not as from home]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Sunday Bloody Sunday|→]] [[WP:COOL|I won't heed the battle call.]]]==],
[==[[[Molloy (novel)|→]] Even [[WP:FART|farts]] made [[WP:POINTLESS|no impression]] on [[WP:EDIA|it]].]==],
[==[[[Thomas Paine|→]] My country is [[WP:EDIA|the world]] and my religion is to [[WP:CTW|do good]].]==],
[==[[[Groundhog Day (film)|→]] [[WP:WABBITSEASON|Well, it's Groundhog Day... again...]]]==],
[==[[[John Lydon|→]] I don't understand [[WP:BLOCK|it]], all [[WP:VANDALS|we]]'re [[WP:MOV|trying to do]] is [[WP:DE|destroy everything]].]==],
[==[[[Mr. T|→]] [[WP:JIB|I ain't got time for your jibba-jabba!]]]==],
[==[[[George Bernard Shaw|→]] Beware of [[WP:HOAX|false knowledge]]; it is [[WP:KNOW|more dangerous than ignorance]].]==],
[==[[[Kevin Kline|→]] It was all [[WP:PATENT|completely incomprehensible]] to me. I was fearful of [[WP:Lackluster prose|the language]]. You had to [[H:S|look up]] every third [[WP:WTA|word]].]==],
[==[[[Frankenstein|→]] I [[WP:CSD#G7|beheld]] the wretch — [[WP:FRANKIE|the miserable monster]] whom I had created.]==],
[==[[[Polish proverbs|→]] [[meta:How to deal with Poles|Jaką miarką mierzysz]], [[WP:REFORMED|taką ci odmierzą]]. <br /><small>"[[meta:How to deal with Poles|Whatever measure you deal out to others]] will be [[WP:REFORMED|dealt back to you]]."</small>]==],
[==[[[Kenneth H. Cooper|→]] There are six components of [[WP:BETTER|wellness]]: proper [[WP:NPOV|weight]] and [[WP:RS|diet]], proper [[WP:CONTENT|exercise]], breaking the [[WP:SMOKERS|smoking]] habit, control of [[WP:VAND|alcohol]], [[WP:VAND|stress]] management and [[WP:Updating information|periodic exams]].]==],
[==[[[The Lotos-Eaters|→]] [[WP:ETN|"Courage!"]] he said, and pointed toward [[WP:FAR|the land]],<br /> [[WP:TAFI|This mounting wave]] will roll us [[WP:BEST|shoreward]] soon.]==],
[==[[[Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency|→]] Let's [[WP:Think Outside The Bun|think the unthinkable]], let's do the undoable. Let us prepare to grapple with [[WP:CRAP|the ineffable]] itself, and see if we may not [[WP:ITJ|eff it]] after all.]==],
[==[[[Little Gidding (poem)|→]] What we call [[Special:NewPages|the beginning]] is often [[WP:Garbage|the end]]<br /> And [[WP:TNT|to make an end is to make a beginning]].]==],
[==[[[14th Dalai Lama|→]] If you want [[WP:EDIANS|others]] to be happy, practice [[WP:COMPASSION|compassion]]. <br />If [[Special:MyPage|you]] want to be happy, practice [[WP:COMPASSION|compassion]].]==],
[==[[[Meat Loaf|→]] [[WP:LOVE|And I would do anything for love]], [[WP:RFA|I'd run right into hell and back]]]==],
[==[[[The Third Policeman|→]] Your talk, I said, is [[WP:AHI|surely the handiwork of wisdom]] because [[WP:JIB|not one word of it do I understand]].]==],
[==[[[The Third Policeman|→]] [[WP:NEW|What you think is the point]] is [[WP:STONE|not the point]] at all but only [[WP:WNF|the beginning]] of [[WP:DEV|the sharpness]].]==],
[==[[[Fortunate Son|→]] [[WP:PAID|Some folks]] are born [[WP:COI|silver spoon]] in hand,<br />Lord, don't they [[WP:SOAP|help themselves]], oh.]==],
[==[[[Madame de Pompadour|→]] Après [[WP:DIVA|nous]], [[WP:DRAMA|le déluge]].<br /> <small>"After [[WP:DIVA|us]], [[WP:DRAMA|the flood]]."</small>]==],
[==[[[Albert Einstein|→]] If [[WP:EDIANS|people]] are [[WP:CIVIL|good]] only because they fear [[WP:BLOCK|punishment]], and [[WP:DNER|hope for reward]], [[WP:PUNITIVE|then we are a sorry lot indeed]].]==],
[==[[[Captain Haddock|→]] [[WP:LINKCRISIS|Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles!]]]==],
[==[[[Freedom Charter|→]] [[Wikipedia|South Africa]] belongs to [[m:Complete_list_of_Wikimedia_projects|all who live in it]], [[WP:WRITERS|black]] and [[WP:READERS|white]], and that [[WP:BURO|no government]] can justly [[Wikipedia:Authority|claim authority]] unless [[WP:CONS|it is based on the will of the people]].]==],
[==[[[Terry Pratchett|→]] [[WP:Clue|Wisdom]] comes from [[WP:Experience|experience]]. Experience is often a result of [[WP:Mistakes|lack of wisdom]].]==],
[==[[[Henry IV, Part 1|→]] Let [[WP:Fauna|us]] be [[WP:ELF|Diana's foresters]], [[WP:GNOME|gentlemen of the shade]], [[WP:GREM|minions of the moon]].]==],
[==[[[Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath song)|→]] The [[WP:EDIA|world]] is full of [[WP:ADMIN|Kings]] and [[WP:DIVA|Queens]] <br />Who [[WP:CREEP|blind your eyes]] and [[WP:DUDE|steal your dreams]].]==],
[==[[[George Carlin|→]] I don’t like to think of [[WP:PG|laws]] as [[WP:FOLLOW|rules you have to follow]], but [[WP:IAR|more as suggestions]].]==],
[==[[[George Carlin|→]] If it requires a [[WP:CABAL|uniform]], it’s a [[WP:WoT|worthless endeavor]].]==],
[==[[[George Carlin|→]] Have you ever noticed that anybody [[wp:Deleting articles|driving]] slower than you is [[m:Inclusionism|an idiot]], and anyone going faster than you is [[m:Deletionism|a maniac]]?]==],
[==[[[Albert Einstein|→]] A [[WP:WIAA|table]], a [[WP:ACCOUNT|chair]], a bowl of [[WP:RS|fruit]] and a [[WP:5P|violin]]; what else does [[WP:EDIAN|a man]] need to [[WP:CTW|be happy]]?]==],
[==[[[A Christmas Story|→]] [[WP:SEMICOLON|A semicolon, you dolt!]]]==],
[==[[[Heaven's Basement|→]] [[WP:Vandalism|It's so easy to see what you can ignite.]]]==],
[==[[[A Streetcar Named Desire (play)|→]] [[Wikipedia|I have always depended]] on the [[WP:KIND|kindness]] of [[WP:WRITERS|strangers]].]==],
[==[[[The pen is mightier than the sword|→]] The [[WP:REFB|pen]] is mightier than the [[WP:OR|sword]]]==],
[==[[[Michael Caine|→]] Be like a [[WP:GNOME|duck]]. [[WP:CALM|Calm]] on the surface, but always [[WP:IMPROVE|paddling]] underneath.]==],
[==[[[Ronald Firbank|→]] The world is disgracefully managed, [[WP:DONTBOTHER|one hardly knows to whom to complain]].]==],
[==[[[Jonathan Swift|→]] [[WP:BLESSING|Blessed]] is he who [[WP:DNER|expects nothing]], for he shall never be disappointed.]==],
[==[[[Maureen Potter|→]] [[WP:NORUSH|The only thing that has to be finished by next Friday is next Tuesday.]]]==],
[==[[[Othello|→]] The robbed that smiles, [[WP:DENY|steals something from the thief]].]==],
[==[[[Ray Bradbury|→]] Life is [[WP:TEST EDIT|"trying things to see if they work"]].]==],
[==[[[Leonardo da Vinci|→]] Every now and then [[WP:BREAK|go away]], have a little [[WP:RELAX|relaxation]], for [[WP:MELT|when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer]].]==],
[==[[[The Seasons (Thomson)|→]] [[WP:DEADEND|Cruel as Death]], and [[WP:MWA|hungry as the Grave]]!]==],
[==[[[Young Frankenstein|→]] [[WP:FIND|Oh-oh-oh, sweet mystery of life — at last I found you]]!]==],
[==[[[Institutio Oratoria|→]] Facilius est [[WP:CTW|multa facere]] quam [[WP:WIAFA|diu]]<br /><small>("It is easier to do [[WP:CTW|many things]], than [[WP:WIAFA|one thing]] consecutively")</small>]==],
[==[[[Odes (Horace)|→]] [[Wikipedia:Wiki Loves Monuments|Exegi monumentum aere perennius]] <br /><small>("[[Wikipedia:Wiki Loves Monuments|I have reared a monument more enduring than bronze]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Isaac Asimov|→]] [[WP:SPACEBALLS|Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.]]]==],
[==[[[Wilson Mizner|→]] If you steal from one author, it’s [[WP:COPYVIO|plagiarism]]; if you steal from many, it’s [[WP:REF|research]].]==],
[==[[[Douglas Adams|→]] I love deadlines. [[WP:DEADLINE|I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.]]]==],
[==[[[The Jew of Malta|→]] [[WP:RESEARCH|Infinite riches]] in a [[Portal:Contents|little room]].]==],
[==[[[Phormio (play)|→]] [[Wikipedia:Copyrights|Factum fieri]] [[WP:COPYVIO|infectum non potest]]<br /><small>("[[WP:COPYVIO|It is impossible]] for a [[Wikipedia:Copyrights|deed]] [[WP:COPYVIO|to be undone]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Laozi|→]] The [[WP:BACKLOG|journey of a thousand miles]] begins with [[WP:HEP|one step]].]==],
[==[[[In Memoriam A.H.H.|→]] T'is better to have [[WP:BOLD|loved]] and [[WP:HOLIC|lost]] than never to have [[Wikipedia:Why to contribute|loved at all]]]==],
[==[[[Abigail Van Buren|→]] People who [[WP:FWF|fight fire with fire]] usually end up with [[WP:PETARD|ashes]].]==],
[==[[[Benjamin Franklin|→]] [[WP:EDIA|Wine]] is constant proof that [[WP:JIMBO|God]] loves [[WP:EDIANS|us]] and loves to see us [[WP:CTW|happy]].]==],
[==[[[Citizen Kane|→]] [[WP:JUNK|Throw that junk]].]==],
[==[[[OneRepublic|→]] [[WP:UuU|Old, but I'm not that old]]. [[Special:Log/newusers|Young]], but I'm not that [[WP:BOLD|bold]].]==],
[==[[[Robert Bloomfield|→]] When now, [[WP:WAR|unsparing as the scourge of war]], <br />[[WP:LAME|Blast follow blasts]] and [[WP:DISRUPT|groves dismantled roar]]; <br />[[Wikipedia|Around their home]] [[WP:CON|the storm-pinched cattle]] lows, <br />[[WP:DEV|No nourishment]] [[Portal:Contents|in frozen pasture]] [[Wikipedia:Modelling Wikipedia's growth|grows]].]==],
[==[[[Steven Wright|→]] I couldn’t repair your brakes, so [[WP:BESTNP|I made your horn louder]].]==],
[==[[[It's a Wonderful Life|→]] Every time you hear [[WP:WASSUP|a bell ring]], it means that [[Wikipedia:Milestones|some angel's just got his wings]].]==],
[==[[[Odyssey|→]] [[Wikipedia:New pages patrol|Thin, airy shoals of visionary ghosts]].]==],
[==[[[Metamorphoses|→]] [[Wikipedia:Mistakes are allowed|Fas est et ab hoste doceri]]<br /><small>("[[Wikipedia:Mistakes are allowed|It is lawful to be taught even by an enemy]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Elizabeth Barrett Browning|→]] He who [[WP:BEEF|breathes deepest]] lives most.]==],
[==[[[The Princess Bride (film)|→]] [[Wikipedia:Smarter than Einstein|Yes, you're very smart. Shut up.]]]==],
[==[[[Isidor Rabi|→]] [[Wikipedia:WikiBlame|Who ordered that?]]]==],
[==[[[Mark Twain|→]] There is nothing so annoying as to have two people [[WP:RBI|go right on talking]] when you’re [[WP:DE|interrupting]].]==],
[==[[[WP:HARM|To cause harm]] [[WP:ALIVE|to other living beings]] [[WP:COAT|is to accept and revel in the imperfections of the world]]]==],
[==[[[Psycho (1960 film)|→]] [[WP:MAD|We all go a little mad sometimes…. Haven't you?]]]==],
[==[[[Hamlet|→]] [[WP:FA|The glass of fashion]], and [[WP:MOS|the mould of form]], <br />[[WP:STATS|The observed]] of [[WP:READERS|all observers]]!]==],
[==[[[Georgics|→]] [[Wikipedia:CAUSE|Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas]]<br /><small>("[[Wikipedia:CAUSE|Happy is he who can discover the causes of things]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[When Harry Met Sally...|→]] When you realize [[Wikipedia|you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody]], [[WP:WCAA|you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible]].]==],
[==[[[Henry IV, Part 1|→]] [[WP:SMILEY|Were't not for laughing]], [[WP:SORRY|I should pity him]].]==],
[==[[[Commentarii de Bello Gallico|→]] [[WP:HOAX|Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt]]<br /><small>("[[WP:HOAX|Men readily believe what they want to believe]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Field of Dreams|→]] [[WP:CTW|If you build it]], [[WP:AWARDS|he will come]].]==],
[==[[[Julius Caesar (play)|→]] [[WP:ADDICTED|Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look]]; <br />[[WP:WHT|He thinks too much]]: [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia can be dangerous|such men are dangerous]].]==],
[==[[[Festina lente|→]] [[WP:RUSH|Festina lente]]<br /><small>("[[WP:RUSH|Make haste slowly]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Frenzy|→]] [[WP:EDIAN|Mr. Rusk]], [[WP:TIES|you're not wearing your tie]].]==],
[==[[[Thomas Hood|→]] Seemed [[WP:ILLEGIT|washing]] his [[WP:HAND|hands]] with invisible [[WP:SOAP|soap]]<br />In imperceptible [[WP:WATERMARK|water]].]==],
[==[[[Fiat justitia ruat caelum|→]] [[Wikipedia:JUDGEMENTDAY|Fiat justitia ruat caelum]]<br /><small>("[[Wikipedia:JUDGEMENTDAY|Let justice be done though the heavens fall]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Oscar Wilde|→]] [[WP:Wikipedians|Some]] [[WP:LOVE|cause happiness wherever they go]]; [[Wikipedia:Disruptive user|others]], [[WP:DISRUPT|whenever they go]].]==],
[==[[[Omagh (film)|→]] [[WP:SOCIAL|I can tell you this, we're not going to get anywhere unless we do it together]].]==],
[==[[[Richard Feynman|→]] The first principle is that [[meta:Delusionism|you must not fool yourself]] – and you are the easiest person [[WP:ASS|to fool]].]==],
[==[[[Greg King (author)|→]] [[WP:DAWS|Don't argue with idiots]] because they will [[WP:GOAT|drag you down to their level]] and then [[WP:FINAGLE|beat you with experience]].]==],
[==[[[Annie Hall|→]] [[WP:ENJOY|La-dee-da, la-dee-da.]]]==],
[==[[[Robert Herrick (poet)|→]] [[Wikipedia|Her]] [[WP:FA|pretty feet]]<br />[[WP:DEADLINE|Like snails]] [[WP:DEV|did creep]]<br />[[WP:Wikify|A little out]], and then,<br />[[WP:BETTER|As if they played at bo-peep]]<br />[[WP:FAC|Did soon draw in agen]].]==],
[==[[[Ovid|→]] [[WP:FA|Finis]] coronat [[WP:DEV|opus]]<br /><small>("[[WP:FA|The end]] crowns [[WP:DEV|the work]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[King Kong (1933 film)|→]] [[WP:NRSNVNA|You won't find that island on any chart.]]]==],
[==[[[King Kong (1933 film)|→]] I'm here tonight to tell you [[WP:ODD|a very strange story]] — a story so strange that no one will believe it — but, ladies and gentlemen, [[WP:REDFLAG|seeing is believing]].]==],
[==[[[Jonathan Swift|→]] It is the folly of too many, to [[WP:DUE|mistake the echo of a London coffee-house for the voice of the kingdom]].]==],
[==[[[Robert Louis Stevenson|→]] [[Wikipedia:Using maps and similar sources in Wikipedia articles|I am told there are people who do not care for maps, and I find it hard to believe.]]]==],
[==[[[Casablanca (film)|→]] [[Reliability of Wikipedia|"What in heaven's name brought you to Casablanca?" – "My health. I came to Casablanca for the waters."<br />"The waters? What waters? We're in the desert." – "I was misinformed."]]]==],
[==[[[Reginald Heber|→]] Who the [[WP:SMN|silent man]] can [[WP:PRIZE|prize]], <br />If a [[WP:Stupidity|fool]] he be or [[WP:CAND|wise]]?]==],
[==[[[Eclogues|→]] [[WP:LEARN|Formosam resonare doces Amaryllida silvas]]<br /><small>("[[WP:LEARN|Teach the woods to re-echo “fair Amaryllis”]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Plan 9 from Outer Space|→]] Last night I saw a [[WP:VANDTYPES|flying object]] that couldn't have possibly been from [[WP:PEDIANS|this planet]]…But [[WP:DNIV|I can't say a word]]! [[Wikipedia:List of hoaxes on Wikipedia/Peace breaker's muzzle|I'm muzzled by army brass]]!]==],
[==[[[Paradise Lost|→]] [[WP:HERE|Incens'd with indignation Satan stood]]<br />[[WP:CIVIL|Unterrify'd, and like a comet burn'd]]<br />[[WP:FWF|That fires the length of Ophiuchus huge]]<br />[[WP:COOL|In th' arctic sky, and from his horrid hair]]<br />[[WP:WAR|Shakes pestilence and war]].]==],
[==[[[Casablanca (film)|→]] [[Wikipedia:Pledges|Here's looking at you, kid.]]]==],
[==[[[Hamlet|→]] HORATIO. I saw him once: [[WP:FA|he was a goodly king]]. <br>HAMLET. [[WP:FACR|He was a man]], [[WP:BESTNP|take him for all in all]], [[WP:PERFECT|I shall not look upon his like again]].]==],
[==[[[Aeneid|→]] [[Wikipedia:WikiProject_community_rehabilitation/Idea/Wikiknights#Remember_Our_Early_Days|Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit]]<br><small>("[[Wikipedia:WikiProject_community_rehabilitation/Idea/Wikiknights#Remember_Our_Early_Days|Perhaps even these things will be good to remember one day]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Dog Day Afternoon|→]] [[WP:ADMINABUSE|Attica! Attica!]]]==],
[==[[[The Lay of the Last Minstrel|→]] [[Wikipedia:Forward to Libraries|Forward]] and [[WP:FOOLS|frolic glee]] was there, <br>[[WP:TODO|The will to do]], [[WP:AMBW|the soul to dare]], <br>[[WP:START|The sparkling glance]], [[WP:AFC|soon blown to fire]], <br>Of [[WP:FA|hasty love]] or [[WP:AFD|headlong ire]].]==],
[==[[[Gaudeamus igitur|→]] [[WP:ENJOY|Gaudeamus igitur]] / [[WP:PEDIANS|Juvenes dum sumus]]<br><small>("[[WP:ENJOY|Let us then rejoice]] / [[WP:PEDIANS|While we are young]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[The Merchant of Venice|→]] [[WP:DISCR|Mislike me not for my complexion]],<br>[[WP:AUTIE|The shadowed livery of the burnished sun]],<br>[[WP:COMMUNITY|To whom I am a neighbor, and near bred]].<br>[[WP:FAIRY|Bring me the fairest creature northward born]],<br>[[WP:SCWTEGH|Where Phoebus' fire scarce thaws the icicles]],<br>[[WP:LOVE|And let us make incision for your love]],<br>[[Wikipedia:BLOODY|To prove whose blood is reddest, his or mine]].]==],
[==[[[Mommie Dearest (film)|→]] [[WP:HANGINTHERE|No wire hangers, ever!]]]==],
[==[[[The Sixth Sense|→]] [[WP:VDA|I see dead people]].]==],
[==[[[Epistles (Horace)|→]] [[WP:DR|Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit]]<br><small>("[[WP:DR|Conquered Greece in turn defeated its savage conqueror]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Jaws (film)|→]] [[WP:HATE|I used to hate the water]]. — [[WP:EOTW|I can't imagine why]].]==],
[==[[[Hamlet|→]] [[WP:WIAGA|A combination and a form indeed]]<br>Where [[WP:WRITERS|every god]] [[WP:SIGNATURE|did seem to set his seal]]<br>To give [[Wikipedia|the world]] [[WP:VER|assurance of a man]].]==],
[==[[[Aeneid|→]] [[Wikipedia|Sed terrae]] [[WP:WAIT|graviora manent]]<br><small>("[[Wikipedia|But on earth]], [[WP:WAIT|worse things await]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Sallust|→]] [[WP:DIVA|Gloria invidiam vicisti]]<br><small>("[[WP:DIVA|By your fame you have conquered envy]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[King Lear|→]] [[Wikipedia:WikiKing|Ay, every inch a king.]]]==],
[==[[[List_of_Latin_phrases_%28G%29#gutta_cavat_lapidem|→]] [[WP:GROWTH|gutta cavat lapidem [non vi sed saepe cadendo]]]<br><small>("[[WP:GROWTH|a water drop hollows a stone [not by force, but by falling often]]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Odyssey|→]] [[WP:DEV|There is a time for many words]], [[WP:ZZZ|and there is also a time for sleep]].]==],
[==[[[Hazelwick School|→]] [[WP:EFFORT|Effort]] Achieves]==],
[==[[[Marcel Proust|→]] Let us be [[WP:THANKS|grateful]] to the people who make us happy; they are [[WP:EDIANS|the charming gardeners]] who [[WP:DEV|make our souls blossom]].]==],
[==[[[Brokeback Mountain|→]] [[WP:ADDICTED|I wish I knew how to quit you]].]==],
[==[[[George Eliot|→]] Will not [[WP:CHERRYPICKING|a tiny speck]] very close to [[WP:WIAA|our vision]] blot out [[WP:START|the glory]] of [[Wikipedia|the world]], and leave only a margin by which we see [[WP:VAGUE|the blot]]? [[WP:WIN|I know no speck so troublesome as self]].]==],
[==[[[BattleBlock Theater|→]] [[Help:Edit Summary|Buckle]] Your [[Help:Editing|Pants]]!]==],
[==[[[Kobayashi Issa|→]] O [[WP:EDIAN|snail]] <br />[[WP:CTW|Climb Mount Fuji]] <br />But [[WP:FASTER|slowly, slowly]]!]==],
[==[[[Summer Moonshine|→]] [[WP:VANDALS|Few of them]] were to be trusted within reach of [[WP:ADMINTOOLS|a trowel and a pile of bricks]].]==],
[==[[[Brander Matthews|→]] Give a [[WP:DEV|good deed]] the credit of a [[WP:MOTIVES|good motive]]; and give an [[WP:VAN|evil deed]] the [[WP:AGF|benefit of the doubt]].]==],
[==[[[Rosa Luxemburg|→]] Those who do not [[WP:MOVE|move]], do not notice [[WP:MOVP|their chains]].]==],
[==[[[Hester Shaw|→]] [[WP:BRICKS|A town just ran over him]]. [[WP:BONKED|I shouldn't think he's very well...]].]==],
[==[[[Samwise Gamgee|→]] [[Help:Getting started|It's the job that's never started as takes longest to finish.]]]==],
[==[[[Henry IV, Part 2|→]] [[WP:BUILD|When we mean to build]], <br>We first [[WP:PLOT|survey the plot]], then [[Wikipedia:About the Sandbox|draw the model]]; <br>And when [[WP:MOS|we see the figure of the house]], <br>Then [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Articles for creation|must we rate the cost of the erection]].]==],
[==[[[Habent sua fata libelli|→]] [[WP:RF|Pro captu lectoris habent sua fata libelli]]<br><small>("[[WP:RF|According to the capabilities of the reader, books have their destiny]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Paradise Lost|→]] [[WP:READERS|The hasty multitude]] <br>[[WP:MAIN|Admiring entered]], and [[WP:FEATURE|the work some praise]], <br>And [[WP:WRITERS|some the architect]]: [[WP:SIGNATURE|his hand was known]] <br>[[Wikipedia|In heaven]] by many [[WP:CATEGORY|a towered structure high]], <br>Where [[WP:AWARDS|sceptred]] [[WP:PEDIANS|angels]] held [[WP:USERPAGES|their residence]], <br>And [[WP:PRINCESS|sat as princes]].]==],
[==[[[Hyperbole and a Half|→]] [[WP:CLEANUP|CLEAN <u>ALL</u> THE THINGS!]]]==],
[==[[[Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?|→]] [[WP:AFRAID|I am]], George…. [[WP:AFRAID|I am]].]==],
[==[[[List_of_Latin_phrases_(H)#haec_olim_meminisse_iuvabit|→]] [[WP:WP4WH|Haec olim meminisse iuvabit]] <br><small>("[[WP:WP4WH|One day, this will be pleasing to remember]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Thomas Carlyle|→]] [[WP:EDIANS|Our]] main business is [[WP:CRYSTAL|not to see what lies dimly at a distance]], but to do [[WP:VERIFIABLE|what lies clearly at hand]].]==],
[==[[[James Bond|→]] [[WP:AfD|Licence to kill]].]==],
[==[[[Sleep deprivation|→]] I make no secret of the fact that I would rather [[WP:Wikibreak|lie on a sofa]] than [[M:WikiStress|sweep beneath it]].]==],
[==[[[Rocky Balboa|→]] [[Wikipedia:How to help|Yo, Adrian, I did it!]]]==],
[==[[[A Few Good Men|→]] [[WP:ANSWERS|You want answers?]] <br>— [[WP:TRUTH|I want the truth! <br>— You can't handle the truth!]]]==],
[==[[[Citizen Kane|→]] [[WP:LOSE|I've got his trunk all packed. I've had it packed for a week now.]]]==],
[==[[[The Terminator|→]] [[WP:REVERT|I'll be back]]]==],
[==[[[John Gay|→]] [[WP:POOR|Reproachful speech]] from [[WP:DR|either side]] <br>[[WP:FWF|The want of argument supplied]]: <br>[[WP:HERE|They rail]], [[Wikipedia:Civility warnings|reviled]]; as often ends <br>[[WP:PERSONAL|The contests of disputing friends]].]==],
[==[[[Dr. No (film)|→]] [[WP:CREDENTIAL|...Bond. James Bond.]]]==],
[==[[[The spice must flow|→]] The [[Wikipedia|spice]] must [[WP:DONATE|flow]]]==],
[==[[[Middle Passage (novel)|→]] [[WP:SIGNUP|Of all the things that drive men to sea...]]]==],
[==[[[Colley Cibber|→]] [[WP:REPAIR|Old houses mended]], <br>[[Wikipedia:COST|Cost]] little less than [[WP:NEW|new]], before they'[[WP:AFD|re ended]].]==],
[==[[[Henry Wadsworth Longfellow|→]] [[Wikipedia|The architect]] <br>[[WP:WRITERS|Built his great heart]] into [[WP:START|these sculptured stones]], <br>And with him [[WP:CTW|toiled his children, and their lives]] <br>[[WP:BUILD|Were builded]], with his own, [[WP:WIAA|into the walls]], <br>[[Wikipedia:About|As offerings unto God]].]==],
[==[[[Martial|→]] [[WP:READERS|Hominem]] [[WP:WIAA|pagina nostra]] [[WP:FA|sapit]]<br><small>("It is of [[WP:READERS|man]] that [[WP:WIAA|my page]] [[WP:FA|smells]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Homo homini lupus|→]] [[Wikipedia:Civility warnings|Homo homini lupus est]] <br><small>("[[Wikipedia:Civility warnings|Man is a wolf to [his fellow] man]].")</small>]==],
[==[[[The Shining (film)|→]] [[WP:FOOL|He-e-e-e-re's Johnnie!]]]==],
[==[[[George Herbert|→]] [[WP:CALM|Be calm]] [[WP:POINT|in arguing]]; [[WP:NOW|for fierceness]] makes <br>[[Wikipedia:Main Page/Errors|Error]] [[User:MZMcBride/Blame wheel|a fault]], and [[WP:TRUTH|truth discourtesy]].]==],
[==[[[Hubridas|→]] [[User:ProveIt GT|He'd undertake to prove]], by force <br>Of [[WP:ATAEW|argument]], [[WP:LEGS|a man's no horse]]. <br>He'd prove [[WP:SPADE|a buzzard is no fowl]], <br>And that [[WP:NOTLEX|a Lord may be an owl]], <br>[[WP:DICTS|A calf an Alderman]], [[Wikipedia:Dealing with dictionary definitions|a goose a Justice]], <br>And [[Argument from authority|rooks, Committee-men or Trustees]].]==],
[==[[[Heauton Timorumenos|→]] [[WP:PEDIAN|Homo sum]]; [[WP:UNUSUAL|humani nil a me alienum puto]]<br><small>("[[WP:PEDIAN|I am a man]]; [[WP:UNUSUAL|I regard nothing human as alien to me]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Wicked Witch of the West|→]] [[WP:NOTGETTINGIT|I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!]]]==],
[==[[[Jerry Maguire|→]] [[WP:SUPPORT|You had me at ‘hello’.]]]==],
[==[[[Dr. Strangelove|→]] [[WP:ENTITLED|Mr. President]], I'm not saying [[WP:RFAR|we wouldn't get our hair mussed]], but I do say [[WP:DELETE|no more than ten to twenty million killed]], tops, that is, [[WP:BREAK|depending on the breaks]].]==],
[==[[[Animal Crackers (film)|→]] [[WP:OWNER|One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don't know.]]]==],
[==[[[Matthew Prior|→]] [[WP:AAJ|In argument<br>Similes are like songs in love:<br>They must describe; they nothing prove.]]]==],
[==[[[Robert Southey|→]] [[WP:CONS|Agreed to differ.]]]==],
[==[[[WP:MEANING|Id est (i.e.)]]<br><small>("[[WP:MEANING|That is]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[WP:OUTCOMES|Id quod plerumque accidit.]]<br><small>("[[WP:OUTCOMES|That which generally happens.]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[De Re Militari|→]] Igitur qui desiderat [[WP:PEACE|pacem]], [[WP:WAR|praeparet bellum]].<br><small>("Therefore whoever desires [[WP:PEACE|peace]], let him [[WP:WAR|prepare for war]].")</small>]==],
[==[[[Matthew Prior|→]] [[WP:NETPOSITIVE|One single positive weighs more,<br>You know, than negatives a score.]]]==],
[==[[[Alien (film)|→]] [[WP:STRANGE|Alien]]]==],
[==[[[Terence|→]] [[WP:LAME|Hinc illae lacrimae]] <br><small>("[[WP:LAME|Hence those tears]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Satires (Horace)|→]] [[WP:PEOPLE|Hoc genus omne]] <br><small>("[[WP:PEOPLE|All that people]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[A League of Their Own|→]] [[WP:CRYBLP|There's no crying in baseball!]]]==],
[==[[[2001: A Space Odyssey|→]] [[WP:MINDREAD|My mind is going. There is no question about it.]]]==],
[==[[[Moral Essays|→]] [[Wikipedia:Let the reader decide|Who shall decide]], when [[WP:WRITERS|doctors]] [[WP:DISAGREE|disagree]],<br>And [[WP:DOUBT|soundest casuists doubt, like you and me]]?]==],
[==[[[James Shirley|→]] [[WP:FFA|How vain are all hereditary honors,<br>Those poor possessions from another's deeds.]]]==],
[==[[[Francis of Assisi|→]] A single [[WP:SOURCE|sunbeam]] is enough to drive away many [[WP:OR|shadows]].]==],
[==[[[Allen Saunders|→]] [[WP:DEV|Life]] is what happens to us [[WP:The Parable of the Ants|while we are making other plans]].]==],
[==[[[Dreamtigers|→]] [[WP:WRE|I have always imagined paradise as a kind of library.]]]==],
[==[[[Beavis|→]] A bed shouldn’t have [[WP:KUDZU|instructions]]. Except for, like, [[WP:KISS|"Sleep"]].]==],
[==[[[The Angel's Share|→]] — That's Edinburgh Castle, Albert. <br>— Is it? [[WP:ACCESS|What did they put it up there for?]]]==],
[==[[[Syd Barrett|→]] [[WP:JAGUAR|I don't think I'm easy to talk about.]]]==],
[==[[[Richard Savage|→]] [[WP:CTW|He lives to build]], [[WP:DIVA|not boast]], [[WP:GLUE|a generous race]];<br>[[WP:ASS|No tenth transmitter of a foolish face]].]==],
[==[[[Publius Iuventius Celsus|→]] [[WP:BESTNP|Impossibilium nulla obligatio est]]<br><small>("[[WP:BESTNP|There is no obligation to do the impossible]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Joe Zawinul|→]] [[WP:WRITERS|My people are the people]]. [[WP:CTW|They’re everywhere]] [[WP:About|on the planet.]]]==],
[==[[[Jim Morrison|→]] [[WP:FREE|Moment of inner freedom]]<br> [[WP:OTHERUSERS|when the mind is opened]] & the<br>[[Wikipedia|infinite universe revealed]]<br>& [[Portal:Contents|the soul is left to wander]]<br>[[WP:The End|dazed & confus'd]] [[H:SEARCH|searching]]<br>[[Wikipedia:New contributors' help page|here & there]] for [[WP:ADOPT|teachers]] & [[WP:FRIENDS|friends]].]==],
[==[[[Beyond the Forest|→]] [[WP:DUMP|What a dump.]]]==],
[==[[[John Manners, 7th Duke of Rutland|→]] Let [[WP:WEALTH|wealth]] and [[Wikipedia:Commercial editing|commerce]], [[WP:LAWS|laws]] and [[WP:LEARN|learning]] [[WP:DEADLINE|die]],<br>[[WP:NOBILITY|But leave us still our old nobility]].]==],
[==[[[Transmission (song)|→]] [[WP:DTS|Well I could call out when the going gets tough]].]==],
[==[[[Walter Benjamin|→]] [[WP:LSI|How many cities have revealed themselves to me]] in the marches I undertook [[WP:IRS|in the pursuit of books]]!]==],
[==[[[Star Wars (film)|→]] [[WP:BRAVE|You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought.]]]==],
[==[[[James Thomson (poet)|→]] Whoe'er amidst the [[Wikipedia:Songs about Wikipedia/Sons of Wiki|sons]] <br><span style="color:transparent">→</span> Of [[Wikipedia:Reasonableness|reason]], [[Wikipedia:Training/For students/valuable contribution|valor]], [[Wikipedia:Free encyclopedia|liberty]], and [[WP:CIVIL|virtue]], <br><span style="color:transparent">→</span> Displays [[WP:CTW|distinguished merit]], is [[WP:HTBC|a noble]] <br><span style="color:transparent">→</span> Of [[Wikipedia|Nature's own creating]].]==],
[==[[[Satires (Juvenal)|→]] [[Wikipedia:Historical archive/Friends of Wikipedia|Fond man]]! though [[P:FC|all the heroes of your line]] <br><span style="color:transparent">→</span> [[WP:FA|Bedeck your halls]], and [[WP:FP|round your galleries shine]] <br><span style="color:transparent">→</span> [[Main Page|In proud display]]; yet [[WP:THETRUTH|take this truth from me]]— <br><span style="color:transparent">→</span> [[WP:HTBC|Virtue alone]] is [[WP:CIVIL|true nobility]]!]==],
[==[[[Catiline His Conspiracy|→]] [[WP:ENTITLED|Boast not the titles of your ancestors, brave youth]]! <br><span style="color:transparent">→</span> [[Wikipedias|They're their possessions]], [[WP:OWNER|none of yours]].]==],
[==[[[Phaedrus (fabulist)|→]] [[WP:DWIP|Iniuriae]] qui addideris [[WP:PERSONAL|contumeliam]] <br><span style="color:transparent">→</span> <small>("You who have added [[WP:PERSONAL|insult]] to [[WP:DWIP|injury]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Publilius Syrus|→]] [[WP:STUB|Inopiae]] [[WP:BETTER|desunt multa]], [[WP:SPEEDY|avaritiae omnia]] <br><span style="color:transparent">→</span> <small>("[[WP:STUB|To poverty]] [[WP:BETTER|many things are lacking]]; [[WP:SPEEDY|to avarice, everything]]")</small>]==],
[==[Create something new through which the soul will find the meaning of life.]==],
[==[[[Absalom and Achitophel|→]] [[WP:ADMIN|Nobler is a limited command]] <br>[[WP:RFA|Given by the love of all your native land]], <br>Than [[WP:ANOT|a successive title, long and dark, <br>Drawn from the mouldy rolls of Noah's ark]].]==],
[==[[[Poltergeist (1982 film)|→]] [[WP:VANDAL|They're heee-re.]]]==],
[==[[[The Silence of the Lambs (film)|→]] [[WP:CHAT|I do wish we could chat longer]], but [[WP:BUSY|I'm having an old friend for dinner]].]==],
[==[[[The Wizard of Oz (1939 film)|→]] Oh! [[WP:NEWBIES|You cursed brat]]. [[Wikipedia:Look for an existing article before you start one|Look what you've done]]. [[WP:MELT|I'm melting! Melting!]] Oh, [[Wikipedia|what a world! What a world!]] Who would have thought [[Wikipedia:NEWBIE|a good little girl like you]] could destroy [[WP:BITE|my beautiful wickedness]].]==],
[==[[[A Storm of Swords|→]] It was almost worth [[WP:BLOCK|dying]] to [[WP:MOV|know all the trouble he’d made]].]==],
[==[[[A Game of Thrones|→]] [[mw:winter|Winter]] is coming.]==],
[==[[[Sons of the Desert|→]] Well, [[WP:ANI|here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!]]]==],
[==[[[Blade Runner|→]] [[Wikipedia:Adminitis|I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.]]]==],
[==[[[2001: A Space Odyssey|→]] But [[WP:CTW|you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle]] — [[WP:COMMUNITY|built - for - two]].]==],
[==[[[Walt Kowalski|→]] [[WP:AINT|I once fixed a door that wasn't even broken yet.]]]==],
[==[[[My Little Chickadee|→]] [[WP:N|A thing worth having is worth cheating for.]]]==],
[==[[[The Elephant Man (film)|→]] [[WP:HUMAN|I am not an animal! I am a human being.]]]==],
[==[[[Edward Young|→]] [[WP:EDITORS|They]] that on [[WP:RELIABLE|glorious ancestors enlarge]], <br>[[WP:CLEANUP|Produce their debt, instead of their discharge]].]==],
[==[[[The Sand Pebbles (film)|→]] [[WP:WMD|What the hell happened?]]]==],
[==[[[Ars Poetica (Horace)|→]] [[Wikipedia:Restoring part of a reverted edit|Indignor quandoque bonus dormitat Homerus]] <br><span style="color:transparent">→</span> <small>("[[Wikipedia:Restoring part of a reverted edit|I too am annoyed whenever good Homer nods off]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield|→]] [[WP:FEET|Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.]]]==],
[==[[[Hell's Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs|→]] [[WP:RIGHTGREATWRONGS|The highways are crowded with people who drive as if their sole purpose in getting behind the wheel is to avenge every wrong done them by man, beast or fate.]]]==],
[==[[[Persius|→]] [[WP:KIND|Intus et in cute]] <br><small>("[[WP:KIND|Inwardly, under the skin]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[How to Train Your Dragon (film)|→]] [[WP:ROPE|Molten steel, razor-sharp blades, lots of time to himself - what could possibly go wrong?]]]==],
[==[[[Giù la testa|→]] [[WP:DNER|I don't want to be a hero! All I want is the money! The money!]]]==],
[==[Quick! Someone Call The [[WP:AIV|Fire Brigade]]! There's A [[WP:VAN|Fire!]]]==],
[==[[[Pharsalia|→]] [[WP:GAR|In se magna ruunt]] <br><small>("[[WP:GAR|Great things collapse of their own weight]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Horace|→]] [[WP:SOW/REAP|Integer vitae scelerisque purus]] <br><small>("[[WP:SOW/REAP|Unimpaired by life and clean of wickedness]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[No Country for Old Men (film)|→]] All the time you spend [[WP:EW|trying to get back what's been took from you]], [[WP:POOR|more is going out the back door]].]==],
[==[[[A Double Life|→]] [[WP:STRIKE|Strike me pink!]]]==],
[==[[[Mao Zedong|→]] [[Wikipedia:Government|The organs of state]] must practice [[Wikipedia:Administration|democratic centralism]], they must rely on the [[WP:READERS|masses]] and their [[WP:CTW|personnel]] [[WP:RF|must serve the people]].]==],
[==[[[Klaatu barada nikto|→]] [[WP:MAINT|Klaatu barada nikto]]]==],
[==[[[Odyssey|→]] [[WP:SPLIT|Few sons]] attain the praise of their great [[WP:ARTICLE|sire]]s, and most <br>[[WP:N|their sires disgrace]].]==],
[==[[[Disiecta membra|→]] [[WP:FFA|Invenias etiam disiecti membra poetae]] <br><small>("[[WP:FFA|You would still recognize the scattered fragments of a poet]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid|→]] [[WP:SOLVED|Good. For a moment there, I thought we were in trouble.]]]==],
[==[[[Edward Young|→]] [[WP:NOTINHERITED|He stands for fame on his forefather's feet]], <br>[[WP:N|By heraldry, proved valiant or discreet!]]]==],
[==[[[Casablanca (film)|→]] [[WP:RIP|We'll always have Paris.]]]==],
[==[[[The True-Born Englishman|→]] [[WP:DIVA|Great families of yesterday we show, <br>And lords whose parents were the Lord knows who.]]]==],
[==[[[De finibus bonorum et malorum|→]] [[Wikipedia:Troubleshooting|Iucunda memoria est praeteritorum malorum]] <br><small>("[[Wikipedia:Troubleshooting|Pleasant is the memory of past troubles]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[The Wild Swans at Coole|→]] Upon the [[WP:0|brimming water]] among the [[P:FC|stones]] <br>Are nine and fifty [[WP:FA|swans]].]==],
[==[[[Jaco Pastorius|→]] [[WP:PATROL|Give me a gig!]]]==],
[==[[[Psycho (1960 film)|→]] Well, a [[WP:PEDIAN|boy]]'s best [[WP:FRIENDS|friend]] is [[WP:KIND|his mother]].]==],
[==[[[Animal House|→]] [[WP:MEET|Toga! Toga!]]]==],
[==[[[It's a Wonderful Life|→]] [[WP:CSD|I suppose it'd been better if I'd never been born at all.]]]==],
[==[[[Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Earl of Lytton|→]] For [[Wikipedia|Art]] is [[WP:ARTICLE|Nature]] [[WP:CTW|made by]] [[WP:EDITORS|Man]] <br>To [[WP:EDITORS|Man]] the interpreter of [[WP:FA|God]].]==],
[==[[[Henry Wadsworth Longfellow|→]] [[History of Wikipedia|In the elder days of Art]]. <br>[[WP:WRITERS|Builders wrought with greatest care]] <br>[[WP:STATS|Each minute]] and [[WP:ACR|unseen part]]; <br>[[WP:0|For the gods see everywhere]].]==],
[==[[[John Bonham|→]] [[WP:BETTER|I usually play for twenty minutes]], and [[WP:SIZE|the longest I've ever done was under thirty]].]==],
[==[[[Animal House|→]] [[WP:LAME|Food fight!]]]==],
[==[[[Miles Davis|→]] [[WP:STYLE|For me, music and life are all about style.]]]==],
[==[[[Leopold von Ranke|→]] [[WP:CTW|Labor ipse voluptas]] <br><small>("[[WP:CTW|The pleasure is in the work itself]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Aeneid|→]] [[WP:FILTER|Lacrimae rerum]] <br><small>("[[WP:FILTER|The poignancy of things]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Alice Morse Earle|→]] [[WP:FILTER|The clock is running, make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.]]]==],
[==[[[Prudentius|→]] [[Wikipedia:DESIRE|Inveniet quod quisque velit]]<br><small>("[[Wikipedia:DESIRE|Each shall find what he desires]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Marathon Man (film)|→]] [[Wikipedia:There are no cops on Wikipedia|Is it safe?]]]==],
[==[[[Iliad|→]] [[WP:FA?|It is not strength, but art]], obtains [[WP:FA|the prize]], <br>And [[WP:DEV|to be swift is less than to be wise]]. <br>[[WP:BETTER|'Tis more by art, than force of numerous strokes]].]==],
[==[[[Digest (Roman law)|→]] [[WP:AGF|Latius est impunitum relinqui facinus nocentis [quam innocentem damnari]]]<br><small>("[[WP:AGF|It is better to let the crime of the guilty go unpunished [than to condemn the innocent]]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Band of Brothers|→]] — [[WP:AAAARGH|They gave me all kinds of hell]]. <br />— Well, they had a point: [[WP:IDIOT|you're an idiot]]!]==],
[==[[[The Boat That Rocked|→]] You sure [[WP:BB|throwing him in]] is the best way to get him to [[WP:ROPES|learn how to swim]]?]==],
[==[[[The Fifth Element|→]] [[WP:SELFSOURCE|I am a meat popsicle!]]]==],
[==[[[Thirteen Days (film)|→]] [[WP:CRISIS|You're in a pretty bad fix.]]]==],
[==[[[Wings of Desire|→]] It happened once... It happened once, and so [[WP:PAGE|it will be forever]].]==],
[==[[[Desiderata|→]] With all its [[WP:DRAMA|sham]], [[WP:BL|drudgery]], and [[WP:VAN|broken dreams]], [[WP:WWISG|it is still a beautiful world]].]==],
[==[[[The Forever War|→]] Doctors don’t seem to realize that most of us are perfectly content [[WP:VE|not having to]] visualize ourselves as animated bags of skin filled with [[WP:MARKUP|obscene glop]].]==],
[==[[[Patton (film)|→]] Now I want [[Wikipedia:Editor|you]] to remember that no [[WP:PEDIANS|bastard]] ever [[WP:WIN|won]] a [[WP:WAR|war]] by dying for [[WP:OWN|his country]]. [[WP:MMORPG|He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.]]]==],
[==[[[Oliver Goldsmith|→]] [[WP:MOS|His pencil was striking, resistless, and grand]]; <br>[[WP:EQ|His manners were gentle, complying, and bland]]; <br>[[WP:DEV|Still born to improve us in every part]], <br>[[WP:PEDIANS|His pencil our faces, his manners our heart.]]]==],
[==[[[Che Guevara|→]] [[WP:DOLE|Far more important than a good remuneration is the pride of serving one's neighbor.]]]==],
[==[[[Power to the People (song)|→]] [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2009-04-20/Wikipedia Revolution|You say you want a Revolution; you better get it on right away.]]]==],
[==[[[Ars Poetica (Horace)|→]] [[Wikipedia:Past Masters|Laudator temporis acti]]<br><small>("[[Wikipedia:Past Masters|Praiser of time past]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Jerome|→]] [[WP:QUALITYCONTROL|Good, better, best]]. [[WP:DEV|Never let it rest]]. 'Til your [[WP:GOOD|good]] is [[WP:FA?|better]] and your better is [[WP:FA|best]].]==],
[==[[[Patton (film)|→]] [[Wikipedia|I love it. … God help me, I do love it so. I love it more than my life.]]]==],
[==[[[John Greenleaf Whittier|→]] [[Wikipedia|Around]] [[WP:EDITORS|the mighty master came]]<br>[[P:FC|The marvels]] which [[WP:WBA|his pencil wrought]],<br>[[WP:FA|Those miracles of power]] whose fame<br>[[Wikipedia:About|Is wide as human thought]].]==],
[==[[[Libiamo ne' lieti calici|→]] [[WP:PEDIANS|Tra voi, tra voi]] [[WP:COMMUNITY|saprò dividere]]<br><small>("[[WP:PEDIANS|With you all]], [[WP:COMMUNITY|I can share]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Paul Raven (musician)|→]] [[WP:REG|You just have to get on the plane]] with [[WP:CTW|one song you can teach to everybody]] — and [[Wikipedia:About|that's what I'm telling everybody]].]==],
[==[[[List_of_Latin_phrases_(L)#lectio_brevior_potior|→]] [[WP:MASTODONS|Lectio brevior potior]]<br><small>("[[WP:MASTODONS|The shorter reading is the better]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[List_of_Latin_phrases_(L)#lectori_salutem|→]] [[WP:RF|Lectori salutem]]<br><small>("[[WP:RF|Greetings reader]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Pulp Fiction|→]] [[WP:EN|— "You know what they call a - a - a Quarter Pounder with cheese in Paris?" <br>— "They don't call it a Quarter Pounder with cheese?" <br>— "No man, they got the metric system. They wouldn't know what the f--k a Quarter Pounder is." <br>— "Then what do they call it?" <br>— "They call it a 'Royale' with cheese." <br>— "A 'Royale' with cheese!...What do they call a Big Mac?" <br>— "A Big Mac's a Big Mac, but they call it 'Le Big Mac.'" <br>— "'Le Big Mac!' What do they call a 'Whopper'?" <br>— "I dunno, I didn't go into Burger King."]]]==],
[==[[[Petrarch|→]] Oh! [[WP:DTS|could I throw aside these earthly bands <br>That tie me down where wretched mortals sigh]]— <br>[[WP:♥|To join blest spirits in celestial lands!]]]==],
[==[[[Horace|→]] [[Wikipedia|Littera scripta manet]]<br><small>("[[Wikipedia|The written word endures]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[New York (album)|→]] Nothing beats [[WP:SOURCES|2 guitars]], [[WP:BETTER|drum]] and [[WP:STYLE|bass]].]==],
[==[[[How Green Was My Valley (film)|→]] [[WP:OBIT|Men like my father cannot die. They are with me still - real in memory as they were in flesh, loving and beloved forever.]]]==],
[==[[[Paul Hamilton Hayne|→]] [[WP:CANDOR|Happy the heart that keeps its twilight hour]], <br>And, [[WP:DTS|in the depths of heavenly peace reclined]], <br>[[WP:HTBC|Loves to commune with thoughts of tender power]],— <br>[[Wikipedia:Thoughts on Wikipedia Editing and Digital Labor|Thoughts that ascend, like angels beautiful]], <br>[[WP:PEDIAN|A shining Jacob's ladder of the mind]]!]==],
[==[[[Epistulae (Pliny)|→]] [[WP:END|Longissimus dies cito conditur]]<br><small>("[[WP:END|Even the longest day soon ends]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Me and Earl and the Dying Girl|→]] If after reading this book you [[WP:TAKEOFF|come to my home]] and [[WP:TEARHEADOFF|brutally murder me]], [[WP:AGF|I do not blame you]].]==],
[==[[[Not Only... But Also|→]] [[WP:SANDWICH|You enjoyin' that sandwich, are you?]]]==],
[==[[[A Calendar of Wisdom|→]] [[WP:SOW/REAP|The most important person is the one you are with in this moment.]]]==],
[==[[[Assassin's Apprentice|→]] We left. [[WP:UHB|Walking uphill and into the wind.]]]==],
[==[[[His Majesty's Dragon|→]] It is very nice [[Wikipedia:Size of Wikipedia|how many books there are]], indeed. [[Portal:Contents|And on so many subjects!]]]==],
[==[[[Help:Editing|Just one more level...]]]==],
[==[[[The Forever War|→]] [[WP:GIBBERISH|I tried to find out where the term came from, but the one explanation I got was really idiotic.]]]==],
[==[[[True Grit|→]] That's [[WP:MIGHT|might]]y [[WP:BRAVE|brave]] [[WP:EQ|talk]] for a [[WP:NVC|one-eyed fat man]].]==],
[==[[[One Word is Too Often Profaned|→]] [[WP:BUILD|The desire of the moth for the star]], <br><span style="color:transparent !important">→</span>  [[WP:WG|Of the night for the morrow]], <br><span style="color:transparent !important">→</span>[[WP:LOVE|The devotion to something afar <br><span style="color:transparent !important">→</span>  From the sphere of our sorrow]]?]==],
[==[[[Odes (Horace)|→]] [[WP:STAR|Lucida sidera]] <br><small>("[[WP:STAR|The shining stars]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Lawrence of Arabia (film)|→]] [[WP:Home page|Well sir, goin' 'ome...'Ome, sir.]]]==],
[==[[[In Memoriam A.H.H.|→]] [[WP:GRIEF|I held it truth, with him who sings<br>To one clear harp in divers tones,<br>That men may rise on stepping-stones<br>Of their dead selves to higher things.]]]==],
[==[[[In Memoriam A.H.H.|→]] [[WP:HOPE|But who shall so forecast the years<br>And find in loss a gain to match?<br>Or reach a hand thro' time to catch<br>The far-off interest of tears?]]]==],
[==[[[In Memoriam A.H.H.|→]] [[WP:PEACE|Let Love clasp Grief lest both be drown'd,<br>Let darkness keep her raven gloss:<br>Ah, sweeter to be drunk with loss,<br>To dance with death, to beat the ground,]]]==],
[==[[[In Memoriam A.H.H.|→]] [[WP:LOVE|Than that the victor Hours should scorn<br>The long result of love, and boast,<br>'Behold the man that loved and lost,<br>But all he was is overworn.']]]==],
[==[[[List_of_Latin_phrases_(L)#lucus_a_non_lucendo|→]] [[Wikipedia:Dark side of Wikipedia|Lucus a non lucendo]]<br><small>("[[Wikipedia:Dark side of Wikipedia|[It is] a grove by not being light.]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[The Last of the Mohicans (1992 film)|→]] [[WP:BRILL|Someday I think you and I are going to have a serious disagreement.]]]==],
[==[[[All that is gold does not glitter|→]] [[WP:RANPP|Not all those who wander are lost.]]]==],
[==[[[The New World (2005 film)|→]] [[WP:DEW|Why does the Earth have colors?]]]==],
[==[[[André Malraux|→]] [[WP:WISP|Be careful — with quotations, you can damn anything.]]]==],
[==[[[Homo homini lupus|→]] [[WP:WOLF|Lupus est homo homini]]<br><small>("[[WP:WOLF|A man to a man is a wolf]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[The Grapes of Wrath (film)|→]] [[WP:BOLD|That's what makes us tough.]] [[WP:ODNT|Rich fellas come up an' they die an' their kids ain't no good, an' they die out. But we keep a-comin'.]] [[WP:COMMUNITY|We're the people that live. They can't wipe us out. They can't lick us. And we'll go on forever, Pa... 'cause... we're the people.]]]==],
[==[[[The Band Wagon|→]] [[WP:PAIN|I can stand anything but pain.]]]==],
[==[[[Cicero|→]] [[Wikipedia:Wikimedia_Foundation#Money|Magnum vectigal est parsimonia]]<br><small>("[[Wikipedia:Wikimedia_Foundation#Money|Economy is a great revenue]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Camille (1936 film)|→]] [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Psychology/Emotion/Affective|Never be jealous again.]] [[WP:LOVE|Never doubt that I love you more than the world. More than myself.]]]==],
[==[[[Much Ado About Nothing|→]] [[WP:RFDA|O, what authority and show of truth<br>Can cunning sin cover itself withal!]]]==],
[==[[[De Providentia|→]] [[WP:CON|Marcet sine adversario virtus]]<br><small>("Valor becomes feeble without an opponent")</small>]==],
[==[[[Libiamo ne' lieti calici|→]] [[WP:ENJOY|Ah si, godiamo, la tazza, la tazza e il cantico,<br>la notte abbella e il riso;]]<br>[[Wikipedia|in questo, in questo paradiso]] ne scopra il nuovo dì.<br><small>("[[WP:ENJOY|Let's enjoy the wine and the singing, the beautiful night, and the laughter.]] Let the new day find us [[Wikipedia|in this paradise]].")</small>]==]