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[==[Here's to the bright [[Special:Log/newusers |New Year]], and a [[WP:MISS|fond farewell to the old]];<br/>Here's to the things that are [[WP:ACC|yet to come]], and to the memories that we hold.]==],
[==[[[The Twelve Days of Christmas (song)|→]] On the eighth and ninth days of Christmas, [[Wikipedia|my true love]] gave to me... <br />'''[[WP:9STEPS|9 Ladies Dancing]]'''<br />'''[[WP:EIGHT|8 Maids-a-Milking]]''' <br /><small>[[Wikipedia:SWIM|7 Swans-a-Swimming]] </small><br /><small>[[Wikipedia:LAYOUT|6 Geese-a-Laying]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:5P|5 Golden Rings]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:FOUR|4 Calling Birds]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:3RR|3 French Hens]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:GA|2 Turtle Doves]] </small><br /><small>A [[WP:FA|Partridge]] in a [[Wikipedia|Pear Tree]] </small>]==],
[==[[[The Twelve Days of Christmas (song)|→]] On the tenth day of Christmas, [[Wikipedia|my true love]] gave to me...<br />'''[[WP:10|10 Lords-a-Leaping]]''' <br /><small>[[WP:9STEPS|9 Ladies Dancing]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:EIGHT|8 Maids-a-Milking]] </small><br /><small>[[Wikipedia:SWIM|7 Swans-a-Swimming]] </small><br /><small>[[Wikipedia:LAYOUT|6 Geese-a-Laying]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:5P|5 Golden Rings]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:FOUR|4 Calling Birds]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:3RR|3 French Hens]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:GA|2 Turtle Doves]] </small><br /><small>A [[WP:FA|Partridge]] in a [[Wikipedia|Pear Tree]] </small>]==],
[==[[[The Twelve Days of Christmas (song)|→]] On the eleventh day of Christmas, [[Wikipedia|my true love]] gave to me...<br />'''[[WP:PIPE|11 Pipers Piping]]''' <br /><small>[[WP:10|10 Lords-a-Leaping]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:9STEPS|9 Ladies Dancing]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:EIGHT|8 Maids-a-Milking]] </small><br /><small>[[Wikipedia:SWIM|7 Swans-a-Swimming]] </small><br /><small>[[Wikipedia:LAYOUT|6 Geese-a-Laying]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:5P|5 Golden Rings]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:FOUR|4 Calling Birds]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:3RR|3 French Hens]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:GA|2 Turtle Doves]] </small><br /><small>A [[WP:FA|Partridge]] in a [[Wikipedia|Pear Tree]] </small>]==],
[==[[[The Twelve Days of Christmas (song)|→]] On the twelfth day of Christmas, [[Wikipedia|my true love]] gave to me...<br />'''[[Wikipedia:WDC|12 Drummers Drumming]]''' <br /><small>[[WP:PIPE|11 Pipers Piping]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:10|10 Lords-a-Leaping]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:9STEPS|9 Ladies Dancing]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:EIGHT|8 Maids-a-Milking]] </small><br /><small>[[Wikipedia:SWIM|7 Swans-a-Swimming]] </small><br /><small>[[Wikipedia:LAYOUT|6 Geese-a-Laying]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:5P|5 Golden Rings]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:FOUR|4 Calling Birds]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:3RR|3 French Hens]] </small><br /><small>[[WP:GA|2 Turtle Doves]] </small><br /><small>A [[WP:FA|Partridge]] in a [[Wikipedia|Pear Tree]] </small>]==],
[==[[[Charles Lindbergh|→]] If I had to choose, I would rather have [[WP:Content|birds]] than [[WP:DRAMA|airplanes]].]==],
[==[Remember [[WP:EDITORS|people]], always remember to [[WP:AGF|treat]] [[WP:NEWBIE|young people]] and [[WP:HUMAN|strangers]] as the great people [[WP:7AGES|they will become]].]==],
[==[[[Shirley (novel)|→]] Nothing [[WP:Why Wikipedia is so great|refines]] like [[WP:LOVE|affection]]. [[WP:COMMUNITY|Family]] [[WP:LEW|jarring]] [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia is failing|vulgarizes]] - [[WP:WRITERS|family]] [[Wikipedia:Civility|union]] [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia is succeeding|elevates]].]==],
[==[[[Airplane!|→]] [[WP:NOTVAND|I am serious...]] [[WP:ATWV|and don't call me Shirley]]]==],
[==[[[Good things come to those who wait|→]] [[WP:GA|Good things]] come to those who [[WP:DEV|wait]]]==],
[==[[[Book of Proverbs|→]] Like a madman shooting firebrands or deadly arrows is a [[WP:Wikipedian|man]] who [[WP:SOCK|deceives]] his [[WP:COMMUNITY|neighbor]] and says, "I was only [[WP:Silly things|joking]]!"]==],
[==[[[WP:WIAA|Methods are many]],<br />[[WP:5P|Principles are few]].<br />[[WP:WIP|Methods change often]],<br />[[meta:Founding principles|Principles never do]].]==],
[==[[[Book of Isaiah|→]] Come, all [[Wikipedia:Reader|you who are thirsty]], come to [[Wikipedia|the waters]]; and you who have no money, come, [[Wikipedia:Public domain|buy and eat]]!]==],
[==[[[WP:WELCOME|Come one]], [[WP:ACCOUNT|Come all]]]==],
[==[[[Puff Daddy|→]] This is [[Wikipedia|my]] 10-year anniversary [[WP:CTW|producing]], [[WP:CREATE|making music]] and... you're not what you were [[Nupedia|10 years ago]].]==],
[==[[[William Blake|→]] A truth that's told with [[WP:NVC|bad intent]]<br />Beats all the [[WP:VAND|lies]] you can invent.]==],
[==[[[Julia Cameron|→]] The growth of [[WP:EDIAN|one]] blesses [[Wikipedia|all]]. I am committed to grow in [[WP:LOVE|love]]. All that I [[WP:EDIT|touch]], I leave in love. I move through [[Wikipedia|this world]] [[WP:AGF|consciously]] and [[WP:BOLD|creatively]].]==],
[==[[[The Hostile Hospital|→]] [[:meta:What is a troll?|Criminals]] should be [[WP:Revert, block, ignore|punished]], not [[WP:Don't feed the trolls|fed pastries]].]==],
[==[It's OK to be a [[WP:FUN|tree-hugger]], but if you happen to [[WP:NONSENSE|hug]] a [[WP:Silly things|tree]] during a [[WP:LEW|thunderstorm]], you might get hit by [[WP:BLOCK|lightning]].]==],
[==[[[Book of Proverbs|→]] A [[WP:GUIDELINE|proverb]] quoted by [[WP:VANDAL|fools]] is limp as a [[Wikipedia:Patent nonsense|wet noodle]].]==],
[==[[[The Wide Window|→]] There are few sights sadder than a [[WP:VANDALISM|ruined]] [[WP:ARTICLE|book]].]==],
[==[[[Book of Proverbs|→]] A [[:meta:What is a troll?|quarrelsome person]] in a [[WP:LEW|dispute]] is like [[WP:FWF|kerosene thrown on a fire]].]==],
[==[[[Book of Proverbs|→]] [[Wikipedia:Adopt-a-User|Train up]] a [[Wikipedia:Please do not bite the newcomers|child]] in the [[WP:POLICY|way he should go]]: and when he is old, he will not [[WP:VANDALISM|depart]] from it.]==],
[==[[[Fawlty Towers|→]] [[WP:FORG|Don't mention the war]]]==],
[==[[[Hymn|→]] I would be [[WP:NVC|true]], for there are those who [[WP:AGF|trust me]];<br />I would be [[WP:NPOV|pure]], for there are [[WP:BLP|those]] who care;<br />I would be [[WP:RBI|strong]], for there is much to [[WP:LTA|suffer]];<br />I would be [[WP:BOLD|brave]], for there is much to [[WP:EDIT|dare]].<br />I would be [[WP:CIVIL|friend]] to all, the [[WP:VANDAL|foe]], the [[WP:NEWBIE|friendless]];<br />I would be [[WP:DEV|giving]], and [[WP:OWN|forget the gift]];<br />I would be humble, for I know my [[WP:STOCKS|weakness]];<br />I would [[WP:WWISG|look up]], and [[WP:FUN|laugh]] and [[WP:LOVE|love]] and [[WP:BARN|lift]].]==],
[==[[[Scott Adams|→]] There are [[WP:Q|no stupid questions]], just [[meta:Don't be a dick|stupid people]].]==],
[==[[[Emma (novel)|→]] [[:meta:What is a troll?|One half of the world]] cannot understand the [[Wikipedia:FA|pleasures]] of the [[WP:EDIANS|other]].]==],
[==[[[WP:AGF|Trust me, I'm a doctor]]]==],
[==[[[Lenny Henry|→]] [[WP:WIAA|We]] all [[WP:DEV|bloom]] towards the [[WP:FA|sunlight]].]==],
[==[[[WP:MOTD|Decisions, decisions]]]==],
[==[[[The Adventure of the Copper Beeches|→]] I can't make [[WP:GA|bricks]] without [[WP:RS|clay]]. ===February===]==],
[==[[[E. E. Cummings|→]] The most [[:Template:Bonked|wasted]] of all days is one without [[WP:FUN|laughter]].]==],
[==[[[HeadOn|→]] [[WP:WAR|Head On]], [[WP:REVERT|apply directly to the forehead]]. [[WP:1RR|Head On, apply directly to the forehead]]. [[WP:3RR|Head On, apply directly to the]]—[[WP:BLOCK|HEAD OFF]]!]==],
[==[[[James Cameron|→]] [[WP:SAND|Imagination]] is a force that can actually [[WP:Collaboration|manifest]] a [[WP:WIAA|reality]].]==],
[==[The essence of [[WP:COMMUNITY|community]], the essence of [[WP:FUN|spirit]] and the essence of [[WP:CUP|celebration]]. We've got it all.]==],
[==[[[WP:DEV|Imagination]] is the key to [[WP:GA|individuality]]]==],
[==[We all need a little [[WP:Welcome templates|inspiration]] these [[WP:STATS|days]], for the opposite of inspiration is [[WP:RETIRED|expiration]].]==],
[==[[[WP:STUB|One]] needs to know how to [[WP:DEV|walk]] before one can [[WP:FA|fly]].]==],
[==[[[Albert Bandura|→]] People who believe they have the power to exercise some [[WP:CIV|control]] over their [[Special:MyPage|lives]] are [[WP:COMMUNITY|healthier]], more [[WP:WIAA|effective]] and more [[WP:BARN|successful]] than those who [[WP:DISRUPT|lack faith]] in their [[WP:VAND|ability to effect changes in their]] [[WP:BAN|lives]].]==],
[==[[[Movember|→]] [[WP:SPADE|November is Movember]]]==],
[==[[[The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring|→]] Fate has chosen [[WP:Wikipedia|him]]. A [[WP:WIKIPEDIANS|fellowship]] will protect him. [[WP:VANDALS|Evil]] will hunt them.]==],
[==[[[Escape from Monkey Island|→]] [[WP:NPA|Didgeridoo to you too!]]]==],
[==[[[The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring|→]] A [[Wikipedia:Wikipedians|wizard]] is never [[WP:DEADLINE|late]], Frodo Baggins. Nor is he [[WP:DEADLINE|early]]; he [[WP:EDIT|arrives]] precisely [[WP:VOLUNTEER|when he means to!]]]==],
[==[[[WP:IAR|Snow]] is like marmite.<br/>[[Marmite|→]] You either love it or [[WP:PIAR|hate it]]]==],
[==[[[James Brinkley|→]] A [[WP:FA|successful man]] is one who can [[WP:DEV|lay a firm foundation]] with the [[WP:CRIT|bricks]] others have thrown at him.]==],
[==[[[A Twist in the Tale (book)|→]] We haven't [[WP:COPYVIO|stolen anything]]. But we did get one hell of a '[[WP:CC-BY-SA|steal]]'.]==],
[==[[[A Twist in the Tale (book)|→]] There is [[Wikipedia|one cathedral]] in England that has never found it necessary to [[WP:Advertisements|launch a national appeal]].]==],
[==[[[7-Eleven|→]] [[WP:NOTE|Remove wrapper]], [[WP:RS|open mouth]], [[WP:NPOV|insert muffin]], [[WP:CREATE|eat]].]==],
[==[[[Voltaire|→]] To interpret [[WP:POLICY|laws]] is almost always [[WP:BURO|to corrupt them]].]==],
[==[[[Baruch Spinoza|→]] Minds are conquered not by [[WP:EW|arms]], but by [[WP:LOVE|love]] and [[Wikipedia:Accepting other users|magnamanity.]]]==],
[==[[[Frances Willard (suffragist)|→]] I would not waste my life in [[WP:EW|friction]] when it could be turned into [[WP:DEV|momentum.]]]==],
[==[[[Smokey Bear|→]] Only YOU can [[WP:AGF|prevent]] [[WP:EDIT WAR|forest fires]].]==],
[==[[[Lam Chiu Ying|→]] How many more [[WP:ARTICLE|people]] have to be [[WP:VANDALISM|killed or hurt]] before [[WP:Semi-protection|a number 8 signal]] is necessary?]==],
[==[[[Scout (Scouting)|→]] [[WP:Help desk|Do a good turn daily]]]==],
[==[[[WP:ER|One good turn deserves another]]]==],
[==[[[In Flanders Fields|→]] Take up our [[WP:CUV|quarrel]] with the [[WP:VANDAL|foe:]] <br/>To you from failing hands we throw <br/> [[Wikipedia|The torch]]; be yours [[WP:CVU|to hold it high]].]==],
[==[[[The Road Not Taken (poem)|→]] [[Special:UserLogin/signup|I took the one less traveled by]], <br />[[WP:BENEFITS |And that has made all the difference]].]==],
[==[[[Shake 'n Bake|→]] [[WP:RESEARCH|Shake]] 'n [[WP:CREATE|Bake]]]==],
[==[[[Loose lips sink ships|→]] [[Wikipedia:Canvassing|Loose lips]] sink [[Wikipedia:Consensus|ships]] ===March===]==],
[==[[[WP:FUN|Laughter is the best form of medicine]]]==],
[==[[[Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.|→]] [[meta:Polls are evil|General propositions do not decide concrete cases.]]]==],
[==[[[Éowyn|→]] [[WP:BLOCK|Begone]], foul [[WP:VANDAL|dwimmerlaik]], lord of carrion!]==],
[==[[[The Right Time (song)|→]] [[Wikipedia:Why create an account?|This is the right time, <br />Once in a lifetime]]]==],
[==[[[Hold your horses|→]] [[Wikipedia:There is no deadline|Hold your horses!]]]==],
[==[[[Cutting off the nose to spite the face|→]] [[Wikipedia:Do not disrupt Wikipedia to illustrate a point|Don't cut off your nose to spite your face]]]==],
[==[[[Harry S. Truman|→]] If you can't [[Wikipedia:COOL|stand the heat]], [[Wikipedia:Let it go|get out of the kitchen]]]==],
[==[[[Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten|→]] [[Wikipedia:NOT#Wikipedia_is_not_a_crystal_ball|The future is unwritten]]]==],
[==[[[Keep Calm and Carry On|→]] [[Wikipedia:Cool|Keep calm]] and [[Wikipedia:Let it go|carry on]]]==],
[==[[[Pop Goes the Weasel|→]] All around the [[Wikipedia|mulberry bush,]] the [[Wikipedia:Guild of Copyeditors|monkey]] [[Wikipedia:Basic copyediting|chased]] the [[Wikipedia:Weasel words|weasel]].]==],
[==[[[The Eleventh Commandment|→]] [[WP:NEVERMIND|Blushing]] requires blood.]==],
[==[[[The Eleventh Commandment|→]] [[WP:DEADLINE|And the rest of our lives to do it.]]]==],
[==[[[Bob Monkhouse|→]] [[WP:HIGHSCORE|Growing old is compulsory]], [[WP:Seven Ages of Wikipedians|growing up is optional]]]==],
[==[Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia]==],
[==[Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]==],
[==[Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]==],
[==[[[Confucius|→]] [[meta:Don't be a dick|What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.]]]==],
[==[[[Wikipedia:Recentism|Try to see the forest for the trees]]]==],
[==[[[Ernest Hemingway|→]] [[Wikipedia|The world]] is a fine place and worth the [[WP:CUV|fighting for]] and I hate very much to [[:Template:Retired|leave]] it.]==],
[==[[[Police Squad!|→]] [[WP:DUCK|"Cigarette?"<br/>"Yes, I know!"]]]==],
[==[([[WP:MOTD|This space for rent.]])]==],
[==[[[Technologic|→]] [[Wikipedia:Your first article|Write it]], [[Wikipedia:Deletion policy|cut it]], [[Wikipedia:Merging|paste it]], [[Wikipedia:SAVE|save it]], [[Help:Page history|load it]], [[Wikipedia:Spellchecking|check it]], [[Template:Cleanup-rewrite|quick rewrite it]]]==],
[==[Don't [[Wikipedia:Citing sources|put the cart]] before [[Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources|the horse]]]==],
[==[[[WP:COOL|A moment's endurance will quiet the storm]]; [[WP:QUIET|a step back will silence the sea]]]==],
[==[[[WP:Missing articles|Silence]] exists as the [[WP:100K|greatest impediment]] to a [[Wikipedia|long-term goal]].]==],
[==[[[The Standard|→]] It would be most unfortunate if long periods of [[WP:PEACE|peace and economic prosperity]] are replaced by [[WP:LEW|endless bickerings over partisan interests.]]]==],
[==[[[Chuck Berry|→]] It's amazing how much you can [[WP:LEARN|learn]] if [[WP:DGF|your intentions are truly earnest.]]]==],
[==[[[:zh:s:己亥雜詩#.E5.85.B6.E4.BA.94|→]] [[WP:STICK|The fallen petal is not heartless, <br/>It shall dissolve into the spring soil to nourish the flower.]]]==],
[==[[[Caroline Norton|→]] [[WP:EDITORS|Silent companions of the lonely hour]], <br />[[WP:COMMUNITY|Friends]], who can [[WP:HOW|alter]] or [[WP:MISSYOU|forsake]]. <br />Who [[Wikipedia:NCH|for inconstant roving]] have [[WP:BITE|no power]], <br />And [[WP:FOC|all neglect]], perforce, [[WP:Discussion|must calmly take]].]==],
[==[[[Casablanca (film)|→]] [[Portal:Contents|Of all the gin joints]] [[WP:PROJ|in all the towns]] [[Wikipedia|in all the world]], [[Special:Watchlist|she walks into mine]].]==],
[==[[[Beaumont and Fletcher|→]] [[Wikipedia|That place]] that does contain <br />[[Special:Contributions|My books]], the best companions, is to me <br />[[Wikipedia:Community portal|A glorious court]], where hourly [[WP:CTW|I converse]] <br />With the [[WP:WES|old sages]] and [[WP:FIVE|philosophers]]. ===April===]==],
[==[[[Steve Jobs|→]] [[WP:SURPRISING|It'll make your jaw drop]].]==],
[==[Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.]==],
[==[Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.]==],
[==[Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.]==],
[==[[[Oscar Wilde|→]] [[WP:FORGIVE|Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much]].]==],
[==[[[Lectures on Aesthetics|→]] [[WP:ARTS|The sentiment of art]] like [[WP:RELIGION|the religious sentiment]], like [[WP:SCIENCE|scientific curiosity]], is born of [[WP:CONS|wonder]]; [[WP:POINT|the man who wonders at nothing lives in a state of imbecility and stupidity]].]==],
[==[[[Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy?|→]] [[Wikipedia:About|In everything I am]], [[Portal:Wikipedia|in everything I do]] <br />I am your servant, [[WP:READERS|I need you]].]==],
[==[[[Lord Mansfield|→]] [[WP:AGF|The way to do complete justice indeed, is to let in the one side, without prejudicing the other.]]]==],
[==[Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.]==],
[==[Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.]==],
[==[Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.]==],
[==['''Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.'''<br /><br /><small>[[Wikipedia:Motto of the day/Nominations|'''Nominate one today!''']]</small>]==],
[==[[[WP:PEACOCK|Show, don't tell]].]==],
[==[[[John Lennon|→]] [[WP:EDIANS|You are all geniuses, and you are all beautiful]]. You don't need anyone to tell you who you are. You are what you are. Get out there and [[WP:ENJOY|get peace]], [[WP:COOL|think peace]], [[Wikipedia:Honor system|live peace]], and [[WP:THANKYOU|breathe peace]], and you'll get it as soon as you like.]==],
[==[[[Timon of Athens|→]] [[Wikipedia:Motto_of_the_day#Have_an_idea_for_a_new_motto.3F|We have seen better days]].]==],
[==[[[The Life and Death of King John|→]] [[WP:WIAA|O lord! my boy, my Arthur, my fair son! <br />My life, my joy, my food, my all the world! <br /> My widow-comfort, and my sorrow's cure!]]]==],
[==[[[Nat King Cole|→]] [[WP:BOLD|Let's face the music]] and [[WP:COLLAB|dance]]]==],
[==[If you never believe in [[meta:Vision|something bigger than yourself]], then you'll never [[Wikipedia:DEV|do anything]] [[WP:FA|bigger than yourself]].]==],
[==[[[University at Albany|→]] [[WP:THINK|Wisdom]], both for its [[WP:USERS|own sake]] and for the sake of [[WP:ADOPT|teaching]].]==],
[==[[[Jurassic Park (film)|→]] [[WP:No angry mastodons|Man creates dinosaurs]]...[[WP:TROUT|Dinosaurs eat man]]...[[WP:FUN|Woman inherits the Earth]].]==],
[==[[[Lord Byron|→]] [[WP:NVC|Lord of himself]],—[[WP:POINT|that heritage of woe]]!]==],
[==[Why [[WP:VANDAL|drive a car]], when you can [[WP:EDIT|ride the bus]]!]==],
[==[[[Pulp Fiction|→]] [[WP:FEATURE|Mmmm-hmmm! This is a tasty burger!]]]==],
[==[[[Lucy Van Pelt|→]] All I really need is [[WP:LOVE|love]], but a little [[WP:STAR|chocolate]] now and then doesn't hurt!]==],
[==[[[Mother Teresa|→]] If we have no [[WP:PEACE|peace]], it is because we have forgotten that [[WP:COLLAB|we belong to each other]].]==],
[==[[[Star Wars: Rebel Assault|→]] [[Wikipedia:Not Now|Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?]]]==],
[==[[[Wikipedia:About|→]] Every day, [[WP:EDITORS|hundreds of thousands of visitors]] from around the world collectively make [[Help:Editing|tens of thousands of edits]] and create [[WP:ACRE|thousands of new articles]] to augment [[WP:CONTENTS|the knowledge]] held by the [[Wikipedia|Wikipedia encyclopedia]].]==],
[==[[[Billie Holiday|→]] No [[WP:EDITORS|two people]] on [[Wikipedia|earth]] are alike, and it's got to be that way in [[Special:Allpages|music]] or it isn't [[WP:WIAA|music]].]==],
[==[[[Albert Einstein|→]] [[Wikipedia:WikiPeace|Peace]] cannot be achieved through [[Wikipedia:WikiHate|violence]], it can only be attained through [[Wikipedia:Encourage full discussions|understanding]].]==],
[==[[[The Terminator|→]] [[WP:BREAK|I'll be back]]! ===May===]==],
[==[[[Aaron Copland|→]] [[Wikipedia:Signup|Into the Streets May First!]]]==],
[==[[[Some Might Say|→]] We will [[WP:FAC|find]] a [[WP:FA|brighter day]].]==],
[==[[[Gone with the Wind (film)|→]] After all, [[WP:FORG|tomorrow is another day]]!]==],
[==[[[Terminator 2: Judgment Day|→]] [[WP:BREAK|Hasta la vista]], baby.]==],
[==[[[Benito Juárez|→]] Entre los [[WP:PEDIANS|individuos]], como entre las [[Wikipedia:Wikimedia sister projects|naciones]], el respeto al derecho ajeno es [[WP:PEACE|la paz]]. <br /><small>("Among individuals, as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace")</small>]==],
[==[[[Non pro nobis laboramus|→]] [[WP:CTW|Non pro nobis laboramus]]<br /><small>("[[WP:CTW|We labor not for ourselves]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Nineteen Eighty-four|→]] Does the [[Wikipedia:Cabals|Brotherhood]] exist?]==],
[==[[[Samuel Taylor Coleridge|→]] [[WP:LOVE|A mother is a mother still, <br />The holiest thing alive.]]]==],
[==[[[Marriage|→]] [[WP:Who writes Wikipedia?|I do.]]]==],
[==[[[Mahatma Gandhi|→]] [[WP:FWF|An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind.]]]==],
[==[[[Adam Lindsay Gordon|→]] [[WP:ANI|Life]] is mostly [[WP:DRAMA|froth and bubble]]<br/>Two things stand like stone—<br/>[[WP:COMPASSION|Kindness]] in another's trouble.<br/>[[WP:TRUCE|Courage]] in your own.]==],
[==[[[Dr. Strangelove|→]] If you don't get the [[WP:JIMBO|President of the United States]] on that phone, do you know what's gonna happen to you? ... You're gonna have to answer to the [[WP:ARBCOM|Coca-Cola Company]].]==],
[==[[[Soylent Green|→]] [[Wikipedia|Soylent Green]] is [[WP:COMMUNITY|people]]!]==],
[==[[[42nd Street (film)|→]] [[WP:WIAA|Sawyer]], you're going out a [[WP:NEW|youngster]], but you've got to come back a [[WP:FA|star]]!]==],
[==[[[Albert Einstein|→]] The most beautiful thing we can experience is the [[WP:RANDOM|mysterious]]. It is the source of all true [[special:allpages|art and science]].]==],
[==[[[William Feather|→]] One way to get the most out of [[WP:DEV|life]] is to [[WP:BOLD|look upon it as an adventure]].]==],
[==[[[Cicero|→]] [[WP:CALM|Pax]] melior est quam iustissimum [[WP:POINT|bellum]].<br />("[[WP:CALM|Peace]] is better than the most just [[WP:POINT|war]].")]==],
[==[[[Scientia est lux lucis|→]] [[Wikipedia:5P|Scientia est lux lucis]] <br /><small>("[[Wikipedia:5P|Knowledge is enlightenment]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[WP:PN|Time, department skies]]]==],
[==[[[Marvin the Martian|→]] [[WP:IDIOT|Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!]]]==],
[==[[[Play it again, Sam|→]] [[WP:FS|Play it again, Sam.]]]==],
[==[[[Martin Luther King, Jr.|→]] [[Wikipedia:WikiCrime|Darkness cannot drive out darkness]]; [[Wikipedia:Candor|only light can do that]]. <br/>[[Wikipedia:WikiHate|Hate cannot drive out hate]]; [[Wikipedia:WikiLove|only love can do that]].]==],
[==[[[I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue|→]] [[WP:FUN|The panellists were given silly things to do by Humphrey Lyttelton]]]==],
[==[[[Taylor Mali|→]] [[WP:COPYEDIT|Proofreading your peppers is a matter of the the utmost impotence.]]]==],
[==[[[Karl Marx|→]] Experience acclaims as happiest the [[WP:WRITERS|man]] who has made the [[WP:RF|greatest number of people happy]].]==],
[==[[[Albert Einstein|→]] The pioneers of a [[WP:WAR|war]]less [[Wikipedia|world]] are [[WP:EDITORS|the youth]] that [[WP:AVOIDEDITWAR|refuse military service]].]==],
[==[[[Taylor Mali|→]] [[Portal:Education|Education is the miracle]], [[WP:GNOME|I’m just the worker]]]==],
[==[[[Say Anything...|→]] I gave [[Wikipedia|her]] [[WP:REG|my heart]], and [[Wikipedia|she]] gave me [[WP:CTW|a pen]].]==],
[==[[[Sixteen Candles|→]] [[Template:In use|Can I borrow your underpants for ten minutes?]]]==],
[==[[[John F. Kennedy|→]] [[WP:DR|Mankind must put an end to war]] before [[WP:LAME|war puts an end to mankind]].]==],
[==[[[Dwight D. Eisenhower|→]] After my [[Wikipedia:Experience|experience]], I have come to hate [[WP:WAR|war]]. [[WP:AVOIDEDITWAR|War settles nothing]]. ===June===]==],
[==[[[Taxi Driver|→]] [[WP:TALK|You talkin' to me?]]]==],
[==[[[Macbeth|→]] [[Wikipedia:Articles|Things]] at the worst [[WP:DELT|will cease]], or else [[WP:ARS|climb upward]] <br />[[WP:DEV|To what they were before]].]==],
[==[[[Star Wars|→]] [[WP:MOS|May the Force Be With You]]]==],
[==[[[The Matrix|→]] You take the [[Wikipedia:RA|red pill]]—you stay in [[Wikipedia:CONPOL|Wonderland]] and [[Wikipedia:FAC|I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.]]]==],
[==[[[Oliver Hardy|→]] [[WP:CLEAN|Well, this is another fine mess you've gotten me into...]]]==],
[==[[[Kung Fu Fighting|→]] [[WP:RCP|Everybody was kung-fu fighting]]]==],
[==[[[Dirty Harry|→]] [[WP:PBAGDSWCBY|Are you feeling lucky, punk?]]]==],
[==[[[Knights who say Ni|→]] We are the [[WP:ROUGE|knights]] who say '[[WP:BLOCK|Ni!]]']==],
[==[[[Doctor Who|→]] [[WP:GIBBERISH|Wibbley wobbley, timey wimey!]]]==],
[==[[[Taylor Mali|→]] [[WP:BETTER|Put your precious pen to paper and tell me what you’re for!]]]==],
[==[[[Toni Morrison|→]] If there's a [[WP:ARTICLE|book]] you really want to read but it [[WP:REDLINK|hasn't been written yet]], then [[WP:CREATE|you must write it]].]==],
[==[[[Field of Dreams|→]] If [[WP:DEV|you build it]], [[WP:READER|he will come]].]==],
[==[[[Sherlock (TV series)|→]] We've got a [[Wikipedia:Vandalism-only account|serial killer]] on our hands. Love those, there's always [[Wikipedia:Blocking policy|something to look forward to]].]==],
[==[[[WP:MILL|Everyday may not be good]], but [[WP:CREATE|there's something good]] in every day.]==],
[==[[[Billie Holiday|→]] [[Wikipedia:Community portal/Opentask|The difficult I can do today]]. [[WP:BACKLOG|The impossible will take a little longer]].]==],
[==[[[Benjamin Franklin|→]] There never was a [[WP:WAR|good war]] or a [[WP:PEACE|bad peace]].]==],
[==[[[The Communist Manifesto|→]] [[WP:EDIAN|Workers of the world]], [[WP:WikiProject|unite]]!]==],
[==[[[The Jungle|→]] What is the murder of [[WP:BLOCK|them that kill the body]], to the murder of [[WP:BITE|them that kill the soul]]?]==],
[==[[[Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy|→]] [[Wikipedia:Size of Wikipedia|Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space.]]]==],
[==[[[Everyday Is a Winding Road|→]] [[WP:DEV|Every day is a winding road. <br/>I get a little bit closer. <br/>Everyday is a faded sign. <br/>I get a little bit closer <br/>to feeling fine]]]==],
[==[[[Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy|→]] [[WP:NORUSH|Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.]]]==],
[==[[[The Road to El Dorado|→]] [[WP:AfC|The Road]] to [[WP:FA|El Dorado]]]==],
[==[[[Douglas Adams|→]] [[Wikipedia|Even he, to whom most things that most people would think were pretty smart were pretty dumb, thought it was pretty smart.]]]==],
[==[[[Sine ira et studio|→]] Sine [[WP:HATE|ira]] et [[WP:OVERZEALOUS|studio]]<br /><small>("Without [[WP:HATE|hate]] and [[WP:OVERZEALOUS|zealousness]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[WP:DEADLINE|How long is a piece of string?]]]==],
[==[[[Martin Luther King, Jr.|→]] Our only hope today lies in our ability to recapture the [[WP:SPIRIT|revolutionary spirit]] and go into a sometimes hostile world declaring eternal hostility to [[WP:STUB|poverty]], [[WP:NVC|racism]], and [[WP:WAR|militarism]].]==],
[==[[[The Maltese Falcon (1941 film)|→]] "([[WP:ARTICLE|What is it?]])"<br />"The stuff that [[WP:FA|dreams]] are made of."]==],
[==[[[Apocalypse Now|→]] [[WP:HELL|The horror...the horror.]]]==],
[==[[[Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)|→]] [[WP:ABOUT|Sweet dreams are made of this.]]<br/>[[WP:DR|Who am I to disagree?]]<br/>[[Portal:Contents|Travel the world and the seven seas.]]<br/>[[Special:Random|Everybody's looking for something.]]]==],
[==[[[Magical Mystery Tour|→]] [[WP:WC|Roll up! Roll up for the mystery tour!]] ===July===]==],
[==[[[WP:Newsletter|Read all about it!]]]==],
[==[[[WP:BITE|Don't rain on my parade]]]==],
[==[[[Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy|→]] [[WP:SOURCES|The Guide]] is definitive. [[WP:OR|Reality]] is frequently inaccurate.]==],
[==[[[Monty Python and the Holy Grail|→]] [[WP:PA|Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!]]]==],
[==[[[Short Circuit|→]] [[WP:5|Number Five is alive!]]]==],
[==[[[Doo-Wops & Hooligans|→]] If [[WP:EDIAN|you]] ever find yourself [[WP:WAR|lost in the dark and you can't see]],<br />[[WP:DR|I'll be the light to guide you]]]==],
[==[[[Vladimir Lenin|→]] You cannot do [[WP:FAC|anything]] without [[WP:WikiProject|rousing the masses to action]].]==],
[==[[[Leonardo da Vinci|→]] [[WP:NPA|He who offends others does not secure himself]].]==],
[==[[[Leonardo da Vinci|→]] [[WP:No original research|The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions]].]==],
[==[[[Eleanor Roosevelt|→]] We have to face the fact that either all of us are going to [[WP:FAIL|die together]] or we are going to learn to [[WP:PEDIANS|live together]] and if we are to live together [[WP:ALLARGUMENTS|we have to talk]].]==],
[==[[[Egon Spengler|→]] [[Special:Random|Fascinating!]]]==],
[==[[[The Wild Bunch|→]] [[WP:VANDAL|If they move]], [[Help:Reverting|kill 'em]].]==],
[==[[[Post tenebras lux|→]] [[WP:WANTED|Post tenebras lux]]<br /><small>("[[WP:WANTED|Light after darkness]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Calvin and Hobbes|→]] [[WP:LTA|Doggone it, she did it again!]]]==],
[==[[[The road to hell is paved with good intentions|→]] The road to [[WP:BITE|hell]] is [[WP:CRYPTIC|paved with good intentions]]]==],
[==[[[Nescit cedere|→]] [[WP:LTA|Nescit cedere]] <br /><small>("[[WP:LTA|He does not know how to give up.]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial|→]] [[WP:EDIANS|E.T.]] [[Wikipedia:Contact us|phone home]].]==],
[==[[[Apocalypse Now|→]] I love the smell of [[WP:GOLDLOCK|napalm]] in the [[WP:WAR|morning]].]==],
[==[[[Johann Wolfgang von Goethe|→]] [[Wikipedia:Thank you|A man's manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait.]]]==],
[==[[[Starcraft|→]] [[Special:UserLogin/signup|Awaken, my child]], and embrace the [[Help:Editing|glory that is your birthright]]. Know that [[Wikipedia|I]] am the Overmind; the [[WP:FIVE|eternal will]] of the [[WP:EDIANS|Swarm]], and that you have been created to [[WP:CREATE|serve me]].]==],
[==[[[Buckminster Fuller|→]] Either [[WP:WAR|war]] is obsolete or [[WP:WRITERS|men]] are.]==],
[==[[[Serenity (Firefly episode)|→]] [[Wikipedia:Size of Wikipedia|We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty]].]==],
[==[[[WP:WHT|So bad... yet so good]]]==],
[==[[[Jacques Chirac|→]] As far as [[WP:CTW|I'm concerned]], [[WP:WAR|war]] always means [[WP:FAIL|failure]].]==],
[==[[[Ludwig Wittgenstein|→]] If [[WP:PEDIANS|people]] never did [[WP:-D|silly things]] nothing [[WP:FA|intelligent]] would ever get done.]==],
[==[[[Cat's Cradle|→]] [[Wikipedia:Wikipedians|Ladies and Gentlemen]], I stand before you now because I never stopped [[Wikipedia:Enjoy yourself|dawdling like an eight-year-old]] on a spring morning on his way to school. Anything can make me stop and look and wonder, and [[Wikipedia:Learning the ropes|sometimes learn]]. I am a very happy man. [[Wikipedia:Thank you|Thank you]].]==],
[==[[[Poltergeist (film)|→]] [[m:TROLL|They]]'re [[Wikipedia|here]]!]==],
[==[[[Teal'c|→]] [[WP:TRUE|Indeed!]]]==],
[==[[[Pro Fide, Lege et Rege|→]] Pro [[WP:FAITH|Fide]], [[WP:LAWS|Lege]] et [[WP:5|Rege]]<br /><small>("For [[WP:FAITH|Faith]], [[WP:LAWS|Law]] and [[WP:5|King]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Antoine de Saint-Exupéry|→]] It seems that [[:meta:Exclusionism|perfection is attained not when there remains nothing to add, but when there remains nothing to remove]]]==],
[==[[[Johann Wolfgang von Goethe|→]] Every day we should [[Portal:Featured sounds|hear at least one little song]], [[Wikipedia:Featured articles|read one good poem]], [[Wikipedia:Featured pictures|see one exquisite picture]], and, if possible, [[Wikipedia:Describing points of view|speak a few sensible words]]. ===August===]==],
[==[[[Che Guevara|→]] [[WP:COMMUNITY|The desire to sacrifice an entire lifetime to the noblest of ideals serves no purpose if one works alone]].]==],
[==[[[Oscar Wilde|→]] [[WP:FORGIVE|Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.]]]==],
[==[[[Mule Variations|→]] [[WP:REICHSTAG|Come down off the cross, we can use the wood.]]]==],
[==[[[Joseph Stalin|→]] I believe in one thing only, [[WP:BOLD|the power of human will]].]==],
[==[[[Pari passu|→]] [[Wikipedia:The perfect article|Pari passu]]<br /><small>("[[Wikipedia:The perfect article|with an equal step]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Omnia mutantur|→]] [[Special:RecentChanges|Omnia mutantur]].<br><small>("[[Special:RecentChanges|Everything changes]].")</small>]==],
[==[[[Don't Worry, Be Happy|→]] [[WP:Enjoy yourself|Don't Worry, Be Happy]]]==],
[==[[[Mao Zedong|→]] [[WP:DUCK|This is the only reliable and scientific method of analysis]].]==],
[==[[[Arthur Ponsonby, 1st Baron Ponsonby of Shulbrede|→]] When [[WP:WAR|war is declared]], [[WP:FIVE|Truth]] is the first casualty.]==],
[==[[[Spectemur agendo|→]] [[WP:ENC|Spectemur]] [[WP:CTW|agendo]]<br /><small>("Let us [[WP:ENC|be judged]] by [[WP:CTW|our acts]].")</small>]==],
[==[[[Johann Wolfgang von Goethe|→]] [[WP:Be Nice|Be generous with kindly words]], especially about [[Wikipedia:Missing Wikipedians|those who are absent]].]==],
[==[[[SimCity 3000|→]] [[Wikipedia:STRAW|Sims everywhere agree: The egg came first, but only after the chicken]].]==],
[==[[[Juan Ramón Jiménez|→]] [[Wikipedia:Ignore all rules|If they give you ruled paper, write the other way.]]]==],
[==[[[A Streetcar Named Desire (1951 film)|→]] [[WP:KINDNESS|I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.]]]==],
[==[[[Masters of War|→]] Come you masters of [[WP:WAR|war]] / You that [[WP:DISRUPT|build all the guns]] / You [[WP:TEDIOUS|that build the death planes]] / You [[WP:HARASS|that build the big bombs]] / You [[WP:GRIEFING|that hide behind walls]] / You [[WP:SPA|that hide behind desks]] / I just want you to know [[:meta:What is a troll?|I can see through your masks]].]==],
[==[[[Non incautus futuri|→]] [[WP:POTENTIAL|Non incautus futuri]]<br /><small>("[[WP:POTENTIAL|Not Unmindful of the Future]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Semper paratus|→]] [[WP:RCP|Semper paratus]].<br /> <small>("[[WP:RCP|Always prepared]].")</small>]==],
[==[[[Wikipedia:Forgive and forget|C'est la vie]] <br />([[Wikipedia:Forgive and forget|"That's life"]])]==],
[==[[[Shine On You Crazy Diamond|→]] [[Wikipedia:Recent additions|Remember when you were young]], [[Wikipedia:Did you know|you shone like the sun]]. ... [[WP:FA|Shine on you crazy diamond]].]==],
[==[[[Network (film)|→]] [[WP:EXPLODE|I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!]]]==],
[==[[[Sirius Black|→]] The world isn't divided into [[meta:Inclusionism|good people]] and [[meta:Deletionism|Death Eaters]]. [[meta:AWWDMBJAWGCAWAIFDSPBATDMTAD|We've each got little bit of light and dark in us]].]==],
[==[[[Stephen Hawking|→]] [[Wikipedia|Mankind's]] greatest achievements have come about [[WP:Discussion|by talking]], and its [[WP:ED|greatest failures]] by not talking.]==],
[==[[[Ma Hongkui|→]] Without establishing [[WP:5P|national laws]], how can you suppress [[WP:ANARCHY|the rebellion]]?]==],
[==[[[Cat's Cradle|→]] [[WP:SAA|New knowledge]] is the most valuable commodity on [[Wikipedia|Earth]]. [[WP:TRUTHS|The more truth]] we have to work with, [[WP:GROWTH|the richer we become]].]==],
[==[[[Little Caesar (film)|→]] Mother of Mercy! [[WP:SPEEDY|Is this the end of Rico]]?]==],
[==[[[Robert Frost|→]] I took [[Special:UserLogin/signup|the road less traveled by]]<br />And that has made all the difference.]==],
[==[[[Romeo and Juliet|→]] [[WP:DIVA|Not stepping o'er the bounds of modesty]].]==],
[==[[[Novus ordo seclorum|→]] [[Wikipedia|Novus ordo saeclorum]]<br /><small>([[Wikipedia|New Order of the Ages]])</small>]==],
[==[[[Jerry Maguire|→]] [[:foundation:Fundraising|Show me the money!]]]==],
[==[[[Ubi panis ibi patria|→]] [[WP:CTW|Ubi panis]] [[Wikipedia|ibi patria]]<br /><small>("[[WP:CTW|Where there is bread]], [[Wikipedia|there is (my) country]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[All About Eve|→]] [[WP:DRAMA|Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night!]] ===September===]==],
[==[[[White Heat|→]] [[WP:DEV|Made it, Ma!]] [[WP:FA|Top of the world!]]]==],
[==[[[Tottenham Hotspur F.C.|→]] [[WP:BB|To Dare is To Do]]]==],
[==[[[WP:PEDIANS|In all]] [[WP:FAITH|we trust]]]==],
[==[[[WP:EDIT|If you're good at editing]], [[WP:VOLUNTEER|always do it for free]].]==],
[==[[[National Anthem of the Soviet Union|→]] [[WP:CVU|We fought for our future]]<br />[[WP:BLOCK|Destroyed]] the [[WP:VANDAL|invader]]<br />And brought to our homeland [[meta:Trophy shelf|the laurels of fame]]<br />[[WP:Wikipedia articles written in the greatest number of languages|Our glory will live in the memory of nations]]<br />And all generations will <span class="plainlinks">[ honour her name]</span>]==],
[==[[[Bertrand Russell|→]] [[WP:WAR|War]] does not determine who is [[Wikipedia:Right to Edit|right]] — only who is [[Wikipedia:Right to vanish|left]]]==],
[==[[[Per ardua ad astra|→]] Per [[Wikipedia:Troubleshooting|ardua]] ad [[WP:WWISG|astra]]<br /><small>("Through [[Wikipedia:Troubleshooting|Adversity]] to the [[WP:WWISG|Stars]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Just Can't Get Enough (The Black Eyed Peas song)|→]] [[WP:ADDICTED|I'm addicted and I just can't get enough.]]]==],
[==[[[Winston Churchill|→]] When you're [[WP:LTA|going through hell]], [[WP:CUV|keep going]].]==],
[==[[[Thank You (Dido song)|→]] [[Wikipedia:FA|I]] want to [[WP:THANKS|thank]] [[WP:PEDIAN|you]], <br/>for giving me [[WP:TFA|the best day]] of [[WP:DEV|my life]]. <br/>Oh, just [[WP:COMMUNITY|to be with you]] <br/>is having the best day of my life.]==],
[==[[[Sit tibi terra levis|→]] [[WP:RIP|Sit tibi terra levis]] <br /><small>("[[WP:RIP|May the earth rest lightly on you]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[WP:WIAA|Watch me go]] [[WP:ORPHAN|from sundown]] [[Main Page|to downtown]].]==],
[==[[[meta:Conflicting Wikipedia philosophies|→]] [[WP:YFA|Ideas]] and [[WP:COLLAB|collaboration]], not [[WP:WAR|extremism]].]==],
[==[Sometimes to [[WP:REVERT|remove]] [[WP:VANDALISM|graffiti]] you just need a good [[WP:PEDIAN|scrubber]] with a decent amount of [[WP:EXPERIENCE|soap]].]==],
[==[[[The Dark Knight (film)|→]] [Sometimes] The only sensible way to live in [[Wikipedia|this world]] is [[WP:IAR|without rules]].]==],
[==[[[Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium|→]] [[WP:FUN|Fun]] and [[WP:Seriously, don't panic!|Mental]] is [[WP:Fundamentals|Fundamental]]]==],
[==[[[Toy Story|→]] [[WP:DUCK|"Hey Buzz, you're flying!" <br/>"This isn't flying. This is falling, with style!"]]]==],
[==[[[Sebastian (Twelfth Night)|→]] [[WP:PEDIAN|My kind Antonio]], I can no other answer make, but, [[WP:THANKYOU|thanks, and thanks]].]==],
[==[[[Marathon Man (film)|→]] [[WP:NOT|Is it safe?]]]==],
[==[[[Munich|→]] [[WP:WIKILOVE|Munich likes you.]]]==],
[==[[[International Day of Peace|→]] [[International Day of Peace|22nd International Day of Peace – 21 September 2011]]<br /> <br />[[The Golden Rule|→]] [[WP:LOVE|Do unto others as you would have them do unto you]] <br /> <br />[[Japanese Peace Bell|→]] [[WP:PEACE|世界絶対平和萬歳 ("Long live absolute world peace")]]]==],
[==[[[WP:SEEALSO|Deeper understanding]] releases the key to both [[WP:PORTAL|profound insight]] and [[WP:HOLIC|addiction]].]==],
[==[[[Bugs Bunny|→]] [[WP:UA|Haussenpepper]]!]==],
[==[[[Non-sequitur|→]] [[WP:VAND|Vandal]]: We have implemented a [[WP:BLOCK|non-sequitur]] [[WP:COOL|Please]] [[WP:Don't insult the vandals|Stop]].]==],
[==[Out of the murky depths of [[WP:LTA|total oblivion]], rises a [[Template:User Reformed Vandal|new beginning]], a [[WP:ADMIN|new star]], and ... a new [[Wikipedia|fantasy]] continues.]==],
[==[Shoot for the [[WP:TFA|moon]]; even if you miss you will land among the [[WP:FA|stars]]]==],
[==[[[WP:WRITERS|E pluribus]] [[Wikipedia|unum]] <br /><small>("[[WP:WRITERS|From many]], [[Wikipedia|one]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Percy Jackson|→]] Ever had a [[WP:AOBF|flying burrito]] hit you? Well, it's a deadly projectile, right up there with [[WP:VANDALS|cannonballs]] and [[WP:TROLL|grenades]].]==],
[==[The [[Special:Statistics|weather]] is beautiful, wish [[WP:IP|you]] were [[Special:UserLogin|here]]!]==],
[==[[[Azumanga Daioh|→]] [[WP:WELCOME|You Belong]]. ===October===]==],
[==[[[Hamlet|→]] [[Wikipedia:Mediation Cabal|Happy in that we are not over-happy; <br />On Fortune's cap we are not the very button.]]]==],
[==[[[Abraham Lincoln|→]] [[WP:CABAL|Kings]] had always been [[WP:CANVAS|involving]] and [[WP:MEAT|impoverishing]] their [[Special:Random|people]] in [[WP:AFD|war]]s, pretending generally, if not always, that [[:meta:Deletionism|the good of the people]] was the object.]==],
[==[[[Quis separabit?|→]] [[WP:COMMUNITY|Quis separabit?]]<br /><small>("[[WP:COMMUNITY|Who will separate [us]?]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Sunset Boulevard (film)|→]] [[WP:PEDIANS|We]] didn't need [[WP:TALKSTALK|dialogue]]. We had [[WP:FACE|face]]s.]==],
[==[[[The Greatest Story Ever Told|→]] [[WP:PIE|The Greatest Story Ever Told]]]==],
[==[[[John Pomfret|→]] [[Wikipedia|Heaven]] is not always angry when he [[WP:FAR|strikes]], <br />But most [[WP:FA?|chastises]] those whom most he [[WP:FFA|likes]]]==],
[==[[[Jimi Hendrix|→]] [[WP:WRITERS|Music]] is [[WP:WIAA|Magic]]. [[WP:WIAA|Magic]] is [[Wikipedia|Life]]]==],
[==[[[Wikipedia|L'État]], c'est [[WP:CABAL|moi]]<br /><small>("[[WP:CABAL|I]] am [[Wikipedia|the state]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Inter arma enim silent leges|→]] Silent [[WP:PG|leges]] inter [[WP:EW|arma]]. <br /><small>("During [[WP:EW|war]], [[WP:PG|laws]] are silent.")</small>]==],
[==[[[Bryan Procter|→]] [[WP:CTW|Row us forth]]! [[WP:DEV|Unfurl thy sail]]! <br />[[WP:WAR|What care we for tempest blowing]]? <br />[[WP:BOLD|Let us kiss the blustering gale]]! <br />[[WP:HOW|Let us breast the waters flowing]]! <br />[[WP:HERE|Though the North rush cold and loud]], <br />[[WP:LOVE|Love]] shall warm and make us [[WP:FUN|merry]]; <br />Though the [[Portal:Contents|waves]] all weave [[WP:PLATEAU|a shroud]], <br />We will dare the [[Wikipedia|Humber ferry]]!]==],
[==[[[Sunset Boulevard (film)|→]] All right, [[WP:COMM|Mr. De Mille]]. [[WP:FA|I'm]] ready for [[WP:TFA|my closeup]].]==],
[==[[[Cape Feare|→]] "Oh, I'll stay away from your son alright. Stay away, forever! <br/>[[WP:MISTAKE|Wait a minute, that's no good!]]"]==],
[==[[[Scarlett O'Hara|→]] [[WP:BORING|Fiddle-dee-dee]]!]==],
[==[[[John Owen (theologian)|→]] I wish thy lot, [[WP:RFC/ADMIN|now bad]], [[WP:ARBCOM|still worse]], my friend, <br />For when at worst, they say, [[WP:DR|things always mend]].]==],
[==[[[WP:-D|What a fun distracting parade! Yay!]]]==],
[==[[[Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit|→]] [[WP:BEANS|Beans, beans, the musical fruit]]]==],
[==[[[Jean-Paul Sartre|→]] When [[WP:OWNER|the rich]] wage [[WP:WAR|war]], it's [[WP:CIVIL|the poor]] who die.]==],
[==[[[Mick Jones (The Clash)|→]] There’s two different strains of [[WP:PEDIANS|punks]], [[WP:CIVIL|nice ones]] and [[WP:CABAL|horrible]] [[WP:VANDAL|ones]].]==],
[==[[[Bonnie and Clyde (film)|→]] [[Wikipedia:Improving referencing efforts|We rob banks!]]]==],
[==[[[Joe Strummer|→]] [[WP:PEDIANS|Everybody]] has a [[WP:Article|story]] to [[WP:Writing your first article|tell]].]==],
[==[[[Much Ado About Nothing|→]] [[Wikipedia:Peer review|By noting]] of [[WP:WIAA|the lady]] I [[WP:DEV|have marked]] <br />[[Wikipedia:WikiProject Wikify|A thousand blushing apparitions start]] <br />[[Wikipedia:Writing better articles|Into her face]]; [[WP:FIX|a thousand innocent shames]] <br />[[Wikipedia:Writing better articles|In angel whiteness bear away those blushes]].]==],
[==[[[Voltaire|→]] What [[WP:Readers|we]] find in [[Wikipedia|books]] is like the fire in our hearths. [[WP:PEDIANS|We]] [[WP:Identifying reliable sources|fetch it from our neighbors]], [[WP:PEDIANS|we]] [[WP:Citing sources|kindle it at home]], [[WP:PEDIANS|we]] [[WP:Starting a new article|communicate it to others]], and it becomes [[WP:Free encyclopedia|the property of all]].]==],
[==[[[Johnny Rotten|→]] I want more [[Wikipedia|bands]] like [[WP:PEDIANS|us]]. I want [[WP:IP|people]] to go out and start [[WP:Account|something]], to see us and [[WP:NEW|start]] [[WP:Article|something]], or else I'm just wasting my time.]==],
[==[[[Seal of Missouri|→]] [[WP:RF|Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto]]<br /><small>("[[WP:RF|Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Miles Davis|→]] For me, [[H:MARKUP|music]] and [[WP:HOW|life]] are all about [[WP:STYLE|style]].]==],
[==[[[Voltaire|→]] A [[WP:Admin|minister of state]] is excusable for the [[WP:Deletion process|harm]] he does when the [[WP:AfD|helm of government]] has forced his hand in a [[WP:Vandalism|storm]]; but in the calm he is guilty of all the [[WP:Improving articles|good]] he does not do.]==],
[==[[[Sex Pistols|→]] [[Wikipedia:Reader Knows Nothing|I don't know what I want]] but [[Wikipedia:Reader|I know how to get it]].]==],
[==[[[Brenden Foster|→]] Follow your [[m:The future of Wikipedia|dreams]]. Don't let [[WP:CRIT|anything]] stop [[WP:EDIANS|you]]!]==],
[==[[[Janis Joplin|→]] [[Wikipedia:Free encyclopedia|It's hard to be free but when it works, it' s worth it]]!]==],
[==[[[WP:PN|White days. Cruelties.]]]==],
[==[[[Wikipedia:Newcomers are delicious, so go ahead and bite them|A meal fit for a King]]. ===November===]==],
[==[[[Janis Joplin|→]] [[WP:CTW|It's gonna be a long hard drag, but we'll make it]].]==],
[==[[[The Winter's Tale|→]] [[WP:WRITERS|A wild dedication of yourselves]] <br />[[WP:WWISG|To unpathed waters, undreamed shores]].]==],
[==[[[Work Me, Lord|→]] [[WP:COMMUNITY|Can I show you how hard it is trying to live when you're all alone]]?]==],
[==[[[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon|→]] 1. [[WP:PI|Don't shirk work]]! 2. [[WP:CIVIL|Run away and pay]]! 3. [[WP:LOVE|Smiles go for miles]]!]==],
[==[[[WP:RELAX|Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.]]]==],
[==[[[Janis Joplin|→]] [[WP:CTW|It's gonna be a long hard drag, but we'll make it]].]==],
[==[[[Work Me, Lord|→]] [[WP:COMMUNITY|Can I show you how hard it is trying to live when you're all alone]]?]==],
[==[[[Voltaire|→]] It is best to risk sparing a [[WP:Silly things|guilty person]] than to [[WP:DELETE|condemn]] an [[WP:Stub|innocent one]].]==],
[==[[[A Star Is Born (1954 film)|→]] [[WP:WELCOME|Hello, everybody]]. [[Special:Log/newusers|This is Mrs. Norman Maine]].]==],
[==[[[Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi|→]] [[WP:WOW|Prodigious!]]]==],
[==[[[King Lear|→]] [[WP:FUN|Bear free]] and [[WP:PEACE|patient thoughts]].]==],
[==[[[John Gay|→]] [[WP:PERFECT|The rising blushes, which her cheek o'er–spread,]] <br />[[WP:FA|Are op'ning roses]] [[Wikipedia|in the lily's bed.]]]==],
[==[[[Semper fidelis|→]] [[WP:JWP|Semper Fidelis]]<br /><small>("[[WP:JWP|Always Faithful]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Che Guevara|→]] When [[WP:VANDAL|forces of oppression]] come to maintain themselves [[Wikipedia:WikiCrime|in power]] against [[Wikipedia:Principles|established law]], [[WP:PEACE|peace]] is considered already broken.]==],
[==[[[Samuel Rogers|→]] [[WP:GOOD|The Good]] are better made by [[WP:DEV|Ill]], <br />As [[WP:REVIEW|odors crushed]] are [[WP:FACR|sweeter]] still.]==],
[==[[[Cymbeline|→]] [[WP:Be bold|Boldness be my friend.]]]==],
[==[[[Albert Einstein|→]] [[WP:EDIANS|Everyone]] should be [[WP:NPA|respected]] as an individual, but [[WP:NVC|no one idolized]].]==],
[==[[[Absolute Dissent|→]] [[WP:CTW|All our lives transformed]] / [[WP:WWISG|Touched forever more]] / [[Wikipedia:Wikipedians|All connected]] / [[WP:COMMUNITY|All as one]]]==],
[==[[[Semper paratus|→]] [[Wikipedia:CVU|Semper Paratus]]<br /><small>("[[Wikipedia:CVU|Always Ready]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Albert Einstein|→]] [[WP:PEACE|Peace]] cannot be kept by [[WP:WAR|force]];<br /> it can only be achieved by [[WP:DR|understanding]].]==],
[==[[[Seal of Michigan|→]] [[Wikipedia:Why Wikipedia is so great|Si Quæris Peninsulam Amœnam]] [[Portal:Contents|Circumspice]] <br /><small>("[[Wikipedia:Why Wikipedia is so great|If you seek a pleasant peninsula]], [[Portal:Contents|look about you]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Sic semper tyrannis|→]] [[WP:MANDARINS|Sic semper tyrannis]]<br /><small>("[[WP:MANDARINS|Thus always to tyrants]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Shrek|→]] [[WP:LINKS|Blue flower]], [[WP:RA|<span style="color:#CC2200">red thorns</span>]]]==],
[==[[[King Lear|→]] [[WP:CUV/T|Henceforth I'll bear <br />Affliction till it do cry out itself, <br />Enough, enough, and die.]]]==],
[==[[[Highway to Hell (song)|→]] [[WP:VOA|We're]] on the [[Special:RecentChanges|highway]] to [[WP:BLOCK|hell]]]==],
[==[[[List of proverbial phrases#half problem|→]] A [[WP:VOA|problem]] [[WP:AN|shared]] is a [[WP:VOA|problem]] [[WP:WARN|halved]]<br /> A [[WP:VOA|problem]] [[WP:WARN|halved]] is a [[WP:VOA|problem]] [[WP:BLOCK|solved]]]==],
[==[[[Karl Marx|→]] [[WP:TFA|History]] is nothing but the actions of [[WP:EDITORS|men]] in pursuit of [[WP:FOUR|their ends]].]==],
[==[[[Mr Kipling|→]] [[WP:WIKIPEDIAN|He]] does [[Special:Upload|make]] [[WP:FI|exceedingly good cakes]]]==],
[==[[[Rain on Your Parade|→]] Don't [[wp:block|rain]] on [[WP:VOA|my]] [[wp:vandalism|parade]]]==],
[==[[[Love means never having to say you're sorry|→]] [[WP:LOVE|Love]] means never having to say [[WP:SORRY|you're sorry]]. ===December===]==],
[==[[[Spiritus intus alit|→]] [[WP:CORE|Spiritus intus alit]]<br /><small>("[[WP:CORE|the spirit nourishes within]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Thomas Jefferson|→]] It is [[WP:NONSENSE|error]] alone that needs the support of [[WP:CABAL|government]]. [[WP:The Truth|Truth]] can stand by itself.]==],
[==[[[Jean-Jacques Rousseau|→]] [[WP:THANKS|Gratitude]] is a [[WP:Responsibility|duty]] which [[WP:AWARDBARN|ought to be paid]], but which [[WP:EDIANS|none]] have a [[WP:EGO|right to expect]].]==],
[==[[[The Communist Manifesto|→]] [[WP:EDIANS|They]] have a [[WP:EDIA|world]] to [[WP:Editing|win]]. <br />[[WP:CTW|WORKERS OF ALL COUNTRIES]], [[WP:COMMUNITY|UNITE]]!]==],
[==[[[Karl Marx|→]] [[WP:NOBIGDEAL|Everything tending to encourage superstitious belief in authority is to be removed from the statutes.]]]==],
[==[[[Karl Marx|→]] [[WP:READERS|Philosophers]] have only interpreted [[WP:EDIA|the world]], in various ways. The point, however, is to [[WP:Editing|change]] [[WP:EDIA|it]].]==],
[==[[[Henry VIII (play)|→]] 'Tis better to be [[WP:STUB|lowly]] [[WP:CREATE|born]], <br />And [[WP:DEV|range with humble livers in content]]. <br />Than [[WP:CP|to be perked up in a glistering grief]], <br />And [[WP:NVC|wear]] a [[WP:OWNER|golden sorrow]].]==],
[==[[[Herbert Hoover|→]] [[WP:NVC|Older men]] declare [[WP:WAR|war]]. But [[WP:BITE|it's the youth who must fight and die]]!]==],
[==[[[Stella quarta decima|→]] [[WP:SIGNUP|Stella quarta decima]]<br /><small>("[[WP:SIGNUP|The Fourteenth Star]]")</small>]==],
[==[[[Duck Soup (1933 film)|→]] Remember, [[WP:WC|you're fighting for this woman's honor]], [[WP:CTW|which is probably more than she ever did]].]==],
[==[[[Epictetus|→]] [[WP:WIP|No great thing is created suddenly.]]]==],
[==[[[Love Minus Zero/No Limit|→]] [[WP:EDIA|In the dime stores and bus stations]], <br /> [[WP:DISCUSS|People talk of situations]], <br /> [[WP:FIND|Read books]], [[WP:QUOTE|repeat quotations]], <br /> [[WP:DISPUTE|Draw conclusions on the wall]].]==],
[==[[[Airplane!|→]] "[[WP:-)|Surely you can't be serious]]."<br />"[[WP:NONSENSE|I am serious. And don't call me Shirley]]."]==],
[==[[[American University speech|→]] [[WP:EDITORS|We all]] inhabit [[Wikipedia|this small planet]]. [[WP:COMMUNITY|We all breathe the same air]]. We all cherish [[WP:DEV|our children's future]].]==],
[==[[[Archibald Haddock|→]] [[WP:AVOID|Blistering barnacles!]]]==],
[==[[[William Cowper|→]] [[WP:JIMBO|I shall not ask Jean Jaques Rousseau]]<br />If [[WP:EDITORS|birds]] [[WP:TALK|confabulate or no]].<br />'Tis is clear that they were always able<br />To hold discourse—at least [[Portal:Contents|in fable]].]==],
[==[[[Airplane!|→]] McCroskey: [[WP:EDITORS|Johnny]], what can you make of [[WP:STUB|this]]?<br/>Johnny: This? Well, I can make a [[WP:DYK|hat]]; I can make a [[WP:GA|brooch]]; I can make a [[WP:FA|teradactyl]]!]==],
[==[[[Leonard McCoy|→]] [[WP:ACM|I'm a doctor, not an escalator!]]]==],
[==[[[Slaughterhouse-Five|→]] [[WP:CUV|So it goes]].]==],
[==[[[Airplane!|→]] All right, [[WP:EDITORS|Striker]], you listen, and listen close. [[Help:Editing|Flying a plane]] is no different from riding a bicycle; it's just a lot harder to [[WP:VANDAL|put baseball cards in the spokes]].]==],
[==[[[Airplane!|→]] [[WP:ARTICLE|Ladies and gentleman]], this is your [[WP:EDIAN|stewardess]] speaking. We regret any inconvenience the [[WP:WAR|sudden cabin movement]] might have caused. This is due to periodic [[WP:STRESS|air pockets]] we encountered. There's [[WP:CALM|no reason to be alarmed]] and we hope you enjoy the [[WP:DEV|rest of your flight]]. By the way, [[WP:Ask for help|is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane]]?]==],
[==[[[Alexander Smith (poet)|→]] [[WP:WIAA|Some books]] are [[WP:LAYOUT|drenched sands]], <br />On which a [[WP:FACR|great soul's wealth]] [[Help:Section|lies all in heaps]], <br />Like a [[WP:FFA|wrecked argosy]].]==],
[==[[[John Lennon|→]] [[WP:DONTBITE|The older generation are leading this country to galloping ruin]]!]==],
[==[[[Motto of the European Union|→]] [[WP:COMMUNITY|In varietate concordia]]<br /><small>([[WP:COMMUNITY|United in diversity]])</small>]==],
[==[[[Grace Noll Crowell|→]] [[WP:MISS|Whatever else be lost among the years,]]<br />[[WP:WIP|Let us keep Christmas still a shining thing...]]]==],
[==[[[Jimi Hendrix|→]] [[WP:DIVA|It's all a big fat ego scene]]]==],
[==[[[Dialectics of Nature|→]] [[WP:CTW|Labour]] created [[WP:WRITERS|man himself]]]==],
[==[[[Chuckle Brothers|→]] [[WP:Bad Idea Machine|Oh dear, oh dear!]]]==],
[==[[[Douglas Adams|→]] A [[WP:ACM|common mistake]] that people make when trying to design [[Wikipedia|something completely foolproof]] is to underestimate the ingenuity of [[WP:VANDAL|complete fools]].]==],
[==[[[Some Like It Hot|→]] [[Special:Userlogin/signup|Why would a guy wanna marry a guy]]?<br />[[WP:ACCOUNT|Security]]!]==],
[==[[[Wikipedia:Motto of the day/December 31, 2011|12-31]]</tt> [[Fat Mike|→]] [[WP:COI|Will somebody please go to my Wikipedia page and add that I coined the word "Nawesome"?]]]==]