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This is the documentation page for Module:Flags/LocaleData

Use in non-English projects

Non-English projects must copy this module together with Template:Flags, Module:Flags and Module:Flags/MasterData, and then add the corresponding translations.

This is a manual task, but perhaps one day these translations can be provided automatically by Wikidata. See bug 47930.

Table of flags

Format of entries:

m.fullName["Your Translation"] = "Name of flag in Commons"


m.fullName["Illes Balears"] = "the Balearic Islands"

  • Translate the field in the left to your language.
  • Note that the translated string will also be the link to the article.
  • Sounds obvious, but you only need to add here the flags with names different than the ones in English.
  • Don't touch the field in the right (name of flag in Commons) unless you really know what you are doing!

If you are missing flags in Module:Flags/MasterData please request / contribute them there instead of listing them here only, for the benefit of all projects.

Thank you for using Template:Flags!