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This is the documentation page for Module:English variant notice

Template:High use

This module is for generating various english variant notice templates.

Automatically generates "variant" from title template that invokes it (e.g invoking from "Template:American English" gives "American English" as variant).

All templates using this support a Template:Para parameter for oxford spelling and Template:Para automatically.


  • small, form, and including  – unnecessary to use in templates as grabbed when passed in from talk pages
  • id – the HTML id used in editnotices; "editnotice" is automatically appended
  • image – name of file to be used as an icon, without the File: prefix.
  • variant – defaults to the template name; the variant of English, which should be a Wikipedia article.
  • spelling examples –gives spelling examples in parentheses
  • compare –comparison variants of english
  • text – custom text, set only if required to be different from the default
  • doc if set to no, will not load the automatic documentation at Template:English variant notice/documentation
  • editnotice_cat if set to yes, categorizes in edit notice category
  • nocat disables documentation if set to true
  • size set the size of the image (example: Template:Para)


As of March 2018, Template:Hiberno-English uses the following parameters:

{{#invoke:English variant notice|main
| id     = hie
| image  = Four Provinces Flag.svg{{!}}border
| spelling_examples = ''colour'', ''realise'', ''travelled''
| compare = [[British English|English]], [[Scottish English|Scottish]], and

which produces:

See also

  • The {{[[Template:Use X English|Use Template:Var English]]}} templates