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This is the documentation page for Module:Easter

Module to calculate Easter dates and dates relative to Easter.


Function to calculate Easter date or date of the event related to Easter.


Field Purpose Example argument
1 Year 2024 or 1882
method Calculation method of the Easter date:
original calculation for Julian calendar
Eastern or Orthodox
original calculation for Julian calendar converted to Gregorian calendar
Western or Roman or Gregorian
revised calculation for Gregorian calendar. This is default method if not given.
Eastern to calculate Easter date in the Orthodox rite.
day Name of the event related to Easter date or integer number of days before (negative) or after (positive) Easter Sunday. The following days are available by name:
63 days before Easter – this is the earliest date returned by the function
56 days before Easter
Fat Thursday
52 days before Easter
49 days before Easter, also Estomihi or Shrove Sunday
Shrove Monday
48 days before Easter, also Rose Monday
Shrove Tuesday
47 days before Easter, also Mardi Gras, Carnival or Pancake Day
Ash Wednesday
46 days before Easter
Invocabit Sunday
42 days before Easter
Reminiscere Sunday
35 days before Easter
Oculi Sunday
28 days before Easter
Mothering Sunday
21 days before Easter, also Laetare
Passion Sunday
14 days before Easter
Holy Week
7 days before Easter
Palm Sunday
7 days before Easter
Holy Monday
6 days before Easter
Holy Tuesday
5 days before Easter
Holy Wednesday
4 days before Easter, also Spy Wednesday
Maundy Thursday
3 days before Easter, also Last Supper
Good Friday
2 days before Easter, also Crucifixion
Holy Saturday
1 day before Easter
0 – neither before nor after – this is default value if not given, also Easter Sunday or Resurrection
Easter Monday
1 day after Easter
Divine Mercy
7 days after Easter
Misericordias Domini
14 days after Easter
Jubilate Sunday
21 days after Easter
Cantate Sunday
28 days after Easter
Vocem jucunditatis
35 days after Easter
Ascension Thursday
39 days after Easter
49 days after Easter, also Whitsun or Exaudi
Whit Monday
50 days after Easter
Trinity Sunday
56 days after Easter
Corpus Christi
60 days after Easter, also Body and Blood of Christ
Sacred Heart
68 days after Easter
Immaculate Heart
69 days after Easter
49 or interchangeably Pentecost
format Describes date format in the final output, which is the same as used in #time parser function. Default format is Y-m-d. There is a special value none that prevents from final date formatting. j xd


{{#invoke:Easter|Calculate|{{CURRENTYEAR}}|format=[[j xg]]}}
31 March
{{#invoke:Easter|Calculate|{{CURRENTYEAR}}|method=Eastern|format=[[j xg]]}}
5 May
{{#invoke:Easter|Calculate|{{CURRENTYEAR}}|day=Ash Wednesday}}
{{#invoke:Easter|Calculate|{{CURRENTYEAR}}|method=Eastern|day=Ash Wednesday}}
{{#invoke:Easter|Calculate|{{CURRENTYEAR}}|format=[[j xg]] (l)|day=Ash Wednesday}}
14 February (Wednesday)
{{#invoke:Easter|Calculate|{{CURRENTYEAR}}|method=Eastern|format=[[j xg]] (l)|day=Ash Wednesday}}
20 March (Wednesday)